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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, at Dural, John is about to set off for Melbourne when he's waylaid by Wayne, in the hall. He tells John that he may have his promotion and his new job, but the Ramberg Head Office is still in Sydney. He adds that Hal Mason is just sticking John out in a backwater, but John tells Wayne that he'd know. He asks Wayne if he's having fun in accounts, but Wayne says he won't be there for long. He tells John that in a couple of weeks, he'll be sorry he ever took the Melbourne job. Gordon comes out from the lounge and tells John that he hopes things work out. He holds out his hand, but John ignores it. Gordon asks him if he's staying with Patricia, and John says he is. Gordon gives him a piece of advice: he tells John to find his own place as soon as he can. John asks Gordon what business it is of his, and Gordon replies that he doesn't want to see John given the run around. John tells Gordon that he doesn't like him putting Patricia down. Gordon tells John that there's a lot he doesn't know, but John says he heard Gordon telling Patricia to get out, and he won't forget it in a hurry. He leaves.

Fiona is up and about, and Beryl snaps that she's sorry if she was clattering around. Fiona remarks on her getting ready to go out, and Beryl explains that she's swapped shifts, so that she's working during the day. Fiona asks her if she has better plans for the evening, but Beryl replies that if that was a shot at Hal Mason, she doesn't want to hear it. Fiona says she can't sit back and let twenty years of marriage be allowed to slip down the drain, but Beryl says she wouldn't have given everything up without having second thoughts. Fiona asks if she has given it much thought. Beryl tells her that Mason has been divorced for some time, and she's not the first woman he's seen since then. She says she doesn't expect Fiona to like it, as she's known David for a very long time. Fiona tells Beryl that David will be helpless without her, but Beryl points out that David has Patricia. She says she can't blame Fiona for thinking she's seeing Hal Mason out of spite, but she's sure the answer to that is no - if she has a chance to be happy with Mason, what is there left to stop her taking it?

Patricia and David prepare to go and collect John. Kevin sits at the kitchen table, doing schoolwork. Patricia tells him she can remember taking exams, but she's sure he'll do better than she did. Kevin just mutters, "Thanks." He asks Patricia if she wants to see Lynn, and when Patricia replies, "If she's not busy," he goes to the bedroom to fetch her. When he gets in there, he tells Lynn that her 'mate' is there. Lynn says she hopes Kevin wasn't rude to Patricia, and Kevin replies that he hardly spoke to her - he decided to keep his mouth shut, as Beryl has obviously given up, and he's not going to bang his head against a brick wall. Out in the lounge, Patricia is helping David on with his jacket when Lynn joins them. Patricia tells her that she's looking well. Lynn apologises for not being able to come to the airport, but Patricia says it's alright, as they'll probably drop in on the way back. David says he thought John would be staying at the Palmer house, but Patricia tells him that John rang last night and asked if he could stay in the South Yarra property. She tells David not to be gloomy, because she won't need lots of excuses now to invite him and the others over. She adds, "With John back, and a bit of effort, we can make this the next best thing to being a family."

Patricia, David and Angela all help John with his luggage as they leave the airport. John thanks them for coming. Angela, whose car they are using, says she'll drop David and Patricia at the South Yarra house, and then take John on to see Kevin and Lynn.

Kevin watches through the front window as John and Angela come up the path. When they get inside, Lynn hugs John, and Kevin asks where David is. John explains and then asks to see his nephew. Once he sees Davey lying in his crib, John comments that he's not bad, considering who the father is! John has a present for Davey, which Lynn opens. It's a football. Angela offers to help Lynn with the dinner. John suggests to Kevin that they should have a kick around, later.

Dinner over, Kevin and John are kicking the football around in the street when a car pulls up in the middle of the road behind them. It's Rob, who jokingly tells them to get off the road! He then asks John how things are going, and John says they're OK. Rob says he can't stop, as he has to deliver the car to a client. He drives off, and Kevin remarks to John that it's funny Rob making that comment about getting off the road, as that's what Beryl used to say. He tells John that he's glad he's back, as he has someone to talk to, now. John points out to his brother that he has Lynn, but Kevin says he doesn't want to worry her. John asks what the problem is, and Kevin replies that he's really scared - Lynn doesn't know how slack he's been with his study lately, but so many things have happened, that study's always the first thing to get the push. John points out that he never did very well at school, but he's doing alright for himself now. Kevin, though, says he knows what he wants to do - the newspaper cadetship means a lot to him. John asks him if he has enough time to catch up before the exams, and Kevin says, "Yeah." John tells him that he can cram until then, and then bluff the rest if he doesn't know it. He adds that he can't help Kevin study, but if there's anything else he can help with, he's there to listen. Kevin asks his brother if he'll be sticking round, and John replies, "Try and get rid of me!"

