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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

Di pulls away, and Mason asks what's wrong. Di says there's nothing wrong. She offers Mason a drink, and he apologises for being late, blaming it on a call he had from Melbourne just as he was leaving. He tells Di the food smells good, and Di replies that it's a casserole. Mason asks Di to be honest, and Di remarks that she never could hide her feelings. She says she was going to wait until after dinner, but... She tells Mason that she thinks they should stop seeing each other. Mason asks why, and queries whether Di has found someone else, but Di says the relationship has become too comfortable. Mason asks what's wrong with that, and Di says, "Nothing," but she tells him she came along for him when he needed help through his divorce, but she should have ended the relationship back then. Mason says he never wanted to tie the two of them down, and adds that things have changed now. Di says that's the problem - she helped him at a very difficult time, and she likes him very much, but she thinks it's time for them to be by themselves again. She adds that a few things have happened recently which opened her eyes a lot. Mason asks Di if she wants another job, but Di says she's very happy where she is - she just doesn't want to think about work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Mason remarks that this is all very sudden, as he thought they were getting along so well together. He asks if there's someone else, and Di replies that there could be - it's too early to say yet.

Wayne sets up a lamp so that Rosie can see to darn socks, although he tells her that it would be cheaper to throw them away. He asks the housekeeper if she isn't just a little bit interested in going to the opening at Woombai, but Rosie says she's not going, as she prefers to remember the place as it was before the whole riding school mess got under way. John comes in and Wayne asks him where he got to after work. John says he had to see someone. Wayne asks who, but John tells him that it's none of his business. Wayne asks Rosie once more if she's sure, and Rosie says she is. John tells Wayne not to push Rosie into going if she doesn't want to. Rosie says she can't possibly go with her sister the way she is.

Hal Mason thanks Di for the meal, but, having left most of it, explains that he's not very hungry. Di offers Mason a sweet, but he declines. She tells him that she needed a change, which is why she moved into the boarding house. Mason says Wayne thought he was the one who arranged that, but Di says as if she'd pass on any information to Wayne about Fiona. She asks Mason why he let Wayne go ahead with that, and Mason replies that he wanted to see how Wayne could get round people - if he could get round Di, he could get round anyone! He then tells Di that he's not going to get upset over all this, but he would like to stay the night. Di says he can't, though, explaining that she wants the break. Mason says one more night won't make any difference, but Di says she doesn't want to. Mason leaves, saying they'll talk tomorrow.

The next morning, Rosie says she feels terrible, as her sister thinks she's going to die. Gordon says the house isn't important, and he tells the housekeeper to go and visit her sister in the nursing home. Rosie says she'll be back as soon as she can. When she's gone, Wayne tells Gordon about Rosie refusing to come to the opening of Woombai. Gordon asks why she should, and Wayne points out that he's going, and so are Paul, John and Rob. He says it makes Gordon and Rosie look bloody-minded, but Gordon says he has an opinion of Fiona, and so does Rosie, and they don't want to be involved. Wayne says they might have a good time, but Gordon tells his son that if he's got nothing sensible to say, he should go to work.

John turns up at Di's with croissants for breakfast, and Di immediately tells him that she wishes he'd rung. She adds that she's already eaten, but says the tea's hot, and invites him in. John asks how last night was, and Di replies that it was fine. John says he was thinking of bringing over some slap-up tea, but it would have been too fancy. Di says that if anyone found out about their relationship... well, she'd rather it was kept quiet. John says he can't see the problem, but Di tells him that the gossips would soon get going. John promises he'll be good. He goes to kiss her, and quickly says he hopes he's not moving too fast. Di just says she's just not used to it. A surprised John says she must have had boyfriends since Jim, but Di tells John that there's been noone as enthusiastic as him! John says, "Runs in the family!"

Lynn is vacuuming the Palmer house when she hears banging on the window, and sees Jill standing there. She lets her in, and Jill immediately tells Lynn that she should be relaxing, and she offers to take over. Lynn says she feels fine, but Jill tells her that, if she does the housework this morning, she won't feel like going bowling this afternoon. She points out to Lynn that Kevin would hit the roof if he saw her doing the cleaning, and adds that if she's not careful, the baby will be born with housemaid's knee! Jill offers to help Lynn get ready to go out, and while they're doing this, she asks what the baby's name's going to be. Lynn replies that, if it's a boy, it's going to be David Ernest. Jill asks about if it's a girl, but Lynn says Kevin's certain it'll be a boy! They turn to discussing what Lynn's going to wear to go bowling, but all she has is maternity frocks. Jill offers to help Lynn do herself up a bit. Lynn confesses that when they were in Sydney, she thought Jill had her eye on Kevin. Jill remarks that guys like that don't come along very often.

