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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Kevin storms into the Palmer house and starts yelling that Beryl was just outside, but she left because Patricia was there. David asks his son if he knew Beryl was coming. Kevin replies, "No - but God, I was glad to see her." David says that, if Beryl's going to behave like that, he doesn't particularly want to see her. Turning to Patricia, Kevin tells her that she's only pretending to worry about David so that she can worm her way in. He adds that she's just making trouble for Beryl and David, and he tells her to get out. He then tells David that Beryl came to see him, and he stuffed it up. He orders Patricia to get the hell out of there, and then storms out.

At Susan's, Susan asks her mother how Kevin took it, and Beryl replies that he was disappointed, but she couldn't bring herself to go inside. Susan says there's nothing between David and Patricia, but Beryl says that's rubbish, as it all adds up. She tells her daughter about Gordon kicking Patricia out, and about how Patricia probably came down to Melbourne because she felt badly done by. Susan says that, if Beryl feels like that, she should do something, but Beryl says there's no point - she left David in the first place because he didn't care about her, and nothing's changed.

Lynn tells Patricia and David that Davey has settled down. She adds that Kevin told her his side of the story, but he won't come out of his room until Patricia has gone. Patricia says she only wanted to help, but David tells her that it's Beryl who's responsible for the whole crazy thing. Lynn tells them that Beryl is at Susan's, and she asks David if he's going to go and see her. David says he won't. Lynn then asks Patricia if she thinks David should see his wife, and, put in a difficult position, all Patricia can say is that Beryl should have some sort of hearing. David tells Lynn to make Kevin apologise to Patricia, so Lynn heads back into her room. Patricia comments on her being a sweet girl. She then asks David if he's going to see Beryl, and David replies that he supposes he should let her have her say. Patricia tells him that he needs to find out why Beryl has come back. David says it's because she still loves him, but Patricia just says, "Maybe." She points out that Beryl might have just come back through a sense of duty. David sighs. Patricia says that, if Beryl hasn't come back for the right reasons, it could make the whole situation worse.

Beryl offers Angela a hand with the ironing, but Angela declines. Susan says it's a shame David didn't ring, but Beryl says she doesn't care. Angela just says she's not buying into it. The 'phone starts ringing and Susan answers it. The caller is David, who asks to speak to Beryl. Beryl tells Susan to tell her father that they have nothing to talk about, but Susan refuses to say this, and orders Beryl to talk to David. Beryl reluctantly takes the handset and says, "Hello, David." David asks her if they can see each other and talk - even if it's only for the kids' sake, and Beryl agrees. David suggests they meet this afternoon, as he has physiotherapy this morning. Beryl says she'll come round. David says he'll tell the kids, adding that they'll be tickled. The call ends, and Beryl tells Susan what's happening. Susan says she's pleased, and she pleads with her mother to give David a chance. Beryl just says she'll see how it goes.

Patricia walks into Kevin and Lynn's room, where Lynn tells her that they're just going through some things for Kevin's assignment. Patricia asks what the assignment is about, but Kevin snaps that it wouldn't interest her. Patricia lights a cigarette, and tells Kevin that he might be surprised, but she knows how he feels. She says she understands things are difficult for him, but they're difficult for everyone. She makes a promise that, if David and Beryl sort things out, and get back together, that's the last Kevin will see of her - but if they can't work things out, Kevin will have to face the fact that she and David will probably go on seeing each other. She reminds Kevin that she and David were very close when they were younger - they almost married, and they had two children. Kevin asks Patricia if she's saying that, if Beryl and David sort it out, she'll keep away, and Patricia tells him that he has her word. David comes in at this point, as it's time for him to go to physio. He and Patricia walk into the lounge, where Patricia stubs out her cigarette in an ashtray. She tells David that she has to fly back to Sydney this afternoon for an emergency Ramberg board meeting. In their room, Lynn says to Kevin, "Well?" Kevin says, "I don't know."

At Ramberg, John tells Hal Mason that he's been thinking about his position there, and what with his split from Di, and Mason's fling with Beryl, he's finding it hard to keep his mind on work, and he thinks it would be best if he resigned. Mason says that would be a great pity, as John's work has been good and imaginative, and he'd been thinking of giving him a promotion. He asks John what he'll do, and John replies that he'll probably go back to Melbourne. Mason points out that there is another way: transfer to Melbourne, so that John can go home and keep his job. John says it's a great idea, and Mason tells him that the promotion is still not out of the question. John thanks Mason, saying he didn't expect it.

