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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Geoffrey Nottage

Fiona is on the 'phone to Paul at Dural, asking him if he can get away from the office today as Jill has an idea where Gayle might be - up The Cross. Paul agrees and hangs up. He tells Gordon about the plan, and Gordon agrees that it's worth a try, adding that Rosie didn't get much sleep last night. He then asks Paul how he got Wayne to admit the truth, and Paul admits that he had to pull rank. Gordon says he thought as much. Paul says he can't say he's happy with himself, using his position like that. He heads off to the shower.

When Paul gets to the boarding house, Fiona tells him he's in a spot. Paul says Mason will want to get rid of Wayne, but he'll have to convince him to keep Wayne on, even if he has to use his muscle as Chairman of the Board. Jill comes in with some photos she took of Gayle when she showed her round Sydney. Fiona remarks that she should have thought of The Cross before. Jill says she hoped she'd never have to go there again. Fiona thanks Paul for coming along, and they head off.

Di gets out of her car at Ramberg, as does John, who says, "Hi." Di just murmurs, "Hi," as well. John goes inside. Hal Mason approaches Di and comments that things don't seem to be going well. Di tells him that she'll see him inside.

John is in Mason's office, and Mason asks him what his problem is. John says, "You and Mum." He tells Mason to start backing off and keep his side of the bargain - he cooled it with Di, and now it's Mason's turn to cool it with Beryl. Mason just laughs, though, and says Beryl is the best thing that's happened to him for years. John remarks that Di would love to hear that. Mason says he and Beryl have nothing to do with John. He adds that Beryl is an adult - which is more than can be said for John. He points out to John that he said he'd hurt Di, and he was right.

Fiona, Jill and Paul talk to assorted prostitutes and other service-vendors, showing all of them Gayle's photo, but they all shake their heads. When they all meet up again, none of them have had any luck. Fiona suggests they try Darlinghurst Road next, so they head off.

Gordon opens the front door at Dural and finds Angela standing there. She goes inside and explains that she's there about Patricia, who's very upset that her husband chucked her out. Gordon tells Angela that he's been turning a blind eye to Patricia's lies for years, but he's had enough - if she wants David, she can have him. Angela says Patricia came to Melbourne to see her, but Gordon says that was just an excuse. He says he supposes Patricia can't stay away from the Palmer house, and Angela admits that she's there a lot, but that's because of David's accident. Gordon tells Angela that she just doesn't know. He explains that Patricia never got over David. Angela asks Gordon if he gave the marriage a chance - and she also asks about Barbara Armstrong. Gordon says he loves Barbara, and he was sorry to let her go, but he adds that if Angela's there to change his mind about Patricia, she's wasting her time. Angela says she'll go back to Melbourne, then. She asks if she can call John, first. Gordon says Patricia hurt him so often, and he tells Angela not to let her mother hurt her. Angela says she's sorry, but she thinks Gordon's being very unfair.

John and Angela meet at Ramberg, and Angela says she can't understand Gordon's attitude. John says he heard Gordon tearing strips off Patricia. He then asks his sister if she'll come and see Beryl with him, and convince her to return to Melbourne before it's too late.

Angela and John arrive at the boarding house. Angela tells Beryl that she has to be quick, and Beryl asks her how long she's staying. Angela explains that she's only there for the day. The three go into the kitchen, where Angela says one of the reasons she wanted to see Beryl is to tell her about David - "He's missing you so much." She tells Beryl about how David stopped anyone from ringing her when Davey was born, because he wanted her to return of her own accord. She adds that David is great with the baby, and since he hurt himself, he's been chief babysitter. Beryl, who looked taken aback when Angela says David was hurt, asks what happened, and so Angela explains. Beryl remarks that poor Lynn must be run off her feet. John tells Beryl that she's needed in Melbourne, so why not go back? Beryl says, "I suppose I'll have to - for the kids' sake."

