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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The 'phone rings at Susan's, and Angela answers it. The caller is John, and he tells Angela that Patricia has taken too many tablets. He adds that she's OK, but he's worried. Angela asks if it was deliberate, but John says he doesn't know. He asks Angela to come round, but Angela says there's not much she can do, as John said Patricia was OK. John points out that Patricia is still sick. Angela, though, says she thinks her mother's seeking attention. John repeats that Patricia is sick. Susan asks Angela if she can speak to John, and Angela willingly hands the 'phone over. John asks Susan to get through to Angela. Susan asks him what the doctor said, but John explains that the doctor is still with Patricia. Susan offers to come round, and John agrees to this. He asks Susan again to talk to Angela. Susan says she'll be there in 15 minutes. Angela shakes her head to indicate that she wants nothing to do with it.

At the South Yarra house, John tells Susan that he knows why Angela feels like she does, but she's wrong. Susan asks what the doctor said, and John tells her that the doctor doesn't think Patricia took the tablets deliberately, but he does think she's disturbed. Susan asks if the doctor suggested Patricia stay at a clinic, and John replies in the affirmative. He adds that Patricia thinks she took eight tablets, and that she's lucky to be alive. Susan asks John what he's going to do, and John replies that he has to make a decision about the clinic by the morning. He tells Susan that he can't decide tonight, though, because he's supposed to be collecting Jill from the airport. He asks Susan if she can go and pick Jill up, but Susan offers to stay with Patricia while he goes. She points out that as long as there's someone with Patricia for her to talk to, things should be OK. John thanks Susan for her offer, saying that he really wanted to spend Jill's first night with her. Susan tells him to go!

John and Jill are standing outside Victoria Court, within which is a flat that is Jill's new home. Jill exclaims that it looks great. John confesses to Beryl having had a hand in choosing it. He starts to head inside, but before he gets very far, Jill stops him and kisses him, telling him that she's glad she's here with him. John says he feels the same. They go inside. When Jill sees her room, she says, "Great!" John goes to put the lights on, but discovers that there's no electricity. Exasperated, he snaps, "I give up!" Jill has a look in the drawers, and comes across some candles. John takes Plan C out of her box. Jill says she reckons she'll like it here - and there's lots of room for her to do it up. She adds, though, that she'll have to get a job quite soon, so that she can pay the rent. John tells her that there's no rush, as he'll pay until something turns up, and Jill accepts the offer, saying she won't get funny about it, as she knows she's done the right thing for both of them. She adds, though, that she misses her car, which she sold to Fiona. John jokes that the poor thing won't know what's hit it! Jill reminds him that she'll have a chauffeur to drive her around in the BMW now! She quickly apologises to John for reminding him of his problems, but John says it's hard not to worry, what with Patricia having a breakdown and David behaving strangely. John tells Jill that he's glad he's got her. Jill replies, "You'll get through it."

Lying in her bed, Patricia asks John for some breakfast, and John says he'll bring it up. Patricia says she'd prefer to get out and go for a walk, but John reminds her that the doctor said she was to stay in bed. He tells her that the doctor came up with the idea of her going to stay at a place where she could be looked after properly. Patricia asks John if he doesn't want her around, but he tells her that of course that's not the case. Patricia says the overdose was just an accident, and she pleads with John not to send her away. John tells Patricia that she'll have to help herself, and she replies, "I will, oh I will, I promise." John says he'll talk to the doctor, who's still downstairs.

Susan tells the doctor that Patricia was very confused when she took the pills. John joins them, and says he's talked to Patricia and she's staying where she is. He adds that he's going to take leave without pay to look after her. Susan then points out that she's on holiday, and she offers to stay and look after Patricia so that John can carry on working. John tells Susan that he can't let her do that, but Susan says she's offering. She adds that Rob and Angela would probably be happy to have the house to themselves for a few days. The doctor chips in that he thinks it's a good idea. John says Patricia's bound to pick up in a few days, and he tells Susan that he'll pay her back. Susan says she doesn't have much time for Patricia, but she can't leave John in the lurch.

Jill calls at Susan's, and Angela and Rob welcome her to Melbourne. Jill has a present for Domine, but Rob explains that the child is sleeping. Jill gives the present to Angela, who opens it to find a fluffy toy inside. Jill asks Rob and Angela if they can keep Fiona posted on Domine's progress. Angela remarks on how it seemed as if Fiona didn't want to give Domine up, and Jill explains that she thinks Fiona's lonely. Rob asks if Domine was really too ill to fly when he originally wanted to bring her down to Melbourne, and Jill admits that Fiona was bunging it on. She reminds Rob, though, that if it wasn't for Fiona, he might not even have Domine. Rob agrees that Fiona can see the child whenever she wants.

