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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At the South Yarra house, there's an ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts on the coffee table, and Patricia is sitting on the settee with the television on loudly - so loudly in fact, that she doesn't hear John come in. He tells her to turn the TV down, but Patricia tells him he can turn it off. She lights another cigarette and remarks that she didn't know whether John would be in for dinner or not. She adds that she didn't fancy eating on her own. She asks John if he wants anything to eat, but he just replies that he could go a beer. Patricia tells him that he's easy to please! John says he heard David came round, and he asks Patricia if he gave her a hard time. Patricia doesn't say anything. John says he doesn't think his father should have done it. Again, Patricia remains silent. John asks her if Charlie's booked the flight for the morning, and Patricia finally speaks, to tell John that the holiday's off. John asks why, and Patricia tells him that she and Charlie disagreed on priorities - she wanted to go after the birthday lunch, but Charlie had arranged the flight for 10am. John asks Patricia if she's going to catch Charlie up, but Patricia tells him that Charlie's going on her own. John tells her that she still has him and Angela, but Patricia reminds him that she has him, anyway. John suggests he could go and see Angela, and talk things over with her.

There's a knock on Susan's front door, and Angela answers it to find John standing there. He goes in and asks his sister how long she's been back. Angela replies that it's been about half an hour. John asks where Rob is, and Angela explains that he's having a bath. She offers John some coffee. John asks whether Gordon's party was a success, and Angela says it was great. She adds that it's good to see Gordon happy after the way Patricia put a snow job over on him - and her. She then tells John about how she ended up going to see Domine, and about how the child is coming down to Melbourne to live with her and Rob. She adds that Rob is tickled pink - and she is, too. John says he's pleased it's all worked out so well. He changes the subject to tell Angela about the lunch Patricia is planning for their 21st, but Angela says she wants nothing to do with her mother. John points out to Angela that she and him are all Patricia has got, and he suggests Angela relax, but Angela replies that her mother had plenty of chances - and besides, she has Domine to worry about. John tells Angela that he thought Patricia being her mother should make a difference.

The next morning at the boarding house, Fiona shows Domine some black and white photos of David with John, from when John was five. Domine just sits and burbles! Fiona recalls that she didn't do a bad job with John. The 'phone rings, and Fiona hesitantly answers it. She hears the STD pips, and then Angela's voice. Fiona wishes her a happy birthday. Angela asks how Domine is, and Fiona tells her that she had a good night, and there was no need to call the doctor again. Angela says she knows Fiona is taking good care of the child. Fiona suddenly says that, although Domine's fine, she did wake up during the night, and she was wheezy, so she had to sit with her and cuddle her to sleep. Angela asks how Domine is now, and, looking at the young girl playing on the floor, Fiona replies that she's gone back to bed... She adds that it's a good job Rob didn't take her back yesterday. Angela says she hopes Domine will be alright to come down today. Fiona assures her the girl will be fine. She then says she supposes Angela is busy with the party, but Angela replies that Beryl has it all under control. Fiona says she'll be down at about three o'clock, and she tells Angela that she'll see her then. She hangs up, but looks upset.

At Dural, Gordon gives Paul some details of clients to meet while he's in Newcastle. Rosie comes in, and tells Gordon that she has to talk to him about Gayle. Looking at Paul, she explains that her granddaughter is too upset to stay on any longer. Gordon asks Rosie what she had in mind, and Rosie says she was thinking of finding a place to rent - close by, so that she wouldn't have to give up her job. Gordon tells her to leave it with him, and he'll have a think while he's in Melbourne. Paul chips in that Rosie doesn't have to worry about him, because he's going up to Newcastle. He adds that, if there's anything else he can do... Rosie declines his offer, telling him that Gayle can manage without his help. Feeling unwelcome, Paul says he'll go and finish his reading in the study. He leaves the room, and Gordon tells Rosie that he feels she's giving Paul a hard time. He then changes the subject, and asks her if she's all set for Melbourne. Rosie, though, says she won't be able to go now, as Gayle's too upset. There's a ring on the front door bell, and Rosie goes to answer it. It's Barbara, who's there to join Gordon for a round of golf. She asks Rosie if she's excited about the trip, and so Rosie explains again about not being able to make it. Rosie heads off, and Barbara asks Gordon what's up with her. Gordon explains that there's been some unpleasantness with Paul, which causes Barbara to laugh at his quaint way of putting things. She then adds that she noticed something was wrong at the party. Gordon goes off to get changed, and Barbara says she'll meet him outside.

Gayle is standing out in the grounds when Barbara approaches her. She asks her if she's down in the dumps, and adds that brooding won't help. She also points out that she's causing Rosie to put off going to Melbourne. Gayle says there's nothing stopping her, but Barbara replies that she is, as Rosie cares about her. Gayle says she'll be OK, and she asks Barbara what it's got to do with her, anyway. Barbara tells Gayle that she can come and stay with her. When Gayle asks why, Barbara tells her that Rosie has been good to her. Gayle points out that Barbara hardly knows her, but she agrees to stay at the Armstrong residence anyway. Barbara tells Gayle to go and get her things together. She adds, "Oh, I'll have your cell ready for you!"

