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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At the Palmer house, Beryl shows Angela the birthday cake she's made, and Angela tells her it's good. Beryl asks Angela if she's looking foward to the party, and Angela replies that tonight will be good, but first she's got to get through this afternoon, and Domine's arrival. Beryl asks Angela how she feels about that, and Angela says she's nervous. Changing the subject, Beryl tells Angela about Lynn going to see Patricia yesterday, and about how David hit the roof when he found out. Angela tells Beryl not to waste any sympathy on Patricia, but Beryl explains that all Lynn can see is a woman who was kind to her and Davey, and who can't understand why the rest of the Palmers don't like the things she's done. Angela remarks that at least Lynn has an excuse. Beryl asks her if she's referring to John, and adds that he's too soft-hearted. Angela says she's worried about him, but Beryl says he has to find out for himself.

John and Patricia are at a car showroom, and Patricia shows her son the new BMW she's just bought him. John is flabbergasted, and tells Patricia that she didn't have to do it, but Patricia replies that she wanted to. She then tells him that she's been thinking about how she treated him when he first turned up and she didn't know who he was. Now, though... John tells his mother that she's spoiling him, but Patricia tells him that he deserves it.

Doug Palmer is walking up to the Palmer house when he sees Lynn in the front garden with Davey. He asks her if that's the little nipper and Lynn explains about how he was named after David. Doug just tells Lynn that he'll see her inside. He walks towards the house as Lynn stares after him.

Beryl remarks on how it's nearly a year since they've seen him, yet he's barely changed. She introduces Angela, and after a hesitant shake of hands, Angela hugs him tightly, telling him that she's glad they've finally met. She adds that she's sorry he couldn't be at the wedding, but Doug just comments that travel isn't cheap. He tells Beryl that Rob is a lucky young chap, and Beryl agrees that she thinks so. Angela announces that she has to go home and get ready. As she leaves, Doug wishes her a happy birthday.

A while later, Beryl pours Doug a cuppa, and says she'll cut him some cake. Doug tells her about seeing Lynn and the baby, and adds that he thinks she and Kevin are far too young. Beryl says she doesn't want to hear any 'told you sos', otherwise there'll be fighting before everyone knows where they are. A 'hurt' Doug says he thought they could talk about it, but Beryl tells him that the kids are very happy. She adds that they should just wait and see what happens. She asks Doug what he thinks of his first great grandchild, but he just replies, "Pretty much like any baby."

Susan, Kevin, Lynn and Beryl are blowing up balloons. Kevin remarks on how he thinks Doug is being pretty childish, adding that he doesn't seem to have changed. Beryl reminds him, though, that the last time Doug and David had an argument, it was over him, and David stuck up for him. Kevin says Doug has a dirty mind, but Susan reminds him that he and Lynn got married only a month later. The 'phone rings, and Lynn goes to answer it. Susan tells the rest of the family that Rob looked as proud as punch when she left home. Lynn comes back in and says the caller is Donna. Kevin tells her to ask Donna how she did in her history. Lynn goes back into the lounge and shuts the kitchen doors behind her. Picking up the 'phone again, she tells the real caller - Mrs. Collins - that she's surprised she's being offered a job so soon. Mrs. Collins explains that she thought Lynn had 'the look' as soon as she saw her, but she had to check with the client first. Lynn asks what exactly the job is, and Mrs. Collins tells her that it's the 'Melbourne Nightlife Fashion Spread', and Lynn will be required to model the schoolgirl look. She adds that there's one problem - the job is tonight. She says she hopes Lynn can manage it. Lynn looks concerned.

John pulls up at Ramberg in his BMW. He gets out and sees Jill walking over to him. He jokes that she can tell he's the boss! John asks her why she's there, and Jill explains that Fiona has taken Domine over to Rob and Angela's and she didn't want to be in the way. She had nothing better to do, so she thought she'd pay a visit. John tells her that it's good to see her. He shows off his car, and Jill jokes, "Some people have all the luck!" She then says she supposes it's a present from Patricia, and John admits that it is. Jill asks how things are, and John tells her that he's sticking by his mother. He adds that Patricia is sensible, and knows it would be a right mess if she went to the party.

At the South Yarra property, Patricia takes a black dress out of a carrier bag...

Rob finds the presents from Patricia in the bin, and takes them out. Angela comes into the kitchen and sees the gifts on the worktop. She asks Rob if he put them there, and he says he did. Angela then explains to him that they were from Patricia, and she didn't want them - although she felt childish throwing them away like that. Rob tells Angela that he's glad she's not being sucked in by her mother. There's a knock at the door, and Angela answers it. It's Fiona and Domine, and Angela invites them in. Fiona remarks that she supposes they were wondering where she'd got to! Rob takes Domine and tells her that this will be her new home. Fiona looks upset.

Jill tells John that she couldn't understand it, but John says Fiona has always been funny with kids. Jill remarks that it's probably because she lost her own kid, and adds that that's probably why she loved John so much. John admits that he can't remember much about living with Fiona, but agrees that she must have been terrific, as he didn't see her for 15 years, but he never forgot her. Noticing the time, Jill tells John that he's already late, so he might as well take her for a spin. John agrees, and tells Jill to hop in. He shuts her door for her, and then stands, smiling at her. Jill smiles back. John tells her that it's really nice to see her again, and Jill happily replies, "Same here."

