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    Written by: Bill Searle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

The next morning, Beryl offers David coffee, and tells him they have a lot to talk about. David says he doesn't want to spoil last night, but Beryl tells him that nothing could spoil last night. She asks him about Patricia, and if he'll call her, but David says he owes her more than that. Beryl tells him he doesn't owe Patricia anything. David says he knew it wouldn't work out, but he has to explain to her face-to-face. Beryl asks him what happened, and David explains that he was lonely, but when he and Patricia got together, she kept trying to run his life - plus he knew Beryl was the only woman he really loved. Beryl tells David that she and Hal Mason couldn't make a go of it either. She says the night before he... She pauses, and then says she told him it was no good. David says they should let the kids know, but Beryl suggests they should just show up, as it would make the kids' day. David agrees, pointing out that that way, noone can let the cat out of the bag to Patricia until he's seen her. He tells Beryl that Patricia has become very thick with Angela and Lynn. At this point, Fiona comes in, sees David and Beryl together and is ecstatic, joking, "Oh, you dopey pair!" She laughs as she asks David if he snuck in behind her back, but David tells her that she gave him plenty of time, as she didn't get home until 2am - and he heard her! Fiona agrees that she was a bit shaky on her legs last night, but then says she's not going to get a hangover having heard this news!

Angela is at the Palmer house, and asks Kevin and Lynn if they've heard from David. Kevin replies that there was a mess-up with his truck. Angela asks if David saw Beryl, and Lynn tells her that he did, but not for long. Kevin explains about how Lynn gave David every opportunity by supplying him with the Christening photos. Lynn points out that David might have visited Beryl last night, but Kevin says he's not going to get his hopes up.

David is reading his stars in the paper when Beryl announces that she's finished her packing. David says he'll call a cab, but Beryl asks him if they have to rush, as she'd like to see Jill before she goes. Fiona chips in that she saw Jill going to the beach, and Beryl says she'll check out the usual spots. She goes out, leaving Fiona to remark to David, "There goes one very happy lady." She then adds, though, that she knows one woman who won't be happy. David says, "Pat'll be OK." He explains that he told her that he'd go back to Beryl if he could, and adds that it might be a let-down, but she'll handle it. Fiona warns him, though, "Just be careful of her, OK?"

On the beach, Beryl tells Jill that she feels ten years younger. Jill jokes, "You don't look it!" but then adds that she's really pleased. Beryl says she's glad to be going home, but she doubts whether it'll be quite the same. She explains that the time away gave her self-confidence that she's not had before, and she knows that she is capable of surviving on her own. Jill asks Beryl how David will take this change in her, and Beryl replies that he'll learn to live with it.

Angela calls at the South Yarra house, and tells Patricia what she's heard. Patricia snaps that at least David had the sense to contact someone. She asks if Kevin mentioned where David stayed, but Angela replies that she expects it was a motel. She adds that Kevin and Lynn thought David might have talked to Beryl, but he probably didn't. She then starts to tell her mother that she has a problem, but Patricia doesn't listen, and tells Angela that she had an upsetting call earlier from Richard Coleman, the Ramberg Melbourne manager, who has gone to Sydney to temporarily cover for Hal Mason: he told her that Gordon is thinking of throwing his hat into the ring as the new MD. She says Gordon's only doing it to annoy her, as he knows it would be awkward for her with him around the place. Angela points out that Gordon is up to the job, but Patricia is more concerned that he'll make life difficult for David and John. Angela says Gordon's not like that, but Patricia tells her daughter to look at Gordon's track record - he'd do anything to get at her, especially through David. Angela suggests they should just wait and see. Patricia suggests that perhaps she and David should take a short break, as it did Angela and Rob good. Angela tells her mother that she wanted to talk to her, but Patricia carries on to say that she's not going to let Gordon know that she's worried. She adds that, besides, his past track record will count well and truly against him. Angela says, "Maybe."

David and Beryl say goodbye to Fiona and Jill, who wave the taxi off and then go inside. Jill wonders why it took them so long to get back together, but Fiona points out that everyone is stubborn at times. She offers Jill coffee, saying it'll have to be quick, as she has to get to Dural for another planning session for the big meeting tomorrow. Jill asks Fiona if she had a chance to say anything to Gayle last night, but Fiona replies that she didn't even see the girl. Jill explains that Gayle rang her last night, saying she couldn't understand why Paul was being so grumpy. Fiona, though, just says she feels the same as she did last night. Jill points out to Fiona that she sorted out Beryl, and she asks her if she'd like another cause. Fiona declines, and Jill comes to the conclusion that Gayle will have to learn the hard way.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Gayle shows Rosie a picture of a wedding dress in her magazine, but Rosie says it's a bit soon to be thinking about things like that. Gayle points out that she's nearly 18, but Rosie tells her that she'd be better off concentrating on work. She adds that she doesn't approve of teenage weddings. Gayle tells her that Kevin and Lynn seem happy, but Rosie says a lot of young marriages don't last.

