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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Geoffrey Nottage

Beryl is putting on her makeup when there's a knock at the door. She answers it and finds John standing there. He explains that he's come to invite her to dinner to celebrate his and Di's decision to get serious and live together. Slightly taken aback, Beryl says she supposes they know what they're doing. John remarks that Beryl doesn't sound happy, and Beryl points out that Susan and Bill didn't live together - and she wouldn't have approved if they had. John ignores this, and just asks Beryl if she's coming, but Beryl says she can't as she's attending a small farewell party for Lindy. John suggests she come for dinner another time, then.

Upstairs, John tells Di that Beryl has a funny attitude - she's against the two of them living together, and yet she's going around with Hal Mason like there's nothing wrong. Di says she thought John would have been more adult about it.

At Dural, Wayne enters the lounge, muttering about Gayle only being a 17-year old kid anyway, and calling himself stupid... stupid.

In the flat, Gayle is sobbing when there's a knock at the door. She tells the visitor to go away, but this is ignored, and Paul comes in. He immediately sees Gayle's tears and asks her why she's crying. She tells him that it was Wayne, and he was drunk - "I was so scared." Paul asks if Wayne did anything, and Gayle sobs that he just kissed her, but said he wanted more, and got really angry when she pushed him away. Paul tells her to sit down and rest.

In the lounge, Paul yells at Wayne for attacking a 17-year old girl, but Wayne says he didn't do anything. Paul asks him why Gayle said it, then, and Wayne tells him that he caught Gayle stealing some money from his wallet, and when he threatened to tell, Gayle made up the story about him attacking her. Patricia comes in and overhears as Paul asks if he's really supposed to believe that. She interrupts the argument and tells Paul that what Wayne said is true. Paul asks her if she was there, but Patricia replies that she heard enough. Paul says he'd better go over it again with Gayle, adding that if she was just putting it on, she did a very good job. When Paul has left the room, Patricia tells Wayne that he's a fool. Wayne asks Patricia why she stood up for him, and Patricia replies that it happened to suit her. Wayne asks what she's going to do, but Patricia won't reveal her hand - she just tells Wayne to stick to his story.

Gayle tells Paul that Wayne is mad. Paul points out to her that she has stolen before. Gayle says she wishes she'd never come to this rotten place.

Rosie enters Dural and Patricia immediately tells her that there's been an upset. She tells the housekeeper to sit down, and then explains that it looks as if Gayle has gone back to her old ways. Rosie asks how, and Patricia tells her about Wayne catching her stealing from his wallet. She adds that it gets worse, and proceeds to tell Rosie about how Gayle threatened that, if Wayne told anyone, she'd say he attacked her. An upset Rosie says, "How dreadful." Patricia says Gayle told Paul that Wayne did attack her. Rosie says she doesn't know what to say. She sobs, and says she couldn't face anyone with that hanging over them. She tells Patricia that she and Gayle will be out first thing in the morning. Patricia says, "It's your decision, Rosie." Rosie goes to start packing. Wayne tells Patricia that he's never felt so rotten in all his life, but Patricia says there's no other way - and it was Rosie's decision to leave...

Gayle tells Paul to go. Rosie comes in and says she knows what happened. She tells Gayle to go to bed. Paul tells Rosie that it's not necessarily black-and-white, but Rosie replies that Gayle stole before she met her, and from the Palmers... Paul says there's more to it, but Rosie tells him that Wayne wouldn't say what he did if it wasn't true. Paul asks if Gayle would lie, and Rosie replies that there's no other explanation.

As Beryl and Lindy set the table at Lindy's apartment, Lindy thanks Beryl for her help in reconciling her and her father. She says she can't believe how well he's getting on with her friends, and adds that it's just a pity she and her father didn't talk a decade earlier. Beryl tells Lindy that it's a pity her father doesn't have some sort of keepsake to remind him of her when she leaves for overseas. Lindy says she'll give it a go.

Di tells John that he's thinking too much, but John says he's bugged about Beryl and Hal Mason. He says he thinks Mason is using her, and just giving her a false family in Sydney. Di points out that they met before Lindy came on the scene. John says he doesn't know how much longer he can keep quiet - and he doesn't care about the consequences for his job. Di asks him what he's going to do, and John replies that if things carry on as they are, he'll tell Mason to butt out of Beryl's life.

At Dural, Wayne asks Rosie not to leave, but Rosie says she doesn't have much choice. She tells Wayne that she's sorry. A while later, Paul tells Rosie that Gordon has made it quite clear that he wants her to stay, but Rosie says it's not right - and how does she know Gayle won't do something else? Paul tells her to see things how they really are - if Gordon will let her stay, she should take him up on it. Rosie says she'll mull it over. She goes into the kitchen, where Gayle asks her if she and Paul had a good whisper about her. Rosie says she's just trying to do the right thing. Gayle says she can't wait to get out, but Rosie tells her to wait and see what happens.

