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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

John and Di get back to Di's room at the boarding house after an evening out, and they laugh about the gaudy restaurant and the posh names for the plain food. Di starts to make coffee, but John declines, explaining that he has work in the morning. He thanks Di for her company, and Di thanks him back for asking her. John says they'll need to find an excuse to do it again, and Di says she'll work on it!

As John is about to leave the boarding house, Fiona collars him, telling him she has news about Beryl. She explains about how Beryl is coming to Sydney to stay with her, adding that she didn't want to get involved, but at least she'll be able to keep an eye on her and maybe talk some sense into her. She tells John about how Beryl was talking about 'starting again'. John says he'll call in to see her after work. Fiona suggests that they should be careful and John agrees, saying that if they push her too hard, she'll be even more determined. Fiona says stubbornness runs in the family! John says he never thought she'd go as far as moving to Sydney, and Fiona replies that she was obviously more serious than they thought. John says he has to go, and Fiona asks him if he had a good time last night. He says he did. Fiona apologises for having to muck it up.

At Susan's, Beryl tells Aileen that she's tired - tired of fighting. She says her marriage over the past six months has been one long fight, from the time John ran off to Sydney and met Angela, and how that led to David seeing Patricia. Aileen tells Beryl that she can't blame John, and Beryl assures her mother that she doesn't, but she does believe in fate - it was meant to happen. She says she always knew David wasn't completely over Patricia, and she should be grateful for the years they did have together. She says she's forgiven David too many times, and should have let go after he had the affair. Aileen tells Beryl that she did it because she loves David, and still loves him, but Beryl just says, "I don't know." Kevin comes in to say goodbye, as he'll be gone in the morning when Beryl leaves. Beryl tells her son that she can't stay, because she knows he and Susan will be forced to take sides. Kevin says they'd handle it, but Beryl just hugs him. She says she'll start again, and she can do it better at Fiona's. She tells Kevin to make sure he and Susan write and keep in touch. She bursts into tears, and hugs Kevin and Lynn.

The next morning, Kevin wakes Aileen up early, telling her he's been thinking about how they could get Beryl to change her mind, but Aileen says she thinks even David has given up on changing his wife's mind. She tells Kevin that going to Sydney might give Beryl a lift, and Kevin agrees that they have to face the fact that she's going. He wonders whether he should wake her, but Aileen says it's better to let her sleep, as it'll be bad enough when she leaves, and it's better to do it quickly.

At Dural, Patricia tells John that he's been looking gloomy a lot recently, and John replies that he didn't sleep well, as he had some more bad news last night: Beryl is coming to Sydney. Patricia tells Rosie, who is standing, listening, to bring in some more tea and then, turning to John, she tells him that she's very sorry to hear it. John says he doesn't understand Beryl, but Patricia tells him it's a very difficult step - she wishes she could do something, but it would only be taken the wrong way. She adds that it must be upsetting for the whole family. John says he had better get to work - not that he feels like it.

Aileen tells Beryl that her taxi has arrived. Beryl asks Aileen to say goodbye to Lynn for her, and she thanks her mother for all her help. Aileen tells Beryl to take care. Lynn joins them, having heard the taxi pull up. Beryl hugs her, and tells her she hopes she'll make her a proud grandmother. Aileen and Lynn sob as Beryl walks out the front door.

David rushes around trying to pull his socks and shoes on, when there's a knock at the door - it's Rob and Angela. They come in and Rob immediately notices the ironing board in the middle of the room. David explains that he watched TV until 3am, and then slept in and missed the alarm. Angela offers to prepare some breakfast, and she goes into the kitchen. Rob tells David that he and Angela got a shock when David 'phoned last night, and he adds that Angela asked a lot of awkward questions, as she doesn't know the true story about the affair, and he couldn't tell her. David admits that it didn't even occur to him, and he supposes the time has come to tell her. Rob says he'll leave them to it, and he goes out. David goes into the kitchen and asks Angela to come and sit down, as he has a lot of things he wants to tell her.

A while later, David is telling her that Beryl has it in her head to go to Sydney. Angela says it's a hell of a lot to take in in one shot. She asks how John took it, and David says he sort of understood. He adds that the real reason he didn't say anything to Angela about it, was that he was embarrassed, and when the wedding came up, he thought she might be upset. Angela agrees that that wouldn't have been a good time. David asks Angela how she feels, and Angela replies that it will take some time to sink in, but she's done some pretty crazy things, and all she can really do is behave like an adult. She asks David if it's really over between him and Patricia, and David gives his daughter his word. He adds that that's the really silly part with Beryl - all this has only happened because he saw Patricia a few times, and because of the muck-up with the 'phone call and the baby. Angela says she can see it's difficult on both sides. She tells David that, although it sounds corny, she's learnt that things do turn out alright eventually - it's just rotten that you have to go through the bad bits first.

