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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Colin Budds

John tells Beryl that he asked Patricia to come and explain that it wasn't David's fault that he wasn't home in time, and Patricia adds that she's to blame if there's was any confusion over Susan's message. She says there's nothing between her and David now, and she's sorry Beryl's life is such a mess. Beryl snaps that that's enough, and she orders John to get Patricia out of there. John tries to explain that she's there to help, but Beryl says, "Like hell." She says they both know why Patricia is there, and she reiterates her order to get Patricia out. Fiona sternly tells John that she'll talk to him later. She closes the door, and, back in her room, Fiona snaps, "Why, that scheming two-faced..." Beryl rhetorically asks how Patricia can still fool John, and Fiona says she just couldn't resist gloating.

Back at Dural, John tells Patricia that he never expected anything like that, but Patricia says she understands how Beryl feels. John tells his mother that it was awful for her, but Patricia replies that it can't be easy for Beryl to leave everything and start again. John says there was no need for her to do it, but Patricia says Beryl is probably homesick and scared - she knows she was when she and Gordon split up - she'd never felt more down and alone in all her life. She adds that it's no wonder Beryl was neurotic - it's just a pity she's making herself and David so miserable when it's so unnecessary. John tells Patricia that she's terrific.

Lynn gets home and tells Kevin that she wishes everything could be OK before the baby's born. She adds that she knows David is pleased that the two of them are back.

David is at the depot, and tells one of the workers, Mike, that he's taking the rosters home with him to work on them. Mike asks David if he can fix it for him to have Tuesday off. David says he'll have a look, but he doesn't know if he can swing it. Mike invites him to the pub, but David declines in favour of the rosters. Mr. Bates comes up and tells David that he's supposed to be giving orders, and not swinging favours for mates. David replies that he doesn't want to end up being hated...

On the 'phone to Hal Mason, Fiona says she won't be there, but she can congratulate Paul personally. When the call's over, Beryl asks Fiona why she isn't going, and Fiona replies that she didn't really want to - it's just a gathering so Paul can meet the new board members. She adds that Patricia's going to be there. Beryl remarks about Paul staying at Dural, and Fiona says Patricia probably conned him into it. She tells Beryl that she did say Paul could make up his own mind about Patricia, but she might have to lay it on the line. Beryl says Patricia did her a favour, as she was beginning to feel self-pity, but she'll be damned if she's going to have Patricia feeling sorry for her - she's going to get on out there and do something with her life.

Patricia tells Paul that the party will be his introduction into the world of big business. Paul says he has a few butterflies, but Patricia tells him to relax and enjoy himself. Paul says he's worried that some of the board will resent him being young, and having everything dropped in his lap, but Patricia assures him that it was James' choice, and they'll accept that. Paul says that what would relax him most, is gardening. Patricia agrees, and adds that Angela is out there, and can keep him company. Paul looks thoughtful.

Out in the garden, Paul is sharpening a pair of shears when Angela comes along and explains that she was reading, but it's getting cold now. Paul suggests that some gardening would warm her up, and Angela agrees. She starts sweeping some leaves as she comments to Paul that she didn't expect to see him out there. Paul explains that it's to relax him. Not paying attention properly, he suddenly cuts his finger, and Angela rushes over. She asks for his hanky, and tends to the injury. Paul says this is similar to when he tended her finger when she pricked herself on the rose thorn. He adds that they'll have to stop meeting like this...

Inside, Angela puts a plaster on Paul's finger and tells him that he's very brave. Paul explains about how Patricia thought the gardening would relax him, and Angela says her mother's very understanding. Paul agrees. He comments that he's surprised that Patricia and Fiona don't get on, which prompts Angela to snap that Fiona is a vindictive old... She tells Paul that Fiona did everything possible to send the Hamiltons bankrupt, and if it hadn't been for James' money, they would be. Paul remarks that Fiona has been good to him, but Angela says she won't change her opinion of her.

John goes to see Jill at the boarding house, and he asks her a favour. Explaining about the problem between David and Beryl, he asks Jill if she can keep an eye on Beryl, and let him know how she's going. Jill immediately sounds off about it being unfair that she's dragged into it. John asks Jill if she thinks this is a come-on. He tells her that he agreed to stay away, and he will - he just wants her help as a friend. For good measure, he adds, "I am sick of neurotic women." He leaves, and Jill goes and knocks on Fiona's door. She asks her landlady if she thinks she's neurotic - and if she is, it's all the more reason for her to get away. Fiona asks what she means, and Jill explains that there are renovations being done at work, and she was thinking of taking a holiday in Melbourne, going to stay with Susan. Fiona asks Jill if she really wants to know if she's neurotic, but Jill says she doesn't know how she got like it. Fiona says a holiday is a good idea, as she'll come back relaxed and with a new outlook. Beryl joins them and Fiona tells her about Jill going to Susan's. Beryl asks Jill to give her love to the kids. Fiona comments that Jill will probably be seeing David, and Beryl says she guesses so. She leaves them, and Jill goes back into her room. Back in her own apartment, Fiona tells Beryl that she worries about Jill, as she's got into an independence kick. She says she's been independent all her life, and asks what she's got to show for it. Beryl tells her she's got good friends, and people who care, but Fiona says she has nobody to really share her life with. Beryl says she shared her life, and ended up with nothing. Fiona asks Beryl if those years were really wasted, and Beryl tells Fiona to look where they got her - a husband who ran off and had an affair with 'that woman' the first chance he got. Fiona points out that he did come back, but Beryl says, "In a half-hearted way. I'm with Jill."