When she arrives at the Palmer house, Beryl hugs Kevin and Lynn, and Lynn asks her how things have been in Sydney. Beryl says they're fine. She asks Kevin why he's not at school, and Kevin tells her that he didn't want to miss her. He goes off to get Davey, and Beryl takes the opportunity to ask Lynn how Kevin really is. Lynn tells her that he hasn't been good - he hasn't been able to concentrate at school, and he's been cranky. Kevin comes back in with Davey and Beryl says he's beautiful. She starts fussing over him.

At the boarding house, Jill tells Fiona that Beryl and David don't have much hope with Patricia there, but Fiona laughingly says, "HaHa!" Jill asks her what she's done, and Fiona replies that she called a board meeting for this afternoon, and she insisted on a full board! The 'phone rings and Jill answers it. The operator asks her if she'll accept a reverse charges call from a Gayle Andrews, and Jill, relieved to hear from the girl, happily agrees. Jill asks Gayle where she is, but Gayle won't say. Jill asks her if she's alright, but Gayle just says, "Sort of." Jill asks her if there's somewhere they can pick her up, but Gayle says, "No." Jill tells her that she can always come to the boarding house if she wants to, and she adds that Rosie has been so worried about her that she's gone to the police. On hearing this, Gayle immediately hangs up. Jill curses herself for blowing it, and says to Fiona that she hopes she hasn't frightened Gayle off for good.

Gayle is sitting in a street, and she watches as a young couple put a "McDonald's" fries container in a rubbish bin. After they have walked past, she goes to the bin and takes the container out, but it's empty.

There's a knock at Jill's door, and when she answers it, she finds Gayle standing there. She tells her that she's so glad to see her, and asks why she ran off. Gayle says it was because noone believed her. Jill says she won't tell anyone that she's there until they've talked. Sometime later, after Gayle has wolfed down some dinner, Fiona asks her how she got to Manly, and Gayle replies that she hitched. Fiona asks her how she enjoyed her freedom, but Gayle says, "Not much." She adds that she doesn't really go for dossing on the streets, and she was scared when a couple of guys tried it on. Jill apologises for having mentioned the police on the 'phone, but explains that Paul made Wayne tell the truth, and it made Rosie get in touch with the police because she felt so guilty for not believing her granddaughter. Gayle says she's never had so many people care for her, before. Fiona suggests to her that she get some sleep. Jill says she'll ring Rosie.

At Ramberg, John gives Di a report to pass on to Hal Mason. Di tells him that she's going to resign, but John says there's no need, as he's going to Melbourne. Di, though, says she's not going because of him. She tells him that, after she's had a rest, she's going to take some time and then start again. She says she thought she might have a holiday at the Barrier Reef. John asks her if she'll settle back in Sydney, but Di says she might stay with her parents for a while. John says he'll let her get back to work.

In the kitchen at the Palmer house, Susan remarks to Beryl that it's quiet with the kids gone. Beryl says Davey is a wonderful baby. Susan asks her mother if she's over losing her baby, and Beryl replies that she thinks of it, but getting upset doesn't help. She tells her daughter that she does enjoy being in Sydney, but misses Melbourne, as she lived there for a very long time - and of course, she misses David. She says Fiona's fun, but she can't cope with not having things on hand. She misses the markets, seeing her friends, having a nag, catching up on the gossip... Susan asks Beryl what she really wants. Beryl says it's good to see the kids and the family, but she can't forget everything that's happened - she'll just see how things go with David. Susan tells her that if she does want to come back, she'll have to give a bit with David. Beryl wanders into the lounge, where she puts down two cups of tea on the coffee table, and notices the cigarette stub in the ashtray. Annoyed, she tells Susan that she can't just forget everything that's happened.

A while later, Beryl is wiping the ashtray clean when David gets home, having caught a taxi from the physiotherapist's. Beryl asks him how his arm is, and David tells her that he can have the stitches taken out next week. He asks Beryl if she's seen the kids, and Beryl says she has. David then asks his wife why she came back, and Beryl replies that she felt as if she was needed, what with Susan working, Lynn having to look after the baby, and Kevin studying. David says he's glad Beryl is worried about them, but he thought there might be another reason. Beryl says she's over losing the baby, but David says he thought she might be back so they could try and get back to normal. Beryl tells him that it crossed her mind, but since she's been there, she can't see much point, as Patricia seems to mean more to him. David tells Beryl that Patricia is just a friend, and he points out that she's a fine one to talk, when she's gallivanting around Sydney with some bloke. Beryl snaps that it's back to being one-sided: David's the only one allowed to have a friend. David says it seemed to be more than that with Beryl. He tells Beryl that he hoped she'd come back because she still had feelings for him and the family, whereas she's really come back because she feels sorry for him. He tells her that she should have stayed in Sydney. Beryl yells, "Good - we know where we stand then, don't we. If that's the way you feel, I'll go back to Sydney, and this time I will stay there." She storms out.


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