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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

David and Jill arrive at the Palmer house from the airport, and Kevin tells Jill that it's good to see her. Jill says it's good to be there. She and Susan are introduced, and Jill tells Susan that she's pleased to meet her. David offers to get Jill a drink, and she asks for a light Melbourne beer! Susan gives her guest a set of house keys. In the kitchen, Kevin asks David if Jill gave him any news on Beryl, but David replies that Jill didn't say anything. In the lounge, Jill tells Susan that she was breaking her neck to get there, as it's the first holiday she's ever had. Susan says she wishes she could get some time off to go and see Beryl. She asks how her mother is, and Jill replies that she said to pass on her love. Susan asks if Beryl has mentioned David at all, but Jill says she hasn't said anything to her. Susan says she misses her mother. David comes back in with Jill's beer.

Patricia is sitting in the study, looking worried, when Gordon comes in and tells her that he's been offered a job, explaining that one of Barbara's contacts came good. He says he's been offered the chance to come in as general manager, and although he said he'd think about it, he's already decided to take it. Patricia snidely asks him if it's because Barbara's involved, but Gordon tells his wife that she knows he hasn't been in touch with Barbara since she went to Melbourne. Patricia reminds her husband that she said she'd back him, but Gordon points out that he said he didn't want to take her money. Patricia asks Gordon if he's going to go and thank Barbara in person, but Gordon tells his wife not to be ridiculous.

Leaving the study, Patricia finds Paul sitting in the lounge, studying some papers for work. He tells Patricia that he's going to need all the help he can get from her and Hal Mason, now that Fiona's not there to rely on. He explains about how Fiona got angry when he wouldn't agree with her feelings about Patricia, and Patricia replies that there are lots of problems between Fiona and the Hamiltons. Paul says Angela told him, and it made a lot of things fall into place. He adds that his grandfather made quite a mistake, and he asks Patricia why she didn't tell James that Fiona was out to ruin them, but Patricia replies that she didn't want to disillusion him. Paul tells Patricia that she really does care for people. Patricia says she cares too much, according to Hal Mason. She explains briefly about David, and Paul asks why they're letting him go, so Patricia tells him about the argument David had. Paul remarks that Mason wouldn't have said anything unless it could be backed up. Patricia tells him about David's promotion, and how she thinks he would do a great job if he had more time. She suggests to Paul that he could do something about it, but Paul says he doesn't think he has the clout to buy in and tell Hal Mason what to do. Patricia asks Paul if he has confidence in her, and she assures him that she's not letting person feelings get in the way. She says she's sure the fight is a misunderstanding. Paul says he could ask Hal Mason to let him look into it, and see if he can find out the truth. He tells Patricia, though, that he doesn't think he'll be able to do much, as he believes Mason has made the right decision.

Jill is out for an early morning walk, and Kevin catches up with her on his bike, as he does his paper round. They suddenly see some of the other paper boys coming towards them, and a couple of them taunt Kevin about falling off his bike. Kevin explains to Jill about his bike chain, and how it caused him to come off when he hit a pothole. He suggests the two of them go back to the Palmer house for breakfast, and Jill accepts.

Susan arrives at the Palmer house to collect her purse, having left it behind last night. She finds David sitting at the table in the kitchen in his pyjamas, and offers to get him some breakfast. David explains that Lynn is sleeping in, as it's her first day off work. He goes to have a shower just as Lynn emerges from her room. Susan says she's making breakfast. Lynn says she has a long day, as she has a lot to do around the house before she joins Kevin and Jill sightseeing later. She assures Susan that she's not jealous, as she learnt her lesson with Donna. Susan says Jill is nice, and Lynn agrees.

As the younger paper boys emerge from the newsagents, one of them notices he has a flat tyre. He wonders who did it. Kevin comes out behind them with Jill, who sneakily comments, "Someone let down their tyres!" Kevin says to her, "Can't take you anywhere!"

Kevin and Jill arrive at the Palmer house, and Kevin asks if there's enough breakfast for their guest. He asks Jill where she'd like to go this afternoon. Susan suggests Victoria Gardens, but Kevin is concerned about Lynn being able to cope with that. Lynn reminds him that she can still get around. Jill jokes with Lynn that she's sure the two of them could walk Kevin off his feet any day!

Paul goes to see Hal Mason at Ramberg. He explains that Patricia thinks David is being unfairly dismissed, and he asks if he can look into it. Mason says he's already made his decision, but Paul replies that it would make Patricia happy. He adds that it will be good experience, as he's going to have to get used to hiring and firing people. Mason agrees to hold off his call to Melbourne while Paul looks at the reports from Ron Jackson and Bates. He asks Paul to be quick, though, as he doesn't want it up in the air too long. He adds, "Besides, it's not really that important..."

A while later, Mason is just starting to dictate a message about John into a tape recorder when Wayne comes into his office. Mason asks him how he's getting on with Fiona, and Wayne says he's working on it. Mason tells Wayne that he hopes he's not still trying to get Di on-side, and Wayne admits that he knows when he's flogging a dead horse. He asks Mason why he let him go ahead when he knew Di would see right through him, and Mason replies that he believes in letting people use their initiative. He tells Wayne, though, that he wants results. Wayne says he'll work on Fiona himself.

