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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Fiona finds Paul sitting in a chair at Woombai. She sits down and tells him that he did the right thing not telling Rob. Paul says he hopes Rob and Angela can sort things out, and Fiona says they will, as long as Patricia stays out of the way. Paul says he'll move into a hotel and ask Hal Mason if he can be transferred to Melbourne. The 'phone rings, and Fiona answers it. The caller is Patricia, who tells Fiona that she needs to speak to Paul urgently. Fiona hands the 'phone over and Paul tells Patricia that he's glad she rang. Patricia tells Paul that there's no point in staying away, as Angela is on her way to Paris and Rob is returning to Melbourne. She goes onto explain about Angela needing to get away, and about Rob finding out about Angela and Paul. Paul says he wishes Angela wasn't alone, and Patricia says she isn't. Paul says they can talk more when he gets back, and he hangs up. He tells Fiona about Angela being on her way to Paris, and about how Rob didn't go after her because he found out about the 'affair'. Fiona says she's sure Rob found out courtesy of Patricia, adding that they never had a hope with her around. She then says she'll shut up, but Paul tells her she's allowed to speak her mind. He asks her why she never mentioned that the Hamiltons destroyed her baby's grave, explaining that Alan Pascoe mentioned to him that a stonemason is coming to erect a new headstone, and adding that it made him understand why she was so down on the Hamilton family. He asks again why Fiona didn't tell him, and Fiona replies that it still upsets her to talk about it, adding that she was very hurt that Paul didn't trust her enough to give her the benefit of the doubt. She suggests to Paul that they should go. Paul asks one more favour: if he ever has a problem, can he start coming to Fiona for advice, again? Fiona agrees, and she smiles happily.

At the Ramberg offices, Hal Mason tells Di that he's off to Lindy's opening. He asks if a particular piece of work has been completed, but Di reminds him that he said he'd do it last night. Mason tell John, who's standing nearby, to do the job for him, and he walks off. Di tells John that Mason will hate himself later for snapping.

Lynn has a brand new digital alarm clock that plays a tune, which, she explains, is to wake her up when it's time to feed the baby. David recalls that Beryl had a built-in alarm that always woke her up ten minutes before it was time for a feed. He leaves the room, and Lynn says she feels so sorry for him. She suggests to Kevin that he should call Beryl to thank her for the flowers. Kevin asks Lynn if she's worried about David, and she says she is, as she just wants Davey to have two sets of grandparents.

At the boarding house, Hal Mason tells Beryl about Lindy's exhibition, and about how he's going to be a proud parent. The 'phone rings, and Mason says he'll take it, as Beryl is getting ready to go out. The caller is Kevin, who's slightly taken aback to hear a male voice answering the call. He asks if he can speak to Beryl, and Beryl duly comes to the 'phone. She asks Kevin how Lynn and Davey are, and Kevin says they're OK. He thanks his mother for the flowers, and Beryl asks her son if he can send up some photos of the baby. Kevin says he'll take some at the Christening. Beryl asks when that's going to be, but Kevin doesn't know yet. He suggests that Beryl could come down earlier, but Beryl says she doesn't think she can. She tells Kevin that she has to go, as someone is waiting for her. She asks for her love to be passed on, and she tells Kevin that she loves him. She hangs up, and, in Melbourne, Kevin looks quite sad. Lynn asks him how it went, and he tells her that Beryl won't be down before the Christening. He adds that there was some bloke there with Beryl, but Lynn suggests that it might just be a friend of Fiona's. Kevin says it might not be.

Gordon asks Patricia if she's spoken to Hal Mason yet, but Patricia says she has a lot on her plate. Gordon tells Patricia that she spent enough time on Angela, and now she should pay some attention to him. Patricia says she'll speak to Mason when she's in the mood for business. Rob comes in and says he'll be shooting through, now. John tells him that he should still try and talk to Angela when she gets back, but Rob says he doesn't see that it'll do much good. Gordon says he's sorry about the way things have turned out. Rob tells Gordon that he's a decent bloke. Patricia tells Rob to take care, but he ignores her and walks out the front door. Back inside, Gordon wants to carry on the conversation with Patricia, reminding her that he passed up a number of good jobs because she said she'd back him, and now he's in limbo until he has a decision. Patricia says she'll call Mason in the morning. Gordon tells Patricia that he gave into her because he thought it would bring them closer together, but it's having the opposite effect. He says he doesn't need Hal Mason to tell him what is or isn't a good investment, and he tells Patricia, "Keep your money - I'll make my own way."