Patricia says she can't say she's surprised Angela didn't change her mind. John points out that Angela is stubborn - like her mother - but he tells Patricia that she can't blame Angela, as she has troubles of her own. He then realises that Patricia wouldn't know, and he explains about how Angela found out that she might not be able to have kids, but how Rob can and has - and about how he found out about that on the same day Angela got her news. He goes on to tell Patricia about Rob and Angela seeing Domine in Sydney, and arranging to bring her back to Melbourne. Having heard all this, Patricia agrees that it must be hard for her daughter. She asks John if Angela is happy, and John replies that he thinks she is. He suggests to Patricia that she should go and see Angela, and invite her to the birthday lunch.

Rosie is vacuuming when Wayne gets in, and she tells him that Gordon's playing golf. Wayne asks if Paul's in, and Rosie tells him that he's in the lounge, preparing for his trip to Newcastle. Wayne duly goes into the lounge and to the bar, where he pours himself a scotch. He then remarks about how he supposes Paul is going to wine and dine clients in Newcastle, and claim it against Ramberg's expense account. Paul agrees that that's the case, and then Wayne goes on that his department's budget has been cut, and yet he's still supposed to impress clients with a much smaller expense account. He accuses Paul of singling his department out for the cuts, but Paul tells him they affect the whole company. He also tells Wayne not to come home moaning every time he thinks someone's out to get him.

Fiona has taken Domine to the park, where she plays on the slide and the see-saw, while Fiona sings, "See-saw, Margery Daw!" Jill approaches them, and asks Fiona if she oughtn't to be getting ready, but Fiona says there's plenty of time. Jill offers to buy Domine an ice cream, and the three of them head off. A short while later, as they walk up the hill to the boarding house, Jill is talking about how she's bought a new outfit, as John has seen everything she currently has. She adds that it'll be nice to see John again, but then realises Fiona's not even listening. Fiona says she was thinking about John as a little boy - Domine brought it all back. She tells Jill that she didn't realise it, but they were the happiest days of her life...

Inside, Fiona gives Domine a glass of milk, while Jill holds her new dress up against herself and asks for Fiona's opinion. Fiona tells her she'll knock John dead. She then turns her attention to Domine again. Jill says she'll get back to her place. Fiona assures her that John will be impressed whatever she wears. She then says she hopes Angela looks after Domine properly, as she hasn't had any experience of motherhood. She's also worried about whether Angela really wants the child, or if she's doing it for Rob's sake, but Jill points out that Angela wouldn't have agreed to have the child if she didn't want it. She heads off to pack. As she's crossing the hall to her room, Paul comes along, and Jill remarks that she hasn't seen him for ages. She quickly realises that his visit must mean he has problems.

Gordon and Barbara are back at the Armstrong residence after their round of golf, and Barbara tells Gordon to hurry back from Melbourne. Gordon says he's impressed at the way Barbara handled Gayle - so much better than Patricia would have done it. Barbara says, "Oh, I don't know - I thought I was pretty crafty!" Gordon tells her that she's made Rosie happy. He adds that he hopes Barbara can cope with Gayle living in her house, but Barbara says she can't be any worse than her own children.

Jill agrees to talk to Rosie about Paul, but Paul asks her to make sure she doesn't make a heavy thing of it. Jill says that of course she won't. Paul tells her that she was right - he let it get out of hand - even Angela warned him. He then changes the subject, and asks Jill if she's looking forward to seeing the Palmers again. She says she is - especially John. Fiona emerges from her room, and sees Paul, who explains that he just asked Jill a favour, as he's heading off to Newcastle. He goes. Jill follows Fiona back into her room, and says she'll tell her what Paul wanted while they're on the 'plane. She asks Fiona if she's ready, but Fiona says Domine is still asleep - maybe it was her fault for tiring her out at the park. She then says she thinks Domine might not be well enough to fly, but Jill says the child is fine. She tells Fiona that she's been watching the way she's been looking at Domine, but she has to let her go to live with Rob and Angela. Fiona says it just brought such happy memories back...

Angela lets Patricia in, and Patricia wishes her, "Happy 21st." Angela sourly says, "Thankyou." Patricia explains that she hasn't brought a present for Angela, as she didn't think she'd want it, but she has brought something for Domine. She adds that John told her. Angela says she doesn't want it, but Patricia just tells her it's up to her. She puts the gift down on the table, and goes. Angela picks the present up again, and takes the wrapping paper off. Inside are a baby bowl and a box. Angela doesn't even open the box, though - she just takes both presents and puts them in the bin.


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