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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Beryl is busy tidying up when Fiona gets in. Beryl tells her that she just missed Lindy. Fiona says it looks as if Beryl enjoyed herself, and Beryl agrees that she had fun. She tells Fiona that she's thinking of taking up pottery lessons. Fiona asks Beryl if she's really happy with the way things are. Beryl admits that she's missing the family, and she aches to see the kids and little Davey, but she also has things in Sydney, such as her new job and new friends. Fiona asks, "Hal?" and she reminds Beryl that he's first and foremost a businessman, and that he's also thick as thieves with Patricia. Beryl says he never mentions Patricia, but Fiona tells her to watch him, in case he starts trying to obtain information about her. Beryl asks Fiona if she's suggesting that Hal Mason is being nice to her to obtain information, adding that they've never even talked about her. Fiona says she's worried Beryl's getting the wrong idea about Mason, but Beryl tells Fiona that it's she who has the wrong idea.

Outside Dural, Rosie thanks Jill for picking her and Gayle up from the station and for taking them on a tour of Sydney. Gayle is standing looking at Dural in awe, but when she's asked what she thinks, she just says, "It's alright." She does thank Jill for the day out, though, and Rosie tells Jill that they'll be in touch. She and Gayle go inside, and Rosie tells her granddaughter that they may have to share a room for a couple of nights. Gordon emerges from the study, and welcomes Gayle to Sydney. He then asks to have a word with Rosie in the study. Rosie tells Gayle to go into the living room and not touch anything. In the study, Gordon says he doesn't fancy Rosie's chance of finding a place in the area, as rents are high. Rosie says she wants to stay close, as she wants to keep on working at Dural. Gordon tells her that Patricia can afford to give her a raise, and Rosie agrees that that would help. Gordon then suggests to Rosie that she and Gayle could use the handyman's flat out the back, as the new man doesn't want it. Rosie says that would be nice. Gordon makes a further suggestion: that Gayle could have the flat to herself, and Rosie could use her room in the main building, but Rosie says she'd rather be with her granddaughter, so she knows someone is looking after her. She then points out that Patricia won't like it, but Gordon tells Rosie to leave Patricia to him.

Gayle gets up from sitting on the settee and starts looking at some items on the shelves behind the bar. She picks up the 'phone handset and starts randomly pushing buttons. A door bangs, and Rosie enters the room, where she tells Gayle to put the 'phone down. She tells her granddaughter that Mr. Hamilton is being very kind to them, letting them live in the flat out the back, but she warns Gayle that she's not allowed in the house unless she's invited. She also tells Gayle to make sure she shows the other inhabitants of the house - John, Paul Sheppard, Wayne etc. - respect. Gayle says it sounds like she and Rosie are just serfs, but Rosie tells her that the flat will do them very nicely.

The next morning, Wayne tells Gordon that he hopes Paul read his report last night, as Hal Mason has been damn hard to please lately, and he thought Paul might have some ideas. Gordon says he thought Wayne was doing the report by himself. Rosie comes in and introduces Gayle to Wayne, who asks her how she's settling in. Gayle sourly says it's alright. Rosie tells her to go and make her bed and tidy up. Paul comes in and tells Wayne that he's made a few amendments to his report. Wayne says he'll incorporate them, but Paul suggests that he should read it first, as he might not like the changes he's made. As Wayne heads towards the front door, Rosie tells him to have a good day, but Wayne snaps, "Doubt it."

At the boarding house, Jill tells Fiona that Gayle is a pretty nice girl underneath. Beryl pokes her head in and says she's going shopping, before disappearing again. Jill asks Fiona if there's been some sort of argument, and Fiona replies that she spoke out of turn, and Beryl is taking it personally. She says she wants to get through to Beryl about Hal Mason without hurting her feelings. Jill says she knows Fiona doesn't like Mason, but she's sure he wouldn't hurt Beryl. Fiona says, though, that, if the grapevine is true, Beryl could come a cropper - and now Lindy is in on the act, Beryl is well and truly hooked. Jill laughingly tells Fiona that she has a suspicious mind!

Wayne escorts Lindy into Hal Mason's office at Ramberg. She tells her father that she's there to invite him for dinner - cooked by her. Mason asks if this is some sort of dare! Lindy suggests to him that he bring a friend - Beryl, perhaps. Mason remarks that this is the first time he's ever been invited to his daughter's flat, and so Lindy tells him that, in the past, she's been worried she'd be embarrassed by him with her friends. Mason says he'll talk to Beryl - but he points out to his daughter that they are just friends. Lindy says she's glad her father has a nice 'friend'. Mason says he has work to do.

