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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

At the boarding house, Fiona tells Jill that Beryl has invited them both to the twins' 21st. Jill says she's looking forward to seeing John, as she's really missed him, but Fiona adds that it'll be good to see everyone. She starts looking for her earrings. Jill tells her that she's running late, but Fiona says she had to wait for Domine to go to sleep until she could start getting ready, and then Beryl rang... She tells Jill that she thinks Domine's coming down with a cold. She then asks her to lift the TV up. Jill obliges, and Fiona finds her earrings underneath! She asks Jill to keep an ear out for Domine, and then decides that she might give the party a miss altogether, but Jill tells her that Gordon will be disappointed if she's not there. She promises Fiona that she'll sit by Domine's bed all night. She then asks Fiona if she's really the right person to look after the child. Fiona asks her what she means, and Jill points out that Fiona doesn't really live in the right environment in which to raise a child. Fiona reminds Jill that she did alright with John. Jill points out that that was ages ago, but Fiona reminds her, "I'm not exactly decrepit yet!" Jill tells Fiona to get a move on. They both burst out laughing!

At Dural, the party is in full swing, with Rosie handing round nibbles and everyone talking. Paul introduces Gayle to Rick and Laura Morgan. When Laura hears Gayle's surname is Andrews, she asks her if she's the daughter of Gerard Andrews, the architect, but Gayle sourly replies that her father's name is Barry. Laura asks her whether she met Paul in Australia or the US, but Gayle replies that she's never been overseas. She goes on to explain that she's Rosie's granddaughter - and points the housekeeper out. After expressing their surprise, Laura and Rick go off to talk to Cliff Howard. Gayle asks Paul if they liked her, and Paul replies, "Of course." Gayle tells him to mingle.

Angela tells Gordon that she spoke to Beryl, and he's invited to the 21st birthday party. Gordon says he'll make sure he gets down there. He offers to pay for the do, but then realises that wouldn't be a good idea, and agrees to let David do the honours. Angela suddenly spots Fiona arriving, and she goes over to talk to her, but Fiona is waylaid by Rob, who leads her away, and into the study, where he asks her if everything was OK with Domine. Fiona assures him that everything's OK, although she thinks the child may be coming down with a cold. Angela comes in and asks what the big secret it. Fiona hurriedly tells her that Rob was inviting her to the 21st celebrations, but she'd already heard from Beryl. Angela says Gordon's going as well, and Fiona says she's glad. There's silence, and then Rob tells Angela that he'll be out in a minute. Angela grudgingly leaves. Fiona tells Rob that he'll have to let Angela know what's going on, but Rob is worried about how he'll tell her, as she tends to go off every time he mentions the girl. Fiona tells Rob that Domine is fine with her for the time being, but Angela has got to get over her hangups.

There's a gathering round the bar, where one of the guests - Cliff Howard's wife - remarks that she heard about Angela's wedding. Gayle says she'd have loved to have been there. Paul quickly changes the subject, saying he has to make a speech tonight, and he's made a few notes, but he hopes he can read his writing. Gayle tells him he should have let her type them up. Mrs. Howard asks Gayle if she's a typist, then, and Gayle explains that she's learning, and is hoping to be a secretary. She adds that she doesn't find shorthand very easy. Mrs. Howard says she remembers what it was like. Gayle asks her if she used to be a secretary, and Mrs. Howard explains that she worked for Cliff before they married. Gayle remarks on how romantic is it marrying your boss, and she says that maybe she could be Paul's secretary eventually. The guests decide to get some food, leaving an embarrassed Paul to remind Gayle that she promised to listen, rather than speak. He tells her that Cliff Howard probably didn't want to be reminded that his wife used to be his secretary. Gayle snaps that she was only trying to be friendly, but Paul tells her to just stand around and look pretty. He goes off to mingle again, and Gayle starts to head into the kitchen, but Wayne stops her and tells her not to let them get her down. Gayle says she didn't think Wayne would care, but Wayne points out that they're both on the sidelines tonight, and he suggests a truce. Gayle says she thought Wayne would want to mingle, but he tells her that it would just be seen as him sucking up. He asks Gayle if she wants to dance, and he goes and turns the music up. They start dancing, but then Gayle sees Paul staring at her, and she storms off. Gordon suggests to his son that he turn the music down. A surprised Wayne says he thought Gordon would be more heavy-handed about it, but Gordon tells him that nothing could spoil his mood tonight. He goes and takes Barbara aside, and suggests to her that they break the news.

In the study a short while later, Angela exclaims that it's wonderful news. Wayne remarks that Barbara might make Gordon more human! The 'phone suddenly rings, and Rosie goes to answer it, but it is taken in the hall by Gayle. After a couple of seconds, she sees Fiona nearby and tells her the call is for her. The caller is Jill, who tells Fiona that Domine is really wheezy, she feels hot, and is grizzly. She asks if she should call the doctor, and Fiona tells her where the number is. She adds that she'll come home straight away. Jill suggests that she should wait and see what the doctor says, but Fiona says she'd rather be there. She hangs up. The close members of the Hamilton family emerge from the study, and Fiona grabs Rob and tells him that Domine's unwell. Rob says he'll come as well, but Fiona says he'll have to tell Angela first.

