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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

The next morning, Kevin tells Lynn that breakfast smells good. Lynn remarks that she thought Kevin would never get to bed last night, but Kevin says he was thinking about Beryl. He says he doesn't know whether to believe David or not when he says that Beryl agreed to let them have the place rather than sell it. Lynn points out that David wouldn't lie. She tells Kevin that she was thinking about the house last night, and when David goes, they could turn their room into a nursery, and Kevin could use Susan's room as a study. Kevin asks where they'd sleep, and Lynn replies that they'd use Beryl and David's old room. Kevin isn't keen, though, saying he'd rather hold off doing something like that until after the divorce.

At the boarding house, Jill emerges from her room just as Beryl comes in, having been for an early morning walk. Jill asks if it's cold out, but Beryl says she didn't notice. She tells Jill that she thought she'd go out and find out about the area, as it looks as if she'll be settling there. Changing the subject, Jill asks Beryl to pass on a message to Fiona when she wakes up: that Bunty and Thel are on the warpath because the system isn't working. Beryl, though, says Fiona was up ages ago. Jill is incredulous, and Beryl remarks that, wherever Fiona is, it must have been important if she got up that early!

Fiona approaches a rundown apartment and knocks on the door. A man answers it, and Fiona asks if Kerry Mitchell lives there. The man goes to get her, and a few seconds later, a young woman comes to the door. Fiona introduces herself, and explains that she's a friend of Rob's. Kerry asks her what she wants, and Fiona says she just wants a quick chat about the cheque Rob sent. Kerry says she's entitled to it, but Fiona says she just wants to find out what's what, and see Domine. Kerry says she's late for work. Fiona tells her that it won't take long, but Kerry replies that Domine is already with the childminder. She suggests that they meet at 3:30pm. Fiona bemoans the fact that it's a long trek from Manly, but Kerry just tells her to come to the pub where she works. Fiona assures the young woman that she's just there to help Rob out - not to cause trouble.

At the South Yarra house, Patricia makes David some strong coffee to help him recover from a hangover. She asks if Beryl got away alright, and David replies that he supposes so. Patricia remarks on how David was really putting away the booze last night. David says he doesn't know what's worse: working, or having too much time to think. Patricia asks him if he's been thinking about the divorce, and David says there's never been one in his family before. Patricia comments that David's father wouldn't go for it, but then tells David that he needs to learn lesson number one: his father may not like divorce, but the rest of the world came to terms with it a long time ago. David doesn't really listen to these words of wisdom, though, and he tells Patricia that he thinks they shouldn't see each other for a few days. He explains that he's off to Sydney tomorrow - his first trip back on the road - and after last night... Patricia tells David that he's overreacting, and she says she has plans. She adds that she did listen last night, and she will get used to his way of life - she just needs a chance.

When Fiona gets back to the boarding house, Jill tells her she could have borrowed her car if she'd known. Fiona says it would probably have been better than the car she did borrow, but she thought Jill would want her vehicle because it's her day off. She then tells Jill that she'll fix things up for Bunty and Thel, and then head back. Jill asks Fiona if she thinks Kerry is telling the truth. Fiona replies that she'll know when they've had a good talk. She adds that she still hasn't seen the child.

At the Palmer house, Patricia tells Lynn that she expected to see Kevin hard at work at the kitchen table, but Lynn explains that her husband's at the library. Patricia realises the exams must be close, and Lynn confirms that they're next week. Patricia says that, in that case, she might not bother Kevin with this at the moment, but she's been to see a solicitor about selling the house. Lynn says there's no rush, and Patricia agrees, but points out that things could get messy during the divorce. Lynn explains that Kevin doesn't want anything done until after the divorce, but Patricia replies that it would be a mistake to hold off. Lynn guesses she'll have to take Patricia's word for it. Patricia says David will talk Kevin round, and David chips in that he'll talk to his son very soon. He then says he has to go to the depot. He tells Lynn that Patricia is thinking of going shopping, and would like Lynn to come with her, and Lynn says she'd love to. Patricia tells David to keep this evening free, as she has a surprise for him - a nice quiet evening. David says he hopes so. He goes out, and Lynn explains to Patricia that David is a bit seedy today, as he had a lot to drink last night. Patricia says she thinks seeing Beryl was a strain, adding that it's not always easy to do the right thing.

Wayne walks in to Dural, and Paul cheerfully comments on him being home early. Wayne snaps that he has a headache, and he thinks he's coming down with something. Paul tells him to see Rosie and get a drink. He then asks if anyone noticed the fact that he wasn't at work today, but Wayne sarcastically replies that there were a few bouts of cheering. Paul goes into the lounge and tells Gordon and Rosie about Wayne feeling off-colour. Gordon says he hopes Wayne doesn't get better too quickly, as it's been nice and quiet recently! Paul, though, says he needs Wayne's brains to try and come up with ideas for who the new Ramberg MD should be. Gordon suggests the manager of the Melbourne branch of the company, but Paul says he doesn't think he'd be much good - plus he has Patricia's backing. Rosie chips in about him being a yes-man, then! Paul says he thinks they need to look outside the organisation, and he asks Gordon if he has any ideas. As Gordon ponders the question, Rosie looks at Paul and tips her head towards Gordon. A big smile comes over Paul's face and he turns to Gordon and says, "What about you?" Gordon reminds Paul that he went bankrupt, which wouldn't look very good, but Paul points out that that wasn't Gordon's fault. Gordon tells Paul not to get carried away, but Paul tells him he has Rosie's backing! Gordon says, "She's not on the board!" Paul points out that Fiona is on the board, and would back him. Gordon says it needs some thought. Paul tells him that he has the credentials, and he asks him to think it over. Gordon asks Paul if he'll accept his answer if he says no, and Paul agrees. Gordon tells Paul and Rosie that it's just between the three of them, as he'd hate Patricia to hear about it before he's made a decision.