Rob goes to see his mother at Susan's, and returns the keys to Macedon. He notices that she's ready to go and he jokes about how he and Angela left the place in a mess! Aileen asks her son if he's happy, and Rob says he is. He adds that he never thought it would happen to him. Kevin comes in and sees Rob standing there. Aileen asks him why he isn't at school, and Kevin explains that he couldn't concentrate. He asks how Beryl was before she left, and Aileen replies that she wasn't good - and Lynn was upset as well. Kevin asks if his wife is at work, and Aileen says it's probably for the best, as it'll keep her mind occupied. Kevin asks Rob if Angela is with David, and Rob says she is. He adds that David doesn't seem too good, and he's going to need help. Kevin agrees to keep an eye on his father.

At the Palmer house, Angela tells Rob that she got a shock at first, but she's fine now. She asks Rob if they can stay another couple of days, but Rob says he has work. He reminds her, though, that David has Kevin, Susan and Lynn. David gets off the 'phone and says he has to work late tonight, so he won't see Rob and Angela before they go back. Angela tells him that she wishes they could stay a bit longer, and adds that she can't get used to him and Beryl not living together, as they always had the perfect marriage. David says, though, that the perfect marriage doesn't really exist - the closest you get is by working hard at it. Angela says she's going to work hard to make it right between her and Rob. David tells Angela that at least she could see the problem, and she's not throwing the towel in. He adds that he's grateful that Beryl is staying with Fiona, as he'd be worried if she was all by herself.

Beryl arrives at the boarding house in a taxi, and Fiona comes out to meet her. They hug, and Fiona helps carry Beryl's cases in. Beryl remarks that it's not the most pleasant way to come back to Sydney - giving into Patricia.

John makes a mistake with some figures at work, and Di tells him to go and see Beryl. John says he has work to do, but Di tells him that Hal is out until 5pm. John points out that 'Hawkeye' Wayne is still around, but Di promises to keep an eye on him. John tells Di that he didn't think she'd be the sort to give anyone a half day, but he thanks her and leaves.

Paul is in the entrance hall at Dural when he overhears Patricia yelling at Rosie to use the dishwasher. Patricia storms into the hall and suddenly notices Paul there. She immediately explains, very calmly, that she's not quite over the wedding yet. Paul tells Patricia that she doesn't have to explain to him, and Patricia agrees that of course she doesn't - it's just that Rosie is at a stubborn age. Paul says he has things to plant, and he heads into the garden, leaving Patricia looking annoyed with herself. Outside, Paul looks thoughtful.

Fiona leaves Beryl and John to talk. John tells Beryl that it's good to see her, but he doesn't understand what she thinks she's doing there. He adds that he wants to see her as much as possible while she's in Sydney, which prompts Beryl to snap that she's not there for a short time - "I'm here to stay."

Rosie sees Paul in the garden, and tells him that Patricia wants to see him. Paul says the tree he's planting comes first, and he asks Rosie for a hand. He asks the housekeeper if she finished the dishes, and Rosie replies that Patricia's comments are like water off a duck's back. Paul asks what Wayne is like, and Rosie says that he's good to her, but he takes after Patricia in some ways, although things have been a lot better since he started working for Hal Mason. She adds that Mason is a hard boss, as Di Miller couldn't even get away for the wedding. Paul asks why, and Rosie tells him that Mason asked Di to do some report or other. Paul incredulously asks if Hal Mason was at the wedding, and Rosie replies that he was there for ten minutes at the end. Paul leaves Rosie to finish with the tree, explaining that he's going to see what Patricia wants.

In the lounge, Patricia tells Paul that she hopes she hasn't interrupted anything important. She says it's obvious he enjoys using the car, and she wondered if he'd like to be her chauffeur for four days a week, and then go back to gardening when he feels like it. Paul picks up a chess piece from the set nearby and asks if that offer is supposed to impress him. Patricia looks taken aback as Paul tells her that he knows she's been aware of who he is since the wedding. He asks, "What the hell are you playing at, Mrs. Hamilton?"


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