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    Written by: Greg Stevens   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

There's a knock at Di's door - it's Wayne. Di lets him in, making a comment about it being 'Prince Charming himself' in the process! Wayne asks her out to dinner, and Di asks if it's to talk about Fiona, adding that he's as subtle as a sledgehammer. She tells him that they've been out three times, and the conversation has always returned to the same subject, but Wayne says he hadn't noticed. Di tells him that, if he thinks she's going to be a source of information, he's out of luck. She adds that, if he thinks she's going to get involved in his schemes, then she's not - she's too busy to bother.

Beryl gets back to the boarding house after doing a lot of walking, and soon notices that Fiona doesn't sound too good. Fiona explains about Paul coming to see her earlier, and how he thinks she has an unfair vendetta against Patricia which he doesn't want to get caught in the middle of. Beryl remarks, "First John, now him." Fiona says she wasn't counting on Angela and Rosie, and Beryl agrees that she's surprised they said anything, but Fiona points out that, if Woombai came up as the subject of conversation, both women would be honest, and would believe what they were saying. She says she was so stupid, and never thought Paul living at Dural would backfire.

At the truck depot, Mike apologises to David for coming on strong about changing the rosters, and he explains that he has a buck's night tonight, and doesn't want to have to be in at 6am in the morning. David says he tried. Mike says he thought they were supposed to be mates. Bates calls out to David to come to his office. Some other blokes invite David to the pub, but he declines, although he says he'll catch up. The men tell him not to bother.

Wayne is on the 'phone, telling someone that he'll meet them for dinner at 7:30pm. When he hangs up, Patricia asks him who it was, and Wayne explains that it was Jennifer from the office. John laughs as he says he didn't think Jennifer was Wayne's type. He adds that Wayne had better be careful what he says. Patricia comments, "Ah, the office gossip!" John leaves the room and Patricia asks Wayne what he's up to. Wayne complains that he's taking a girl out to dinner, and he's suddenly supposed to have an ulterior motive, but Patricia persists in showing she has doubts about her stepson's honesty, and he eventually admits that he's not in Hal Mason's good books at the moment, as he couldn't find anything out about Fiona. Patricia tells Wayne that he needs to try harder. She adds that she hopes he doesn't have anything to do with 'Southern Freight', but Wayne assures her that he doesn't, telling her that anything to do with David Palmer is her affair - "...Pardon the pun!"

David calls at Susan's to invite her to the Palmer house for tea when Jill arrives. He explains that Lynn will be cooking, and Susan offers to bring dessert. David asks his daughter if she's still OK about Jill staying with her, and Susan says that of course she is - she was just angry before that Kevin didn't ask. Changing the subject, she asks her father if he got the rosters done, and David replies that he got there eventually, although he had to spend most of Sunday on them. He tells Susan that the extra money will come in handy, as he'll be able to buy some new furniture and do the house up a bit for when Beryl returns. Susan says he's being a bit optimistic - he'll only be able to get half of that done before she comes back!

John knocks at Fiona's, and when she answers, she tells him that she hopes he's on his own. John asks how Beryl is, and Fiona replies that she's in bed, and she's not going to wake her, as she's going job-hunting tomorrow, and she doesn't need any upsets. John says he's not going to upset her, but Fiona tells him that he didn't do a bad job last time. She asks John what possessed him to bring Patricia there, and John replies that he thought they might sort the mess out. He adds that Fiona should know that he wouldn't deliberately upset Beryl. He points out that at least he's doing something, and he asks Fiona why she's not talking Beryl out of getting a job. Fiona asks what good it would do, as Beryl would just leave and go elsewhere - at least this way, she can try and talk her into returning to Melbourne. She tells John that she's not going to argue with him - she wants Beryl to go back to David just as much as he does. She says, "If you can't trust me, who can you trust?"

Having left Fiona's, John goes upstairs to drop in on Di. She asks if there was trouble downstairs, and when he nods his head, she offers him a drink to try and forget about it. She takes a bottle of wine out of the 'fridge, and, sometime later, when a fair amount has been consumed, she tells him that he should have seen the look on Wayne's face! John says Wayne has been over Paul Sheppard like a rash, and Di remarks that the sooner Wayne learns that hard work is the way to get things done, the better. John tells Di that he likes being with her, as it's the first time he's relaxed all day. Di tells John that she likes being with him as well. They kiss, but Di quickly pulls away. John says he's sorry, but Di tells him there's no need - they have a good friendship, and they should leave it like that. John agrees, and Di kisses him on the cheek in thanks, telling him that he's very nice.

