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    Written by: Ray Kolle   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Rosie is sweeping the verandah when Barbara comes out looking for Gordon. Rosie says he's at the Reid place, and she offers Barbara the use of the four-wheel drive. She goes inside and sees Patricia sitting in the lounge. She tells Patricia that Barbara is looking for Gordon and she didn't look too happy. Patricia tells Rosie that it was she who upset Barbara by implying things. Rosie says that, if she said the wrong thing, it was Patricia's fault, and she adds that she thought she'd heard the last of Mrs. Hamilton. Patricia remarks that she thought the church taught not to judge people. Rosie just says that she hopes Barbara will tell Gordon who really upset her, and then Gordon will hopefully send Patricia packing.

Barbara finds Gordon at the Reid property and tells him that she's found out about the gossip. She says she thinks it should be nipped in the bud, so she's going back to the city to sort it out. Gordon says he can't believe Barbara is letting gossip get to her - "To hell with what they're thinking, " - but Barbara says there's more to it. Gordon asks if she means Patricia, and Barbara says she's heard the rumours as well. She tells him that he has to decide whether he wants to divorce or reconcile, and Gordon realises that it does indeed boil down to that. Barbara tells him that he can't put it off, and she doesn't want to interfere - he has to make the decision, and it would be best if she went. Gordon tells Barbara to give the gossips a kick up the pants, and Barbara assures him that she will!

When she gets back to Woombai, Barbara tells Patricia that she won't be around for lunch as she has a train to catch. She says she's going back to the city, because her being at Woombai isn't good for Gordon - but she warns Patricia that if she was staying, she'd show him what sort of woman Patricia really is. She adds that, sadly, he has to find out for himself. She tells Patricia that she doesn't deserve Gordon, and says she was an idiot to push them together. She adds that, if there was something between her and Gordon, he would never have invited Patricia back. She also tells Patricia that Gordon is too much of a gentleman - he really loves her, and will probably never stop loving her, even though she'll hurt him again and again. She says she values Gordon's friendship very much, and intends to carry on being a friend, because if he does reconcile with Patricia, by God he'll need one.

When John and Prue get back to Dural after a day out, John notices Angela being very friendly with Rob. John introduces Prue and Rob and Rob offers everyone a drink. He chucks John a beer, but John icily says they do have glasses. Prue invites Angela and Rob to join her and John for dinner, but Angela says they're going for drinks at Charlie's. Rob asks John and Prue to join them, and they accept, but Angela doesn't look happy. John says Rob will need something to wear, and he offers up some of his own or Wayne's clothes. Rob jokingly asks what happened to the bloke who always wore tee shirts and jeans? John doesn't look impressed. The two men go upstairs, leaving Prue to comment to Angela that Rob is a character! Angela agrees that Rob is very nice. She then tells Prue that she doesn't want her and John to hang around at Charlie's too long, as she has plans for an evening with Rob. Prue says she wants to be friends with Angela, as she cares for John and doesn't want Angela breaking them up. She says she's realised Angela's not jealous, and she adds that she's more interested in John than any other guy she's ever seen. Angela tells Prue, though, that she's still not the right girl for her brother, and he'll wake up soon enough. She tells Prue that she's not John's type.

Patricia enters the newly-decorated Reid property and calls Gordon's name. He answers and eventually joins Patricia in the main room. Patricia tells him that Barbara has decided to go, and Gordon asks Patricia if it's because she said something. Patricia tells him that, in fact, it was Rosie who said something, implying that there was something between Gordon and Barbara. Gordon says he had the impression that it was Patricia who said something, but Patricia says she was forced to, as Barbara needed to be prepared for the Sydney gossips. She says that what happened wasn't her fault, but Gordon doesn't think Barbara would have been any more embarrassed later on than she was this morning. Patricia cooly tells Gordon that she came up to Woombai so that they could sort out their problems, but he obviously doesn't trust her. She says she can sense he is still wary of her, and she offers to pack her bags and go. She heads towards the front door, but Gordon calls after her. Patricia then says it was stupid of her to come, but Gordon asks her not to go, as he wants her to stay. He says he knows she loves him, and Patricia agrees that she does - she hasn't always shown it, though, and now it's probably too late. Gordon says he doesn't see why. He says he loves Patricia despite all that has happened. He says, "Stay here with me." They hug.

