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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

The party over, Kevin is clearing away the leftovers, while Beryl is washing up. Doug comes into the kitchen and remarks that he doesn't know what got into David after he made his speech. He adds that it's no wonder the guests all left early. Kevin says it's a shame Lynn didn't get back early, but Doug says it serves her right for gallivanting around. In order to avoid an argument, Beryl suggests that Doug should turn in, and he goes off to bed. Beryl tells David that his father was right about him not being a good host. She asks him what was wrong, but David just says he's not too good with parties. Beryl remarks that at least Patricia didn't turn up, adding that she must finally have got the message...

The next morning, Rob startles Angela when he jumps out at her with a glove puppet on his hand! He goes and give the puppet to Domine, while Angela answers a knock at the front door. The visitor is Fiona, and Angela invites her in. She tells Domine to look who's there, and Fiona gives the child a toy she's bought. Angela tells Fiona, "You shouldn't have!" Rob tells his daughter to be good for mummy for a while, while he goes and gets his trucker's licence. Fiona wishes him good luck, and he goes. Angela offers Fiona a cup of tea, but she declines. She asks Angela how she's coping, and Angela replies that everything will be fine. She adds that it's good to see Rob so happy. Fiona asks, "And you?" Angela replies, "I'll be OK." Fiona asks her if Domine has settled in OK, and Angela tells her that the girl has really taken to Rob. Fiona, in a very disappointed voice, says, "Oh, that's wonderful."

At the Palmer house, John and Jill are packing leftovers for a picnic, while Doug reminisces about old family picnics with Beryl, which causes her to laugh. She tells John and Jill to get a move on, and Doug warns John not to break the speed limit! He and Jill leave. Doug remarks to Beryl that she should be pleased, as Jill is a nice lass. He adds that it's a pity Kevin didn't do as well, and then goes on to rant about Lynn 'dumping her baby to go off and be a model'. Beryl remarks that it's easy to say these things. Doug points out to her that she's supporting the kids, but Beryl tells him that that's only the case now, as they spent much of the year living with Susan and supporting themselves. A surprised Doug comments that Susan never said anything about that in her letters. Beryl tells him that things weren't easy, as Lynn didn't want Kevin to give up school until he got his HSC, and so she supported both of them until just before the baby was born. Doug snaps that if he was Kevin, he wouldn't let his wife parade around, and he adds that Lynn should stay at home, where she belongs. He remarks that Lynn didn't even have breakfast this morning, saying she should have done if she's going to be working and raising a family. Beryl tells him about how Lynn worked in the cake shop until she left to have the baby, adding that the girl is quite a little trouper. Doug just says, "Well at least she knows what hard work is."

Kevin is playing Swingball in the garden when Lynn comes out, and remarks on him being keen. Kevin explains that he's trying to burn off some of the food from last night! He tells Lynn that he's sorry that he didn't talk to her last night. Lynn, though, points out that he was asleep when she got home! Kevin asks how things went, and Lynn replies that it was boring, and her make-up was overdone, and she just had to stand there and pretend to flirt with Brett, the other model. She quickly assures Kevin that he has nothing to worry about, as Brett was all brawn, with nothing much up-top! Kevin asks her if that means she likes brainy men, and Lynn jokes, "I married you, didn't I?!" Kevin asks her if she wants a go on the Swingball, but she declines, as she doesn't want to break a nail. Kevin asks her if that means she'll be working again, and Lynn tells him that the photographer thought there should be some more. She asks Kevin if he minds, and he tells her he doesn't.

Fiona is using the glove puppet as she tells Domine a story. Rob comes in, calls to Angela, and announces that he was successful! Fiona asks him when he starts, and he tells her it'll be Monday morning. He gives Angela a present, which he's bought for Domine. He then picks up the child, and he and Angela go into another room, leaving Fiona alone with David. She remarks on how he must be happy with the way things went last night, and David hesitantly replies that he is. Fiona says the kids seemed happy, but David is more concerned that he made a goog of himself with the speech! Fiona recalls the twins when they were two squealing little babies. Suddenly noticing a look on David's face, she asks him if he's OK, and David explains that he was just thinking of the look on Patricia's face when she gave birth. Fiona tells David that she remembers the look on his face when she told him he had twins! David replies that she couldn't blame him for being worried, as the babies were premature. He goes on to explain that he and Patricia had only been together for eight months when they were born. Fiona remarks on David not saying anything at the time, but David replies that he was too concerned. He asks Fiona if she ever twigged that the babies were premature, explaining that he was told the signs to look for when Davey was born. Fiona replies that she didn't spot anything - the twins couldn't have been more perfect.