In the back garden of the Palmer house, Kevin asks Lynn if she's alright, but Lynn just says, "Yeah, why?" Kevin says he's not glad that Doug's there, either, but it's silly to let him get them down. Lynn, though, says it's not that. She confesses that the call earlier wasn't from Donna - it was from the agency, and they've got a job for her to do - tonight. Kevin tells her she can't, but Lynn says there'll be so many guests there, that she won't be missed. She adds that she really wants to do it. Kevin asks why it's so important, and Lynn replies that it's a job - something she did on her own. Kevin points out that Charlie had a hand, but Lynn tells him that Charlie only introduced her to the agency. Kevin remarks that it's funny how a job came up so quickly, but Lynn replies that she probably won't even get any more work. She pleads, "Please?" Kevin gives in, and says they'll have to tell the others, although he adds that they won't be pleased - especially David. Lynn points out, "It's our life."

David tells Lynn that she should have said no, but Kevin says it's alright by him. Beryl chips in that she thinks it's exciting, and Susan agrees. She asks what the pay's like, but Lynn says she forgot to ask. Doug emerges from one of the bedrooms in his dressing gown, and immediately finds himself competing for space with umpteen balloons and streamers! He suddenly notices David, who just says, "Dad." Doug replies, "G'day, son." David suggests that he and Doug should have a beer, while everyone else gets on with the preparations.

John is ready to leave for the party, and he asks Patricia if she'll be alright. Patricia says she'll be fine. She tells John that he looks nice, and then adds that it's time he went. She tells him to have a lovely time, and they hug. John goes, and Patricia then quickly goes to the 'phone and dials a number. She gets through to a cab firm, and orders a car to take her from South Yarra to Albert Park at seven o'clock...

The party is in full swing, and Gordon pours Fiona a glass of champagne. Fiona jokes that she's glad it's the real stuff! Doug sourly remarks that it's lolly water if you ask him. Rosie agrees with him, saying she's never really acquired a taste for the stuff. Doug asks Rosie if she works for Gordon, and Gordon chips in, "Best there is." Rosie tells Doug to call her Rosie. Doug introduces himself. Fiona winks at Gordon! Elsewhere in the lounge, David asks Angela how she feels, and Angela replies, "How do you think?" Jill is with John, and she remarks that it's nice to see Angela and Rob happy. John says, "Yeah." Jill asks him about his car, but John says the rest of the Palmers think he shouldn't have accepted it. He offers to get Jill another drink, and goes into the kitchen, where he spots one of Beryl's famous pavlovas! He remarks to Beryl about how Doug seems to think Rosie is alright! Lynn comes in, all dressed up, and Beryl asks her if she's nervous. Lynn says she's terrified, but Beryl tells her she'll be terrific. John announces that Fiona wants to take a family photo, and everyone piles back into the lounge. Fiona goes off to find her camera, and Beryl tells Kevin to give Davey to Doug. Rosie remarks on how Davey is a sweet little fellow. Fiona comes back with her camera and everyone - including Gordon, Jill and Rosie - stands in front of the curtains as Fiona takes her shot.

The 'phone rings at the South Yarra house, and Patricia, who is wearing her new dress, answers it. It's the cab company, who tell her that her car is out the front. Patricia picks up her wrap and goes out.

Beryl has set out the food on the table, and tells everyone to get stuck in. Angela asks her if they shouldn't wait for David, but Beryl says he won't be long, as he's just dropping Lynn off. She goes into the kitchen, and orders Susan to go and eat something. Susan remarks on how David is taking his time, but Beryl explains that he felt bad for making a fuss over Lynn's modelling. Susan asks Beryl if she said something to him, but Beryl just says Lynn was nervous, and she thought it would be useful to have someone with her to take her mind off things. Doug tells Rosie about how he thinks the Palmers could make something of their yard, and he adds that he might offer to help out. Rosie asks him if that means he's staying on, and Doug replies that he wouldn't mind, as he could do with a holiday.

Patricia's cab pulls up outside the Palmer house, and she gets out. The cab drives off, and then David pulls up. He quickly gets out of his car and yells at Patricia, asking her what she reckons she's doing. Patricia calmly says that it's ridiculous that she's not there. David asks her if John knows she's coming, but Patricia tells him it's a surprise. David snaps that he told her she's not wanted there, but Patricia yells back that it's a big day for the twins - it's their 21st birthday, and she has a right to be there. David yells, "Tough!" Patricia starts to walk towards the front gate, but David darts round her and blocks her way. He orders her to leave, but Patricia says she has a perfect right to be there, yelling, "I'm their mother." David yells back, "And I'm their father," but Patricia yells, "That's what you think." She goes on to tell him that she was pregnant when she met him, and John and Angela aren't his children. She goes on, "Oh, that would make a nice little birthday present, wouldn't it." David slaps her round the face, and tells her that if she dares to show her face inside, he'll flatten her. He goes inside, leaving Patricia standing on the pavement, looking stunned.

Back at the party, Beryl asks David if Lynn was OK, and David replies that she was fine. Kevin asks what the setup was, and David explains that there were just a couple of blokes and some cameras. Beryl asks David if he's OK, but David replies that there's nothing a beer won't fix. John offers to get it, but Beryl sends Kevin. She then announces to the gathered guests that David is about to propose a toast. John and Angela reluctantly go and stand in the centre of the room, and David jokes that he's glad he left the wedding speech to Gordon! He says there's not much to say - they're two beaut kids, and he's proud to be their dad. Doug comments on how his son never did know how to make a speech! Fiona leads the guests in singing 'Happy Birthday', and then Rob leads the three cheers. Fiona starts singing 'For they are jolly good fellows', and everyone else joins in, but noone notices that David looks quietly concerned. John puts his arm around Angela, and they look really happy. As the singing continues, Patricia is still standing outside, crying...


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