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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Patricia arrives at the Ramberg offices, and meets John by the reception desk. He tells her about his transfer to Melbourne, and his promotion, and Patricia says it's wonderful news. She adds that she doesn't suppose Gordon's happy about him leaving, but John replies that it's none of Gordon's business, and he's glad to get out of the place. Di joins them and gives Patricia and Fiona - who's standing nearby - copies of the agenda for the board meeting. The two women then enter the boardroom. Meanwhile, Di goes into Hal Mason's office and tells him that Fiona is making noises to get the meeting underway. Mason snaps that she can wait, as he's sick to death of being dicatated to by 'that lot'. Di asks him what the deal he wants to discuss with the board is about, and Mason tells her that it's going to allow Ramberg to make a killing on the stockmarket - but he needs the board's permission to use the company's funds, and it needs to be done quickly. He adds that it will also enable the transport division to increase its profit. Di asks him if he'll benefit in any way, and Mason replies that he'll do alright. Di remarks that that's the name of the game. From the way she says this, Mason asks her if she's implying that she doesn't think it's right, but Di says she isn't into making moral judgements. Mason leaves his office to head into the boardroom, but is waylaid by Paul, who asks him if he's made a decision about Wayne. Mason tells him that it's not working out, and Wayne will have to go. Paul asks him to reconsider, but Mason says there's nothing to consider. Paul tells Mason that he's not asking. Realising that his hand is being forced, Mason remarks that it doesn't seem as if he has much say. He says he'll talk to Wayne after the meeting.

In the boardroom, Hal Mason tells the board that the risks are negligible, and the benefits will greatly strengthen the transport division. He suggests a vote on the proposal, and Fiona agrees, but Patricia interrupts proceedings, saying she hasn't had a chance to read the documents yet. Mason tries to persuade her that it's not necessary, but Patricia says she won't be steamrollered. Mason says they need to move now, or the deal won't go through. Paul suggests they hold off for 48 hours, but Mason says they can't, as the deal is too important to wait that long. Patricia suggests the board votes on waiting for a couple of days, but Mason realises he's beaten. He storms out of the boardroom and into his office. He throws a sheaf of papers down onto the floor as the 'phone starts ringing. He answers it by yelling, "Yes?" The caller is Beryl, who's slightly taken aback, but, calming down, Mason tells her he's glad she called, as hearing from her is the only good thing that's happened all day. He asks her how things went in Sydney, but Beryl just says, "I'm back, aren't I?" She tells him that there was nothing left for her down there. Mason suggests they have dinner tonight, and Beryl accepts.

Jill ushers Rosie into her room at the boarding house, where Gayle is lying in bed. She sits up as Rosie tells her that she thought she'd never see her again. Gayle says she's sorry, but Rosie says she should be sorry for not believing her. Gayle says she didn't mean to cause trouble, but she thought Rosie would be glad to see the back of her. Rosie tells her granddaughter that she's family. Gayle says she's never really had a family, but Rosie tells her she has now - but adds that she shouldn't make a mess of it. Gayle jokes that she got back just in time, as the secretarial course starts tomorrow.

There's a knock at Hal Mason's office door, and Di comes in to tell him that Wayne is waiting. Mason tells her to send him in. Di says she's sorry things went badly at the meeting, and she asks if 48 hours will be too long to wait. Mason tells her that that's why he's not waiting, adding that they'll thank him in the long run. Di goes out and sends Wayne in. Mason tells him it's about his trial period. Wayne asks, "In or out?" Mason tells him that he's staying - but not as his personal assistant. He tells Wayne that he's being moved to the accounts department. Wayne asks what he's supposed to do there, but Mason says, "You can file paperclips for all I care."

When he gets home, Wayne immediately snaps at Paul for 'breaking his promise' about the job. Paul asks him if he's been given the bullet, but Wayne tells him about being transferred to accounts. Paul points out that he still has a job, but Wayne snaps that he knows Paul would like to see him go under. Paul tells Wayne to quit if he wants to, but Wayne says he wouldn't give Paul the satisfaction. He storms out and is in the hall just as Patricia comes in. He remarks that he thought she was going straight back to Melbourne, but Patricia explains that she's come to collect the rest of her belongings. She asks if Gordon's out, and Wayne says, "Yeah." He asks Patricia if she's heard about his problems at the office, but Patricia snaps that she doesn't want to hear him whinging, as she has enough problems of her own.

Rosie and Gayle enter Dural as Wayne comes out of the study. Rosie remarks that she hasn't seen him around much, and Wayne sheepishly admits that he's been keeping out of her way. Rosie tells Wayne that she's disappointed in him, but Wayne says he was drunk. Rosie says she knew he had his faults, but she doesn't think she can ever feel the same about him again. She gives him the keys to the car he bought for her, saying she can't keep it now. Wayne goes out, slamming the front door behind him. Patricia comes downstairs and thanks Paul for his support at the meeting, adding that it's good that they think along the same lines. Paul tells Patricia that he's disappointed that she backed up Wayne over Gayle. Patricia says she thought Wayne was telling the truth, but Paul reminds her that she said she heard Gayle threatening Wayne. Patricia tells Paul he'd probably understand better if he was a parent. Paul tells Patricia that she's not the person he thought she was, and he says he'd rather keep any future dealings on a purely business level. Patricia says, "OK." At this point, Gordon enters the house and sees Patricia there, but she picks up her bags and walks out, without giving her husband so much as a second glance. Gordon murmurs, "Goodbye, Patricia."