Rosie goes back into the main house, and answers the 'phone, which is ringing. The caller is Patricia, who snidely remarks that it's nice to hear Rosie hasn't been pensioned off yet. She asks to speak to Gordon. Gordon is just coming in, and Rosie hands over the 'phone. Patricia tells him that she's just heard about him applying for the position at Ramberg. Gordon says he doesn't want to discuss it. Patricia, though, reminds him of his track record, and tells him that if he's still a candidate tomorrow, she'll make sure the board know exactly how incompetent he is. Gordon says he's not interested in Patricia's games. He tells her that he has Fiona and Paul's support, and they'll manage perfectly OK. Patricia says she doubts it, and hangs up.

Gordon asks Paul if they can count on Ted Morgan, and Paul replies that he thinks so. Gordon says he's worried about Patricia being able to swing some of the board members' votes, but Fiona tells him that they can handle her. Paul warns that they mustn't let things get heated, and Fiona says she'll make sure she minds her Ps and Qs! Gordon and Fiona head off to the study to work on things further, and Paul asks Rosie if she can prepare some lunch for the three of them. He's heading off to the study when the 'phone rings. Rosie answers it - it's Gayle, who asks to speak to Paul. Rosie calls Paul back and hands the 'phone over. Gayle asks him if he's busy, and Paul replies that he is at the moment. Gayle says it's a beaut day, and she thought they might go for a spin, but Paul tells her he has business to attend to. Gayle says she's just bored, and Paul says he might see her later, but he then hangs up. Rosie tells him that Gayle is just upset at him because he yelled at her yesterday. She adds that she knows he didn't mean it, but Gayle is very young, and doesn't understand why he's cross. She asks Paul to just give Gayle a few minutes to show her everything's OK. Paul tells Rosie that he doesn't want to upset Gayle or her. He says he'll sort things out.

Gayle throws her magazine down onto the chair. There's a knock at the door and Gayle yells that it's not locked. Paul comes in and tells her that he was a bit rough, and he's sorry. He explains that he's been snowed under, but Gayle says she just wanted him to get out of the house for a bit. Paul says he has to get back to the study. Gayle suggests they go out later, and Paul says, "Sure." He adds that they could see a movie. Gayle runs and hugs him.

Susan asks Angela what she's doing, and Angela replies that she's taking her knitting apart, as the jumper would have been full of holes! Susan says Rob told her what's gong on. Angela says he shouldn't have, but Susan says Rob needed to talk to someone. Angela says she's made it clear where she stands - she wants to handle it without hurting him, but she's his daughter. Susan asks Angela if she's thought of feeling happy for him. Angela asks Susan if she thinks she's being selfish, and Susan says, "Yes."

Lynn is watching television when there's a knock at the door. She goes and answers it and finds Patricia standing there. She invites her in, and Patricia explains that she had to get out of the house as the renovations are at the noisy stage. Lynn turns the television off. She offers Patricia tea or coffee, but Patricia declines. She asks if there's any news from David, but Lynn says there isn't. Patricia says she thought David would be back by now. Changing the subject, she tells Lynn that the real reason she's there is the curtains. Lynn says Kevin still isn't keen on changing them, so she thought she'd better leave them, but Patricia replies that all men are the same. She tells Lynn that it's not hard to get your own way when you know how...

There's a knock on the door of Susan's apartment, and when Susan answers it, she finds her parents standing there. Quickly realising the significance of the visit, an overjoyed Susan tells them that it's really good news. She invites them in, and Angela emerges from the kitchen to see the couple together. She agrees that the news is wonderful. Beryl says it's good to be back. Angela says she'll put the kettle on. David asks her if Patricia will be at home, and Angela says, "Probably." David says he'd better get over there right now, so noone else tells her first. Angela says Patricia will probably be upset.

Kevin gets home, sees the curtains and asks Patricia and Lynn what they're doing. Patricia tells him that he's being too neurotic, and Lynn chips in that she just wanted a change. Kevin tells Patricia that it's not her house, and he orders her to get out. Patricia tells him that there's no need for that tone, but Kevin just replies, "Stiff!" He tells her that there's no way she's taking Beryl's place.

Beryl and Susan pull up outside, and Susan notices Patricia's car parked nearby. She suggests they shouldn't stay, but Beryl wants to go in, and she tells Susan to go home. Inside, Patricia tells Kevin that he's being a boring young man, and she adds, "Your father and I are in love." Kevin tells her to buzz off, but Patricia tells him that he's been alienated from his father once, and she'll make sure it happens again if he's not careful. Kevin tells Patricia that David won't swallow any more of her damn lies, but Patricia retorts that Kevin's a fine one to talk, after promising that he'd get along with her. She says, "Some effort." Kevin snaps that he didn't promise anything. Patricia hears the door slam, and says it's perfect timing - now they'll hear what David has to say. It isn't David coming in, though - it's Beryl. Patricia looks shocked, and Beryl smiles nicely as she tells her, "David's at your place, waiting to talk to you. I'd appreciate it if you got out of my house." Patricia says she's Lynn's guest, and adds that the last she heard, Beryl was letting the kids have the house. Beryl, though, says things have changed since then - she and David have sorted things out. She tells Patricia, "I'm back - for good." She explains about how David came to see her, and they realised they wanted each other. Patricia queries what Beryl said about David being at the South Yarra house, and Beryl replies that he wants to talk. She adds that things are going to get back to normal now, but Patricia says she has to hear it from David. Beryl tells her that David won't change his mind, but Patricia says she'll see about that. Beryl snaps, "Get out of my house." Patricia leaves, and Beryl, Kevin and Lynn hug tightly.


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