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    Written by: Greg Stevens and Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Beryl tells David that of course he can come in. David enters the room and asks if Fiona's home, but Beryl explains that she's with Bunty and Thel. She asks David why he's there, and David replies that he's got his licence back. Beryl tells him to sit down. David says he was going to leave the photos under the door, but it seemed dumb. Beryl looks at them, and laughingly says that Davey is such a happy little fellow! She adds that the kids must be very proud. She then says she's surprised that David is back on the road again, and David explains that the office job was driving him crazy. Beryl tells him she always knew he wasn't suited to a desk job. David tells her that he's going to get his own truck, and Beryl replies, "It took us - you - long enough." David says he has to go, as he has things to organise. Beryl thanks him for the photos, and asks him if he's going back to Melbourne tonight. David says he's not sure. Beryl tells him that, if he isn't, to give her a ring, as Fiona would love to see him.

Rob and Angela get home from their short break, and Rob calls out Susan's name, but there's no answer. Rob expresses his disappointment at having to come back, but Angela points out that he's had her to himself for two days. She suggests they get on with the unpacking, but Rob thinks they should leave it until later...

Fiona shows Jill the photos, and Fiona remarks that Davey is a lovely boy. Beryl comes in and says she's going out to get her hair done, adding that there's no harm in hoping. She leaves again, and Fiona tells Jill that Beryl is jumping out of her skin. Jill asks Fiona if she thinks David will call, and Fiona replies that Beryl will be very disappointed if he doesn't.

Angela tells Rob that if they do adopt a little girl, they're not going to have much time to lie around and relax. Rob expresses his surprise at Angela saying 'she', as he'd always thought about a boy. Angela says she doesn't mind what it is - she'll love it as much as a child of her own. Rob asks Angela if she'd mind a girl, and Angela replies, "Of course not." There's a knock at the front door, and Angela tells Rob to ignore it, but the knocking persists, and eventually, John yells that it's him. Rob tells Angela that her brother has a lousy sense of timing! He goes to answer the door, and John explains that he saw the car outside, and has come bearing food and drink. Angela says she'll get the plates. Rob says he'd better ring work and find out how things are. Angela and John go outside to eat, and Rob says he'll be out in a minute. When the coast is clear, he picks up the 'phone handset and dials a number. It isn't work he is calling, though - it's Fiona. When she answers, she exclaims that she didn't expect to hear from him until tonight. Rob asks her how she went, and Fiona replies that she thinks Kerry was telling the truth. Rob says, "I told you." Fiona explains about how Kerry has been having a rough time. Rob asks about Domine, and Fiona says she's a lovely little thing. She adds that Kerry really does need help. Rob says he'll keep on sending the money, and Fiona tells him that he'll have to. She also says he ought to tell Angela, and Rob says he will, although it couldn't be at a worse time. He thanks Fiona for her help and hangs up.

At Dural, Paul tells Gordon that he's glad he's applying for the job. Gordon says he hopes Paul will feel the same if he actually gets the position. Paul says he'll have to make sure Gordon does get it! He goes off to the study to start 'phoning around board members to lobby support for Gordon. Rosie tells Gordon that she thinks he's made the right decision, adding that Patricia will be mad as hell. Gordon says he's not after the job to annoy her; in fact, working with her is going to be a big drawback. Rosie tells Gordon that Barbara would be as pleased as punch if she knew. She says, "Might be a good time to ring her..." She goes out into the hall, and Paul emerges from the study and asks her to tell Gayle that he won't be able to take her out tonight, as he's tied up with business.

Gayle snaps that it wouldn't have hurt Paul to tell her himself. Rosie says she felt the same at first, but then she realised that this is a big thing for Gordon. Gayle says she had to force Paul to take her out in the first place, but Rosie tells her that Paul is just busy. She then asks her granddaughter if the typing is going OK, and Gayle replies, "Fine." Rosie leaves her to it. Gayle starts to type again, but as soon as Rosie has gone out, she sits back and picks up a magazine.

Fiona is on the 'phone, and tells the person on the other end that it's wonderful news. The caller - Paul - says he hopes the other board members will feel the same as her, and he adds that he'll explain more when he sees her. Fiona hangs up, and Jill asks her what the call was about. Fiona explains about Gordon applying to be MD of Ramberg, and about how Paul is lobbying the board - except for Patricia. Jill asks Fiona if, when she sees Paul, she'll talk to him about Gayle. Fiona replies that it's Paul and Gayle's own affair, and adds that, without going into details, she does know that Paul has an over-developed sense of guilt. She points out that she's already mixed up in Rob's problems, and in Beryl's, and adds that she'll get a name for herself if she takes on too many causes. She then concedes that she'll say something to Paul if she feels he's not doing the right thing by Gayle.

