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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Kevin and Susan help Lynn into the hospital. Susan goes off to find a nurse, and Lynn asks Kevin to ring Vic and Muriel, who are currently in Perth. A nurse arrives to take Lynn into the prep room. Susan suggests to Kevin that they should go to the administrative desk. Kevin tells his wife that he loves her. He then asks Susan if it'll be alright, and Susan replies that there's no reason why not. Kevin says he feels so useless.

David gets home, and calls out. He thinks noone's there, but Jill suddenly appears in the kitchen with a packed suitcase. She tells David that Lynn is in hospital, as the baby is coming early. David asks where Kevin is, and Jill tells him that he's already at the hospital. David wonders if he should ring Beryl, but decides not to, explaining to Jill that it would be better if he waited until they had some good news.

In the lounge at Dural, Rob asks Angela what she's reading, and Angela replies that it's just the TV guide. Rob asks her if she's seen his car keys, and she points them out on top of the bar. Rob says he's taking Beryl out to cheer her up, as she hasn't been able to find a job yet. He asks Angela if she'd like to come along, but Angela says she's not going anywhere near Fiona's. She suggests that they could all meet up somewhere, but Rob tells his wife she's being childish, and he suggests she'd be better off staying at home. When Rob has gone, Angela tells Patricia that she never thought Rob would be so stubborn. She asks her mother if she's doing the right thing, but Patricia replies that it's none of her business - although she adds that Angela standing her ground will make her marriage stronger.

David and Jill arrive at the hospital, and Kevin tells them that there shouldn't be anything to worry about. The doctor tells Kevin that he can see Lynn now, and Kevin heads off to the maternity ward. David asks the doctor about the fact that the baby's premature, but the doctor says Lynn is progressing very nicely, and he tells David that he has nothing to worry about. Susan tells David to relax and sit down. David says he hopes everything's alright, as Lynn has been worried since Beryl... Susan says it's going to be fine. David asks if Vic and Muriel have been contacted, and Susan explains that Kevin rang them. She then asks David if he's called Beryl, but David says he hasn't, as Beryl's still upset at losing her baby...

Kevin tells Lynn that she's beatiful, but Lynn says she doesn't feel glamourous! Kevin tells her that he, Susan, David and Jill are there, and he's rung her parents. Lynn asks Kevin if he'll stay for the birth, and Kevin replies, "Try and keep me away!"

As they sit in the corridor, David reminisces with Susan over when Beryl gave birth to her, and how they only just got to the hospital in time. He adds that when Kevin was born, he could certainly cry! Jill wryly comments, "The joys of parenthood!" Susan says she'll ask for time off, so she can help with the baby, but Jill says she'd like to help. She then suggests they should go home and get something to eat. Susan's happy with this idea. David says he'll go and ask Kevin.

Lynn tells her husband that it'll be ages yet. Kevin says he wants to be there, but Lynn repeats that it'll be a long time before the baby is born. The doctor also tells Kevin that he could have a wait on his hands, and says Lynn could be in for a long labour. David and Lynn persuade Kevin to go home for a while, and he finally agrees.

Patricia tells Gordon that the party she's going to this evening at Charlie's will be an ordeal because Jane Davis will be there. Gordon thanks his wife for telling Charlie that he couldn't make it, and he then also thanks her for letting Rosie use the old Sheppard house in Melbourne. Patricia says she thinks Rosie is going on a wild goose chase, but Gordon says they should do what they can to support her. Patricia says Rosie's sister should have kept it to herself, and Gordon replies that she would have, only she thinks she's dying. He tells Patricia that he'll never forget how Rosie was after her marriage broke up, and her son went with his father. Patricia says it must have taken place five years before she arrived. Gordon says he and Nancy were glad to see the back of them, as the father was a real no-hoper, and Barry wasn't much better, but it tore Rosie apart. Patricia recalls that Rosie's husband eventually died, and then adds that this may be a brand new start for the housekeeper: "She may decide to stay down there with her son - I'll keep my fingers crossed for her." She smiles a very broad smile.

Fiona is just entering the boarding house when Rob catches up with her. She remarks about Angela not being with him, and Rob replies that he'll have to make some sort of excuse to Beryl. He tells Fiona that he and Angela are always arguing now. Fiona tells him to forget about the opening if it's that much trouble.

Kevin asks Susan if she's on duty, and Susan says she is, and she gets up to make a move. Jill goes outside with her, having left her wallet in Susan's glovebox. In the kitchen, Kevin tells David that he's glad Vic's not there, as he would have driven him up the wall! He asks his father how he felt when Beryl was having him and Susan, and David replies that it was the same feeling as Kevin is having now. Kevin says he wishes Beryl was there, as Lynn would feel happier. David says Beryl's going to come back because she wants to, not because she has to.

