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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Angela tells Rob that she's sorry for the surprise. Lynn goes off to check on Davey. Rob tells Angela that he thought she was on her way to France, and Angela explains that the main reason she isn't is John, and something he said when he caught up with her on the way to the airport which she couldn't stop thinking about. She says that, when she got to Singapore, she lost Charlie, and caught a flight straight to Melbourne. She didn't expect to find Rob there, and she wanted to speak to David first. She tells Rob that she wants to give it another try. Rob asks whether she means with him or with Paul, but Angela says she'll forget about Paul, as she's realised she needs Rob. She promises that she'll be different - the reason she behaved strangely before was because she couldn't talk to anyone. Rob asks Angela if Paul still means anything to her, but Angela says she really wants to forget about him. She asks Rob for another chance, but Rob says, "Do you know what you're asking?" He tells Angela that he doesn't know what to think, and he needs some time. He goes out.

Rob spends a long time walking around Melbourne, wandering past rivers, through the park, and along the streets, looking very thoughtful as he does so.

Angela tells Lynn that it'll be a rough time. Lynn asks Angela if she thinks Rob will come back, but Angela just says they both have a lot of thinking to do, and they won't be easy to be around. She tells Lynn that she's frightened, as she couldn't handle Rob not coming back, and if he doesn't, it would be her own damn fault. A while later, Angela is pacing the lounge at the Palmer house, when she hears the front door slam. Rob comes in and says it seems as though he's walked for hours. Angela tells him it was 2. Rob says he's gone over and over it, and OK - he'll give it another go, although there are a few conditions. He tells Angela that he wouldn't do this for anyone else, before saying their marriage has to continue somewhere other than Sydney. He also tells Angela that she's not to see Paul again. Angela looks at Rob, and says, "Thankyou." She hugs him.

Jill arrives back at the boarding house, and Fiona hugs her. Jill says the trip was exactly what she needed, although it was hardly peaceful. She asks about Beryl, and Fiona says she hasn't changed her mind. She tells Jill about Beryl working at the same restaurant as her, and Jill is pleased. She then says she has a million things to do, before adding that the trip taught her that she's been an idiot, and she can't wait to see John and tell him she's back to normal...

At Dural, Patricia enters the study, where John is working. She comments on his bringing work home, and then says Wayne told her about Mason. John says business is business, and their private lives are kept separate. Patricia asks him why he's not at the office, and John replies that it's for Di's sake - he's just trying to take things carefully. Patricia says she thought Mason would be over Di now that he's seeing Beryl, but John says Beryl won't have much time for Mason now that she's got a job. Patricia asks how Beryl managed that, and John explains. Patricia snidely remarks that Beryl was very enterprising. John says it's a coincidence, too, as the restaurant is the same one that Jill works at.

Patricia is wiping some shelves in the lounge, with a cloth, when Gordon comes in. She tells him that she's just dusting, and a shocked expression crosses Gordon's face! Patricia admits that Rosie did keep the place clean when she was living there. She looks at Gordon's stern expression, and realises that she hasn't been forgiven. She says she wishes they could call a truce, and she suggests dinner for two to help them relax and sort out their problems. Gordon tells Patricia he'll leave the booking to her. Patricia says she has a couple of places in mind. Gordon asks his wife if she's heard from Charlie or Angela, but Patricia says not yet. She adds that she's sure the break will do Angela a world of good.

Rob says the first thing is to get their stuff down to Melbourne, and then look into buying a house. Angela tells him that they'll have a great deposit if they sell the land in Sydney but Rob says he doesn't want to do that, as it was a present from Patricia, and he doesn't want anything from her. He tells Angela that Patricia did a hell of a lot to break them up by encouraging her to see Paul. Angela says she doesn't see things like that. Rob says he thought of asking Susan if they can stay with her. The 'phone rings, and Rosie answers it. The caller is Beryl, who's surprised to hear Rosie at the other end. She says she's calling to speak to Rob. Rosie tells Beryl that Angela is there, and she and Rob are sorting things out. Beryl says that's good news. She asks Rosie to tell Rob about her job, and to give her a call when he can. She hangs up, and then tells Fiona about Angela turning up. Fiona says it'll be nice to see true love winning out for a change.