Wayne walks into the flat, where Gayle is sitting reading her magazine, and he comments about her being hard at work. Gayle snaps that she's having a break. Wayne says he couldn't care less. He snatches the magazine Gayle's reading, and remarks that he's surprised she hasn't sold them the story about her and Paul, as it would be worth a lot of money. He then says he imagines she doesn't have to fight too hard with Paul, but Gayle tells Wayne that Paul isn't like him. Wayne says he supposes Paul shells out a lot of money, but Gayle yells that of course he doesn't - he's just nice to her, like he's nice to a lot of people, such as Gordon, with the job. Caught unawares, Wayne asks, "What job?" Gayle tells him about the position at Ramberg, adding that she thought he'd know. Wayne says he'll just go and congratulate his father...

Gordon snaps that he's in line for the job - he hasn't actually got it. Wayne says he's surprised Paul has just gone ahead without consulting the board, and so Gordon explains that Paul is calling the board right now. Wayne says he supposes Patricia's being missed out, and Gordon replies that he has no doubt how she'd react, so he'd prefer Wayne not to call her. Wayne asks Gordon if, if he does get the job, he'll do the right thing by his son, but Gordon tells Wayne that he'll treat him like any other employee. He says the job means a lot to him, and he doesn't want Patricia spoiling his chances, so he wants Wayne to keep it to himself. Wayne snaps that it's a bit late to pull the father-son routine. He leaves the room, and Paul comes in. Gordon tells him that Wayne knows, but he's agreed to sit on the fence. Paul asks how Wayne found out, and Gordon replies that it was from Gayle.

Paul yells at Gayle, telling her that she next time she hears anything to do with the business, she should keep it to herself. Gayle says she thought Wayne would know, as he's Gordon's son. Paul tells her that, if she wants to become a secretary, she should learn to keep her mouth shut, but Gayle points out that she's not a secretary, yet, and she asks Paul to tell her to keep it quiet next time. Rosie comes in and tells Paul that if anyone's to blame, it's her, as she told Gayle. Paul apologises, explaining that he just wants to see things go right for Gordon. Gayle tells Paul that he didn't care how she felt. Rosie suggests that they kiss and make up. Paul tells Gayle that he doesn't blame her for being mad, but he adds that he doubts he'll be able to make it for the movies tonight. He goes, and Gayle bemoans to Rosie that fact that she hasn't seen Paul all day, and when she did see him, all he could do was yell.

Beryl shows off her hair-do to Fiona. Fiona tells her that, if David does call, she should invite him round. Beryl says she hopes he says he'd like to come round, but Fiona tells her to swallow her pride for once.

As Angela reads the newspaper, Rob remarks that it was a nice thought of John's at lunchtime, and Angela agrees. Rob asks her what she's looking at, and she replies that it's the real estate section. Rob tells Angela that they may need to scale down their price range. Angela starts to say that they can get a good price for their land, but then Rob gives her a piece of paper - the letter from Kerry - and asks her to read it, adding that it might come as a shock, as it certainly did for him. Angela reads the letter, and then says, "You've already got a daughter?" Rob explains that he only found out a week ago. Angela asks him how he met Kerry, and so Rob explains about the time he was bumming around. Angela asks him if he loved Kerry, but Rob replies that he didn't really. Angela asks him how Kerry got his address, and Rob replies that he must have given her his parents' address. Angela asks him if he's sure Domine is his, and Rob says she must be, as there was noone else at the time. He explains about Fiona finding out the true story, and Angela immediately takes offence at not being told the news first. She then tells Rob that she doesn't want anything to do with it.

Beryl is busy knitting when the 'phone rings. She answers it - it's David, who's in a 'phone box. He tells Beryl that he's stuck in Sydney, and says he supposes he'll have to find a motel room for the night. Beryl replies, "I suppose so." David says he's going to be flown back to Melbourne in the morning. Beryl tells him to come to the boarding house if he likes, adding that Fiona would like to see him. David says that would be good. Beryl says she'll put the kettle on. As he hangs up, David smiles broadly.

Angela tells Rob that she's been thinking, and it's a lot to get used to. Rob asks her how she feels, and Angela replies that it'll mean them having to economise if he's going to keep sending money. Rob tells his wife that she can't blame him for wanting to help, but Angela reiterates that she wants nothing to do with the child. Rob points out that they were talking about adopting, and Domine would be perfect, as he'd be half-theirs - well, his. Angela, though, says that would make her realise her problem even more. She says, "I want a baby so much - but every time I'd look at her..." Rob makes it clear that he wants to see his daughter. Angela, though, tells him to do what he wants, but says she can't love her.

Beryl takes a batch of scones out of the oven. There's a knock at the door. She walks towards it, pauses, and then opens it. David is standing there with a bunch of flowers, which he explains were a cheap bunch he bought from a roadside place! Beryl invites him in, and remarks that it was just his luck to have a tough first run. David tells her that five blokes had the 'flu, so he didn't have a choice. Beryl goes to put the flowers in water, and she tells David to sit down. He doesn't move, though, and says, "Beryl, come back to me, love." Beryl turns round, runs into David's arms, and hugs and kisses him.


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