At the boarding house, Beryl is telling Fiona that she's prepared for her interview, when there's a knock at the door. It's Wayne, who asks Fiona if he can see her for five minutes. He tells her that he heard in the office that she's set a date for the opening of the riding school, and he was wondering if the Hamiltons were invited. Fiona tells him that he's got a great sense of humour! Wayne replies, though, that he'd like to be there, as the riding school was his idea - and he's sure Gordon would like to be invited as well. Fiona says Gordon wouldn't come, but Wayne says he might if he was to talk to him. He adds that there's no point holding a grudge, but Fiona tells him that he can't afford to hold a grudge against a Ramberg director. Wayne tells Fiona that he's being straight with her, but Fiona replies that Wayne couldn't lie straight in bed! She says, though, that she'd like to get back into Gordon and Rosie's good books, and Wayne says he'll try. Fiona tells him that he's made the invitation list - and if Gordon and Rosie attend, she might even smile at him once in a while around the office!

Patricia finds Gordon sitting in the lounge, and remarks that she thought he was playing golf. Gordon says he's leaving shortly, but he needs to talk first. Patricia says she has a headache. Gordon tells his wife that he has to get back to the company, and he was holding off until the two of them had cleared the air. The conversation goes no further, though, because Angela and Rob come in, arguing. Angela tells Patricia and Gordon that she and Rob have been invited to the opening of the riding school. Gordon asks if it's just the two of them, and Rob says it is. He adds that he asked Fiona to invite them, but Angela says she won't go near the place. Gordon says he should hope not. Rob says he thinks everyone's being rough on Fiona, as she said she was sorry, but Patricia says that's not enough. Angela says she won't even bother replying, so Rob decides that he'll go on his own. He tells his wife that he thought she'd see sense, but Angela replies that he doesn't know her very well. She tears up her invitation.

Paul asks Hal Mason if he can speak to him. He tells him that the telexs didn't go far enough - he had a talk to Mike Rogers, and when he found out that David's job was on the line, he accepted the blame for the incident. Paul tells Mason about David refusing to change the roster, and sending Mike home when he got stroppy. He adds that he talked to Bates as well, and he thinks Bates has got it in for David. He recommends to Mason that David should be given a rap on the knuckles, and Mike should be told to shape up or else. Paul also tells Mason that Mike said he'd do his job as long as David kept giving the orders, and he adds that most of the men at the depot threatened to walk out if David was fired. Mason says it looks as if Paul saved the company from some industrial trouble. He asks Paul to tell Patricia the good news.

Patricia is taking a headache tablet when there's a ring on the doorbell. She goes to answer it and finds Charlie standing there. Charlie explains that she got back last night, but has been dead to the world ever since. She adds that she's sorry she couldn't come to the wedding, but she met a gorgeous man, and fell in love. Patricia says, "Again?!" Charlie says Phillipe has blue eyes, and a title, and is an international model. Patricia says she's glad her friend is happy. Charlie gives Patricia a wrapped gift from Paris, and then, realising Patricia doesn't look happy, asks what's the matter. Patricia says Angela is around, so they can't talk. Charlie says quietly, "David." Patricia says she's so glad to have Charlie back, and she hugs her.

As Patricia lights another cigarette in the study, Charlie comments that her friend has become a chainsmoker in her absence, but Patricia says it's only since last night. Charlie says she can't see what Patricia is so tense about, and Patricia replies that David could lose his job. Charlie says she thought the whole idea was to build him up and then pull the rug from under him, but Patricia says things have changed. She explains about how Beryl left him because she lost the baby and about how she then went a bit odd. She tells Charlie that David is up for grabs. Charlie remarks that no man is worth getting hung-up over, but Patricia says she was silly last time - now, there aren't all the problems with the families - this time, she'll take it slowly. Charlie comments that her friend is making life very complicated, but Patricia says things are totally different this time - John and Angela love her, she has her own money, and David isn't with Beryl anymore - the four of them could be one big happy family. She explains that it'll help to have David in his job, and, when the time is right, she can tell him that she helped to organise it. She tells Charlie that she just needs Paul to talk Hal Mason round. At that moment, Paul calls out to Patricia. Charlie tells her friend to go and put herself out of her misery.

Out in the hall, Paul tells Patricia that he has good news - she was right, and Hal Mason was wrong. He explains that it would have cost the company money to fire David, causing Patricia to ask if she looks as smug as she feels! Paul says he's glad it worked out. Patricia asks Paul if it was purely a business decision, and Paul admits that he would have let David go if it was necessary. Patricia tells Paul that he's more like his grandfather than he realises, and adds that she wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of him. She goes back into the study, where Charlie asks for more champagne to celebrate! She warns Patricia, though, that even though David has left Beryl, he might not come back to her. Patricia tells Charlie that she didn't see the two of them at the wedding, and when John went missing, the two of them stayed up all night, and they were so close... She says she knows David still feels something. She starts to open Charlie's gift, and asks if it's something that can be taken to Melbourne tomorrow. Charlie is astounded that Patricia is going straight after David, but Patricia says there's nothing wrong with dropping in on a friend. Charlie points out that Beryl could return to her husband, but Patricia says she'll ensure Beryl stays in Sydney. Patricia's present is a feather, and she tells Charlie that she likes it. Charlie says she knew Gordon would never last, and Patricia replies that he served his purpose. Charlie warns Patricia to make sure she gets a solid commitment from David before she burns her bridges with John and Angela. Patricia assures her, "Don't worry - by the time I've finished with Beryl and Gordon, the kids won't want to know them." Waving the feather in the air, she continues, "They'll cheer when David and I get together..."


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