Susan tells Rob and Angela that it's a good idea, as she never did get round to finding another nurse to share with her. Angela says it won't be for long - just until they get their own place arranged, and until money is no longer a problem. Susan just warns them not to leave crumbs in the toaster!

John is at the boarding house to see Beryl, but Fiona tells him that she and Jill left an hour ago. John asks how Beryl's first night went, and Fiona says it was fine - although she knows he would have preferred that she'd hated it. John asks if Beryl's likely to get sick of it, but Fiona says Beryl needs to feel independent, although once she gets that out of her system, that might change. She then tells John that Jill has also changed, and has finally admitted that she feels something for him after all. A taken aback John says, "Oh." Fiona tells him that he's got to let Jill know about him and Di.

Gordon and Patricia arrive at the restaurant and go in. Out the back, Jill tells Beryl that she couldn't believe it when she heard they'd be working together. She asks Beryl if it takes her back, and Beryl agrees that it does. Jill suddenly notices Patricia and Gordon coming in, and says, "I don't believe it." She says she'll switch their tables, so Beryl doesn't have to serve them, but Beryl says she'll handle it. She approaches their table, and Patricia pretends to be shocked, saying, "Good heavens - I didn't know you were working here." Beryl asks Patricia if she wants a drink, and Patricia asks for a gin and tonic. She then introduces Gordon, and Beryl to each other. Gordon says he gathered who Beryl was, and adds that he's pleased to meet her. He asks for a scotch. Beryl hands out the menus and leaves them to it. Gordon asks Patricia if she had any idea Beryl worked there, and Patricia explains that that's why she chose it. Gordon says he thinks it's in very poor taste, but Patricia says it's an opportunity for Beryl to see there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Gordon says he's never met her before, and he felt uncomfortable. Patricia asks her husband if he wants them to leave, but Gordon just tells Patricia to behave herself. Patricia says she hopes Beryl won't be too long with the drinks.

Rosie and Gayle are wiping up the dishes when Lynn comes in to get some formula from the 'fridge - only there isn't any. She resigns herself to having to go to the shops to get some, but Rosie tells Gayle to make herself useful, and Gayle agrees. Rosie tells Lynn to put her feet up. Gayle watches as Rosie gets some money from the housekeeping tin on the worktop and gives it to her. Rosie goes to check that Lynn is OK. Gayle goes back to the housekeeping tin and takes out a $10 note, quietly putting the tin back before going out.

Sometime later, Gayle is standing over Davey, when Rosie comes in. She immediately notices that the baby has a new toy, and Gayle explains that she got it. Rosie asks her granddaughter if she's been shoplifting again, but Gayle says she bought it. Rosie remarks on Gayle not having any money. At this point, Lynn comes in and says she gave Gayle the money. Rosie asks why, and Lynn says she knows what it's like not to have any money. Rosie asks Gayle why she didn't say this was the case, and Gayle replies that Rosie wouldn't have believed her. She tells Rosie that the way she carries on gets her back up. Rosie says she always speaks her mind, but she also admits when she's wrong. She leaves the room, and Gayle asks Lynn why she stuck up for her. Lynn says she was glad Gayle bought a present for the baby. She says she supposes the money came from the housekeeping, and adds that, if Gayle had really wanted to rip them off, she could have taken the other $10 as well! She tells Gayle, though, that it's better to be honest, as it makes life a lot easier.

At Susan's apartment, Angela tells Rob that she's glad Susan had to go out. Rob says he is, too. He asks Angela if she's happy, and Angela says she is. She raises the subject of children, and tells Rob that she wants to have them now - the sooner, the better.

At the restaurant, Beryl tells Jill that she'll manage, pointing out that having Gordon with her is holding Patricia back. She approaches the table, and Patricia asks what the specials are. Beryl points them out on the menu, and Patricia says they sound delicious. She asks about the house wine, and Beryl says it's a chablis. Patricia asks Beryl if she recommends it, but Beryl says she's never had it. She then tells Patricia that it was nice to get some good news from the kids. Patricia asks what she means, and Beryl replies that it was good to hear that Rob and Angela are back together. Patricia laughs, and tells Beryl that she must be mistaken, as Angela is overseas. Beryl tells Patricia that she doesn't like to spoil her dinner, but Angela is back in Melbourne, as she spoke to them just a few hours ago. A shocked expression comes over Patricia's face, as Beryl smiles at her happily.


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