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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

The kiss continues for several seconds, until Paul eventually stops and tells Angela he's sorry, but he shouldn't... He adds that she's Rob's wife, and Angela says she knows. She asks what they should do, and Paul tells her that she's got to stay with Rob. Angela says she doesn't know if she can. She goes and gets in the horse truck, and Paul stands next to the vehicle as Angela tells him that she's got to get away and think.

Beryl and Hal Mason are out in the Woombai grounds - Beryl tells Mason that she's getting a breath of fresh air before going back inside to help Fiona. Mason offers Beryl a lift back to Sydney when she's ready, explaining that Paul is staying on at Woombai for a while, so he's going to be lonely, and Beryl would be company. Beryl accepts. Mason then suggests the two of them have brunch tomorrow, and Beryl goes along with that suggestion as well. Fiona comes out and tells them that Di and John are ready to leave. She offers Beryl a lift back to Sydney with the young couple, but Beryl tells her that she's already accepted Hal Mason's offer. Mason tells Fiona that she must be pleased that the board were so impressed, and he adds that it was good PR inviting all of them. Fiona says, "Not all of them..."

At Dural, Patricia tells Charlie that Gordon has found a business to buy into, but she's not going to show much interest. Charlie asks Patricia if playing with people's lives isn't likely to eventually blow up in her face, but Patricia tells her friend to stop moralising, saying she usually gets her own way, so why should this be an exception?

Angela gets back to Woombai and Rob says he wondered where she'd got to. Angela just says she's been driving. She tells Rob that she wants to talk to him, and then says she shouldn't have married him for a lot of reasons. She says she's going back to Sydney, and she doesn't want him to come with her. She tells him that she's got to sort out what to do. Rob says he's sick of things the way they are - sick of it. He yells at Angela that she's a spoilt little rich girl who makes mountains out of molehills, and tells her that if she wants to go, then go. Angela storms out.

When she gets back to Dural, it doesn't take long for Patricia to work out that something's wrong. Angela says, "Me and Rob - it isn't working out." Patricia tells her daughter to sit down, and she asks what happened. Angela says she loves Rob, but it's Paul... Patricia says she thought that had been sorted out, but Angela replies that today they - "...well, it was only a kiss, but..." She asks her mother how she and Rob can stay married when she loves someone else, and Patricia agrees that it's an impossible situation. She asks Angela if she and Rob have talked, and Angela replies that Paul told her that she should sort it out with Rob, but it's unfair on Rob, as he can't understand why she's getting nasty sometimes. Patricia starts to tell Angela to face the fact that her marriage... when Gordon comes in and asks what's going on. Angela says, "Rob and I have broken up." Gordon asks why, but Patricia answers for her daughter, saying she knew from the start that Angela and Rob were unsuited, and Angela has found out the hard way.

At Woombai, Fiona thanks Paul for helping her to tidy up, and Paul explains that he wanted to stay there so he could avoid Angela. Fiona asks what's happened, and Paul tells her that he went after another man's wife. Fiona says she didn't think Paul was going after Angela, and so Paul explains about how they kissed this morning, adding that it's such a mess. Fiona asks Paul if he loves Angela, but Paul tells her that Angela is married to Rob, and there's no way that can be changed. Fiona asks Paul if that means he doesn't accept divorce, and Paul agrees that he doesn't. He says, "I love her, but she's Rob's wife."

Gordon says he can't understand what went wrong, and Angela tells him that it just wasn't working out. Patricia tells her husband not to pester Angela, but Gordon tells Angela not to take it too seriously, as all marriages need a period of adjustment. Patricia says she can't see the point of prolonging it if it's not working, but Gordon says he can't see the point of throwing it away so easily. Angela snaps at the two of them not to start arguing as well, and they apologise. The 'phone rings, and Angela says she doesn't want to speak to Rob if it's him. Gordon takes the call, while Patricia tells Angela that she hopes she doesn't think she's making her do anything, but Angela says she knows Patricia only wants what's best for her. Gordon tells the two women that it's a call about golf tomorrow, and he'll take it in the study. He leaves the room. Patricia tells Angela that she was wrong to say she and Paul could just be friends. Angela says she loves Paul - and Rob. Patricia says she understands, because, even when she became involved with David, she never really stopped loving Gordon. Angela says she's glad she can talk to Patricia, as Gordon wouldn't understand. Patricia suggests they don't tell Gordon about Paul until it's all over. She asks why they should make life hopeless for Rob if he's going to stay with them, although she adds that it's better to end the marriage now, than let things get more unpleasant.

The next day, Charlie visits Dural and tells Patricia that she can't stay long because she has to pack for her flight to Paris. She asks Patricia to come with her, but Patricia says she can't, as she has too much on her plate. She is struck by a brainwave, however, and tells Charlie that Angela is very confused, and getting her away for a while is the perfect answer, so she can persuade Rob to return to Melbourne. Charlie adds a comment about leaving the way clear for the more socially acceptable Paul Sheppard. Angela enters the lounge at this moment, and Patricia says Charlie has been trying to persuade her to go to Paris, but she's too busy. She suggests to Angela that she should go, and Angela is incredulous. Patricia tells her daughter to hurry up and decide, as Charlie needs to get away quickly, but all Angela can say is, "But Rob..." She says she should at least see him and talk to him, but then realises that a month in Paris would give her time to sort herself out. She asks Charlie if they're leaving today, and Charlie says they are. She tells Angela to start packing. Patricia says she'll talk to Rob, and she adds that he might even go to Melbourne and catch up with his family. Angela says Rob must realise she just needs time to think, to which Patricia replies, "I'll make everything very clear to him..." She turns and smiles at Charlie...