On the 'phone, Kevin tells Jill that he'll see her then. He hangs up and tells Lynn, David and Susan that Jill is coming and staying at Susan's. Susan snaps that it would have been nice to have been asked, but Kevin says that if it's a problem, she can stay in his sister's old room at the Palmer house. He adds that Susan will be sorry, though, because Jill's terrific. Susan gives in, and agrees that Jill can stay with her. Lynn tells Kevin that he seems to be looking forward to Jill coming, and Kevin agrees, saying she gave them such a good time up there, he hopes they can do the same for her down in Melbourne. He notices that Lynn doesn't look pleased, and asks if Lynn doesn't like Jill. Lynn says she doesn't dislike her. In the lounge, Susan tells David that she shouldn't have got snappy with Kevin - it's just that it would have been nice to have the house to herself for a change. She starts sobbing, and David asks what's up. He tells Susan that she's always so grown up, that they forget how young she really is. Susan says it's been a strain recently, but she's alright - it's just that she can't believe Beryl leaving them like that, and she really misses her. She says Beryl is her best friend. David tells his daughter that Beryl will come back when she's sorted her mind out.

Later, at Susan's, Susan tells Lynn that she should take some time off from the cake shop, as she's looking pale, and Lynn replies that she will give it up, but she wants to stay on for as long as possible. She apologises to Susan for not asking whether Jill could stay with her, but Susan says she was just tired, and it's fine. Lynn says Jill is nice, and Susan asks Lynn if she likes her. Lynn says she does, but Kevin seems so pleased that she's coming down... Susan asks Lynn if she's jealous, and Lynn replies that it's because she feels so big and frumpy. Susan says Kevin doesn't expect too much, as his wife is eight months pregnant. Lynn decides she shouldn't worry too much about Jill, as she might have good news about Beryl.

David gives Bates a copy of the new roster. Mike comes over and notices he's still down to work on Tuesday. David explains that he couldn't swing it, and he adds that there will be no special favours for anyone any more. He walks off, and Bates remarks to Mike that it looks like a bit of promotion has gone to David's head...

Rosie tells Paul that she doesn't know how he kept quiet for so long. Paul points out to Rosie that Fiona knew. Rosie pulls a face to make clear her dislike for Fiona, and Paul asks her why. She explains about how Fiona bought Woombai, and then proceeded with the riding school project, which was originally the Hamiltons' idea. She adds that Fiona is a cunning woman. Paul says he'd better be going. Out in the hall he sees Patricia, and she tells him that, after the impression he made at the party, he has no worries. She adds that John will be going to work soon if Paul wants a lift, but Paul says he wants to stop off somewhere on the way. He leaves, and Patricia goes and asks Rosie where he's going, but Rosie says she hasn't a clue.

At the boarding house, Fiona tells Paul that Beryl is sleeping. She asks how the party went, and Paul says it was OK. He tells Fiona that he thought she'd be there, but Fiona explains that Beryl was depressed. She asks Paul how he got on with the stuffed shirts, and he replies that they seemed pleasant. He adds that Patricia was great, as she made him feel at ease - he thinks she's a tremendous person. Fiona tells Paul that Patricia has done a good job of pulling the wool over his eyes. Paul replies that Patricia has never said a bad word against Fiona, whereas she is constantly making little digs at Patricia. Fiona says she may be too honest for her own good, and adds that Patricia is much more subtle, but Paul says he thinks Patricia is very sincere. Fiona tells Paul that he just wants to like Patricia because she's Angela's mother, but Paul replies that that wasn't a very nice comment. Fiona says she wants to tell Paul about Patricia for his own good, so that she doesn't make a fool out of him like she did with James, but Paul replies that he can't see anyone making a fool out of his grandfather. He tells Fiona that she's biased, and brings up the subject of how she almost brought the Hamiltons to their knees. Fiona asks him where he got that from, and Paul replies that it was Angela. Fiona points out that she's a Hamilton. Paul says Rosie isn't a Hamilton, and she's never had a kind word for Patricia, so there's no reason for her to lie. He tells Fiona that she's taken a real set against the Hamiltons. Fiona tells Paul that Patricia has really conned him, and she gave him credit for more sense. She tells him not to come round singing Patricia's praises, as she couldn't stomach that. Paul tells Fiona that it would be better if they didn't see each other much - Patricia can give him all the business advice he needs. He thanks Fiona for everything she's done, saying he appreciates it, but, "...I think it's time I made my own choice."


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