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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

Wayne is walking across the car park into the Ramberg offices when Jennifer Hickson catches up with him. She tells him that some of the things she said at the restaurant the other night were private - especially what she said about Di Miller. Wayne replies that he found it hard to believe that, anyway, and he promises that things will go no further than him. Jennifer tells him that she had a nice night, and she suggests they should do it again some time. Wayne says, "Sure."

Inside, John tells Di that his head's off the chopping block, and he thanks the PA for her help. He suggests dinner. Di tells him that he's in Mason's good books because of his work, not because of what she did, but she agrees to a meal. Wayne joins them and asks if Mason is in. Di explains that he's seeing Patricia, and then has some projects to deal with. Wayne asks Di to put some files on Mason's desk. Finding himself alone with Wayne, John says he's going to be around a lot longer than Wayne thought. Wayne replies, "Bad work isn't the only reason people get fired..."

In the study at Dural, Mason asks Patricia for an assurance that the situation with Paul Sheppard won't happen again, and Patricia promises not to use the heir to get her own way in future. She adds that she supposes she's small fry now that Paul's on-side, but Mason tells her that the problem only arose because she mixed her personal and private lives. Patricia says she supposes Mason never does anything like that, and Mason replies that he doesn't.

In the lounge, Charlie tells Angela that Patricia will miss her 'plane if she's not careful. She shows Angela a picture of the Count she met in Paris. Angela asks Charlie if she's pulling her leg over the title, but Charlie asks who cares with a body like that?! She asks Angela if the wedding made the social pages, but Angela replies that she told her mother that she didn't want to bother with that. Charlie says she thinks it's hysterical that Paul posed as the gardener when he first turned up. Patricia and Mason emerge from the study, and Mason leaves. Charlie tells Patricia to hurry up and pack, and she'll drive her to the airport. She asks her friend if she's sure she's doing the right thing, and Patricia replies, "Of course."

Several hours later, Patricia and David are sitting in a restaurant in Melbourne, and David says he thought they were going to have a lighter meal on the beach. He adds that he hasn't got long, as he has to get back to work. Patricia proposes a toast to David and Beryl, and she tells David that she hopes the situation sorts itself out. David says he hopes for the same. He asks Patricia what the problem is between Angela and Rob that she wanted to talk about, and Patricia replies that Angela told her about how she ran away from Rob on the second night of their honeymoon. David remarks that marriage takes some getting used to. Patricia says she thinks Rob and Angela rushed into marriage, and now Angela's having second thoughts. David says it's a bit late for that, and Patricia replies that she's hoping to sort it out, and she'll be doing her best to help them. David says Angela was full of fight when she left Melbourne. Patricia says her daughter still is full of fight, but it may be that she and Rob are just very different people. She asks, "If you can't understand that, who can?"

At Dural, Rosie tells Gordon that she agrees with Angela about not going to the opening of Woombai, but she doesn't like to see her fighting with Rob. Gordon tells the housekeeper that it's none of their business. Rosie says she heard Patricia and Angela at breakfast, and Patricia's talk won't help. She says the couple have only been married for a week, and Angela ignored Rob this morning. Gordon agrees to talk to his stepdaughter - and Angela comes in at that very moment. Gordon asks if he can speak to her in the study. When they get in there, he tells Angela that she shouldn't let Woombai come between her and Rob. He adds that they should compromise, explaining that a cold war isn't really necessary. Angela says she's angry with Rob, but Gordon tells her to yell, or throw things, but don't bottle it up. He tells Angela that he can see Patricia in her sometimes. He says she's found a nice, hard-working young man who's in love with her, and he deserves more than the cold shoulder a week after the honeymoon. He suggests to Angela that she should at least talk to Rob.

Rosie is vacuuming the lounge when Angela comes in and asks for some marble cake. Rosie asks Angela if she talked to Gordon, and Angela assures the housekeeper that she can stop worrying. Rosie knocks the chess set, and worries about not being able to put the pieces back in the right place. Angela says Paul taught her how to play, so she'll do it. Rosie comments that Paul is a nice man, and she adds that she wishes she was younger! Angela sits down to rearrange the chess pieces, looking very thoughtful.

David and Patricia pull up at the depot, and Patricia says she hopes noone will be annoyed at David for being late, particularly after the recent trouble. David thanks Patricia for lunch, and asks to be kept informed about Angela. Patricia says that, if she can help in any way with Beryl... David says it's a nice thought, anyway. As he heads back into the depot, Patricia has a broad smile on her face.