As they walk back towards Woombai, Gordon reminisces about the first time he brought Patricia there, and Patricia says she remembers thinking what a good place it would be to bring up Angela - plus she was in love with Gordon. They suddenly notice Rosie, and Patricia leaves Gordon to speak to the housekeeper indoors. Gordon tells Rosie that Barbara has left, as she was upset by what Rosie said. Rosie remarks on the fact that Patricia is blaming her, and she says she doesn't reckon that's why Barbara left. Gordon says he asked Rosie not to say anything, but Rosie asks if Barbara actually mentioned it being her fault. Gordon just says the damage is done, but Rosie is to keep this to herself. Rosie says she liked Barbara, and wouldn't upset her on purpose for the world. Gordon tells Rosie to keep a check on her tongue. Changing the subject abruptly, Rosie says she's taking Wayne and Jill into town later, to a dance, to try and brighten them up. She adds that she supposes her days at Woombai are numbered - once Patricia's back, she'll probably be sent packing.

Susan calls at Beryl's, and Beryl says David is on a long Sydney-to-Brisbane run. Susan says she's there about the interrogation her parents gave Noel yesterday, and she tells her mother that David really put Noel through the hoops. Beryl, though, says David had every right, as Noel was a complete stranger. Susan says Noel is a friend of Bill's, but Beryl says Bill should have let Susan know that Noel was coming. Susan says any friend of Bill's is a friend of hers. Beryl tells her daughter that David and Noel got on very well, but Susan says she doesn't care - she just doesn't want Noel upset. Beryl reveals that David even tried to score Noel a job at the depot, but when he mentioned Noel being an ex-con, the chance disappeared. Susan suddenly realises she may have been hasty, and she thanks her mother for giving her the true facts. Beryl says Noel is OK as long as he behaves himself.

Rob opens a beer at Dural, as Angela tells him he looks good in the gear he's wearing. He says Charlie isn't a bad old sort, and he adds that her catering was pretty good, but Angela comments that Charlie always was a freeloader. She then tells John and Prue that they don't have to hang around, but John says he'd like to stay and see Rob, as he's always on the move. John remarks that Rob must have been surprised when he found out that he had a new niece, and Rob says he'd have met her much sooner if he'd known what she was like. John doesn't look impressed.

At Susan's, Susan tells Noel that Kevin remarked on how Noel didn't sleep very well. Noel says Kevin and Lynn are good kids, but Susan says she always worries about them. Noel tells Susan that she's under a lot of strain with Bill, and Susan admits that she has become more touchy. She then says she's written a letter to Bill, and Noel reveals that he's going to see Bill today, and will deliver the letter to him. Susan says it means a lot to her to have someone who can talk to her about Bill. She adds that she just wishes Bill would see her. Noel says he'll talk to Bill and try and soften him up. He then says he'll get going, and adds that he'll walk there for the exercise. He goes out, and heads to the newsagent to buy a newspaper. Having purchased this, he sits down on a bench and looks at the envelope Susan has given him. He then stands up, tears up the envelope, and throws the bits in a nearby bin...

At Dural, Angela asks Rob to help her with the crossword, but Rob says he wants the sports section. The 'phone rings, and Angela answers it. The caller is Gordon, who says Patricia has some news. However, before Patricia can even say anything, Angela guesses that her parents have got back together, and she says she's so pleased. Patricia says they'll talk more later, and she has to go. When the call is over, Angela shouts, "They're not getting divorced!" She hugs Rob and then goes off to tell Charlie. Rob remarks to John that the news has made Angela's day. He then says he'd like to take Angela out to celebrate, but he's a little short of cash right now. John gives him a few bucks, but Rob says he'd prefer $50. John coughs up. He then remarks that he thought Rob would be pushing back up north-west soon, but Rob says he's thinking of sticking around and seeing some more of Angela. John points out to Rob that Angela's his niece, but Rob asks John why he's worried. John says he cares about Angela, as she's his sister. Rob says he won't try anything on, as he knows Angela's not that sort of girl, but John tells him that, if he wants a meal ticket, he should go after Charlie. He says he's not going to let Rob ruin Angela's life: "I'm warning you - back off."


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