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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Karl Zwicky

At the Palmer house, John asks Beryl if Rob and Angela will be home tonight, and Beryl replies that they will be - just in time for the party tomorrow. John asks Beryl how many people are coming to the party, and after a quick count-up, Beryl tells him there should be fourteen - although it would have been eighteen if her parents and the Hardys could have come. John asks David if his father will be there, and is told he will be. John says he hopes Doug behaves. Beryl points out that it's nearly a year since they last saw him, but then adds that she hopes he's mellowed since then. Lynn asks about whether Patricia's coming, but John tells her he doesn't think it would work out. Lynn remarks that he thought John was on his mother's side, and John says he is, but Beryl chips in that Patricia would put a dampener on the whole evening. Lynn asks if Patricia even knows about the party, but John says he's been putting off telling her - although she's probably forgotten anyway. He decides he'll go and see her on his way back to work. Lynn says Patricia will be upset if she can't come, but John says he hopes she won't be, because she'll realise it wouldn't work out. Lynn says she still feels sorry for her. John says, "So do I."

At the South Yarra house, Patricia remarks that she didn't expect to see John at this time of day. John tells her it was a snap decision, as he has something he wants to talk to her about. He says he doesn't know if she remembers, but it's his and Angela's birthday tomorrow. Patricia suddenly realises it's the twins' 21st. John says he doesn't know if she has any plans, but Patricia tells him that Charlie has been carrying on arranging their holiday, and they're flying out tomorrow. John tells his mother that David and Beryl are holding a party at their place, and Patricia quickly realises she wouldn't be welcome there. John suggests that the two of them could spend some time together before Patricia has to go to the airport tomorrow. Patricia asks about Angela, and John agrees to ask her, but Patricia decides Angela probably won't want anything to do with her.

Rob and Angela arrive at the boarding house, and Rob tells Fiona that Angela has agreed that they can take Domine back to Melbourne with them. Fiona looks disappointed. Angela goes off to see Domine, and Fiona asks Rob for a word. Rob says everything's great, but Fiona tells him that she doesn't like to be a wet blanket, but he has to consider what will happen if Kerry comes back, meaning Domine will have to be dragged back from Melbourne. Rob, though, says he thinks he has a good chance of permanent custody, as Kerry has talked about possibly harming the child before - and he's her Dad. Fiona says Kerry could come back any day, but Rob says it's too bad - he can give Domine a hell of a lot better life than Kerry can. Fiona agrees that the decision's up to Rob, but she then reminds him that Domine's still congested, and she says she doesn't think the child should fly while she's still ill. She adds that she's only thinking of Domine. Rob says he has to get back today, but Fiona suggests that she could bring Domine down tomorrow, when she comes to Melbourne for the birthday party. Rob agrees that that's a good idea. He leaves, but Fiona still looks upset.

Susan and Beryl pile some crockery on the kitchen table. Lynn comes in and recognises some of her mother's plates. Beryl tells her that she and Susan have just been next door, and Muriel let slip that her daughter is a dab hand at making trifles. She jokes that Lynn's never made a trifle in all her time at the Palmer house, but suggests that now might be the right occasion. Lynn says, "If I have time," before quickly adding that she'll try and do it later. Beryl says that, while she's at work, Lynn's going to have to do a lot more around the house. Lynn looks annoyed, but doesn't say anything; she just announces that she's going into town. Susan offers to go with her, but Lynn says she'd rather be by herself. Susan and Beryl agree to mind Davey. Lynn hesitantly goes, and Susan remarks to her mother that's she's never heard Lynn turn down the offer of company before.