Beryl 'phones Di, asking her to tell Hal Mason that she has to go to Melbourne, and she's not sure when she'll be back. Fiona comes in, saying she's really tired. She tells Beryl that Paul and Jill are still at it. Beryl asks how things went, but Fiona says it was no good. She asks what's happening, having caught the tail-end of Beryl's 'phone call, and Beryl tells her about David's accident. She says that as soon as Angela told her, she felt as if she should go back. She says that, after twenty years of marriage, she must still feel something. She adds that she's stupid, because she left Melbourne because David wasn't there for her, and here she is, about to run back to be there for him, again. She tells Fiona that Lynn will have a lot to cope with, as David is the worst patient in the world. She says she's not holding out hope of what may happen - she's only taking leave, rather than quitting her job - but David will have to do a very good job of trying to persuade her to stay...

David tells Patricia that he's glad she's there, as he would have Vic Hardy coming round to check on him otherwise! He tells her that she's been a good help. Patricia points out, though, that if she hadn't been at the depot, he wouldn't have got angry, and none of this would have happened. David tells Patricia that it's not her fault. He then remarks on it being funny that Patricia is doing the housework after all these years, but Patricia says she's enjoying it - she prefers being with David to being at the South Yarra house. David offers to do the place up for her when he's fit again. Patricia says she's glad they're friends. David says he feels the same.

Hal Mason calls at the boarding house, and Fiona calls Beryl. Mason offers to take her to the airport, but Beryl says Fiona has already offered her a lift. Fiona excuses herself, saying she has to go and see a tenant. Mason asks Beryl why she's leaving so suddenly, and Beryl explains about David having an accident, and her family needing her. She adds that she's not going back with the idea of retrieving her marriage. Mason asks Beryl to call him if she comes back to Sydney, and Beryl tells him that he'll be the first person she calls. She thanks him for everything.

There's a knock at Di's - it's John. He asks Di if she's doing anything for dinner, but Di says she isn't. John suggests they go out, as he has a few things to tell her. Di says she doesn't get it - yesterday, he wanted them to spend some time apart, and now he wants them to be close again. John explains that he was worried about Beryl and Mason, and he thought that if he didn't see much of Di, Mason might cool it with Beryl. He adds that it sounds crazy, but he thought it might work. Di asks John if he realises what he's put her through. She tells him that he can't play with her feelings to suit her own ends. John says he's sorry, but Di tells him that he's acted like a kid - he can't give her what she needs.

Downstairs, Jill and Paul are back, and Jill says she was sure they'd have some luck today. Paul remarks that it feels like they're banging their heads against a brick wall. Jill says she's not going to stop looking. She adds that it must have been a bit of an eye-opener for Paul today, about her. Paul says he could tell that she knew her way round, but adds that all cities have areas like that - Australia is becoming almost as bad as the US. Jill says she was lucky, as she got out. She explains about Fiona finding her drunk in an alleyway one night, and about how Fiona brought her back to the boarding house and helped her get back on her feet, and about how she's been looking after her ever since. Paul remarks that Fiona never said a thing, and Jill tells him that Fiona is very modest - but she's one of the best. Fiona comes in and asks how things went. She's told that Paul and Jill had no luck, but says that there is one good thing: Beryl's gone back to Melbourne.

Angela gets home and tells Rob that she didn't even see Paul. She says she felt very calm when she got to the house, but couldn't wait to get back to her husband. Rob suggests they go out for dinner - for a Chinese. Angela shows him a present she bought at the airport - nameplates for their bedroom door! Rob asks her if she got anywhere with Gordon, and Angela has to tell him that she didn't - but she did with Beryl.

Kevin walks up the road, and then up the path of the Palmer house. As he passes the front window, he sees Patricia and David inside, laughing, and he watches as Patricia pats David on the head. Unable to face going in, he walks off again. Out on the street, Beryl is just getting out of her cab. Kevin spots her, and runs and hugs her, saying he's pleased to see her. Beryl explains that she knows about the accident. Kevin tells her that Patricia's in there right now, and he can't wait for Beryl to go in there and kick her out. On hearing this, though, Beryl tells the driver to put her bags back in the car. Kevin pleads with her to stay and tell Patricia what she thinks of her, adding that he knows she and David can make it up. He tells his mother that she can't come all this way for nothing, but Beryl says it sounds as if David is happy with Patricia. Kevin asks whether Beryl's going to see Lynn and Davey, and Beryl replies that she'll see them at Susan's tomorrow, and then she'll go back to Sydney. She tells Kevin that she knows how he feels, but she's sorry - she can't do it. The taxi drives off, leaving Kevin standing in the road, looking upset.


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