Out in the middle of the woods, Jill asks John if he's glad he moved to Melbourne. John replies that he is, as he's got a good job, and his family is there. Jill asks him if he's heard from Di, but he says he hasn't. Jill asks, "Do you miss her?" but John tells her that Di was right when she said it wouldn't have worked. He goes on to tell Jill that he only got mixed up with Di because she turned him down. He suggests to her that they should give it another go, and Jill jokes that she thought he'd never ask! They hug, and then kiss.

Rob says he thinks he's got it made, working with Johnno! Fiona and Angela are feeding Domine ice cream, but when they finish, Angela goes into the kitchen. David is also in there. Angela tells him that she's worried because Rob has been calling her 'mummy' in front of Domine, when Kerry is the child's real mother. She'd prefer Domine just to know her as Angela. David, not really paying attention, says, "Yeah, right." He suddenly announces that he has to go, as Beryl is expecting him for lunch. He wishes Fiona a good trip back to Sydney, and then leaves. Fiona remarks to Angela on him being in a funny mood, and a puzzled Angela replies, "Certainly is."

John and Jill walk along, and John jokes that it looks like he'll be spending a fortune on air fares. Jill, though, suggests that she has little to lose, so she might as well move down to Melbourne, as she only has Fiona to think about. John remarks that it'll be bad timing, what with Fiona's problem with Domine, and so Jill says she might leave it for a while. John asks her how much notice she'll have to give at work, but Jill isn't sure, explaining that it depends on the current staff situation. John tells her that, when he knows she's coming, he'll start looking for a flat for her. Jill says she doesn't want to go back to Sydney. John tells her, "You and me both." They kiss, and hug each other.

At the lunch table, Doug asks Kevin if he's chosen a job when he gets his HSC, and Kevin replies that he wants to be a journalist. Doug asks him if he's put in any applications, but Kevin just says he's working on it. Doug then announces that he'll go and change, and start work on planting some vegetables in the garden. He leaves the kitchen, and Kevin says he hopes his grandfather doesn't find out where he's going tomorrow. Beryl says Doug will be out with her. David asks his son what he's going to say, and Kevin replies that he'll tell the truth. Beryl points out that his past academic record will help. Kevin says it's a pity Beryl won't be there, which causes David to suggest that one of them should be there. He offers to accompany Kevin, and Lynn chips in that David willl be able to explain the full extent of the problems. David agrees, saying most of it was his fault. Kevin thanks him, and David says he wouldn't be much of a father if he couldn't help out his own son.

Doug is snoozing in a comfy chair in the Palmers' lounge, and Beryl comments, "So much for the garden!" David, though, tells her there wouldn't be much point anyway, as his father is going home tomorrow. Beryl admits to David that she's asked Doug to stay on for a few days, as he was been dropping hints about staying. David just tells her not to whinge to him when Doug starts getting on her nerves. Doug awakens from his slumbers, and Beryl asks him if he had a good nap. Doug indignantly says he was just resting his eyes! He goes to get changed, and Beryl tells David that he should take a leaf out of his father's book, and get on with some weeding. David sighs.

Out in the garden, Doug and David are both working. Beryl remarks that things are looking good, but Doug says it could do with some fertiliser. Kevin and Lynn emerge from the house and announce that they're taking Davey to the park. They walk off. Doug says Lynn isn't so bad when you get to know her. He tells Beryl that he knew the kids would have to get married, but says David would never admit that his father was right. He adds that it all turned out for the best. Beryl offers Doug a cuppa, which he accepts. He says he'll put the tools away, but Beryl says Kevin can do it. She calls to David about a drink, but David's concerned look suggests he's miles away...

Inside, Doug tells Beryl that going home will mean he misses her cooking. Beryl remarks that he must eat something, and he admits that he usually gets something at the pub! He goes on to say that Else did all the cooking, and when she passed on... He tells Beryl that he's sorry David didn't meet her first, as things wouldn't have turned out like they have. David comes in, and snaps at his father for not putting the tools away. Beryl tells him that she said Kevin would do it. She asks her husband what's wrong with him, as he's been like a bear with a sore head since the party, and he's being picky. David incredulously says, "Me?!" Pointing to his father, he continues, "What about him?" He reminds Beryl about how Doug hasn't stopped going on about Lynn since he got there. Doug retorts that he was just making a point. He says that if he had stood up to David a little more... He tells Beryl that David was too easily led, and he knew Patricia would be bad for him, but he wouldn't be told. David snaps that if Doug had been any sort of father, he'd have listened to him. Doug tells David that he got Patricia pregnant, and then ran away. He adds that David was a real no-hoper in those days, and he's surprised he and Patricia ever got together in the first place. David grabs at his father's collar. An alarmed Beryl says, "David!" David lets go of his father, and storms out.


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