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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

John calls round to see Angela, but Susan tells him that she's taken Domine to the doctor's. John remarks on how well his sister is getting on with the child. He tells Susan about Jill coming down to live in Melbourne because they've finally got their act together, and Susan says it's great. John jokes that Jill must wonder what she's in for, because they returned from their picnic to find a full scale row going on between David and his father. He adds, "Talk about being able to cut the air with a knife." Susan says she's surprised that Doug agreed to pay a visit to Macedon. John says he thinks Doug is lonely by himself.

Beryl asks David when he's going to snap out of it, but David replies that there's nothing to snap out of. Beryl, though, tells him that he had no right to lose his temper with his father, and she adds that he owes Doug an apology. David snaps, "Like hell!" Beryl tells her husband that he gave Doug a shock, grabbing him like that. David agrees to apologise for doing that, but says he won't apologise for having a go at his father over the way he treated Lynn. Beryl points out that Doug almost admitted he was wrong about Lynn, but David snaps that his father has never admitted being wrong about anything in his life. Kevin comes in and asks David what's happening about this afternoon. David suggests that they should meet at midday, as he has to go and pick up some rosters first. He goes out. Kevin tells Beryl that he's glad his father's going with him.

David pulls up at the depot, gets out of his car, and sees Patricia standing nearby, waiting for him. She tells him that she wants to talk to him about the other night. She explains that she was angry, but David says he's not interested. Patricia asks him if he believed her, but David snaps that of course he didn't. Patricia says it was a stupid thing for her to say. David angrily asks her why she did it, and Patricia replies that it was the first thing that came into her head - she wasn't thinking when she said it. David tells her that he could get it checked, by having blood tests, but Patricia says she's said she was lying. She tells David that she won't bother him anymore, and he needn't worry about her.

Patricia having gone, David walks over to the office, but is halted in his tracks by John, who catches up with him. He explains that he called into Susan's, and she told him that Angela was upset over something David did. David says he doesn't remember, as he has enough problems of his own. John remarks that it's natural to go to your father if you're worried. David reiterates that he has his own problems - making the truck repayments, and Kevin's exam tribunal, for example.

At Dural, Rosie suggests to Wayne that he could work in the study, so she can polish the main table. She then asks Gordon to remind her to send the seeds she promised to Doug Palmer. Wayne asks her what she means, and Rosie explains about how she said she'd send some samples from the garden. Wayne remarks that that's the third time Rosie has mentioned Doug since she's been back, but Rosie replies that Doug is cantankerous, and they didn't have much in common. Under pressure from Wayne, though, she then admits that she did find him very pleasant. Wayne smiles and heads off to the study. Rosie asks Gordon if he's rung Barbara, but Gordon says he hasn't. Rosie says she hopes Gayle is behaving herself. Gordon jokes that if Barbara had had to tell her off, they would have heard it in Melbourne!

Gayle is washing Barbara's dog, Millstone, and then Barbara towels him dry. She jokes about how Wendy, her daughter, wanted to call him Milton, but Barbara didn't think the name of an English poet really suited him, and he soon became a millstone round her neck, so the name stuck! Gayle asks where Wendy is now, and Barbara replies that she's on her way back from America, having spent a few months in New York. Gayle tells Millstone that he's a beautiful dog now!

Inside, a while later, Gayle is brushing Millstone, but Barbara sends the dog outside. Gayle asks about the picture on the wall, and Barbara explains that it's Woombai, and she points out that it's where Gayle's father would have been brought up. Gayle says Barry sometimes talked about the country when he was drunk. She remarks that it must be nice to grow up in one place. She asks if it would be possible to visit Woombai, and Barbara tells her about how Gordon used to own it, but it belongs to Fiona now. Gayle asks Barbara how come she has the photo, but Barbara just says it was a gift.

Susan asks David how Kevin went, and David tells her that they won't know for a month, but it seemed to go OK. Susan says that that's two lots of good news, as she has passed her exams, and she's now a fully qualified nurse. David hugs her. Susan goes on to say that she's taking four weeks' holiday before she starts her new shifts. David asks her if she's going away, but she explains that it's her and Bill's first wedding anniversary soon, and she's going to visit him on the actual day. David remarks that it's hard. He then tells Susan that he's been thinking: when he cut his arm when he had his accident on the truck the other week, he lost a lot of blood, and, had the hospital wanted to give him a transfusion, they wouldn't have known his blood group. He asks his daughter how he'd go about finding his group if he wanted to know, and Susan replies that the local clinic should be able to help. David asks Susan what blood group she is, and she tells him, "O." David asks if it's the same clinic that Angela went to for her fertility test, and Susan confirms that it is. She then asks David if he really came round to talk about blood groups, and David hurriedly says he wanted to say sorry to Angela. Susan remarks on how her father has been grumpy with both the twins lately. David just says he's had a lot on his plate.

Gayle is tidying up after Millstone broke an ornament while running around Barbara's house. Barbara tells her not to worry about it, though. Gayle says she's really enjoyed being there, and Barbara says she's enjoyed the company. Gayle says she's not looking forward to going back to her secretarial studies, particularly as she finds the shorthand hard. Barbara, though, tells her not to give up if she finds things hard. She encourages her to overcome the obstacle and try even harder to achieve the best she can. She asks Gayle if she's looked for anything else, but before Gayle answers, the doorbell rings, and Barbara goes to answer it. The visitor is Gordon, and Barbara calls to Gayle that Gordon's come to pick her up. Gordon asks Barbara if there have been any problems, and Barbara replies that Gayle was withdrawn at first, but Millstone got her to laugh. She adds that she enjoyed the challenge. She tells Gordon that Gayle lacks self-confidence, and she adds that Paul hasn't helped. Gordon points out that there's fault on both sides, as Gayle built her and Paul up into something it wasn't.

