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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

As John sits on the settee at Dural, Patricia tells him he looks bored, but John says he isn't. Patricia asks him what's wrong, then, and John reveals that he's had a 'phone call from Nan Keegan to tell him that Beryl and David have split up. Patricia's face remains expressionless as she tells John that that's awful. She asks if he has any idea why they split up, but John replies that he doesn't know the full story - he does know, though, that Beryl was upset at losing the baby. Patricia says she's sure they'll get back together again. John decides to go out for a night on the town. As he's leaving, Wayne comes in and comments on how cheerful he looks. John snaps, "Shut up, Wayne." Wayne asks Patricia what she's done, telling her he knows the smile she has on her face, but Patricia says she just feels like smiling, and she asks if there's any law against it.

Fiona calls at Di's room to see if she's OK, and to check that Bunty and Thel aren't driving her up the wall. Di says she thinks they're rather sweet! Fiona leaves her to it, and is heading back to her own room when she meets John coming the other way. He tells her that he's going to call on Di and see if she feels like a night on the town, as he can't get Beryl and David off his mind. He knocks on Di's door.

Patricia jokes with Paul about the previous gardener putting things in upside down! She tells him that the garden is looking a lot better since he's been around. When Paul has left the room, Patricia tells Wayne that that was subtlety. Wayne says he still wonders what Paul's up to, and who put him up to it. He suggests Fiona, but Patricia says that, to the best of her knowledge, Fiona doesn't even know Paul - and if she did, there was no way she would have let him make up his own mind about her. Wayne points out that they chatted at the wedding like they were old friends, but Patricia says they were sitting next to each other, and she tells Wayne that he should know what Fiona's like with young men! Wayne says it's a laugh that Patricia thought she was putting Fiona next to the common old gardener. Patricia laughs sarcastically!

Di asks John to fasten the buttons on the back of her dress, and John comments that Bunty and Thel would love to see this! He comments to Di about the lack of furniture in her room, and Di explains that she sold most of her stuff off before she moved in, as all she wanted was a place to rest her body at night. John tells her that she can't live for nothing but work, but Di says it makes life simpler. John replies, "But not necessarily better." He tells Di that he doesn't want work mentioned at all tonight.

Patricia tells Wayne that she can't see Paul staying long once Angela gets back, so she has to arrange it so he's relaxed enough to admit who he is - and if he does, she'll know he trusts her, and she can work on him getting his directorship at Ramberg. She suddenly realises Wayne is more interested in the TV, and hasn't been listening to a word she's been saying. She turns the TV off just as Rosie comes in. Wayne asks the housekeeper how her sister is, and Rosie replies that she's as well as can be expected. Patricia suggests to Rosie that she get an early night, and she offers her the TV to take to her room! Rosie declines. Patricia suddenly smiles, and Wayne asks what the trouble is. Patricia says nothing - she's just had an idea.

The next morning, Patricia asks Paul to drive her into town again. Rosie brings the breakfast in and Patricia asks Wayne if he's forgotten his promise to the housekeeper to buy her a runabout. Wayne says he hasn't - he just hasn't had time to look. Patricia tells Paul that, instead of taking her into the city, he could show Rosie around a few car yards. She tells Wayne to give Paul a blank cheque, telling the gardener that she's sure he can be trusted. She then asks him to check the water level in the pool before he goes. Paul heads off to do this, leaving Patricia to tell Wayne that she's now the soul of generosity to a dear old lady. Wayne bemoans the fact that he's got to write a blank cheque, but Patricia says she'll give it back to him.

Kevin and Lynn say goodbye to Beryl before they head off to school and work respectively. Aileen brings Beryl in some tea and then goes to put some washing on the line. Beryl sits in a chair for a while, looking thoughtful, before making a telephone call. The number she dials is that of the boarding house, and she tells Fiona that she needs to talk. She says she's never felt so lost in her life - she's so confused... Fiona says she'll do anything she can to help, and Beryl replies that she has come up with something, and she will need Fiona's help.

Outside Dural, Paul tells Rosie that he hopes she won't mind going on his motorbike! It takes him three attempts to start the machine, but, with Rosie clinging on behind him, he eventually rides off.

Susan is cooking breakfast for David. He says that at least one good thing has come from this mess: last night with Kev was the closest they've been for months. He offers Susan some money to help Beryl pay her way while she's at Susan's apartment, and Susan says she'll tell her mother, but she doesn't think she'll take it. David says he still has to support his wife. He asks Susan if she's struck this sort of thing much in her job, and Susan replies that she's seen all sorts of reactions. David asks if she's seen anything like Beryl's, but Susan says not exactly, although symptoms have been similar. She tells David that Beryl needs time and to know that she's loved. David says, "I do love her, Susie."

