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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia tells Paul that she can't say she's surprised he's guessed, as Wayne's hardly been subtle, but Paul replies that that's hardly an answer. Patricia agrees, and tells Paul that she was angry that he lied to her. She says she realised he was in a perfect position to make up his mind about her, and she had to do something about it. Paul asks her how long she was going to keep it up, but Patricia says it couldn't have been much longer, as Hal Mason is like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting to talk to him. She tells Paul that she hopes he'll accept what James has left him, and take his place on the board, and she explains about how she made a promise to his grandfather to look after his grandson's interests and she she intends to keep it. Paul says he'd like to talk to everyone involved, and he'll tell Fiona. Patricia says she gathered he knew Fiona, and Paul explains that James introduced them years ago. Patricia tells him not to take what Fiona's said too literally, as what he's seen at Dural has been honest, and, whatever Fiona may have said, she's a normal human being. She tells Paul that now it's up to him, and she asks him what he has to lose. Paul leaves the room, as Patricia stands, looking thoughtful.

At the boarding house, Fiona asks Paul if he's decided what to do, but Paul says he wants to wait until the meeting. Fiona asks him if he's going to stay on at the Hamiltons' now that Patricia knows, and Paul replies that he'll move out tomorrow. He adds that he wants to keep clear of the place until later, as Rob and Angela are due back. He tells Fiona that it's a shame, as he liked living there. Fiona tells Paul that, with the money he has, he can buy anything he wants.

Gordon tells Angela and Rob that it's good to have them back. Rob jokes with Rosie about her not buying her car from him, and when the housekeeper says she's made his favourite for dinner, Rob jokes about her sucking up! He goes to take the cases upstairs, Rosie goes into the kitchen, and Gordon disappears into the study, leaving Angela alone with Patricia. She asks to talk to her mother, and tells her that she knows about her and David. Patricia looks momentarily taken aback, as Angela continues by saying that David couldn't keep it a secret any longer. Patricia tells her daughter that she can understand if she's angry, but Angela says it was probably better that her mother didn't say anything to her before, as she probably wouldn't have been able to handle it. Patricia asks, "And now?" Angela says David told her it's all over, and Patricia agrees with this, saying it has been for some time. She adds that she wanted to tell her daughter before, but she was scared. Angela says it's amazing how you can change your attitude towards things - you know how you feel about someone, but you can't do anything. Patricia says she had a talk with Paul, and if Angela wants to talk, she'll be there for her. Angela says she needs someone to talk to. Patricia says, "I'll get you through it."

David burns his tea in the frying pan, and Kevin comes in just as he's trying to rescue it. He tells his father that he should have let Susan stay on, but David says he can handle it. Kevin asks him what he's doing about Beryl, and he replies that he's going to work his socks off, whack a bit of money away, and when she comes back, he'll be able to give her whatever she wants. Kevin asks his father if he's going to do anything like going up to Sydney in a couple of weeks to see her, but David says he doubts it. He tells Kevin that, when he was at Woombai, Beryl sat and waited for him to sort himself out, and now he knows how it feels - Beryl needs to sort herself out, and he has to make sure he has something worthwhile for her to come back to.

Walking out in the grounds of Dural, Angela tells Patricia that she felt scared when she heard Beryl had left David, as they always had such a strong marriage, and things weren't helped by her shaky start with Rob. She says she's frightened that she's the sort of person who can be in love, but who can feel something for someone else. Patricia says that, with David, she couldn't fight against the way she felt, but it wasn't long after the affair started that they realised it woudn't - couldn't - work, as they both felt too much for their own families. She says she was terrified that she could have lost Gordon. She advises Angela not to avoid Paul, but to try and express her feelings of friendliness towards him. She tells her daughter that she and Paul had a talk, and he's very sensitive, and bound to understand. She adds that, if she and David had talked more, maybe they wouldn't have made mistakes. She tells Angela to give it a try. She then tells her daughter that she might be able to help her out of a difficult situation. She starts to explain how, but Rob joins them at this moment, and tells them that he's called Fiona's, but Beryl's asleep. Patricia asks Rob to leave her and Angela alone for a moment, as she has something to tell her daughter. When they're by themselves again, Patricia says to Angela, "Paul Clark isn't Paul Clark - he's James Sheppard's grandson."