The next morning, Patricia calls Charlie in Melbourne and asks how things went with Angela. Charlie says she thinks she managed to do enough. Patricia tells her friend that she had some luck last night, and things might come to a head today. Charlie asks Patricia if she knows what she's doing, but Patricia doesn't answer, because she hears Gordon coming in. She hangs up and immediately tells her husband that she didn't hear him come in last night. Gordon, though, tells Patricia not to make smalltalk. He says he saw Paul last night, and he wants an explanation.

Beryl calls round to help Lindy tidy up, and Lindy reveals that she hasn't even been to bed yet! She explains that, after the party finished, she went out early to get a present for her father. She shows Beryl a Polaroid of the Ramberg building, and explains that she's going to turn it into a charcoal sketch to give to him. Beryl says she thinks Mason will love it. Lindy says she'd like Beryl to be there when she gives it to him, and Beryl agrees.

Patricia tells Gordon that it wasn't her suggestion that Rosie left - it was the housekeeper's own idea - but Gordon says he's not backing down this time. Patricia asks Gordon if he's trying to drive her out, adding that it's just asking for trouble, taking Gayle's word against Paul's. Gordon says he had a long talk to Paul, and he thinks there's at least some truth in Gayle's story. He says he wants to listen to both sides, and he tells Patricia that if she doesn't like it, she's better off moving out. John comes downstairs and stands in the hall, listening to the argument, not realising Patricia has seen him. He hears Gordon tell Patricia that life would be a damn sight easier if she wasn't around. Patricia snaps, "Wonderful." She says she tried her damndest to make their marriage work. She tells Gordon that she's put up with his sulking and his moods, and now he's prepared to lay everything on the line over a girl he doesn't even know. Gordon agrees that that's the way it is. Patricia asks him if perhaps the real reasons are a little deeper. She suggests that they've spent too much time together because Gordon hasn't been working, and because she's been around too much. She says she thinks she might go to the South Yarra property for a while. Gordon says that's not the answer, and he tells her that if she does go, she shouldn't bother coming back. Patricia says she knows what's behind it all: Barbara Armstrong. Gordon tells her not to be ridiculous, but Patricia says she at least knows where she stands. She storms out of the lounge and into the hall, where she pretends to be surprised to see John there. She tells him that she's sorry, but she won't be there when he gets home this afternoon. She says she'll be in touch when she's get settled in Melbourne.

Gordon is staring at a chess piece when Rosie offers him some tea. She also comments that Patricia will be in Melbourne by now, adding that she can't say she's not sorry to see her go, but she does feel terrible, because it's all her fault. Gordon tells Rosie that, if it hadn't been Gayle, it would have been something else. Rosie says she'll make Gayle behave, but she's still very ashamed that her granddaughter could have done that. She says Wayne will get an apology if it kills her. Gordon says he'd like to talk to Gayle and judge for himself. Rosie says she's ironing in the flat. Gordon tells her not to worry.

Gordon and Rosie enter the flat and Rosie calls to Gayle. There's no answer, though. Rosie looks in Gayle's room and notices that her bag has gone. She says, "Little minx has run away."

Patricia is loading her bags onto a trolley at Melbourne airport, and Charlie asks her if she did anything. Patricia says John overheard her, and with Charlie's groundwork with Angela... Charlie says, "Sometimes, I think you've done a deal with the devil." She tells Patricia that she's booked a ticket on the next flight to Sydney, as she doesn't want to cramp her friend's style with David.

At the depot, David tells Patricia he didn't think Gordon would go that far. He offers her a lift to her property, but is halted in his tracks by Bates, who calls to David about a truck that hasn't been unloaded, and which is blocking the way. David says it's too late to do anything about it now, as the men have all gone home - but he adds that if it bothers Bates that much, he'll do it himself. Bates smiles at Patricia and then, as David starts unloading boxes from the truck, tells him that it's not good enough, as he should have agreed the run properly. An annoyed David carries a big box from the truck to unload, but he misses the edge of the vehicle, and topples head first onto the ground below. Patricia rushes over and stares at him in concern.

In the car park at Ramberg, Hal Mason says, "Well I'll be blowed!" He tells Lindy that he loves the present, and says it's very good. He asks Beryl if she had a hand in it, and Beryl replies that she had the thought, and Lindy had the idea. Mason tells Beryl that, if it wasn't for her, he and Lindy would never have become close again. He puts his arms round the two women. John comes out of the Ramberg office and looks very annoyed when he sees the happy trio...


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