Beryl tells Fiona that she'd be grateful if she could see her way clear, and Fiona replies that she said she'd help, and she will. Beryl says she'll be in touch. As Fiona hangs up, Jill comes in to say she's popping down to the shops. She sees the expression on Fiona's face and asks what's wrong. Fiona says it's the last thing she wanted, but she's been forced into buying into the split between David and Beryl - she just hopes she's doing the right thing.

Beryl tells Susan that if David thinks she'll accept his money, it's an insult. Susan tells her mother that she's acting like a kid, ten times worse than David, but Beryl says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Susan tells Beryl that she knows she's right. Beryl leaves the room, and Aileen tells Susan that Beryl has made up her mind that she's never going back to David, and she seems determined. She says she and Beryl are going to the house later to collect the rest of Beryl's things.

Paul rides back to Dural on his motorbike, as Rosie follows in a small car. When she parks, she tells Paul that it's lovely, but Paul tells her that she should thank Wayne and Patricia, as it was a present from them both. Rosie says she'll accept it as a present from Wayne, but Patricia hasn't a generous bone in her body. She drives the car out of the way as Patricia comes out and tells Paul he made a good choice. She adds that she overheard what Rosie said about her, and she explains to him about how the housekeeper thinks she's a scarlet woman for replacing Gordon's first wife. Paul says it can't be easy, but Patricia replies that she's learned to live with it. She thanks Paul for taking Rosie, and gives him the afternoon off.

Di is walking along a corridor at Ramberg when John comes up behind her and sharply tells her that it's all her fault... that he made a good impression on the client he's just seen! He thanks her for her coaching last night, and Di says she's very pleased. She adds that she hopes John's glad that they talked about work. John suggests they go for a drink tonight so he can thank her, and he remarks that Hal should be happy. Wayne is nearby, and hears this final comment.

At the Palmer house, Beryl is all packed apart from the baby things, and she tells Aileen that Lynn can have those. Aileen says she'll get the rest of the stuff from the nursery, but Beryl says she'll get them. She picks up a photo of John but then puts it down again before heading into the nursery, where there are a load of soft toys on a chair. She picks up a pink teddy and begins to sob. She rushes from the room into the kitchen. After wandering around for a few seconds, she goes back into the lounge, picks up her bags and the photo of John, puts David's money and her house keys on the table and slams the door as she leaves.

At the boarding house, Fiona tells Paul that she's happy that Rosie has got a car, but it's not typical behaviour from Patricia. Paul says it's very good of her, but Fiona replies that Patricia has put Rosie through some terrible things. Paul asks Fiona if she isn't being one-eyed, but Fiona just replies that she can't understand why Patricia is being so pleasant. She tells Paul that she thinks Patricia may know who he is - it's the only explanation. She asks him to suppose that this is true, and tells him to keep his eyes open to see if it can be backed up. Paul tells Fiona that he thinks she's worrying too much, but Fiona says, "We'll see."

Kevin and Lynn are in the lounge at Susan's when Beryl and Aileen come in with Beryl's bags. Kevin tells his mother that she's doing the wrong thing, adding that she can't leave David, but Beryl just asks her son if he's taking his father's side, now. Kevin says he's trying to act like an adult - he's sure Beryl and David love each other, and all this doesn't make sense. Kevin tells his mother that she always said it was a good marriage, and she shouldn't blow it now. Beryl just replies that, if Kevin's going to take sides with David, then fine, she can see she's on her own - "If that's the way it has to be..."

David gets home and sees the keys and money on the table. He quickly rushes into his and Beryl's bedroom, sees all his wife's clothes are gone and dashes out of the house.

Wayne is looking at the engine of his car when Paul rides up on his motorbike. He asks the gardener to come over and look, although Paul says he's not that knowledgable about cars. John drives up and almost hits Paul's bike. He gets out of his car and snaps at Paul that he should be more careful where he leaves it. Wayne remarks to Paul that that's typical of John. Paul asks Wayne if he really thinks so, and Wayne replies that John is just as bad at work, particularly if the person he's speaking to isn't an executive. Paul says he always thought John was very polite, but Wayne replies that that's because Paul's easy to get along with. He says John is a snob, who couldn't handle coming to live at Dural with the money and so on. Paul says he thinks John is a nice guy, and then looks at Wayne suspiciously as the latter suddenly decides that perhaps John isn't so bad, saying it's mainly at the office where he shows his true colours. Paul tells Wayne that the engine sounds fine, and he walks off, leaving Wayne looking slightly worried.

David asks Aileen to leave him and Beryl alone. Beryl tells her husband that there's nothing more to say, but David asks her to hear him out. He tells Beryl that he loves her, and is just as upset about the baby as she is. He adds that he would never have gone to Sydney if he'd known how bad it was, and he wants Beryl to come home with him now. Beryl says, though, that she doesn't want to. David tells her that she's made her point, so she can come home, as that's where she belongs. Beryl replies that she doesn't think she belongs there, not anymore. She tells David that she's not just leaving him, but she's leaving Melbourne as well: "I'm going to Sydney to live with Fiona - make a new life for myself."


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