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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

One of the workmen at the South Yarra house is talking to David about some problems with the renovations, when Patricia comes in. The workman starts talking to her, but she tells him it'll have to wait until later, as she has something to discuss with Mr. Palmer. The workman wanders off, and Patricia tells David that, thanks to him, she's just had one of the most embarrassing experiences of her life: Beryl threw her out of the house. David says he didn't mean it to happen like this, but Patricia asks him how he was going to tell her - write, perhaps? She asks him why he's done it, and David reminds her that he did always say he'd go back to Beryl if he could. He tells Patricia that he still loves his wife - he's sorry, but that the way it is. Patricia tells David that she's given up everything for him - and she points out that this is the second time he's left her. David repeats that Patricia knew how he felt - Beryl has always come first. He tells Patricia that it would never have worked, as they're too different and set in their ways. Patricia says she was trying, and she knows she can change. She tells David that he can't go back to Beryl, and adds that she wanted the two of them, John and Angela to be a family. David says he called on Beryl in Sydney because he couldn't stop thinking about her - even when he was with Patricia. Patricia tells him to give their relationship a chance, but David tells her that he only came over to explain to her face-to-face. Patricia says, "David, please..." David says he'll call later in the week, when Patricia has had time to think. He says he's sorry, and then walks out, leaving Patricia looking devastated.

Beryl is holding Davey, and she and Kevin are making a fuss of him. She puts him back in his crib, and tells her son that she doesn't know what she was thinking of, going away like that. She adds that she didn't know when she was well off, and tells Kevin that she's sorry. Kevin tells her that the main thing is that she's back, and he suggests they should have a celebration dinner.

At Susan's, David tells Angela that it was hard, and he didn't think Patricia would take it that badly. Angela offers to go and see her mother. David says he thought he was doing the right thing, and Angela tells him that of course he was. She adds that Patricia will understand after the initial shock has worn off. She asks David for a lift.

Patricia makes a 'phone call. A woman answers, and Patricia asks for Charlie, but she's told that Charlie is away on holiday, and the woman doesn't know where, as she just wanted to get right away. Patricia hangs up and looks upset. A while later, she is sitting on the settee, smoking, when the workman comes in and asks to talk to her again. Patricia tells him to leave her alone and just get on with it. The workman says it's important, as there's a problem, but Patricia repeats her order to go away. As the workman leaves the room, Angela comes in. She sits down, and puts an arm around her mother.

Beryl is wandering round the lounge looking at the family photos on the shelves, when David comes in. She asks him how it went, and David replies that it wasn't easy. He explains that Patricia took it hard, adding that it was very tough on her. Beryl tells David that he sounds as if he's sorry, but David explains that he just didn't want to hurt Patricia. Beryl asks David if he still has feelings for Patricia, pointing out that he has to decide one way or the other how he really feels. She tells him that they have no hope if Patricia is still in the background. David tells Beryl that he wants to be with her, but he's still worried about Patricia.

Angela offers Patricia some coffee, but Patricia snaps, "No," and she tells her daughter that she'd prefer to be alone. Angela asks her if she's sure she doesn't want to talk, and Patricia makes it clear that she is sure. Angela gets up to leave. She asks her mother if she's sure she'll be alright. Patricia nods, and Angela leaves.

David is laughing at a story in the newspaper, when John comes in, saying it's wonderful news. He adds that he's brought a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. He tells David that, when he moved down to Sydney with Ramberg, he hoped the family would get back together. David tells his son that he asked him over because Patricia took it badly. John says he'll get over there, but David says that isn't a good idea, as Patricia doesn't want people around. John agrees to stay, and laughs that he doesn't want to miss out on the 'Welcome Home' dinner! A while later, the champagne is nearly gone. John jokes that he thought Beryl would be used to champers, having lived with Fiona! Beryl says, "Not really!" She tells John that she promised Kevin his favourite meal. David pours the rest of the champagne. Angela comes in, and David tells her she's too late for the bubbly. Angela's not bothered, though. David asks her how Patricia is, and Angela replies that she's not good. John says he'll go and see her, but Angela suggests he should leave it until later. Beryl goes to put the dinner on. John tells Angela that he knew Patricia would take it hard, as she's talked of nothing else except her and David. Angela says she hopes Patricia pulls herself out of it. John says he'll see what he can do when he gets home, although he's not looking forward to it.

