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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David goes into the kitchen, where Kevin asks him about the call. David tells his son to forget it. Kevin asks if it's about Beryl seeing another bloke, and he explains about 'phoning her earlier and a strange man answering. David says Beryl can do what she likes. Kevin suggests that the bloke might be a friend of Fiona's, who's just showing Beryl round. At this point, Rosie and Gayle come in, and Rosie tells the two men that Gayle got off with a $200 fine, and was released into her custody. Gayle tells Rosie that she'll be alright, but Rosie insists that she's taking her granddaughter back to Sydney. She says she's been to the estate agents to sell Gayle's home, and Gayle remarks that they'll be glad to get rid of her. Rosie tells David and Kevin that she and Gayle are off to clean the place. Gayle doesn't look impressed. Kevin tells her it'll be better than being in a detention centre. Gayle leaves the room and Kevin starts to tell David to give John a call, but David snaps, "Lay off it, Kevin."

Wayne gets home from work to find John whistling as he walks round the house. Wayne snaps that he's glad someone's happy, as he's had Hal Mason on his back all day. He then tells John that he has no future with Ramberg, and says he should get out, as he's putting Di in an awkward position. He adds that John's not a threat to him with the way Mason feels about him at the moment. John says Mason won't let it affect his job, but Wayne just walks off, laughing.

Kevin tells Susan that he didn't think Beryl would do something like that. Susan suggests that Kevin should leave Beryl and David to sort it out, pointing out that there's not much they can do. She adds that if Beryl is seeing someone, it's probably platonic. Kevin says he didn't think anyone really believed that could be the case, but Lynn points out to him his friendships with Donna and Jill. David comes into the kitchen to get a beer from the 'fridge, but quickly leaves the room again.

Fiona's doorbell rings, and Fiona answers it. The visitor is John, who says he's on his way to see Di, and thought he'd pop in and say hello to Fiona and Beryl. Fiona tells him, though, that he's missed Beryl, as she's out working. She explains about the job at the restaurant, and how Beryl was interviewed and asked to start straight away. John says he never thought Beryl would get a job. Fiona tells him that Beryl is determined not to return to Melbourne. Changing the subject, she mentions that Jill is due back tomorrow. John says that, at least now that he's seeing Di, Jill's not going to have to worry. He asks Fiona about Beryl and Hal Mason, but Fiona tells him that they're just friends, and he has no need to worry. John asks why Hal Mason? Fiona says she doesn't trust him, but he can be charming. John says it sounds like Mason is getting interested, but Fiona says she doubts it, as she really doesn't think Beryl is his type.

John and Di are kissing in Di's room when John suddenly stops. Di says she felt his mind hadn't really been on the job, and she asks if it's because of Hal Mason. John says he thinks it would be better if he got out, but Di tells him he's crazy. She says Mason is just going through a rough patch, but he normally bounces back. John tells Di that he feels awkward with her, and points out that she must feel the same. He then adds that he doesn't want to quit the job, but it might be for the best. Di tells John that it's terrific that he's worried about her, but she warns him not to do anything silly. John tells Di that he loves her, and Di tells John that she loves him. They kiss.

Rosie and Gayle get back to the Palmer house, and Rosie immediately puts her apron on, and remarks that she thought Jill would be home by now. Lynn asks if Gayle's flat is all tidied up, and Rosie says her granddaughter has a lot to learn about housekeeping. Gayle sourly says, "Who wants to learn?" She and Lynn go in to look at Davey, leaving Susan to tell Rosie to give Gayle time to get used to things. Sometime later, at the dinner table, the atmosphere is tense. Jill breaks the silence by remarking that it's a shame the restaurant reopened early. She asks Rosie when she's going back, and Rosie replies that it'll be in a few days, as they have to sort the furniture out first, before they go home. Gayle snaps, "It's not home to me." Rosie says she's going to find Gayle a flat near Dural and enrol her in a secretarial course. Gayle says she doesn't want to be a secretary. Rosie offers pudding to everyone, but David declines. Susan explains to Rosie that her father is feeling down at the moment. She joins him in the lounge, where he's gone to watch TV. She asks to talk to him, and David turns the TV off. Susan tells him that he shouldn't jump to conclusions about the man Beryl's seeing, suggesting that it's just someone Fiona lined up to keep her company. She adds that she's sure Beryl's not lonely, and she's sure Beryl's not involved with anyone. David tells Susan that it's getting to him, as he realises how Beryl felt when he had his affair with Patricia. He says he reckons his wife wouldn't have left if it hadn't been for his affair, but Susan says she thinks Beryl would have got over it if she hadn't lost the baby. She says to her father, "She loved you... still does," but David says, "I can't kid myself anymore."