Gayle is outside Dural, looking at Paul's motorbike, when Paul comes over and introduces himself. Gayle tells him that she had a boyfriend once, who was into biking. She asks Paul for a lift into town, but Paul tells her that she'll have to clear it with Rosie. Gayle says she's not a kid, and she just wants to go somewhere for some fun, but Paul tells her that it can't be today. He rides off.

Beryl serves tea at the boarding house for Hal Mason. She asks him how he finds Fiona to work with, and Mason replies that things are better now that they've got to know each other better - although he doesn't think she's keen. Beryl asks if she should be, and Mason tells her that, in business, it's useful to be suspicious of everyone. He tells Beryl that she could never cut it in business, because she's too open - before adding that he likes that. He then brings up the subject of Lindy's dinner invitation, but Beryl says she's arranged to go out with the girls from the restaurant that night. Mason tells Beryl that he'd like her to be there, and he says he and Lindy would both be glad of the company. He adds that it's a long time since he's relaxed with anyone like he can with Beryl. Beryl agrees to go.

Wayne and Gayle walk into Dural together. Gayle tells Wayne that she's been out with guys who've owned places like that, and she's done things that would shock Rosie. Wayne comments on Gayle calling her grandmother 'Rosie', and not 'Grandma', and Gayle explains that this is because she barely knows her. Wayne tells Gayle that Rosie brought him up almost single-handed. As they stand by the bar, Gayle asks for a drink. Wayne starts to prepare her a gin and tonic, and then quickly hides the bottle and glass when Rosie comes in. Rosie asks Gayle why she's in the house, and Gayle replies that Wayne invited her in. Rosie tells Wayne not to encourage the girl, as Patricia wouldn't like it. She tells Gayle to get back to the flat and watch TV - but not too loud. Rosie leaves the room, and Gayle tells Wayne that the housekeeper just wants to boss her around, before adding, "But I'll work it out to suit me." Wayne gives Gayle her drink, and warns her not to let Rosie catch her. Gayle says, "I'm going to do a lot of things without her catching me..."

Gordon finds Rosie cleaning in the study, and Rosie tells him that he looks tired. Gordon admits that he isn't getting much sleep, as he doesn't like being out of work. Rosie says she thought he and Patricia were in business together, but Gordon replies that that fell through. Rosie says she hopes Gayle will behave herself, as she doesn't want there to be something else for Patricia to worry about. Gordon says he'll take it up with his wife when she gets there. Rosie remarks that Angela being in Melbourne will give Patricia the perfect excuse to stay down there, and then quickly apologises for saying that. Gordon says he wants to think.

Out in the garden, Paul asks Gayle to help him with the weeding. Gayle asks him why, if he has all that money, he's still working, so Paul tells her that his grandfather left the money to him, and he wants to do his bit to keep the business going. He tells Gayle that Rosie loves her, but Gayle says Rosie doesn't really even know her. Paul shows the girl a plant he put in a month ago. Gayle offers to give him a hand. Paul hears a car draw up, and, when he looks, he sees Charlie and Patricia in Charlie's car. He remarks that Charlie must have picked Patricia up from the airport. When Gayle sees Patricia, she says she's beautiful. Paul introduces Gayle to Patricia, who just says, "Hello." She gives Paul the letter from Angela and goes inside. Gayle says she might have known Patricia would be stuck-up.

Inside, Charlie is pouring a drink when Rosie comes in, and is surprised to see her. She says she thought Charlie was in Paris, and Charlie says she would be if it wasn't for Angela. She tells the housekeeper that, after she got back, she got a letter from the French count, which basically said that he's dumping her. Patricia tells Rosie that she's heard all about her granddaughter, and if she thinks she can foist a shoplifter on the family, she can think again. Rosie just tells Patricia to sort it out with Gordon, and Patricia says she intends to.

Gordon is on the 'phone in the study when Patricia comes in and remarks that she can't leave the place without things going wrong. Gordon hangs up and comments on the fact that he didn't hear his wife get home. Patricia says she supposes Gordon hasn't been told, but Gayle has been up on a shoplifting charge, and she has to go. Gordon tells her that of course he's been told - Rosie doesn't treat him like a fool. Patricia asks if he's implying that she does, and Gordon says, "Yes." He then tells her to shut up and listen. He says he doesn't appreciate the insulting note she left before she went to Melbourne, and tells her that her money doesn't give her the right to treat him like an idiot. He asks Patricia if she's given up on trying to resurrect their marriage because David is now back in the running. Patricia replies that she thought Rosie would jump to conclusions. Gordon tells her, though, that it wasn't Rosie. He says that, when they got back together, Patricia told him she loved him, and wanted to make things up, but she has a funny way of showing it. He tells her to act like his wife, and stop making trips to Melbourne, or he's not interested anymore. Patricia asks Gordon if he's laying down his terms. Gordon says, "This is my house, Patricia - either you go along with what I want, or you can pack your bags and get out."


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