Fiona arrives at the pub where Kerry works, and Kerry comes out to meet her. She gives Fiona Domine's birth certificate, and Fiona agrees that the birthdate seems to fit. She asks where Domine is, and Kerry replies that the childminder hasn't brought her back, yet. Fiona asks Kerry if there's somewhere they can talk when Domine turns up. Kerry says her place isn't very large. Fiona suggests a coffee shop, but then comes up with the idea of them going back to the boarding house. The childminder approaches and Kerry takes hold of Domine. The childminder complains about Domine having caused mischief all day, and adds that she doesn't know if she can take it much longer. Fiona says that, if they're all ready, they should head off.

At the boarding house, Domine plays with a big teddy, and Kerry tells Fiona that her daughter liked the cat. Fiona explains that it's not hers. She then tells Kerry that she doesn't want to put her through the third degree. She asks her if she's sure Rob is the father, and Kerry replies that there was noone else then. Fiona asks her why she moved to Sydney, and Kerry explains that she didn't want Domine growing up in a small town where everyone would look down their noses at her. Fiona remarks that the child is a lovely little thing. She then tells Kerry that Rob is taking it very seriously, and he's prepared to help out, but he does have a wife to consider as well. Kerry asks how Rob is off for money, and Fiona explains that he's working hard. Kerry says she just wants Domine to have a good start in life. Fiona says she'll speak to Rob when he gets back from a couple of days away, adding that she'll get him to get in touch. She tells Kerry that she can put her onto a friend who'll look after Domine for her, and won't charge either.

Patricia and Lynn look at curtain material they bought, and Susan remarks that it'll really brighten the place up. Lynn says she wonders how Kevin will be. David comes in at this point, and Patricia gives him a shirt and tie she's bought for him. David says he already has enough shirts he never wears, and he asks when he's supposed to wear a tie. Patricia says, "Tonight, for a start," and she repeats that she's set up a surprise. Lynn and Susan go to put the shopping away. David doesn't look happy, and Patricia tells him he's no fun, adding, "You're as bad as Gordon." David snaps, "Thanks." Patricia says she's asked the manager of the Melbourne branch of Ramberg to dinner. David asks why, and Patricia replies that he'll be a good contact. David says he doesn't need contacts, as he's going back on the road. Patricia says it's too late to cancel, but David tells her that Bates has made a change to his roster, and he's got to leave tonight, so he couldn't make the dinner even if he wanted to. Patricia asks if this happens often, and David replies, "Often enough." David tells Patricia that he'll see her when he gets back, adding that a few days' break will do them good. Patricia tells David that he'll have her frightened to express an opinion soon. David just says he'll be back in a few days. Patricia asks him if he's going to see Beryl, but David asks, "What's the use, after yesterday?" Patricia tells David to give her a ring. David says, "Yeah." They kiss, and Patricia tells David, "I love you."

Wayne asks Rosie if she has to dust while he's not feeling well, but Rosie says she's nearly finished anyway. Wayne snaps that she'll start cleaning next. Rosie tells Wayne that he only has a cold, but Wayne replies that Gordon thinks he's laying it on thick to get out of work. Rosie says Gordon is just sick of Wayne's whinging, and she tells Wayne that he's better off than Gayle. She adds that it's so lovely that Gayle and Paul got together. Wayne asks where Gordon is anyway, and Rosie replies, "Busy." Wayne asks, "Doing what?" but Rosie just tells him that he'll find out. Wayne tries to persuade Rosie to tell him, but Rosie says she's not allowed. She adds, though, that she'd like to be a fly on the wall when a certain person finds out...

Patricia calls at the Palmer house with some colour samples, but Lynn tells her it would be better to talk about it when Kevin's gone to the library. Kevin calls from the bedroom that Davey needs changing. He then emerges from the room and notices Patricia in the lounge. He remarks that he didn't hear her come in. He then sees the colour samples and snaps that he doesn't want the place changed. Patricia tells him that she thought Lynn might like to see the colours to choose a match for the curtains, but Kevin snaps that he doesn't like them, either. Lynn says, "Don't be so rude", and she apologises to Patricia for Kevin's behaviour, but Kevin snaps that everyone's making a big deal about the place, and he doesn't want it made so that it becomes like Beryl never existed. Patricia says she's not trying to make it like that. She tells the kids that if David calls, she'll be at home at six o'clock. Kevin says he can't see that David will call. Patricia goes.

David is at the boarding house, and he goes to knock on Fiona's door, but then hesitates. He puts an envelope down on the ground, and walks away. He then pauses, walks back to the envelope, picks it up and knocks on the door. Beryl gets up from her chair inside, and answers it. David tells her that he has a special delivery - the Christening photos. He then says to her, "Aren't you going to ask me in?"


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