Charlie has Patricia's passport, and jokes that she shouldn't circulate the photograph around the social pages! There's a buzz at the front door, and Charlie goes to answer it. Patricia tells her to get rid of whoever it is. When Charlie answers the door, though, Patricia overhears Lynn introducing herself, and calls to Charlie that it's OK for Lynn to come in. When Lynn enters the room, Patricia tells her it's a nice surprise to see her. Lynn explains that she wanted to tell Patricia that she doesn't agree with some of the things the Palmers have done to her, and she hopes Patricia isn't upset. She says Patricia has always been nice to her and Davey, and she's sorry she's not coming to the party. Patricia says the lack of an invitation is hardly unexpected, but she thanks Lynn for saying it. Lynn says that's all she came to say, and she starts to leave, but Patricia tells her to stay for a while. She asks Lynn what she's up to, and Lynn replies that it's the same old routine - and it's going to get worse with Beryl working. Patricia says it sounds like Lynn needs a change of some sort, and she suggests that she should find a part-time job. Lynn says there's not a lot she can do, and Patricia agrees that it's not easy when you've got a child. Lynn sourly says, "No, it's not."

Paul is working in the study at Dural, when Wayne barges in and gives him an invitation to the Ramberg end-of-year party. Paul says he has to go anyway. Wayne asks him if he's taking Gayle, and then adds that he can't see what Paul gets from going around with her - apart from the obvious. Paul snaps that he's too busy for this, and he tells Wayne to leave. Wayne, though, just tells Paul that Rosie will be upset when she finds out what's going on. He adds that he's upset her enough, but Paul has gone one better than that. He leaves the study, and Paul looks thoughtful. He then leaves the study as well, and calls out Rosie's name.

A short while later, Rosie sobs that Gayle is just a young girl. Paul says he should have known better - but he tells Rosie that it happened, and it's better she find out from him than someone else. Rosie tells Paul that she'll never be able to trust him now, and she adds that she doesn't know what to do with Gayle and Paul living in the same house. Paul says Gayle's a nice girl. At this point, Gayle comes in the front door, and begins to overhear Paul telling Rosie that he really likes her, and he doesn't want to hurt her. He goes on to say that he'll make it up to her, but, when the time is right, he'll let her down gently. Gayle quietly goes outside again, and then runs down the drive in tears.

Gayle is sitting, dangling her feet in the swimming pool, when Paul approaches her. He picks up a card that's next to her, and asks who it's for. Gayle explains that it's for Rosie's sister, and adds that it must be awful living in a nursing home. Paul softly says, "Gayle", but Gayle tells him that she heard what he said to Rosie. Paul says he's sorry, but Gayle tells him not to be, as she's glad, because she won't have to put up with his boring friends and dull parties anymore. She adds that she was going to break it off anyway. Paul tells Gayle that she's a beaut kid, and one day she'll find the right person, but it's just not him. Gayle starts sobbing, and Paul holds her.

It's dusk when Susan leaves the Palmer house. As she steps onto the pavement, David is just arriving home, and he asks how things are going, but Susan says she can't stop. She walks off, and then a cab pulls up, and Lynn gets out. David remarks that she's getting fancy! He notices a piece of paper she hands to the driver, and asks what it was. Lynn says it was a taxi docket. David asks her where she got it, and Lynn tells him she went to a modelling place about a job. She goes inside, leaving a surprised David standing on the pavement.

A short while later, Lynn sums up by saying there's nothing else to tell - they took some photos, and her details, and she probably won't ever hear from them again. David asks how she got the idea in her head, and Lynn replies that Mrs. Bartlett introduced her. David asks, "Charlie Bartlett?". Beryl asks Lynn what she was doing with Charlie, and so Lynn explains about going to see Patricia, to tell her that she didn't think she was being treated fairly. When David and Beryl display their annoyance, Lynn says she's allowed an opinion. David asks her if Patricia put the modelling idea in her head, but Lynn says they just got talking, and she mentioned that she'd like a part-time job as a break, and for some money of her own. Charlie suggested modelling, and said she had a friend who could help. Lynn adds that it seemed a good idea at the time. David tells Lynn that she's a silly kid, and he heads out. Beryl asks him where he's going, but David just replies, "Where do you think?"