Fiona's 'phone rings, and she answers it to find silence at the other end. Fiona starts mouthing off about it being too early for crank calls, when suddenly a voice says, "It's Kerry." Fiona asks her how she is, and she replies that she's fine. She asks if Domine's there, and so Fiona explains about her having gone to Melbourne. Kerry says she's probably better off there. Fiona asks her if she's alright, but Kerry just replies that giving up Domine was probably one of the best things she ever did. Fiona invites Kerry to drop in, adding that there's no time like the present.

Rob pays a visit to the Palmer house, and finds David tinkering with engine parts on the kitchen table. He explains that he's just got his roster and he's got a trip to Sydney, so he's after some tips for the journey. David jokes that he'll tell him the best eating places! He adds that Rob's lucky, as he's only got short hauls. The two men suddenly hear Jill's voice and she comes into the kitchen, causing Rob to joke about her following him! Jill asks if Beryl's home, but David tells her she's just missed her. He asks Jill how things are going, and she replies that she's pleased with the flat, and wanted to thank Beryl for her part in finding it. She adds that she's just seen some really nice furniture in the second hand place, but they won't deliver for a few days. Rob tells her that she sounds like she needs someone with a truck! He adds that, unfortunately, he's got a lot to do, leaving David with the honours!

Fiona and Kerry finish eating, and Fiona offers Kerry more, but she declines. She suddenly blurts out that she's been lying, and Fiona replies that she thought so. Kerry says she has no job, and the place she's staying in is awful. She adds that the only job she was offered came with the condition that she had to cooperate to keep the position... She explains that she thought it would be easier to find a job without Domine putting people off, but she always manages to end up mentioning her. Fiona asks Kerry how she pays her rent, and Kerry replies that she's still claiming single mother's allowance, even though she's not entitled to it. Fiona offers to enquire and see if there's anything she is eligible for. She asks Kerry how she can contact her, but Kerry replies that there's no 'phone where she lives. Fiona asks for the address, then, but Kerry says she can't remember it. Fiona asks Kerry to contact her at the beginning of next week, then. Kerry says she will, and she thanks Fiona for her help. Fiona sagely remarks that everyone needs a little help sometimes.

David carries Jill's furniture into her flat, and Jill says it's beaut. David says he has to go. Jill says it will be nice to tell John about his father helping her, as he's been worried, and doesn't know what he's done. David explains that John is very loyal to Patricia, but he can't agree with that. He adds that it's hard for them to be on the same wavelength, and tells Jill that it's good that she's there to give John a boost. He asks Jill if she knows about Patricia, and Jill replies that John is positive his mother is having a nervous breakdown.

In the lounge at the South Yarra house, Susan thanks the doctor, who says goodbye to Patricia and then goes. Susan remarks that he seemed very pleasant. Patricia suddenly starts muttering that she should never have told him. She repeats this again, and then says, "Nobody knew." Susan asks her what she means, and who she's talking about. Patricia mutters that she should have kept it to herself, and then says they shouldn't have had the party without her. Susan asks her if she means the twins' party. Patricia just mutters that David knows, and then says, "I'll lose him." She says she should never have gone to the party, as she doesn't want to lose him. She suddenly sobs, "Please don't let me lose him."

John tells Jill that he couldn't concentrate at work, as David is acting strangely, and he's wondering how Patricia is. Jill says she knows David cares about him, but John says there's more to it, as he's been funny with Angela as well. He then announces that he has to go. Jill tells him not to let things get him down, as he's not the only one with problems. She goes on to explain that she let Plan C out, and she went and dug up the garden. She was caught by the caretaker, who told her that no pets are allowed, and she's got 24 hours to get rid of it. John laughs as he says he wishes his problems were that simple. Jill laughs that she loves the cat!

Back at the South Yarra house, Susan tells John that she tried to contact him at work, but couldn't reach him. She explains about Patricia acting really strangely, and talking about telling David something, and not wanting to lose John. She says she thought Patricia might talk to her son about it, but she's been sedated now as the doctor thought it was best. John says there's only one way to find out what Patricia was talking about.

David still has engine parts on the kitchen table when John comes in and asks him if he's by himself. David says Beryl's in the shower, getting ready for work. John tells David that Patricia has been saying things, about him, and about the party, and he wants to know what's going on. David is reluctant to say anything, but John says he doesn't want to get back to how things were between the two of them a couple of years ago. David gives in, and explains about Patricia turning up at the party, and the two of them having a massive row. He tells John about Patricia saying he's not the twins' father, and then adds, "The worst part about it is, son, it's true."


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