Rosie gets into the Palmer house as David is on the 'phone to a contact of his. When the call is over, he tells Rosie that Barry is staying in a place in Brunswick, and he adds that he can take her there this afternoon if she likes. Rosie points out that a lot of people go out on Sunday afternoons, and she asks if they can go now.

Beryl gets back to the boarding house, having enjoyed bruch with Hal Mason. She invites him in, and immediately starts tidying up, explaining that it's hard to break old habits! She and Mason sit down and Beryl asks Mason about his daughter. Mason says she's called Lindy, and she's quite a talented artist, but she always sees him as a philistine! He tells Beryl that Lindy has an exhibition tomorrow, and he invites her to come along with him. Beryl says she's sure Lindy will want her father to herself, but Mason explains that he won't want to be there at the same time as his daughter as he needs time to think what comments to make. Beryl accepts the invitation.

David and Rosie pull up outside house number 80, and immediately see a woman yelling at a man named Roy to just go, adding that he didn't have to get mixed up. The man yells that he won't pay the woman's fine, but the woman yells back that there might not even be a fine. Roy says that of course there will. He rides off, and David approaches the woman and asks if Barry Andrews lives there. The woman tells him, though, that Barry has been gone for over a week, and she says she doesn't know where he is. Rosie explains that it's important that they find him, as she's his mother, and she hasn't seen him for years. The woman suddenly says, "You're dad's mum?" Rosie says, "Dad? You're my granddaughter - I didn't even know I had one!"

Rosie, David and the woman - Gayle Andrews - return to the Palmer house, but David leaves again almost straight away for work. Gayle says the place is nice, and she then tells Rosie that she's sorry she missed Barry. Rosie says she can't understand his clearing out and leaving like that, and so Gayle tells her that she wasn't worth any money to him any more. She goes on to explain that her mum walked out years ago, and got herself a new husband who paid Barry to look after Gayle. Once Gayle turned 17 a few weeks ago, the money stopped. She says she's been trying to find a job, but she's had no luck. Rosie asks Gayle how she managed, and Gayle confesses that she stole a few things, adding that she had to, as she was hungry. Rosie tells her that she won't go hungry today, and she asks Gayle to help her with the veggies. Rosie tells her granddaughter that she'll have to go back to the shop and give them their money back, but Gayle says it's not that easy, as she got nabbed twice, and although she got let off the first time, the second time she wasn't so lucky, and she's up in front of the magistrate tomorrow. She tells Rosie that she won't be able to pay the fine, so she'll have to go in the detention centre. Rosie says though, "No granddaughter of mine is going in any detention centre." Gayle points out that she can't pay the fine, but Rosie tells her that she'll go with her and see what she can do. Gayle smiles to herself behind Rosie's back...

Fiona is vacuuming at Woombai when she notices there's a burn mark on the carpet, which she attributes to a cigarette. She asks Paul to help her move the settee over it, which he does. Fiona tells him that she feels sorry for Rob, not knowing how bad the situation is. Paul asks Fiona if she thinks he should tell Rob, but Fiona tells him he shouldn't if he wants to hang onto his front teeth! Rob enters the room, and tells Fiona that Alan Pascoe wants her, as there's a problem at the stables. Fiona goes out, and Rob comments to Paul about the place being back to rights. Paul agrees. He tells Rob that he knows a bit about the situation between him and Angela, as he and Angela had a few talks. He adds that she didn't go into details, but he tells Rob that she wants to make the marriage work, but there are serious problems. Paul tells Rob that he should return to Sydney as soon as possible to sort it out. Rob says he'll get his things. Paul sighs heavily.

Rob gets in his car, and Fiona wishes him luck. She asks if she can poke her nose in one more time, and she suggests to him that he get Angela out of the house, and away from any influences. Rob agrees that Patricia hasn't helped. He says, "We'll sort it out." Fiona watches as he drives off.

Gordon tells Patricia that, whatever Angela's problems are, he can't see the point in running away, but Patricia says that, if Angela stayed, it would be too much of an emotional strain. She explains to Gordon that she talked to her daughter, and she's closer to a breakdown than he thinks. Gordon says he doesn't understand, and so Patricia tells him about Angela having second thoughts before the wedding. Gordon asks Patricia why she let Angela go through with it then, and Patricia replies that she thought they were just pre-wedding nerves. Gordon says they're married now, and they should go through with it, but Patricia says a period of separation will give Angela a chance to pull herself together, and if they want to try again, then fine. Gordon tells Patricia that she's right. Patricia tells Gordon that it would be better if he didn't come to the airport, so there's not too much fuss. Angela comes downstairs and Gordon tells her not to let Charlie drag her around. He hugs her, and Patricia says they'd better get going, as they have to pick Charlie up on the way. Angela and Patricia step outside the front door, and Angela turns and looks at her mother, sadly.


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