Rob is getting into his car outside the front door at Dural, when Fiona and Paul drive up. Patricia watches through the window. Fiona tells Paul that she'll go back to the boarding house and break the news to Beryl. She tells Rob to drive carefully, and she gets back into her car and drives off. Paul tells Rob that he wouldn't blame him for being angry, but he assures him that Angela was never unfaithful to him, and he never meant to break them up. Rob just drives off, though. Paul storms inside, but Patricia comes to the front door and he halts in his tracks. She tells Paul not to take too much notice of Rob, but Paul says he did all the talking, trying to justify himself to Rob. Patricia tells Paul that he did the right thing. Paul says he should have left Dural before they got back from the honeymoon. Patricia says they have to accept the marriage was a mistake, but Paul says Rob and Angela could have worked it out if Angela had stayed and talked to her husband. Patricia suggests to Paul that he could write to Angela, but Paul says that's not a good idea. He says that, if Rob and Angela have a chance, he's going to get out. He says he'll be long gone before Angela gets back, and he won't ever see her again. Patricia asks what will happen if Angela wants to see him, and Paul replies, "As far as I'm concerned, she'll always be Rob's wife." Patricia says that's a bit extreme, but Paul tells her that he has standards. Patricia asks if that means he doesn't believe in divorce, and Paul concurs with this. He says, "Why don't you write to her - tell her to go back to her husband?" He storms inside, and Patricia raises her eyebrows.

Susan is holding baby David, and Lynn asks her if she thinks she worries too much. Susan tells Lynn that she's doing fine. Lynn says sharing her bedroom with a baby is like being a kid again. Susan says she remembers when David originally constructed the cradle. Lynn says she and Kevin are being very careful about what they say in front of David. Susan says Beryl and David should be trying to get back together. Lynn tells her about Kevin ringing Beryl earlier, and Susan remarks that her mother can't be having too much fun up there by herself...

Beryl is painting her fingernails when Fiona gets back to the boarding house, and Beryl immediately tells her about the exhibition, and she shows her a painting and some pottery of Lindy's that she bought. She adds that she's invited Hal and Lindy over for dinner one night - but she hasn't looked for a job. Fiona suggests that Beryl should sit down, as she has a lot to tell her, but the 'phone rings before she gets any further. Fiona answers it, and the caller is Max - Jill's boss at the restaurant where she works. Beryl opens a bottle of wine, while listening to Fiona explaining that Jill is still in Melbourne, and asking Max if he can't find someone else to fill in tonight. Fiona watches Beryl as the cork pops out of the bottle, and then tells Max that she has a friend who's a very experienced waitress... She hangs up, and explains to Beryl that Jill's restaurant is reopening earlier than expected. Beryl says she's not doing it, as she wouldn't be able to cope, but Fiona tells her to bluff her way through it. Beryl tells Fiona to ring Max back, but Fiona says she thought Beryl wanted to be independent. Beryl says she does, and she tells Fiona that that's not fair!

When Hal Mason gets back to the Ramberg offices, he immediately asks Di to get Lindy on the 'phone. He asks John if he's finished the work, and John says he has. Mason looks through the file John gives him, and then has a go at him for not checking out the hotel involved personally. John apologises. Mason asks him if he has something on his mind, and John says it's personal. Mason agrees to hold a conversation off-the-record, and so John says he wants to know if this is the deal he's going to get at work from now on. Mason says he accepts John's point. He tells John that he has a reputation for being impartial at work. He's fond of Di, and he knows John will just end up hurting her, adding that younger men are all the same. John says, "Not me."

At Dural that night, Patriica asks John if Mason is still giving him a hard time, but John tells her that it's sorted out, and all Mason can do now is fire him. Patricia points out that, if Mason fired John, he'd have to fire Di as well, and he's not likely to do that. She then tells John that Wayne mentioned that Hal Mason and Beryl Palmer were spending a lot of time together at Woombai. John says Mason was just being friendly. Patricia asks if Mason is seeing Beryl again, and John says Mason wouldn't use Beryl just to get at him. He asks, though, if he should go and talk to her, but Patricia says Beryl would be bound to resent it. She suggests John should just wait and see what happens. John says he never thought Beryl would ever go out with another guy - "Dad'd be knocked for six if he knew." Patricia slyly says, "Yes, he would..."

Lynn asks David what time Rob will get back, and David replies that it'll probably be tomorrow night. The 'phone rings, and Kevin answers it. Lynn tells David that Beryl will be coming down for the Christening. Kevin calls to David, saying the call is for him, adding sourly, that it's Patricia Hamilton. When David takes the 'phone, Patricia says she supposes he's heard from Rob, and David replies that it wasn't good news, but he'll take care of him when he shows. He asks after Angela, and Patricia tells him that she's overseas with a friend. She tells David that he's been getting nothing but bad news lately, what with Beryl, and now Rob and Angela. David asks what about Beryl, and Patricia tells him that she's seeing someone. She adds that it's nothing serious, and points out that Beryl is bound to want to get out-and-about. She asks David not to let it worry him, and David says he won't, as he has too much on his plate. When he hangs up, though, he looks distinctly disappointed.


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