At Dural the next morning, Patricia and Wayne are eating breakfast, and Patricia comments that her stepson looks very cheery. He refuses to say anything about last night, though. John comes in and Wayne asks him how Di was. John asks what he means, and Wayne replies that he assumed John went to Manly Terrace. John says, though, that he went to see Beryl. Patricia asks him how his talk with Beryl went, and so John explains that he didn't get past Fiona - he thinks Beryl is still upset about their earlier visit. He adds that Beryl is apparently going job-hunting. Patricia remarks that Beryl seems to be taking the separation very seriously, and adds, "Poor David - he must be feeling very lonely right now..."

Lynn is ironing Kevin's shirt, and David comments on his son being late for school. Kevin explains that his chain snapped while he was doing his paper round. He blames the other delivery kids, who think he's a jerk for doing a paper round at his age. David tells the kids that he's been thinking: he made a promise to Vic that he'd look after them after they got married, and now that they've moved back, he thinks he should honour that promise once more. He tells the kids to give up their jobs. Kevin says he might keep his on, but Lynn says she'll be glad to be off her feet. Kevin remarks that it's time his old lady retired!

Beryl is poring over the job adverts in the newspaper, but she bemoans to Fiona the fact that they all require plenty of experience. Fiona tells Beryl not to talk herself out of applying for them. Beryl says she's going out to the hairdresser's, and then she's going to see if she can find some work. She tells Fiona that she's going to do her damndest to come back with a job.

David's 'phone rings - it's Patricia. She says she felt she had to ring as she was upset to hear about Beryl. She tells David that it's so unfair on him. David asks Patricia if she really passed on the right message after Susan called, and Patricia assures him that of course she did. She tells him to check with Susan, who'll confirm that the line was bad. She informs David about her trip with John to see Beryl and try and explain and say sorry about the baby, and how Beryl wouldn't listen. David thanks Patricia for trying, and he tells her that, once his wife gets over the loss of their child, she'll come home. Patricia says, though, that taking a job is a bad sign. David says he didn't realise, and Patricia 'apologises' for putting her foot in it. David says it looks like it's going to take longer for Beryl to come back than he thought. He has to go, and Patricia says she hopes it all works out. David looks thoughtful. Patricia looks ever-so-slightly pleased with herself.

When David gets to the depot, Bates asks him why Mike's truck is still in the yard, and David explains that Mike can't have turned up. Bates tells David to find a replacement driver, fast. At that moment, Mike staggers up to them, and David realises he obviously can't send the driver out while he's still drunk. He tells Mike that he's taking him off the run, but Mike gets annoyed, and the other workers back him up as he accuses David of having it in for him. Bates yells at the men to get back to work. Mike starts to walk towards his truck, but David puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him to go home. Mike turns round and lashes out at David. He misses, but David lands a punch on Mike, and floors him. He yells at Mike again to go home.

A while later, David sees the other blokes and asks if they're going to the pub, but they ignore him. Bates tells David that he warned him he wouldn't be able to keep in good with everyone. He adds that Head Office won't be happy - he says he had to make out a report about the incident, and he informs David that he should start looking for another job.

Beryl arrives back at the boarding house with a new short haircut, and she tells Fiona that she has three interviews tomorrow. She adds that the CES pointed out that her age and lack of experience might go against her, though. Fiona is still really pleased for her.

Susan asks Lynn what they said at the cakeshop when she told them that she'd be leaving, and Lynn replies that they were really nice, and asked her to take in the baby when she's born. Kevin queries, "She?!" Susan goes into the lounge where she asks David why he looks so worried. David explains about there being trouble at work, and he tells Susan about Mike and the fight. Susan asks if it's serious, and David replies that Bates can't wait to put him down to the bosses. He says he's worried about losing his own job, when he just promised the kids that they could give up theirs, because he'd look after them. Susan tells her father to try not to worry, but David says it'll still be touch-and-go with Bates.

Hal Mason visits Patricia at Dural, and in the study, he tells her that David will have to go. Patricia says, "Over my dead body." Mason says he went along with what Patricia wanted because it fitted in with his current plans for Ramberg, and he was prepared to take a gamble on expanding the transport division as a way to alleviate the problem they were having with that area of the business. Patricia asks if that means he wouldn't have gone along with her if it hadn't fitted in with his plans, and Mason says that is correct - he tells Patricia that they have a very good understanding, but he won't let her personal shemes override business sense. Patricia tells Mason that he's being very ethical all of a sudden, but Mason replies that he's always been that way. He says he told Ron Jackson to take any approach he liked to get 'Southern Freight' out of the red, but David is a trucker, and he doesn't have a head for clerical work. Patricia says he must have made some progress, but Mason says David hasn't made enough - he tells her that David keeps chopping and changing the rosters to suit his friends, and he got into a fight today. Patricia says that doesn't sound like David. Mason says he can't put David in charge if the men don't respect him. He tells Patricia that, after today, "...David Palmer goes, and quite frankly, there's nothing you can do about it."


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