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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Geoffrey Nottage

As Patricia leaves the study, she comes face-to-face with Rosie, who's coming downstairs. She stares at her for a few seconds before storming off. Rosie asks Gordon if everything is alright, but Gordon just tells her not to worry about it, and to get settled into the flat.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Gayle is lying on the sofa, watching TV, when Rosie comes in and tells her that there's trouble between Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton. She turns the TV off, much to Gayle's annoyance. Rosie tells her that Patricia knows about her trouble and is against her staying, but Gordon agreed that she could stay. She warns her granddaughter not to make Gordon look silly. Gayle makes it clear that she couldn't really care less about Gordon or Patricia, but then says Wayne's alright. She adds, though, that she won't be hanging around Paul Sheppard, as he's nice one minute and he's gone off the next.

Paul calls at Fiona's, and tells her that he needs to talk. Fiona asks what the problem is, and Paul tells her about Patricia giving him the letter from Angela. He adds that he's glad Angela is back with Rob. Fiona asks him if he's still worried about his feelings, and Paul replies that he's glad he's relieved his conscience, but he needs to be more positive to get on with his life. Fiona asks him why he isn't positive, but Paul says he doesn't know - he's just not interested in work, and he doesn't know what to do with himself. Fiona points out to him that he can't just turn off how he feels - it takes time. Paul says, though, that it's been happening a lot over the last couple of weeks. In order to cheer Paul up, Fiona suggests he use his power as Ramberg kingpin to take the day off and go to the beach with her tomorrow. Paul accepts. Fiona invites him to stay for dinner, and Paul takes up the offer, saying it'll help him avoid having to have a long talk with Patricia about Angela. Fiona says that, in that case, he might as well stay the night as well. Paul says he just wants Patricia to realise that he has no intention of getting back with Angela. Fiona points out to Paul that he is still growing up. Paul says, "Yeah."

John gets back to Dural after work, and asks Patricia if everything is alright with Angela. Patricia says, "Yes, fine." She asks John to pour her a drink, though - a double - which causes John to ask what's wrong. Patricia tells him that she and Gordon have had a row. She explains that there's been trouble for sometime now - although not on the surface. She adds, "Some of the things he said to me..." John asks what they were, and Patricia replies that Gordon accused her of going to Melbourne to see David, rather than Angela. She tells John that she knows her husband has money worries, but it's so unlike him. The conversation comes to a halt when Gordon enters the room. He says hello to John, but John virtually ignores him, and leaves Patricia to it.

The next morning, at breakfast, Wayne goes into a bad mood when he hears that John has left for work early. Gordon asks his son why he's snapping, and Wayne replies that, with Mason on his back, what else can anyone expect? Rosie comes in and offers toast. She then thanks Gordon for letting her slip away early this morning so that she can take Gayle to Jill's and her secretarial course. She says it'll take her a while to get to Manly, but she'll be back to prepare lunch. She leaves the room, and Patricia tells Gordon that she's not going to make any comment, as she's not in the mood for his holier-than-thou replies.

Out in the hall, Wayne offers to drive Gayle to Jill's, explaining that he wants to see his former girlfriend. Gayle thanks him, and Rosie says she'll 'phone Jill and let her know what's happening. Gayle thanks Wayne, telling him that Rosie would probably have nagged her all the way there. Wayne tells her that Rosie is OK, but Gayle replies, "You're a lot more fun..."

Fiona is preparing for the beach, but Paul is worried that it's going to be too cold, so Fiona covers him with a blanket! There's a knock at the door - it's Jill, who's got some shopping for Fiona - including some chocolates as a treat. She also shows Fiona a brooch she won on a hoopla stall, but Fiona laughingly asks, "Do you expect me to wear this?!" Jill leaves again and Paul remarks on how fond Fiona is of the girl. Fiona tells him that Jill is just the sort of girl he needs, but Paul warns her not to try to matchmake. Fiona assures him that she has no intention of doing that - she just meant that, when he does find a girl, Jill would be the sort that would be good for him.

Wayne and Gayle pull up in the carpark at Ramberg, where John and Di are standing. John introduces the two women to each other, but it doesn't take long for Di to realise that Gayle doesn't sound very keen. Gayle tells her that it's going to be boring, typing letters all day. Di offers to take her and show her round the office. John smiles as they walk off.

Charlie arrives at Dural, having been summoned by Patricia. She bemoans the fact that she seems to be at her friend's beck and call, and tells Patricia that she's still getting over Phillipe. She adds that, if she hadn't been asked to escort Angela, the relationship might have gone somewhere. Patricia says she didn't realise it was so serious. Charlie tells her that the real problem is that she was dumped, rather than being the one to do the dumping. Changing the subject, she asks why she's there, and Patricia tells her, "A plan." She tells Charlie about Gordon warning her to get her act together or get out, but then adds that she wants a showdown in front of Gordon to make him look bad - and it has to be in front of John, so that she has him and Angela on-side. Charlie says, "If you ask me, you should all be sitting down with a psychiatrist," but Patricia tells her that she doesn't have children, so she doesn't know how important this is. She asks Charlie to take a trip to Melbourne - to 'talk' to Angela. Charlie asks when, and Patricia tells her that she has to go straight away. She explains that, while Charlie is in Melbourne, she'll be bringing things to a head with Gordon - and she knows exactly how she'll do it: "That hideous girl that Rosie brought back may come in useful after all..."

