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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Rob is walking across a field near Woombai when Paul pulls up on his motorbike and Angela gets off. Paul jokes that he brought her back in one piece. He rides off, and Rob tells his wife that he felt like getting out. The two of them start walking, holding hands as they do so. Rob remarks on Angela having been gone a long time, but Angela just jokes that Paul eventually got sick of her and brought her back. Rob tells Angela that keeping out of Fiona's way doesn't always mean keeping out of his way. Angela says she's sorry.

With the party still in full swing, John is surprised to catch Fiona taking a break indoors. He comments on the fact that things are going very well, and Fiona agrees with him. John comments that Di is heading the right way for a hangover, but Fiona says that as long as she's happy.... John says Beryl told him about her date with Hal Mason, and it was a shock at first, but he realises it is her life. He asks Fiona if she thinks Beryl will ever get back with David, but Fiona says she doesn't know what goes on inside Beryl's head. John remarks that it's not like her, as he thought she'd be on a 'plane like a shot, but Fiona tells him that Beryl isn't going back because she doesn't want David to get the wrong idea. She adds that Beryl is determined to be independent, and dinner with Hal Mason is probably just the beginning...

Kevin is looking at baby photos of Vic Hardy, which Vic gave him to compare with David Ernest! Rosie says she'd like to visit Lynn later, and Kevin tells her that Lynn would love to see her. Rosie remarks that every mother is proud of her baby. Kevin asks Rosie how many children she had, and Rosie replies that it was just the one - Barry. She asks David if he can drive her to see her son, and David says he will, although he adds that it's a bit of a drive. He suggests that they leave straight away, so they can make it in daylight, and Rosie agrees. She tells Kevin that his dinner is in the oven, explaining that she's grateful that the Palmers are putting her up, and she just wants to pull her weight. She and David leave. Kevin chuckles to himself.

David and Rosie pull up outside an apartment block, and David asks Rosie if she'd like him to come in. Rosie says she would, to start with, as she doesn't know what'll happen. They go up a couple of storeys and knock at number 12. The front door of number 11 immediately opens and a woman tells them that number 12 is empty. She asks David and Rosie who they're after, and they explain that they want Barry Andrews. Rosie asks where he went, but the woman says she doesn't know or care - she explains that he just did a flit in the middle of the day, and she adds that Rosie has Buckley's chance of finding him.

Back at the Palmer house, David tells Rosie that it's not completely hopeless. He says he might be able to use some of his contacts in the removal business to track Barry down. Rosie says, though, that she doesn't know if she wants to find him after all, as it doesn't sound like he turned out too well. She says she might head back to Sydney.

At Dural, Gordon tells Patricia that he's convinced it's a good business proposition. Patricia tells him to leave the figures on the bar. Taking offence, Gordon tells his wife that he's been slaving for days, and the least she could do is take a look. Patricia gets up from reading her book, briefly glimpses at the file Gordon has put together, and says she'll get the Ramberg accountants to go through it. Gordon makes it clear that he's not pleased, and he tells Patricia that the business is definitely profitable. He adds that it is supposed to be his business. Patricia says there's nothing wrong with being cautious, and she points out to Gordon that he enjoys the work, and it may have clouded his judgement. Gordon backs down, and agrees to leave the figures with the Ramberg accountants for one day. Wayne comes in and tells Gordon and Patricia that he isn't part of the 'elite' - the guests who were asked to stay overnight at Woombai. Gordon tells his son that he doesn't know how he could have anything to do with it, but Wayne says Hal Mason was there, and so was Paul, and other board members. Patricia says she supposes 'madam' was bunging it on. Wayne replies, "Better believe it!"

Fiona is joking and laughing with some of the Ramberg board members, while Paul sits quietly, looking distinctly unimpressed. One of the board members tells Fiona that she's done an excellent job. Fiona asks Paul what he thinks, and Paul replies, "Full marks." Fiona then suggests that perhaps it's time they all turned in, and she tells people where their various rooms are - including some in the newly-converted Reid property. She directs John and Di to their rooms, but Hal Mason asks Di if he can speak to her before she retires. Di says, though, that she'd prefer to wait until the morning, as she's a bit drunk.

As Lynn lies in her hospital bed, Kevin asks her if David Ernest is OK, as he's always crying. Lynn assures her husband that she's keeping an eye on the baby, and if there was any problem, the doctor would tell them. She adds that, if it would make Kevin feel better, he should talk to the nurse. Kevin decides to do this, and David goes with him to put his mind at rest. Rosie and Lynn are left alone, and the housekeeper tells the new mother that she has a beautiful baby. She asks how the labour went, and Lynn replies that it was a pretty amazing experience. She then tells Rosie that she was sorry to hear about this afternoon, but Rosie replies that there's no point getting miserable over something you can't change. Lynn says she heard Rosie was going back to Sydney, but Rosie says she's been thinking that she should see Barry, as he might not be as bad as the woman said. She explains about how David thought he might be able to track him down, and she adds that, if he does come up with something, it'd be lovely. She says it would be silly to go without having one more try.