John arrives back at the South Yarra house, and Patricia notices that he looks glum. She asks if anything's wrong, as he was so happy when he heard Jill was moving down. She asks John if it's work, or David? John says it's not work. Patricia asks again if it's David, but John says he doesn't know - he can see that his father's moody, but he doesn't know why. He wonders if it's to do with Doug being in the house. Patricia lights a cigarette, and John comments on how she's been smoking a lot lately. Patricia says she's been bored, and adds that she should have gone on the trip with Charlie. John tells her it's not too late, but he adds that he's glad she stayed for his 21st.

Susan tells David that, now that she's finished her exams, if Bill is moved, she doesn't have to stay at the same hospital. David asks her if she would move, and Susan replies that she wants to be as near to Bill as possible. David brings up the subject of Rob and Kerry, and he asks Susan how Rob can be sure that Domine is his. Susan explains that he checked the dates, and they all fitted. David says he read about a rock singer, and they managed to prove that some child was his. Susan, though, tells David that you can't prove fatherhood - you can only disprove it. She adds that Rob didn't see the need for any of that. David says Rob must trust Kerry.

Beryl tells Kevin that he doesn't have too much to worry about. Kevin says David was terrific, and told them everything that happened. He tells his mother that he was silly to cheat, as he could have messed his whole life up. Beryl reminds him that everyone does things they shouldn't - like her leaving David. Kevin says that's all sorted out now, but Beryl says she still gets frustrated when David gets into one of his funny moods.

David approaches the Medical Centre. He stops outside the doors, pauses, looks round and, after looking thoughtful for a few seconds, goes in.

Wayne emerges from the study as Paul comes in the front door, whistling. They both go into the lounge, and Wayne remarks on how Paul seems to be chirpy. Paul explains that he had a good trip and managed to land an order. Wayne sourly says, "Bully for you." Paul tells Wayne that he met a friend of his - Steven Burton. Wayne looks blank, and Paul reminds him that it was Steven who bought his boat. He comments that he didn't know Wayne used to sail. Wayne just says, "Did a bit." He asks how the boat is, and Paul says it's fine. He adds that Steven's thinking of getting rid of it. Wayne says he hopes the next owner takes care of her. He leaves the room, and Rosie tells Paul that the boat meant a lot to Wayne. Paul asks why Wayne got rid of it then, and, realising he hasn't been told, she explains about Wayne's accident meaning he can't do any strenuous exercise. She adds that it's best not to mention it to Wayne at all. Paul tells Rosie that he was thinking of buying the boat. Rosie says she doesn't think it would help things any.

Outside Barbara's, Gayle hugs Millstone, and tells him to behave himself. Barbara tells Gordon that Gayle could do with a pep talk every now and then, but Gordon tells Barbara that that's her department. Barbara says she'd be happy to help out. Gayle comes over and thanks Barbara, saying she had a beaut time. Barbara says she did as well. Millstone suddenly walks over and jumps in the back of Gordon's car, much to Barbara's horror!

Rosie welcomes Gayle home. Gordon says he has some work to do, and he goes into the study. Gayle tells Rosie that Barbara's great. She mentions the picture of Woombai, and says she'd love to go there. Rosie, though, says she doesn't really want to see it now that it's changed. Gayle asks her what she means, and Rosie explains about it being turned into a riding school. Gayle says she'd still like to go. She then asks Rosie if they can get a dog, as Barbara had one, and it was beautiful. Rosie reminds her granddaughter that they're living in someone else's house, but Gayle says she only wants a little one. Rosie says she'd probably end up looking after it, but Gayle assures her that she'll do it. Rosie remarks that it'll probably turn out to be a short-term wonder, like the secretarial course. Gayle, though, repeats what Barbara said to her about not giving up. Rosie is astonished! She tells Gayle to ask her again about the dog when she's finished her course. Gayle heads off to the kitchen. As she passes through the lounge, Paul says hello, and tells her that he had a good time away, but Gayle more-or-less ignores him. Rosie comes in and tells Paul that he shouldn't be surprised at the way Gayle is feeling. Paul is surprised, though, saying he thought Rosie would understand.

Patricia is sitting on the settee at the South Yarra property, when there's a buzz at the front door. She answers it, and David comes barging in, asking if John's home. Patricia says he's gone out for dinner, and David says that that's good, as he wants to talk. He tells Patricia that he's had a blood test, and there's no way he can be the twins' father. Patricia says it's not true, but then breaks down, and puts her head in her hands. She asks David what he's going to do, but he says he doesn't know yet. Patricia asks him not to tell the twins, as they'll hate her for lying. She tells David that John loves her, and she still has a chance with Angela, but that'll all be lost if he tells them. She pleads with him not to say anything. David asks who the real father is, but Patricia just says, "No." David says that all that talk about the twins being premature was a load of bull. Patricia tells David that she loved him, but David tells her that it's no wonder she shot through. Patricia says it's not like that. David asks again who the real father is, but Patricia says she won't tell anyone, and she tells David to forget about it. David tells Patricia that she's been lying to everyone for twenty years, and points out that it didn't do her much good. Patricia asks David again about what he's going to do. David says he hasn't a clue, "...but whatever it is, I don't give a damn whether you're hurt or not."


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