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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Rob is sitting in the lounge at Dural, late at night, when Angela comes downstairs looking for him. He tells her that he can't sleep. Angela says the situation is getting ridiculous, but she tells Rob that she can't just shut up and go along with what he wants over Fiona. Rob says he's sick of it. He tells Angela that he admits Fiona is partly to blame, but it cuts both ways - she did try to make up over the airstrip. Deciding he wants to avoid more arguments, Rob says he'll sleep downstairs. Angela gives in at this point, though, and says she'll go to the opening of Woombai, as she's sick of arguing as well - but she's not doing it so she can see what Fiona has done to the place. She warns Rob that she's not going to be the life and soul of the party, and she's not going to have anything to do with the hostess.

At the boarding house, Fiona and Beryl are playing cards when the 'phone rings. Fiona tells Beryl to get it, while she goes and cracks open the champagne. Beryl answers the call by saying, "Kevin?" but it's not - it's David - David senior that is! Beryl calls to Fiona that it's a boy. She asks David what it's like, and David replies that it was all wrinkled and red. He adds that Lynn's fine, and the baby weighed 2 kilos. Beryl asks after Kevin, and David tells her that the best bit was when he saw the look on his son's face. He tells Beryl that she should come down, before adding that Kevin told him that the baby looked a bit like him - "ugly little thing!" Beryl says she can't come down, but she asks David to give her love to Lynn. She adds that she'll be down to see baby David as soon as she can. She hangs up, leaving David in Melbourne looking upset. In Sydney, meanwhile, Fiona pours the champagne and remarks that Beryl's 'phone call was quick. She asks if it was a bit awkward speaking to David, and Beryl replies that it was. She then proposes a toast to David Ernest. Fiona gets out a bag of rice to try and work out what 2 kilos is in pounds, and she reckons it's close to five. She adds that a bag of rice is no substitute for the real thing. Beryl looks sad, and Fiona asks her when she is going to go down, but Beryl says it'll be for the Christening, and not before.

The next morning, Patricia is in the lounge when Angela comes in with some gifts for the baby for Rosie to take to Melbourne with her. She shows her mother a bunny plate and bowl set, and the two women recall the set that Angela had at Woombai. Angela says she'll wrap the presents up. Rob is coming downstairs when he hears Angela tell Patricia that she's decided to go to Woombai after all. He listens as Patricia tells Angela that she shouldn't keep giving in to avoid arguments, and as she warns her daughter that Rob will turn her into the 'little woman' with a click of his fingers. Rob looks furious.

Di Miller tells John that she's not going to go to the Woombai opening with him after all. John asks why not, and queries whether it's because there'll be a lot of Ramberg people around. Di says that that's part of the reason. John tells her that Woombai is a big property, and they can easily stay out of the way of other people. Di gives in, and agrees to accompany him.

Wayne calls at the boarding house, and Fiona asks him what he's doing there. Wayne says he's come to apologise for not being able to talk Gordon and Rosie around, but Fiona tells him she never really expected him to. She introduces him to Beryl, and he helps her do up her suitcase. Wayne asks if it's still alright for him to come, and Fiona tells him that she doesn't go back on her word. Wayne leaves, and Fiona remarks to Beryl that, whatever he's after, he's wasting his time. Perking up again, she says she's ready for Johnny. She tells Beryl that they're planning to stop at a florist on the way, to send some flowers to Lynn. Beryl tells Fiona that she hates her paying for everything, but Fiona reminds Beryl that she has an interview this morning, so it might not be that way for much longer. She also tells Beryl to make sure she gets back in good time, as she's going up to Woombai with Hal Mason, and he's going to want to stop for lunch on the way. She adds that she hopes Beryl's not getting cold feet, or going to jump on a 'plane. Beryl says the only place she's going to, is Woombai.

Paul wanders into the lounge at Dural and finds Patricia there. She tells him that she's surprised he's going to the opening after his run in with Fiona, but Paul replies that he didn't see being honest as a 'run in'. He says the next few days are purely business, and to relax with the board. Patricia says Fiona might think Paul has changed his mind, but Paul says he'll tell Fiona if he does change his mind. Rob comes in the room and Paul says he'll see him up there. He leaves, to head off on his motorbike. Rob tells Patricia that Angela is going to want to stop for lunch, and Patricia suggests a creek that Angela likes would be a good place. She adds that it might be a good opportunity for the two of them to have a talk about having kids of their own, telling Rob that Angela has been raving about Lynn's baby. Rob tells Patricia, though, that having children is their decision, and he suggests to her that she's done enough interfering for one day. He walks off, leaving Patricia looking taken aback. Out in the hall, Angela calls 'goodbye' to her mother, and she hugs Rosie, wishing her all the best for her trip. Rosie goes into the lounge, where she tells Patricia that David Ernest is a lucky baby, and he'll be even luckier when Beryl goes home. She adds that she couldn't stay away. She calls to Paul, telling him that she's ready when he is. She leaves the room, and Patricia closes the doors behind her. She makes a 'phone call - to the boarding house. Beryl answers, and Patricia says she's ringing to congratulate her on the birth of her grandson, and she adds that she imagines Beryl will be returning to Melbourne in no time to take on her role as a grandmother. Beryl says, though, that she's not going back, adding that she assumes that that's what Patricia wanted to hear...