A few minutes later, Angela asks Rob why he didn't tell her straight away. Rob says he wanted to tell her when she wasn't so uptight. He asks her if she's going to come to the boarding house with them, but Angela says she can't, because Paul will be making a speech soon, to welcome Gordon to the company. Rob says he'll be back when he can.

Later, at the boarding house, Fiona remarks to Rob and Jill that it's good to see Domine sleeping again. Rob says the doctor's diagnosis was a respiratory infection. Jill gives him the doctor's prescription, and Rob says he'll go and get it straight away. Fiona gives him the names of some late-night chemists. Rob says he'll be back late, and he asks if he can stay the night. Fiona says she'll make up a bed for him. He goes. Jill tells Fiona that she and Rob are as bad as each other. She adds that, when the doctor came, he thought she was Domine's mother. She tells Fiona that she ought to inform the relevant people that Domine has been abandoned, but Fiona is reluctant. She also points out that Domine's father knows where she is. She tells Jill that everything is arranged, and then suggests that her boarder should go to bed. Jill reminds Fiona to call Angela. Fiona says she'll do it as soon as she's checked on Domine.

On the 'phone, Angela asks Fiona to tell Rob that she'll see him in the morning. She hangs up, and Paul, who is nearby, asks her if she's seen Gayle. Angela says she hasn't. Paul says he's worried about the way he treated her, and Angela agrees that it's best to sort it out. She then tells him that he made a terrific speech, and she knows Gordon was pleased. Paul says he's glad he did the right thing by someone.

Gayle is asleep on the couch in the flat, when there's a knock at the door. She doesn't stir initially, but when the knocking occurs again, she gets up and opens the door. When she sees Paul standing there, she turns her back on him and walks across the other side of the room. There's silence for a few seconds until Paul breaks it by telling Gayle that he didn't see her leave the party. Gayle says, "Messed it up, didn't I? Made a real fool of myself." She tells Paul that she wanted to be just like Angela, but Paul points out that Angela has been dealing with those sorts of people all her life. He tells Gayle that she did fine for her first time, and he adds that he was nervous as well. Gayle asks Paul if he doesn't mind how she acted, then, and Paul assures her that it was fine. Gayle tells him she thought he was going to come in and dump her. Paul says everything's fine the way it is. Gayle says, "I love you so much." Paul hugs her, but looks guilty.

Cliff Howard tells Gordon that he's had a great night, and he and his wife leave. Gordon and Barbara are then left alone, and Gordon remarks that he can't say he's sorry it's over. Barbara comments that everyone's wondering how come she was the hostess! Rosie comes into the hall with Barbara's handbag, and she thanks her for her help. Barbara offers to assist with the clearing up, but Rosie tells her that Angela's nearly finished stacking the dishwasher. Gordon tells Barbara that he'll see her to her car. Meanwhile, Rosie goes into the lounge, where Angela is just clearing away the last of the glasses. She then heads into the kitchen. Paul joins Angela, who asks him how Gayle took it. Paul tells her that he couldn't do it - she was so upset that he didn't want to hurt her any more. Angela suggests he should take Gayle out for dinner tomorrow and let her down gently, but Paul says he's wondering if he should let her down - he cares for her, and she is a nice girl. He tells Angela that he's seen a side to Gayle that noone else has seen - a very gentle girl, who's a lot more understanding than most people think. Angela tells Paul that he has to make his choice. Paul asks what he should do.

The next morning, Fiona offers Rob bacon and eggs, but he declines in favour of getting home to see Angela. He tells Fiona that he doesn't know which is worse: keeping it a secret or Angela knowing. He adds that sometimes he could grab Angela and throttle her, as Domine needs a home, and Angela wants a kid. Fiona points out, though, that Domine is likely to sense if she isn't wanted. She tells Rob that the child needs stability - moving her from pillar to post won't do. She says Domine is probably better off staying with her for the time being. Rob says it'll be hard when he's back in Melbourne and won't be able to see Domine very much - and he can't even afford to come up very often. Fiona assures him that she can probably shout him some trips. She adds that she's probably being selfish, but she enjoys looking after the child - and she's even willing to get up at the crack of dawn to do it! Rob says he'll have to make sure he gets his trucker's licence quickly, and then swing some trips to Sydney. He thanks Fiona for her help, and goes.

At Dural, Angela tells Gordon that she knows Rob is going to suggest that they take Domine back to Melbourne with them, and Gordon agrees that it seems the obvious answer. He tells Angela that he once had to get used to a baby, who disrupted his life for the first few months he knew her. She didn't turn out too bad, and he eventually learnt to love her... He tells Angela that she and Rob should drop into Ramberg before they head back.

Rob pulls up at Dural, gets out of his car, and goes inside. Angela asks him if he's had breakfast, but he says he hasn't. Angela then asks how Domine is, and Rob explains that she's fine this morning, and is going to be OK. Angela asks him what he's going to do about his daughter, and Rob replies that she's staying with Fiona for a while. Angela asks Rob how he feels about that, and Rob says he'd rather Domine was living with them, but he tells Angela that he won't lay anything on her. Angela, though, says she knows she has no right to stop Rob from seeing Domine grow up, and she suggests to him that they should take the child back to Melbourne with them. Rob roars with happiness, and hugs Angela tightly.


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