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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Rob chases after Angela as she gets in the car. He manages to catch up with her but she drives off, leaving Rob standing looking helpless in the middle of the road.

Kevin and Lynn get home, and Aileen asks them if they had a good time. Lynn says it was great, but it was a shock to hear about Beryl. Kevin says he reckons Patricia deliberately mangled the message. Beryl enters the lounge and the kids hug her. Beryl tells them it's good to have them back.

David and Bob are sitting with the TV on, which is showing a wildlife documentary, but Bob has dozed off. David stands up and turns the TV off. He wakes Bob in the process, and tells him that he has to be up early for work in the morning. Bob agrees that it would be best to turn in, and he goes to his room. David goes into the kitchen and turns the lights off. Just as he is checking everything is as it should be, there's a frantic knocking at the door. David answers it and finds Angela standing there. She says, "Oh, David, I've made such a mess of things."

In the lounge at Dural, Wayne tells Paul that he often goes into work at the weekends, as he enjoys it, especially working for such a great company as Ramberg! Patricia comes in and tells Wayne that Paul probably isn't interested. Paul asks Patricia if she plays chess, and Patricia says she does - she was taught by a very old friend, who was more like a father to her. She asks Paul if he plays, and he replies that his grandfather taught him. Patricia tells Paul that they don't know much about him, and she suggests that he could tell them over dinner. Paul says there's not much to tell, but Patricia replies that he can at least show her how well his grandfather taught him to play chess. He agrees.

David asks Angela if she and Rob have had an argument, and Angela reveals that it was about them having children. David says he thought Angela loved kids, but Angela replies that she cares about Rob - she just doesn't know if she loves him as much as she should. She says that, if she made a mistake, she doesn't want to make it worse by having kids. She tells David that she just doesn't know if she loves Rob as much as she should to get married. David replies that he and Beryl were like that at first - it wasn't the same with Beryl as it had been with Patricia, but he really loves her now, and he tells Angela that she's probably going through the same thing. Angela says that caring for a person is probably a good start.

A while later, Angela tells David that people are funny, as he's probably never told Beryl that he felt like that. She asks if Beryl's in bed, and David hastily replies that his wife isn't feeling too bright, and she's at Susan's, where she can be better looked after. Angela asks if it's very bad, but David assures his daughter that Beryl will be alright. Angela says she'll pop across tomorrow, but David says he doesn't think she's up to visitors, and he tells Angela that she should be thinking of heading back to Rob. Angela apologises for barging in in the middle of the night. David asks her if she told Rob where she was going, but the 'phone rings as she's about to reply, and David gets up to answer it. The caller is Rob, who tells David that Angela has shot through. David tells Rob that Angela is with him, and Rob asks to talk to her, but Angela shakes her head, saying she couldn't, not yet, as she needs time to think it over. David tells Rob that Angela is OK, but she doesn't want to talk just now. He tells Rob that he knows what women are like, and it's probably just the strain of the wedding. Rob says he doesn't understand it - it's a kick in the guts when your wife walks out on you during your honeymoon.

Lynn tells Kevin that she's scared that she could lose her baby, but Kevin says it'll be alright. Lynn says she felt it kicking last night, and Kevin asks to feel it. Beryl comes in and tells them that they shouldn't worry - she tells Lynn that she's young and has no reason to fear that there could be any problems. She says she was warned by the doctor from the very start that she was at risk, but she says it's different for Lynn. She tell Lynn that she'll have a healthy baby and a husband who'll stay by her throughout it, and she adds that Lynn is a very lucky girl. She then tells Kevin to go to bed, as he has his paper round to do in the morning, but Kevin says what about David. Beryl replies, "What about him?" Kevin quietly says to Lynn that he still reckons it's Patricia's fault.

Paul and Patricia play chess, and Paul tells Patricia that she plays a hard game. Patricia replies that she's naturally competitive, and doesn't like to be beaten at anything. Paul's next move checkmates her, though, and he thanks her for a terrific evening. Patricia says she has to go into the city in the morning, and she asks Paul to drive her. He agrees. He heads off to bed, leaving Wayne to comment to Patricia that she handled the Sheppard heir very well. Patricia warns Wayne not to fawn all over Paul, but Wayne says no harm was done. Patricia tells Wayne to be pleasant, but careful, as Paul needs careful handling. Wayne asks Patricia if she means like the way she handled the business with Angela, which causes Patricia to ask Wayne what he knows. Wayne asks what went on between Paul and Angela, but Patricia warns him that he'd be very stupid to talk to Paul about Angela. Wayne asks why it would bother Paul - unless he's keen on her. He suddenly realises what he's said, and Patricia tells him that it was never Paul causing trouble - it was Angela. Wayne says, "And you let her marry Rob, when she could have had James Sheppard's grandson? That's beautiful, mother, really beautiful!"