At the end of the day, as Gayle, Jill and Wayne walk across the Ramberg carpark, Gayle tells Jill that the wordprocessor is just like a space invaders game! She adds that Di is really good. She suddenly realises that she's forgotten a book, so she goes back inside to get it. Jill takes the opportunity to ask Wayne how Gayle is going at home, and Wayne replies that he's doing what he can to help. Jill points out that Gayle is Rosie's granddaughter, but Wayne says it's more than that. He tells Jill that he's faced up to a lot of things since they split up, and he reckons he's not the same bloke. He says he's glad they got the chance to see each other today, and Jill replies, "So am I."

The 'phone rings at Susan's apartment, and Angela answers it. The caller is Charlie, who says she's ringing from the airport, on her way to visit friends, and she'd like to drop in on the way through. Angela agrees, and then apologises for disappearing the other day. Charlie accepts the apology and says she'll get a cab. As soon as she arrives at Susan's place, she remarks that she's surprised Angela and Rob aren't living at the South Yarra house, but Angela tells her that living accommodation doesn't need to cost the earth to be pleasant. She adds that, with that attitude, it's a good job they didn't have to spend a lot of time together, otherwise they would have been at each other's throats. Charlie starts sounding off about how she, too, is just looking for someone to share her life with, and she makes a move to leave. Angela says she's sorry, though, and offers Charlie some coffee. Siezing her opportunity, Charlie tells Angela that Patricia would never forgive her for saying anything, but things aren't so good between her and Gordon. Angela asks what's up, and Charlie replies that Gordon has been awfully unfair to Patricia. Angela asks for specific examples, but Charlie says everything in general is causing problems - Gordon's finding fault with everything. She adds that Patricia is coping, but it's not easy. She tells Angela that she's lucky she's not there.

In the flat at the back of Dural, Gayle thanks Jill for her help today. She then tells her that Wayne said he'd take her out a bit. Jill warns Gayle not to waste time with Wayne, as she'd be better off with someone her own age, but Gayle snaps that she's not a kid. The 'phone rings - it's Patricia, who asks Gayle to come to the main house straight away. When Gayle gets into the lounge, Patricia tells her that she's discussed her with Gordon, and she thought it would be useful if she did some work round the house - to show her how her betters live and act. Gayle snaps that she'd rather sweep streets than be a damn servant, but Rosie tells her to watch her tongue and get into the kitchen. Gayle reluctantly does as she's told.

Wayne takes a typewriter to the flat for Gayle to practice on, but just finds Jill there. As they're standing there, the 'phone rings, and Jill answers it. It's Gayle, who tells Jill not to bother hanging around, as she's being forced to peel potatoes. She hangs up. Jill tells Wayne about how Gayle seems to think she's going out with him, and Wayne replies that he'll be careful how he handles it. Jill thanks him, but Wayne says that, if she really wants to thank him, she can come out to dinner with him sometime. Jill, though, says she'd really rather not, and she'd prefer to just be friends. She tells Wayne that, if they did go out, she'd just end up listening to, and solving his problems, and the whole relationship would be too one-sided. She suggests that it'll be OK if they just run into each other, but she just wants them to be friends. Wayne says he thinks he's got the message, but as Jill leaves, he looks frustrated.

Gordon asks Patricia why Gayle is in the kitchen, and so Patricia explains that she just wants to show the girl that she trusts her, and is happy to give her responsibility. Gordon remarks that he can't see Patricia doing it out of the goodness of her heart. The front door slams, and Wayne comes in, half cut. He slurs his words as he makes a comment about the two 'lovebirds' being at it. Gordon accuses him of being drunk, but Wayne tells his father that he should try it, as it makes everything seem better. Gordon says he's going to the club. Wayne tells him he wants to talk, but he's ignored. Wayne then tells Patricia that he needs someone to talk to, but Patricia suggests that he should talk to himself. She leaves the room, and Wayne yells to noone in particular, "Why won't anyone talk to me?" He sits down on the settee and Gayle comes in from the kitchen, explaining that she's supposed to be cleaning. Wayne tells her to just go to her flat, and Gayle suggests that he should come with her, as they'll have the place to themselves until Rosie gets home. Wayne says, "Yeah, why not?"

Wayne has his arm round Gayle as they enter the flat, but when she goes to kiss him, he asks her what she's doing. Gayle answers by asking Wayne what he's like at kissing. Wayne asks her if she wants to find out, and Gayle replies, "What do you think?" They start kissing, but when Wayne's hand starts moving down towards Gayle's leg, she hurriedly pulls back and tells him not to get carried away. Wayne says he thought that's what she wanted, adding that it's what he wants...

In Di's room at the boarding house, Di tells John that being with Gayle took her back. John asks her if she was like that once, but Di says she wasn't. She goes on to explain that she started her career off by thinking she'd be the best executive ever. John tells her that she made it, but Di regretfully says her marriage came inbetween, and when Jim died, she worked for the sake of it. John asks how she feels now, and Di replies that she'd like to make her room more like a proper home. John tells her that the last month-or-so has been great, and Di agrees. John asks her if it has ever crossed her mind... He pauses, and Di says, "Go on." John suggests to her that they could live together. Di says she hadn't really thought about it, but doesn't see why they shouldn't. She tells him, "... If you suggested it, I think I might agree with you..." They kiss.


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