At the boarding house, Di apologises to Fiona for not giving more notice that she's moving out, but Fiona says she's sure she can find someone else to take the room. Di says she'll be gone by the end of the week. Fiona says goodbye and wishes her good luck. Di starts to head upstairs, but is met by John, who has just been up there looking for her. He tells her that he's been thinking: he doesn't know what things will be like in Melbourne, but he'll have his promotion, so why doesn't she come with him? Di says it wouldn't work - and besides, her plans are settled. John says he knows he messed up, but they loved each other. Di, though, says she's not sure of herself any more. John suggests they could go away together, and Di says they might one day, but she tells him that, right now, he has nothing going for him.

Beryl tells Fiona that she and David just argued. Fiona says she really hoped Beryl wouldn't be back (in the nicest possible way!). There's a knock at the door, and Beryl answers it. The caller is John, who's surprised to see Beryl there. He asks what she's doing there, and Beryl replies, "I live here." John asks, "What about Melbourne?" but Beryl tells him that it didn't work out. John asks her how hard she tried, and a shocked Beryl says, "What?" John tells her that she couldn't have given it a chance. He says he was looking forward to being back in Melbourne, and being a family together again, but tells her, "You've fixed it good and proper." An amazed Fiona says, "Johnny!" but John just storms out.

Paul goes to visit Gayle in the flat, interrupting her as she's reading books for her course. She thanks him for sticking up for her, but Paul tells her that he should have believed her straight away. Gayle says she thought she'd never be able to show her face round there again. Paul asks her why she always expects the worst, and Gayle replies that you don't get disappointed that way. Paul says he hadn't thought of it that way. Gayle says, "Tough world." Paul says he's just starting to realise. He tells Gayle that the most important thing is that she's back with people who care, like him, Jill and Rosie. Gayle says she's glad she called Jill.

Jill is in Fiona's room when Beryl comes in all dressed up. Jill tells her she looks lovely, then, realising she might have put her foot in it with Fiona, gets up and says she has to go as she's late for work. Beryl says she'll be thinking of her while she's having dinner. When Jill has gone, Beryl turns to Fiona and suggests that it's time they have it out. Fiona tells Beryl that she shouldn't give up on David, and adds that she should go back down there and fight for him, but Beryl says, "Patricia can have him for all I care." Fiona tells her that it's easier for her to save her ego by seeing Hal Mason. The argument stops when there's a knock at the door. It's Mason. Beryl says she'll get her purse, adding that she's looking forward to a good evening. She says goodnight to Fiona, and leaves.

At the dinner table at Dural, Gordon proposes a toast to Gayle's return, and Rosie and Paul both raise their glasses. Wayne listens from the hall as Paul and Gordon tell Rosie what a good meal it was. Paul offers to clear away, and Gayle says she'll give him a hand. When they've gone to the kitchen, Rosie takes the opportunity to thank Gordon for making a fuss of Gayle, but Gordon says she deserves it. Rosie says it's nice to feel welcome, but Gordon tells her that she and Gayle are always welcome, as it's a big house which is currently empty, and it needs people. Rosie says, "Like Mrs. Armstrong?" Gordon replies, "Yeah." Rosie asks him if he's going to get in touch with Barbara, but Gordon says he made a lot of big promises to her in the past and let her down. Now he wants to get the divorce under way before he contacts her, so that she can see that he's totally free of Patricia. Rosie tells him not to leave it too long.

Patricia arrives back in Melbourne, and turns up at the Palmer house, where David asks her how her trip went. Patricia comments that being a board member is not all it's cracked up to be. David tells her that he saw Beryl while she was away, but they didn't get on well, as she only came back because of the kids. Patricia says she's sorry. David says it was just one great slanging match. Patricia says that if only she hadn't been there yesterday afternoon... but David just says it's done now - "It seems like it's nearly over."

Beryl and Hal Mason arrive back at the boarding house, and they go into Fiona's kitchen, where Beryl says that tonight was the first time she's ever tried snails. She says she had a lovely evening, and an obviously 'merry' Hal Mason says he enjoyed it too, adding that having Beryl there made it so much better. He tells her that he was hoping they could be more than friends. Beryl remarks that he doesn't waste time, but Mason tells her that he recently had the chance to take up again with someone, but he told her that there was somebody he's more interested in. He tells Beryl that he'd like to get away sometime - from Ramberg, and maybe even Australia. Beryl asks what's wrong with Australia, and Mason tells her that there's so much of Europe to see. He says he's expecting some money soon to pay off his debts, and he's been making plans, which he'd like Beryl to be a part of. He asks her if she feels about him, the same way as he feels about her. Beryl says, "I didn't have to call you when I came back, did I?"


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