It's the middle of the night, but there's suddenly a knock on the door of the Palmer house. David gets up and answers it. The visitor is Rob, who says he couldn't leave it until tomorrow. David tells him that Angela will be better after a good sleep, and he also tells him that Bob's there, and it would be better not to disturb him. Rob asks why his father's there, and David replies that it's a long story. Angela joins them, saying Rob's knocking was enough to wake everyone up. Rob says he has to talk, and Angela replies that she's glad he came, as she's acted like a little kid. Rob asks her why, and Angela says she never expected to be talking about kids so soon. She says, "I'll be a good wife, I promise." She hugs Rob, but still looks worried.

The next morning, Paul pulls up outside Ramberg, and Patricia asks him if he'd like to come inside and wait, but Paul says he'd rather read his newspaper in the car. Patricia goes inside and sees Fiona standing there. Di Miller comes out and offers them coffee. Fiona tells Patricia that her conniving never stops, but Patricia replies that she's not really in the mood for Fiona this morning. Fiona says, though, that she can well imagine what Patricia did with the call from Susan, not letting David know it was urgent. Patricia asks why she'd bother doing that, and Fiona replies that it was a chance to cause trouble between David and Beryl. Patricia innocently asks if there's trouble between the two of them, but Fiona replies that losing the baby will bring the two of them closer. Patricia says she's not interested in anything Fiona has to say. Di returns and tells the two women that Hal Mason is ready for them now.

At Susan's, Aileen tells Bob that Beryl is still asleep. Bob asks how she seemed, and Aileen admits that she's never seen her daughter like that before. Bob tells his wife that David is holding up. Aileen asks if she can stay on in Melbourne longer, until Rob and Angela leave Macedon, as sorting things out between Beryl and David won't be easy. Bob says he thinks he would be better off out of the place, as he feels that David is having to take care of him. Aileen says Susan will look after David, and she suggests to Bob that he go and stay with a mate, Ernie. Beryl emerges from her room and says hello to her father. He asks her how she is, and Aileen tells her about Bob going to stay with a friend. Bob says he's not much good at these sort of things, and he'll have to let Beryl sort this out for herself, but he'll always be there for her. Aileen says she'll bring Beryl back to Macedon when Angela and Rob leave - she'll look after her.

The meeting over, Fiona walks over to where Paul is sitting reading his paper. She tells him that the meeting was a bore. Paul says he doesn't want Patricia to see them talking, but Fiona assures him that they're safe, as Patricia is having a drink with Hal Mason. Fiona asks Paul to come round to the boarding house tonight, as she wants to hear about him and Angela. Paul says he'll be there.

That evening, Fiona asks Paul why he changed his mind after he quit his job, and Paul replies that it was because Patricia blamed her behaviour on pressure, and she was just trying to be fair. Fiona tells Paul that she thinks Patricia is trying to get back at him by causing him problems, but Paul asks why she would do that sort of thing. Fiona says she wasn't going to say anything straight off, as she wanted Paul to draw his own conclusions, but he must have seen something bad. All Paul says he saw, though, was a women organising a large wedding under pressure, and anyone would be snapping in those circumstances. Fiona says they're just excuses, but Paul tells her that Patricia was very pleasant to him last night. Fiona asks Paul if he thinks Patricia suspects, but Paul asks, "How could she?" He says that as soon as the strain of the wedding was over, Patricia relaxed. He adds that James must have liked her, or he wouldn't have left her so much money. Fiona says James was in love with Patricia, but Paul says James was cluey. Fiona replies that even the cluiest men can be fools where a woman is concerned. Paul says that, from what he's seen, he's not getting the same picture that Fiona is giving. Fiona warns Paul to be careful.

Kevin is about to head off to see David, and Aileen warns him not to upset his father. Beryl is in the kitchen, cooking, and Aileen offers to take over. Beryl asks where Kevin went, and Aileen tells her that he's gone to see David. Beryl sarcastically comments that Susan and Kevin make a great pair, but Aileen replies that the kids aren't taking sides - they love both their parents. She tells Beryl that she'll feel differently in a few days, but Beryl says she won't. She adds that at least Susan could have stuck up for her, but Aileen replies that the children don't want to take sides or argue.

David tells Kevin that he can't take any more trouble, but Kevin says he just wants to ask one question: what message did David get from Patricia? David says he heard that Susan rang to say Beryl was sick and couldn't make the wedding. Kevin asks if the hospital was mentioned, but David says it wasn't - he thought Beryl was stacking on a turn to get out of coming. He says he knows it was wrong, but he knew how she felt before he left. He tells Kevin that he got word that Beryl wanted him to come home, but he didn't know it was urgent. Kevin tells his father that he believes him. He says it must be hard for David, as he knows how he'd feel if it was Lynn. David says Beryl really wanted that baby, and he did, too. He says he reckons he's made a few mistakes with the three kids so far, and he was going to try and do it right with the next one. Kevin says he doesn't think his father did too badly, and David replies that he's proud of his three kids. Kevin tells his father that he hopes things turn out OK between him and Beryl. The two men hug tightly.


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