Jill is tying a shoelace in her room at the boarding house, when there's a knock at the door and Fiona comes in. She tells Jill that she needs a break from going over the Ramberg papers, as it's making her head spin. Jill asks her if that means she's intending to head for the ice cream shop, and Fiona says she is. She invites Jill to join her, but Jill says she can't as she's on her way to the Hamiltons' - it was Gayle's first day on her secretarial course, and she's going to teach her to play tennis after work. She asks Fiona what the problem is with the Ramberg papers, and Fiona explains that it's Mason's investment idea. Jill remarks that she thought Fiona was all for it, but Fiona tells her that Patricia wants to block it, and Paul isn't sure either, as the risk could be too great. She says she's read all the documents, but she still doesn't know what to do. Jill asks her why she was in favour of the deal in the first place, and Fiona replies that she's a gambler from way back, but Paul made her look at it more responsibly. Jill points out that Fiona could ask Gordon for his advice, but Fiona says she thinks she's done her dash there, which is a pity, as Gordon has terrific business sense. She adds that if Patricia and Wayne had left him to his own devices, he'd still be at the top of the tree.

Wayne pours himself a scotch, and Gordon remarks on him being home early. Wayne replies that that's a fringe benefit of being in a section where nobody wants you, but where they can't sack you. He adds that it's a good place to keep your ear to the ground and find out all sorts of interesting things - if you know what to ask for. Gordon says, "And you do?" Wayne replies, "I'm learning." Gordon says, "First time for everything!" The doorbell rings, and as Wayne goes to answer it, he tells Gordon that, with John gone, and things becoming interesting at work, nothing could spoil his day. He opens the front door to find Jill standing there, and hastily adds, "Forgot to touch wood." He walks off, and Gordon invites Jill inside, telling her that Gayle is changing into her tennis gear. He asks how Fiona is, and Jill replies that she's fine - at least, she would be if she could get over a couple of silly hangups. Deciding that she might as well put her foot in it, she tells Gordon about how Fiona's refusing to go to him for some business advice, and it's making her mad. Gordon says it'll take time, but Jill tells him that Fiona needs advice now. She explains what the problem is. Gordon says he's been wrong about a lot of people lately - some of them a lot closer than Fiona. He tells Jill that he'll think it over.

David and Patricia get ready to head off to the physio. David says he'll ask the doctor if he can get some paperwork to do at home, as he should be able to cope with that. They go out, and John remarks to Lynn that he didn't expect his parents to be getting on so well. Lynn says they're great. John asks where Angela is, and Lynn says she's changing Davey's nappy. John goes into the bedroom and sees Angela changing Davey on the bed. He asks her if she and Rob are going to try for a baby, and Angela says they will, with a bit of luck. She thanks John for catching up with her when Charlie was taking her to the airport, as it was his talk that did the trick - although it took until Singapore before she realised it. John tells Angela that it's a pity she wasn't there to make him see sense a couple of days ago. Angela asks him if he means with Di, and John replies that he was pretty rotten to her, because he had to choose between her or the family, and he chose the family. Angela remarks, "We don't learn, do we?" John says he's sorry he hurt Di. Angela says, "At least we're together again."

The next morning, John is round at Susan's for breakfast, explaining to Angela that there's no food at the South Yarra house. Angela wonders whether there's anything between David and Patricia, but John points out that there's still Beryl. Angela remarks that it seems like Gordon and Patricia have both burned their bridges. She asks John if he rang Beryl last night, but John says he didn't. Angela points out that Beryl doesn't even know he's down there, and she suggests he should ring her straight away. Rob comes in, and John goes to make his call. When he gets through to Beryl and explains what's happened, she says she wondered what he meant by saying he was looking forward to going home. She asks him what his new job is, but John says he doesn't know - he'll be finding out later this morning; all he knows is that he's got a promotion and he's moving out of PR. He tells Beryl that he's sorry for leaving without saying a proper goodbye, but he was a bit disappointed about her and David. Beryl says she knows, but that's the way it is. John says he'll ring again when he has some news, and he hangs up. He tells Rob and Angela that Beryl sends her love, and he then heads off.

Patricia tells David that Angela was a good baby. David says John was as well - according to Fiona. Patricia says she hopes David is as proud of John as she is, as he's done very well for himself. David says he always wanted the best for his kids. He adds that it makes you take stock - if it hadn't been for a lucky break a few weeks ago, he'd still be where he was twenty years ago. Patricia tells David that he never had the opportunities, and she's sure that, up until two months ago, he couldn't possibly have thought he'd be where he is now. David says he supposes not. He adds that it's a bit of a knock when you see your kids beating you in the rat race. Patricia tells him that if he's going to brood, it's probably a good idea that he wants to get back to working.

A car pulls up at the truck depot, and David and Patricia get out. David says he'll get a cab back. Patricia tells him that she's going to organise a note to be sent to the board, as she refuses to go back to Sydney on one of Hal Mason's wild goose chases. David walks over to Bates as Patricia drives off, and Bates remarks on him having a fancy chauffeur. David asks Bates if he has a problem. Bates says he doesn't, but he tells David that he might when he finds out who his new boss is. David asks, "What new boss?" and Bates tells him that Ron Jackson heard this morning that he's going to have a new right hand man. David asks when he can meet this new bloke. A car pulls up behind him, and Bates tells David that he can meet him right now. John gets out of the car, and David asks him what he's doing there. Bates tells David to say hello to his new boss. John says, "It's true, Dad."


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