The next morning, John is packing his briefcase, when Patricia comes in. She remarks that she thought John would have gone, but John tells her that he wanted to see her. He asks her how she's feeling, and she replies, "Vile," explaining that scotch and sleeping pills don't mix. As she lights a cigarette, John warns her that smoking on an empty stomach won't help, but Patricia doesn't care. John tells her he thought she'd have been up ages ago, to get to Sydney for the board meeting. Patricia says she'd totally forgotten about that - but she couldn't really care less who's the MD of Ramberg. John asks her if he should stay, but Patricia tells him to go to work. John says he could work at home, but Patricia says she'd rather he didn't. John offers to get Patricia some breakfast, but Patricia just tells him that she'll see him tonight. He kisses her, but she doesn't respond.

Angela is sitting, knitting, when Rob comes in. Angela remarks on him being home early, and Rob tells her that he's been sacked - for sticking up for the customer once too often. Angela reminds Rob that he did hate the job, but Rob is more concerned that it won't be easy to find another one. Angela reminds him that there's always truck driving. She gives him an envelope, which has Kerry's name and address on the back. Rob reads the letter inside, and when Angela asks what it's about, Rob explains that Kerry was just writing to tell him that she used the money he sent to buy some new clothes and toys for Domine. He sarcastically remarks that it's great that he has no job and two families to support. Angela tells him that he can get a job, but Rob grimly replies that that'll only be the case if he can get his trucker's licence.

Kevin is sitting at the kitchen table, studying with a personal stereo on. Beryl tells him she doesn't know how he can work with that racket! She asks him how he thinks he'll do in his exams, and Kevin admits that it han't been easy to concentrate over the last few months. Beryl tells him to get stuck in! David comes in, and Beryl tells him that she's decided to go to Macedon to see her parents and put their minds at rest. She apologises because it seems like she's running away again, but David says he understands.

Rosie is in the lounge at Dural, when she hears the front door open. Fiona and Paul come in and introduce the new Managing Director of Ramberg Industries: Gordon Hamilton! Rosie is really happy, and says she bets Patricia was furious. Gordon, though, tells her that Patricia wasn't even there, and she didn't send a proxy vote. Fiona says she was probably sulking over David and Beryl. Rosie says she's already planned a celebration meal, but Gordon thinks they should have an extra meal for all those who should be there. Rosie suggests he could invite Barbara Armstrong, but Gordon points out that Barbara is in Melbourne; he agrees to think about it, though. A while later, Fiona tells Rosie that there will be a lot of people, but Rosie says she's sure she can cope. Gayle says she's glad some of Paul's work people are coming, as she's been wanting to meet them for ages. She asks Rosie if she can change the style of the dress she's making, but Rosie thinks they'd be better off leaving it as it is. Paul comes in and asks how the dinner is shaping up. Fiona says it's fine. Paul announces that he's going for a swim. As he leaves the room, he remarks that it's a good job Rosie has Gayle with her, as they might need some extra people to help serve. Gayle runs out, leaving Rosie and Fiona looking shocked. Rosie goes to the flat, where she finds Gayle sobbing. Rosie tells her that Paul didn't mean it the way it sounded. Gayle says she wanted to be with the party, not in the kitchen - she wants to get to know Paul's friends, as she's supposed to be his girlfriend.

Having finished his swim, Paul goes back into the lounge, where Fiona asks him, "Why bother with Gayle?" She adds that anyone can see the 'relationship' is a joke. Paul says he can't dump her, but Fiona warns him not to be nice one minute and brush her off the next. She tells him that, if he wants to play the good samaritan, he should do it properly.

Patricia is drinking, and Angela is with her. She asks her mother why she doesn't want to talk, but Patricia just says she doesn't want to. She goes to pour herself another drink, but Angela tells her she's had enough. Slurring her words, Patricia says she wants a drink. Angela points out that Patricia hasn't even got dressed today, but Patricia tells her daughter that she doesn't understand. Angela says she's trying to. Patricia asks Angela whether she'd be getting dressed if the man she had given up everything for had walked out on her. She says she loved David, and wanted him. She thought she had him at Woombai, but he went back to Beryl. She was determined she wouldn't lose him, but he went back to that 'frowsy little housewife'. She was determined to get him back, so she started making trips to Melbourne, where she 'just happened' to bump into him. She made Gordon kick her out, so that she could be with David. Angela looks shocked when she hears this, and, realising what she's said, Patricia tries to assure her daughter that she was just rambling, but Angela yells that Patricia lied to her, as she let her think Gordon was responsible for the problems. Patricia tells Angela that she has no idea what Gordon's really like, but Angela replies that Gordon loved Patricia. Patricia, though, says she loved David, and she points out that Angela has been in the same situation. Angela decides to leave. Patricia asks her to understand, but Angela tells her that she can't trust her, and she can't believe how much she hurt Gordon. John comes in and asks what's going on. Angela says she'll tell him later, and she goes. Patricia pitifully sobs, "John, you won't leave me will you? Please don't leave me, too..." John hugs her.


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