Gordon asks Rosie if she's packed, and she says she is. She adds that she's not looking forward to it, as Barry might slam the door in her face. Gordon tells Rosie that, if she's that worried, she shouldn't go, but Rosie says she has to find out where he's been. She then says she doesn't know anyone else down there, and so Gordon reminds her that Barbara is down there, but Rosie doesn't want to bother her. Angela comes in and suggests that Rosie could stay with the Palmers. Gordon says that would clear up the problem. Angela offers to call them.

David is showing Jill some of Kevin's baby photos when the 'phone rings. Angela asks how everyone is, and David tells her that he thought it might be the hospital. He explains about Lynn, and Angela asks David to let her know when there's some news. She then asks David if he could put Rosie up, and David says of course he can - as long as she doesn't mind living in a madhouse! Angela says she'll hang up in case the hospital calls. Turning to Rosie, she says it's all fixed. Rosie says she's worried she may be in the way with the baby there, but then realises there will probably be lots to do around the house. Gordon tells Rosie to just say yes!

David says that, now Angela knows, he should ring Beryl. He then suggests to Kevin that perhaps it would be better coming from him, otherwise Beryl will think he's using it to get to her.

Beryl tells Rob that she doesn't really feel like going out. Rob tells his sister that he'll cheer her up it if kills him! He suggests they make it some other time, and Beryl replies that it was a lovely thought, anyway. She tells Rob that he should head off now, and as he leaves, he tells Beryl to keep her chin up. By the door, he tells her that he'll call her tomorrow. Just after Beryl has shut the door , the 'phone rings, and Fiona calls to Beryl to get it. Beryl picks up the receiver, hears the STD pips and then Kevin's voice. Beryl asks him how he is, and Kevin tells her that Lynn's having the baby. Beryl asks how soon it's due, and Kevin replies that it'll be a while - long enough for her to get there if she wanted. Beryl says it would be a rush. Kevin suggests to his mother that she should talk to David, but Beryl says she'd rather not. She says she'd like to be there, but she can't. Kevin says he understands. Beryl says she'll be thinking of them. She lets him go, thanking him for calling. Kevin tells his mother that they all love her, adding, "I miss you, mum." Beryl replies, "I miss you too, love." As she hangs up, Beryl sobs to Fiona that she wants to be there, but she can't.

Kevin tells David that Beryl could still change her mind, but David says he doubts it. The 'phone rings - it's a nurse from the hospital, who tells Kevin that Lynn has been taken to the labour ward. Kevin hangs up and says, "It's coming - let's go."

Paul is having dinner late, and tells Rosie to get going, rather than wait for him and then clear away. The housekeeper goes, leaving Paul and Angela alone. Paul tells Angela it was nice of her to arrange for Rosie to stay with the Palmers. Angela replies that she was in a bad mood, and needed to throw her weight around. Paul asks Angela if she and Rob are arguing. Angela says, "Again." Paul tells Angela that she can trust him. There's silence for a few seconds, before Angela says she and Rob always seem to be at each other's throats. Paul says there's a lot to get used to at the start of a marriage. Angela says she's seen a side of Rob that she didn't know about before, and she doesn't like it. Paul says everyone has faults, and the main thing is to tell each other how you feel. Angela says she supposes so. She adds that they'll work it out. Paul remarks that giving advice is easier than taking it. Angela tells Paul that he has a way with words, and suggests he should have been a politician.

Kevin, David and Jill arrive at the hospital. Jill goes to call Susan.

Angela is watching TV when Rob comes in. She asks him how Beryl was, and Rob tells her about his sister missing the kids. Angela tells Rob about Lynn being in hospital, and she suggests they should buy a present. Rob suggests a case of champagne. Angela laughingly says she meant for the baby! Patricia comes in and asks why the excitement. Angela explains, and Patricia replies that she thought the two of them might have made up over Woombai. An annoyed Rob says he doesn't want to get back into a shouting match, but Angela says nothing will make her change her mind. She storms off to bed, leaving Rob to snap at Patricia, asking her why she had to mention it. Patricia tells Rob to realise that she doesn't like to see them arguing...

Fiona suggests to Beryl that she should go to bed, but Beryl says she couldn't sleep - she just can't help thinking she should be at the hospital. Fiona tells Beryl that she's being hard on herself, but Beryl says noone really seems to understand just how much David hurt her. Fiona tells Beryl to forget about David, reminding her that she's missing out on the birth of her first grandchild, but Beryl says again about how she stood by David through everything - the strike, the affair, when he lost his job - and the one time she really needed him, he wasn't there. She tells Fiona that, if she went back, she'd have to see him, and she doesn't want to.

When Susan turns up at the hospital, David asks her if she had any problems getting away, but she says she traded shifts with one of the other nurses. David says he's been thinking about how Beryl must have felt in the hospital, thinking she could lose the baby, and he rhetorically asks his daughter why he didn't leave the wedding. At this moment, Kevin runs into the corridor and David says, "Well?" Kevin replies, "You're a grandfather - it's a boy!" David, Susan and Kevin hug each other tightly, and Kevin has a massive smile on his face.


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