The next morning, Mason is out trying to ride a horse when Di approaches him and tells him he could do with a few lessons! Mason remarks to Di that she's out early, and he asks her why she didn't want to talk last night. Di tells him that he was being pretty obvious, and she asks him why he was pushing it. Mason tells Di that he was jealous. Di tells him that he has no right to be, but Mason reminds her that their affair did last for nearly a year. Di says she doesn't want an affair any more, as she enjoys... Mason interrupts her, telling her not to say that she's in love. He says John is just a twenty year old kid, but Di says she likes being with him. Mason suggests that he and Di could bring their fling out into the open, but Di says she didn't think it was that serious, and she always thought Mason felt the same. Mason says he did at first, but - he never said it - but a year is a long time to be seeing one person, and you grow attached to them - love them - maybe even marriage isn't out of the question... Di tells Mason that she could never feel that way about him, and she tells him not to bring it up again.

Angela tells John that she can't understand Beryl going out with Hal Mason, but John says Mason is just being friendly. Angela says he must be interested, but John replies that he doesn't like it any more than she does, but it's none of their business. He says he's going to look for Di, and he leaves the room. Rob tells Angela that they have enough problems of their own, without getting involved in Beryl's. Angela says she might say something to Beryl, but Rob tells her that, if she does, Beryl would tell her to jump in the lake, as she knows how things are between the two of them. Angela asks Rob if he's been talking about their problems, and Rob replies that he had to talk to someone. The argument is about to develop into something more serious when Fiona comes in and apologises for interrupting. Angela snidely says to Rob that she hopes he hasn't been talking to Fiona as well. Rob immediately snaps, "Angie!" and he tells his wife that that was very rude. Fiona tells Angela that, whether she likes her or not, she's a guest. Angela says she just doesn't want to be talked about. Fiona points out to Angela that she accepted her hospitality, and she just expects some manners in return. Rob tells Angela that Fiona deserves an apology, but Angela just snaps at Rob, thanking him for his support, and saying she'd choke on an apology if she made it. She storms off, and Rob snaps to Fiona that Angela should wake up to herself.

Rob chases after Angela, but she gets into a horse truck and drives off. Alan Pascoe tells Rob that there's another truck round the back, but Rob says he's sick of chasing after her.

Angela pulls up in the middle of some woods and gets out. She leans on the truck bonnet, and suddenly sees Paul on his motorbike, riding nearby.

Wayne tells Patricia that, if Gordon's got his figures right, he'll be laughing all the way to the bank, but Patricia says she'd rather be safe than sorry. Wayne says it won't do his father's pride any good, but Patricia replies that, where money's concerned, she can't worry about pride. Wayne tells Patricia that she doesn't give a damn about Gordon - he can see that, as he's not stupid. Patricia says she knows he isn't - which is why he won't say anything... She goes out into the hall and gives Gordon his file of figures back, as it's the weekend, and she can't do anything until Tuesday or Wednesday. Gordon tells her that the company want an answer, but Patricia tells him it can wait until midweek. Gordon says he wants to know by Tuesday. Patricia snaps, "I'll see what I can do."

John finds Di sitting under a tree, and she says she was thinking about him. She tells him that she thinks he ought to know she was having an affair with Hal Mason before he came along. John tells her that she doesn't have to explain, but Di just asks him if he's worried. John says, "Not really." Di says she wants to stay out of Mason's way for a while. John asks Di if Mason will give him a hard time, and Di tells him that he won't do anything consciously, explaining that the MD is just jealous, but she adds that, if he can pick a hole in John's work, he will. John tells Di that she kept the relationship a good secret, but Di says she thinks Wayne had an idea towards the end. John says he wondered what Wayne meant about him cutting his own throat. Di tells John that Hal Mason will only fire him if his work is really bad - and she adds that Wayne has more to worry about on that score. She suggests to John that they should get back. John tells Di about Hal Mason taking Beryl out, and Di says Beryl should have a beaut time, as Mason is good company. She adds that he'd never use Beryl to get back at John.

In the woods, Paul tells Angela that, unless she and Rob stop arguing, they're going to have a pretty unhappy time. Angela says she's all churned up inside. Paul says Rob must be wondering what's going on, as he's only been married a month, and he tells Angela to talk to her husband, as he'll understand. Angela asks Paul how she can tell Rob about him. Paul says he thought that was settled the other night, but Angela explains that that is why she's so screwed up - she loves Rob, but she loves Paul too. She says to Paul, "You feel the same, don't you?" and she then adds, "Would you kiss me, please? ... Please?" They move towards each other, and their lips meet...


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