At the boarding house, Beryl tells Fiona that she was given the job as soon as she mentioned she had experience - although she didn't say it was twenty years ago! Fiona says she was right when she told Beryl that the right job was out there waiting for her. Beryl asks Fiona what the news was that she had for her earlier, and so Fiona reluctantly tells her about Angela and Rob splitting up. Beryl asks why, as they seemed to be going so well, and Fiona says she thinks it was probably a mistake in the first place. Beryl says, "Poor kids." Fiona suggests a celebration for Beryl's job, and says she's got two bottles of champagne in the 'fridge - one each! Beryl says she couldn't drink a whole bottle, so Fiona says she'll help!

The next morning, Lynn is putting the kettle on when there's a knock at the back door. She answers it, and finds Rob standing there. Lynn tells him that she's not surprised to see him, explaining that Patricia rang. She hugs him. David comes in and asks Rob if he's going back to Macedon, but Rob says he can't face that, yet. He tells David that he's back to square one - all his life, he was a no-hoper, but then he got a break and met Angela, and he got himself a job - but now he's back to the start again. He says he wishes he'd never met Angela. David asks if the problems can be sorted out, but Rob says they can't. David asks him what he's going to do, and Rob says he'll go back up north west. He explains that he shoved his job in Sydney, and he has nothing to stay in Melbourne for. David says, "Except us." Rosie comes in, and is overjoyed to see Rob sitting there. She starts to cook a farewell breakfast for Jill, and tells Rob, "Angela should have had more sense." She then comments that she hopes Gayle will crack a smile over breakfast, but David points out to her that her granddaughter has had a rough trot. Rob says he heard about Gayle from Lynn, and he asks where she is. Rosie says she's making the beds. Rob asks Rosie about her son, but Rosie says it would be better if he didn't turn up. She adds that she won't make the same mistakes with Gayle that she made with him.

Unbeknown to those at the breakfast table, Gayle has a couple of bags, which she is carrying while silently closing her bedroom door. She creeps down the hall of the Palmer house, quietly opens the front door and steps outside - to bump into Jill, who is just coming in. Jill says, "Going somewhere?" Gayle asks what it is to Jill, but Jill says it might be something to Rosie. Gayle says Rosie is an old bag. Jill asks Gayle where she's going, but Gayle says she doesn't know - what she does know, is that she can't go to Sydney. Jill tells Gayle that she might be surprised, as she was down on her luck not so long ago - and she ended up as a prostitute. She explains that a friend helped her, and she's glad she did. She points out to Gayle that she has someone there to help her before things get that far. Gayle says she can't imagine Rosie knowing about Jill's past, but Jill replies that the housekeeper has known for ages. Gayle looks shocked. Jill tells Gayle that she might like what Rosie's got planned, but Gayle says she doubts it. Jill says that if she had nowhere else to go, she'd think about it, because it's better to have someone to care for you than to be on your own. She tells Gayle to think about it again. Gayle pauses, and then reluctantly goes back inside.

Later, Jill thanks everyone for a wonderful time. Kevin tells Jill to make sure she comes back sometime. Jill says she's never been part of a real family before, and - looking at Gayle - she says, "It's great." She hugs Rosie, and Rob offers her a lift to the airport. David tells him, though, that he should get some sleep. Rob says he can't sleep, but David tells him to try. Rob gives in. Davey starts crying, and Rosie offers to feed him - an offer Lynn initially declines, until Rosie insists. She then tells Gayle to give her a hand. In the kitchen, Rob remarks to Lynn that Gayle is a tough little beast. He then adds that Davey has a good pair of lungs, and Lynn jokes that he knows how to use them! Rosie takes the formula into Davey, and Gayle joins her in the bedroom as she fusses over the baby. Rosie asks Gayle if she wants a go, but Gayle says she's not into babies. Rosie points out to Gayle that she was one once, and then adds that she's sorry she wasn't there. In the kitchen, Rob fills the kettle, while Lynn sits down. Rob tells her that when he found out Angela had gone to Paris, you could have knocked him down with a feather. He says he thought he was the luckiest guy in the world when Angela said she'd marry him, and, at the wedding, she looked something else. He sits down and says, "So bloody stupid." He tells Lynn that he just wanted a family, and to spend the rest of his life with Angela and their kids, but now it's fallen to pieces. Lynn tells Rob to forget about the tea, and get some sleep. Rob agrees, and he stands up - and when he does this, he notices someone standing by the door between the kitchen and the lounge. It's Angela. She says," Hi - I knocked, but you mustn't have heard me." She and Rob stare at each other, Rob's expression being one of bewilderment...


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