When Kevin gets home from school at lunchtime, he asks Jill if Lynn is alright, and Jill tells him how she caught his wife doing the vacuuming. Kevin says he hopes Lynn's OK, and he asks her if she should really go, but Lynn says she still has another month before the baby is due. Kevin leaves again, saying he'll see them at about 6pm.

When Rosie gets back, Gordon asks her how her sister is, but Rosie sullenly replies, "Alright." Gordon asks what's wrong, but Rosie says, "Nothing." Gordon tells her to sit down, and he asks what happened. Rosie says her sister went on about dying, and about being sick, and not being able to manage without her there. Gordon asks Rosie why she's looking so miserable, and she replies that Barry - her son - has been in touch with May, and she gave him money. Gordon asks how Barry found out where her sister was, and Rosie replies that he had her old address, and the letter was forwarded to the nursing home. Her sister didn't tell her earlier, but she wanted her to know before she died. She tells Gordon that she doesn't know what to do - his address is in Melbourne, but she doesn't know whether to contact him or not. She says, though, "He is my son." She adds that he was a good kid when he was young.

Di bumps into Hal Mason at the Ramberg offices, explaining that she was bringing some files to him. Mason says he's been going through his diary and there's a dinner tomorrow for which he needs a partner. He invites Di, but she says she's tied up. Mason asks if it's because of last night, but Di says it isn't, but it would be difficult for them to see each other socially. Mason asks her if she's spending tomorrow night with a 'friend' - at which point, Wayne emerges from the room outside which they were standing. Mason angrily asks him what he wants, and Wayne replies that the two of them are supposed to be attending a meeting. Di walks off, and Wayne tells Mason that he's worked out why he hasn't been getting anywhere with her - because she's been seeing quite a lot of John Palmer lately. Mason's head swings round sharply to stare at his PA as she walks down the corridor, but he tells Wayne that he's not interested in typing pool gossip.

Gordon makes Rosie a cup of tea, as Wayne gets home and asks if he can use the study. Rosie says she'll go and put the dinner on. She leaves the room, and Wayne asks his father what was wrong with her, saying she looked as if she'd been crying. Gordon explains about Barry turning up again, and about how he conned money out of Rosie's sister. Wayne remarks that it's a long time since Rosie has seen him, and Gordon agrees, saying it's a good twenty years. Wayne asks what else Rosie said, but Gordon tells his son that he has to go out. Wayne says he could try and cheer her up, but Gordon tells Wayne that he can be so insensitive sometimes, that he'll probably put his foot in it. Wayne says as if he'd do a thing like that with Rosie. Gordon tells him to leave her alone.

There's a knock at Di's door - it's Hal Mason, who says he followed her home, and he wants to talk. Di says she hoped he'd accepted it, but Mason just asks her if John Palmer is her new friend. Di says she hopes it won't affect his job, and Mason says of course it won't, but he asks why she didn't tell him. Di says she doesn't know. Mason says he doesn't like to hear things second-hand. Di says she's sorry. Mason apologises for his bad mood as well, explaining that he's had a hell of a day, trying to think what went wrong. Di says it wouldn't have lasted, and she tells Mason that she never kidded him that it was anything it wasn't. She suggests to Mason that he should leave, pointing out that they still have to work together. Mason tells Di that he'll see her tomorrow. As she shuts the door, Di looks very miserable.

Wayne emerges from the study and tells Rosie that he's sorry for pressuring her into going to Woombai. He adds that he feels rotten, as Gordon told him about her family trouble. Rosie says she has Barry's address in Melbourne, and she's going to see him - it might be asking for trouble, but she wants to see him. Wayne suggests Rosie should write first, but Rosie says she doubts he'd reply.

Kevin joins Jill, Lynn and Susan at the bowling alley, and Kevin asks his wife how she's been. Lynn says she's good. A while later, Jill sends a bowl shooting down the lane, but it spins into the gulley at the side. Everyone laughs! Kevin stands up, sends a bowl down the lane and scores another strike. It's Susan's turn, and she, Kevin and Jill all stand up, leaving Lynn sitting at the table behind them. Kevin asks Jill if Lynn is alright, and Jill replies that she seems to be. Susan also gets a strike, and she, Kevin and Jill laugh about it. They turn to where Lynn is sitting - only she's not sitting any more - she's bending over on the ground, looking in pain. Susan says she'll call a doctor, but Lynn says she thinks they should go straight to the hospital - "It's happening..."


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