Patricia yells at David, telling him not to be so ridiculous, as Lynn just called in for a friendly chat. David accuses Patricia of using the kids, now, but Patricia says she can't be bothered arguing. She tells David that Lynn is sick and tired of being around him and Beryl all the time, and she adds that the girl has so much going for her. David tells Patricia that she's not to have anything to do with his family, but Patricia snaps that if Lynn and John want to see her, that's up to them. David yells that Lynn won't be coming around again, and John needs his head read if he doesn't see what his mother's like, soon. He threatens her that, if she comes near his family again, he won't be responsible for his actions. He storms out. Patricia goes to light a cigarette, but the lighter won't work, and she throws it down on the ground in frustration.

Rosie tells Gayle that they have Dural to themselves, and it's time for a talk. Gayle says she knows how disappointed Rosie must be, but Rosie tells Gayle that it's not her fault. She reveals that Paul told her what happened, and he admitted he behaved badly, so he's the one to blame. Gayle says she knew what she was doing, and adds that she loved him - and still does. Rosie tells Gayle to get over it, and assures her that she'll fall in love again. She adds, though, that it's best if some things are saved until after the marriage. Gayle says she doesn't know how she'll handle living in the same house as Paul, now. She starts crying, but Rosie says it'll be alright - "We'll work it out."

In the kitchen of the Palmer house, Beryl says to Lynn that she's arranged things so that Lynn won't have to do too much while she's at work. They hear raised voices, as John and David start arguing about David going to see Patricia. David tells his son not to get stroppy, but says he doesn't want Patricia putting ideas in Lynn's head. David calls Lynn, and John asks her if the modelling was her idea or Patricia's. Lynn, though, says it was a bit of both. David asks her what she means, and Lynn explains that Patricia and Charlie suggested she try modelling, but it was her who first mentioned that she'd like a job. David asks her why she said that, and so Lynn points out that Beryl has a job. Beryl, though, reminds Lynn that her children are all grown up. Lynn says that, if she gets any modelling work at all - which she doubts - it'll only be every now and then, and she can choose the hours she does. She says that, as she's helping around the house, she thought Beryl might babysit for her every now and then. David just snaps that Lynn had no right to see Patricia, but Lynn asks him what he's going to do: lock her up in the house? David tells Lynn that he thought she had more sense. John steps in, and tells David that Patricia was bad before, but now he's really stuck the boot in. He adds that his mother was over her problems, but now David's stirred them up again. He tells David that if Patricia does anything stupid - which she could - it's all his fault.

Charlie is raving about the holiday, and about the clothes Patricia should pack, but then realises Patricia isn't even listening. Charlie asks what's wrong, and Patricia asks her what time they're leaving tomorrow. Charlie doesn't give a time, but tells her friend that they'll catch a flight to Singapore, then fly onto Rome, where she has some friends. Patricia, though, suddenly announces that she can't leave tomorrow, as it's the twins' birthday party. Charlie reminds Patricia that she won't be able to go, but Patricia says she needs to be there. Charlie points out that Patricia can see John tonight, and ring Angela if she wants to. She tells Patricia that she can't possibly go anywhere near the Palmer house tomorrow, and adds that she'd be better off in Singapore. Patricia just says she's not going - David may think he can scare her off, but he can't, and she's going to go to the party whether she's invited or not. Charlie gives Patricia an envelope, and tells her that it contains the tickets and itinerary, and she's on her own. She adds that Patricia could at least say sorry for wasting her time, but Patricia just says she has to stay behind to go to the party. Charlie tells Patricia that, over the last year, she's seen her change, but over the last two days, she's seen her heading for a nervous breakdown. She says she's not going to stand there and watch, and adds that she tried to help Patricia by arranging the trip, and it's all been thrown back in her face. Patricia repeats that she's not going. Charlie warns Patricia that, if things blow up in her face, she won't be there. She leaves. Patricia sits down on the settee.


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