Back in Sydney, Patricia tells Charlie that things couldn't have worked out better, as they were both totally relaxed. Charlie asks what they talked about, and Patricia replies that it was Rob and Angela. Charlie says things aren't that bad between them, but Patricia tells her, "They will be..." She says it won't be long before they split up, and she rhetorically ask Charlie what better chance there will be for her to see David? A worried Charlie tells Patricia that she's changed, as she's meddling in people's lives a lot now - if Angela's happy, she should be left alone. Patricia asks Charlie if she'd want her daughter married to Rob Keegan, but Charlie points out that she never had children. She says she likes Rob, and although he doesn't have Paul's money, that's not everything. Patricia remarks to Charlie that she's suddenly become very moral. Charlie tells her friend to chase after David if she wants, but leave Angela happy. Patricia replies, "She will be if I have my way..."

John and Di return to Di's room at the boarding house after a nice meal, and find Plan C wandering around outside. Di explains that Bunty and Thel are looking after the cat while Jill is away. She picks her up, and tells John that she and Jim had a cat just like Plan C, but she gave her away when she moved into her new room. They go into said room, and Di starts organising two coffees. John tells Di that he wishes she wouldn't get funny when she mentions her husband. He asks her why she's hung up about him, and Di replies that he's dead. John says he can understand her not wanting to talk... Di kisses John and then tells him that she's been thinking about that all night. John says he didn't expect it after last time, and he tells Di that he'd like to see more of her. Di says there are a couple of problems, but, yes, she'd like to see more of him as well. They kiss again.

Patricia is in the lounge at Dural late at night, when Angela comes downstairs. Angela says she's worried that Rob hasn't returned home yet, and adds that it wouldn't have hurt him to have 'phoned. She says she doesn't think she's done anything wrong, and Patricia assures her daughter that she hasn't. Angela says she'll tell Rob that she's not going, but she can't stop him. Patricia asks her daughter who she's been speaking to, saying that what she's coming out with sounds like one of Gordon's wishy-washy compromises. Angela admits that Gordon told her not to keep fighting, but Patricia warns her daughter against ending up as another mindless housewife whose husband doesn't allow her an opinion of her own. She says Rob is in the wrong, and Angela should be firm with him - it will be better for the marriage in the long-run. She adds that, if Gordon had been firmer with her over the years, she might have woken up to herself sooner. At this point, Rob comes in and Angela angrily asks if he had a good time. Rob says he was out with some mates from work. Angela asks him if he's changed his mind about Woombai, but Rob says he hasn't. He adds, "You can't blame me for going out when you're like this."

In the car park at Ramberg the next evening, John tells Di that he's been thinking about her all day, but he couldn't get close to her. They agree to meet at Di's later. As they talk, and get close to each other, they don't realise that Wayne is watching them from a distance, with a sneaky smile upon his face...

Rosie tells Angela that she doesn't like to see her and Rob having problems, but Angela snaps that it's none of the housekeeper's business. She immediately apologises and says she's too big to be told what to do by Rob. The front door slams, and Angela tells Rosie that, if it's Rob, she's going to say sorry. It's not Rob, though - it's Gordon. Rosie asks him to talk some sense into his stepdaughter, and she leaves the room. Gordon asks Angela what Rosie meant, and Angela replies, "What do you think?" She says Rosie is amazing, as she's led such a sheltered life, but thinks she has to answer to everyone's problems. Gordon says Rosie has had her fair share of troubles.

John and Di are snogging on the sofa, and, when John takes a breather, he says it's unfair that he can't stay. Di says she has to go out, and she looks at John's watch before telling him that his time is up. John asks how many more old girlfriends Di has nights out with planned for, but Di says this is the last one. John tells her to have a nice night, and he leaves. Di immediately goes to the cupboard, takes out two candles and puts them on the table...

Patricia is coming downstairs when Gordon asks to speak to her in the study. Once in there, he tells his wife that he's sick to death of trying to pin her down about his job, but Patricia replies that she didn't think her opinion was important. She tells Gordon that she has more than enough money to set him up very nicely in anything, but Gordon says he'd rather be independent. He says he doesn't want him wife's money, as he didn't inherit it, and he'd rather make his own arrangements. Patricia snidely says, "Or go along with Barbara's arrangements." Gordon tells his wife that she knows he's not seeing Barbara anymore, and Patricia says she's sorry. She adds, though, that it hurts her to think that she can't help him financially. Gordon finally gives in, and agrees not to take the job, saying he'll tell the company he's not interested. Patricia smiles.

Di is all dressed up, the table is laid, and the candles are lit. She suddenly blows them out, though, and puts them back in the cupboard. There's a knock at the door, and, as she goes to answer it, she puts the main lights back on. The visitor is Hal Mason, who says, "Do I really need you tonight - what a day..." He and Di kiss...


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