At Woombai, the guests are beginning to mingle. Fiona greets Paul, Beryl and Hal Mason when they arrive, and she introduces them to Alan Pascoe, who says he'll find some girls to show them round. Beryl says she'll go and find John, so she can tell him how her interview went. Fiona tells her that John went off with Di. She asks Hal Mason to look after Beryl while she meets some more of the throng. When they're alone, Beryl asks Mason if Di is his secretary, and Mason confirms this fact. Beryl remarks that Di and John seem to be getting on well - which is nice to see after his last - snobbish - girlfriend. Mason tells Beryl that she was very quiet on the way up, and he asks her about herself. Beryl says she's sure he wouldn't be interested, but Mason tells her that it'll save him having to spend all his time discussing business.

Kevin finds Jill in the kitchen at the Palmer house, and she tells him that David has gone to collect Rosie from the airport. She adds that she's prepared afternoon tea for the housekeeper when she arrives. Kevin wants to get stuck in, but Jill warns him off! She tells him that Vic and Muriel are back. At this moment, David and Rosie come in, and Rosie immediately hugs Jill and gives Kevin the presents from Angela. David says he'd better get back to the depot. Kevin shows everyone a teddy he has, which is in his football team's colours, and which he can't wait to show Vic! He goes next door, leaving Rosie to tell Jill that Kevin is a nice boy, who takes after his mother, although his hair was a mess, making him look like the Wild Man of Borneo! Jill tells Rosie that she has a surprise for her - full afternoon tea. Rosie says it's a lovely thought.

At Woombai, John, Di, Rob and Angela are all together, and they start discussing children, with John suggesting to Rob that it can't be long before he and Angela have kids. Rob says, though, that he doesn't know. John and Di walk off, and Angela tells Rob that she'll decide when she wants kids. She storms off, noticing Alan Pascoe showing Paul his motorbike outside. Paul asks for a ride, and Angela asks if she can be his passenger. He tells her to hop on, and Rob watches as they ride off.

Di is looking at the label on a bottle of wine when Hal Mason corners her and offers to open it. Di tells him she was going to get John to do it. Mason tells her that the wine is a good choice, and Di tells Mason that he's a good teacher. Mason asks Di whether, when her fling with John is over, she could let him back into her life, but Di says she doesn't think that's a good idea. Mason says John is just a twenty year old kid, but Di replies that she just wants a good time. She tells Mason that he'll always be important to her, but Mason suggests that it'll just be friends from now on. Di tells him that she doesn't just see her relationship with John as a fling - she says he's the first person she's relaxed with since Jim died. Mason sourly says, "Thanks very much," but Di tells him that he was always hung up about people at work knowing about them. She adds that she's really happy now. Mason asks what he's supposed to do, but Di tells him that he'll find someone else - and hopefully, for that woman's sake, he won't want it to be kept a secret.

Rosie is miles away when Jill interrupts her by asking what she's thinking about. Rosie replies that she was thinking about what she said earlier about Kevin looking like the Wild Man of Borneo. She says it was something she used to say about Barry when he was younger. She tells Jill that she's worried about how he'll be when she finds him. Jill suggests Rosie should just get it over and done with, and she tells her that David will give her a lift, but Rosie becomes all indignant, saying she hasn't forgotten the way David chased after Patricia. Jill tells Rosie that everyone makes mistakes, but David has totally forgotten about Patricia now, and he's really missing Beryl. She adds that she can't understand how Beryl can stay away, as she's never been part of a family before, and she's realised how much she's missed out on. Rosie says Beryl will come back soon.

John remarks to Di that Beryl seems to be having a good time, and Di agrees. Beryl tells Hal Mason that Alan Pascoe has been arranging for her to go out riding in the morning. Pascoe invites Mason to join them, but Mason unenthusiastically says he'll see how he feels. Pascoe leaves them, and Beryl apologises to Mason for forcing him. Mason apologises for not being more enthusiastic. He asks Beryl if this is her first big outing since she came to the city, and Fiona chips in that Beryl is an old stick-in-the-mud. Mason says that's no good, and he tells Beryl that Sydney has some of the best restaurants in the world. He then invites her to join him for dinner some time, and Beryl accepts, telling him she's looking forward to it. Mason says he'll make the booking. He leaves Beryl alone with Fiona, and Beryl remarks that she has her first date. Fiona says she thinks Hal Mason is a smooth operator, and she warns Beryl to watch him, but Beryl replies that he was just being kind. She adds that Fiona is sounding just like Patricia, and she explains about the call earlier, and how Patricia sounded really gleeful when she called Beryl a grandmother. Fiona says it sounds like Patricia will do anything to ensure Beryl and David will stay separated, but Beryl tells her that she and David are finished, and nothing will change that. She adds that it's very flattering to be asked out to dinner, even if it was only a friendly invitation, but if she meets someone she likes, she won't let anyone else's opinion hold her back...


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