When Paul gets home that evening, Angela tells him he's late. Paul asks if Patricia told her, and Angela says she did, although her mother thinks it's funny. She says she felt a bit awkward, and Paul says he does as well. They go and sit down in the lounge, and Angela says she had a long talk with Patricia about her and him, and now she wants to talk to him to sort things out. She tells Paul that she almost called off the wedding, but she feels awful about what happened, and wants to try and forget it. She adds that both she and Patricia want him to stay. Paul says he can't, as it woudn't feel right, but Angela says it wouldn't be difficult, and she'd be really disappointed if he did leave. Paul says he'd feel strange, but Angela says she thinks they could be really good friends. She tells him that Patricia has taken her promise to James very seriously, and she'd like to be friends with him, in the same way that Patricia and James were friends. Paul agrees that he'll stay.

The next morning, Patricia and Paul leave for the meeting at Ramberg. Angela joins Rob for breakfast and asks him what plans he has for the day. Rob says he's going to see Beryl. He asks Angela to come with him, but Angela declines, telling Rob to give his sister her love.

Lynn tells Kevin that he's very quiet, and Kevin replies that he's been thinking. He suggests to his wife that they should move back in with David. Susan agrees that it's a good idea, saying she reckons she can survive until she gets another boarder in. Kevin worriedly asks what sort of boarder, and Susan assures him it'll be another nurse. Kevin asks Lynn what she thinks, and Lynn says she's worried about how Beryl will take it. Kevin points out that Beryl has Fiona, whereas David is by himself, and he's not eating properly, and he could probably go off his tree if he's not careful. He says David should see they're there for him, and it'll also show his father that he doesn't feel so bad about him any more. Lynn says she thinks it's a great idea.

David is cleaning the kitchen when Kevin and Lynn arrive with their packed cases. Kevin says he has bad news: "You're going to have to get the drums out of the shed!" David says their moving back in is fantastic.

Patricia introduces Paul to Hal Mason, and Mason asks to speak to Paul alone. They go inside, leaving Patricia to watch as Fiona's taxi pulls up. Fiona is about to walk straight past Patricia and ignore her, but Patricia doesn't give her the chance, taunting her about how she thought she'd hang herself if she let Paul make up his own mind. She suggests that Fiona must be very disappointed that her game has backfired, but Fiona says not at all - she won't have to work at changing Paul's mind, as she knows Patricia will do it herself.

Mason shows Paul his grandfather's office, and tells him it will be his if he joins the board. He adds that nothing has been touched, and says there are a couple of personal things in the desk. He leaves Paul to have a look. Paul picks up a model gun from the desktop, and puts it back again. He opens a drawer and finds a letter opener and two photos. He takes the photos and closes the drawer. He then hears Mason, Patricia and Fiona approaching. They come in and Paul tells them that he wanted to speak to all three of them together, as his grandfather thought they should be the people to guide him. He says that Fiona told him he shouldn't feel pressured by outside events, but when he does decide, it will be final, and if he goes back to studying, he hopes they can still be friends. He says he's known Fiona for a while, and now he's got to know Patricia a little, he can see why James thought so much of them. He says that, if he goes with James' wishes, he's going to need all the help he can get, as he's not too hot on business things. He tells the gathering that he'll make his decision soon, but he hopes it can be kept quiet, as people tend to think of him differently when they hear he's been in a seminary.

That evening, at Dural, Patricia tells Paul that he handled himself very well, and they're all happy to wait for his decision. She goes off to change, leaving Paul alone with Angela. Angela says James must have been a great man, but Paul says his grandfather always put work first, and it broke up the family. He explains that his grandfather didn't like the woman his son married, and he cut him off completely. Angela says it must have hurt Paul's father, and Paul replies that he always felt his father would have liked to have made it up with James, but his mother always did a very good job against him. Angela asks Paul how he got to know his grandfather, and Paul reveals that he fronted him - which James said was very brave. He explains that he and his grandfather became very good friends, but his father was never mentioned, and he assumed his grandfather never cared - until today, when he found some photos of his father aged about 25. Paul gives the pictures to Angela and says he thinks his grandfather left them for him to show him that he did care about his son. He adds that it's just so sad that he couldn't tell him himself. As Angela gives the photos back, she squeezes Paul's hand...


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