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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

When Angela emerges from her bed, she sees Gordon, who has arrived to take Patricia to Woombai. Rob comes down the stairs and Patricia introduces him to Gordon; Angela hastily explains that Rob is John's uncle, who's in Sydney for a few days to see his nephew. Patricia tells Angela that she's asked Charlie to pop in a couple of times to see if everything's OK, and Angela says they'll be fine. Patricia suggests that Charlie could show Rob the sights while Angela is at work. She and Gordon leave, and Rob tells Angela that he only came down for a glass of water! They both head back to their respective beds.

Beryl's 'phone rings - it's Lynn. She tells Beryl that Susan has asked Noel to stay, and he's agreed. Beryl asks if Kevin is around, but Lynn says he's at work. Beryl offers to come over, and Lynn is about to say yes, when she spots Noel listening, and she tells Beryl that things are OK. She smiles at Noel and wanders over to the sewing machine. Noel tells Lynn not to let him disturb her, but Lynn looks unsure, and she isn't really concentrating when her bobbin runs out. She nervously laughs about it. Noel asks Lynn if he's bothering her, but Lynn says, "No." Noel adds that some people don't like to be watched while they work, and Lynn says, "No, it's OK," but she looks worried.

Beryl tells David that Susan has taken in a boarder, who is a friend of Bill's, and she adds that Lynn's not very happy about it. David says she's not the only one. Beryl says Susan would have made sure that Noel was OK, but David says he's going round there. "Noone stays under the same roof as my kids until I check them out first."

When Beryl and David arrive at Susan's apartment, David tells Lynn that he wants to see Noel. When the two men are introduced, David explains that he has a few questions, and he hopes Noel has the right answers. Beryl and Lynn go into the kitchen, leaving David and Noel to it. David says he wants them to remain calm, and he asks Noel what he was in for. Noel says he was given ten years for embezzlement. He explains that it was a computer crime, and he was made an example of. He was a junior computer operator and a senior member of staff offered him the chance to make some extra money by accessing on-line accounts. They were writing their own cheques and covering their tracks - but not well enough. Noel says he was having money hassles, his wife was pregnant and she was also sick. David points out that everyone makes mistakes, but Noel says he doesn't want sympathy. He explains that his partner had the better lawyer and he ended up with most of the blame placed on him. His wife stopped visiting him when he went to prison, and he's never seen his son. He says he was lucky to have become friends with Bill, and adds that it's a shame that Bill won't see Susan. He tells David that he could have done with someone like her. David says that all sounds fair enough, and Noel replies that Susan's lucky to have caring parents.

As they enjoy a very late lunch, Rob asks Angela how long she was in Melbourne for, and Angela explains that it was just a couple of months. He asks her if she missed the home comforts, but Angela says Melbourne was friendly, and there was noone like Charlie! Hearing mention of Charlie, Rob asks when he'll be calling round, but Angela says he'll probably be out with his rugby crowd! Rob says, "He doesn't worry me!"

Gordon and Patricia arrive at Woombai, and Barbara greets them outside. She adds that she has a surprise - Rosie is back. Rosie comes out of the house, but she isn't impressed to see Patricia and goes straight back indoors. Patricia follows her in, saying she's going to see Wayne. Barbara says to Gordon, "Fast work," but Gordon says it's an experiment. Barbara offers to go back to Sydney, but Gordon says he needs someone to talk to - he's made a lot of huge mistakes as far as Patricia goes, and he doesn't want his getting back with her to be the biggest one of all.

At Susan's, David comments to Noel that it must be difficult when you come out of jail, and Noel says it is - you forget how to cope with people, but he's starting to get it under control. He adds, though, that he can't get a job, as he's ten years out of date, plus he has a criminal record. David yawns and Noel suggests he should go home and get some sleep. Beryl invites Lynn for dinner, but Lynn says she'll wait for Kevin to get home. By the front door, she says she's feeling happier. David tells her to be patient, as Noel did say that his stay at Susan's is only temporary. Lynn says, "It's just..." but then Noel appears and she adds, "Nothing." David and Beryl tell Noel that he'll have to come over for dinner sometime. Lynn uncertainly watches David and Beryl as they walk to their car.

At home, David tells Beryl that he's happier now, but Beryl says Lynn still seemed on edge. She adds that they can't blame her, as there are only four months until the baby is due. Beryl says there's something about Noel, but David points out that the same thing will happen to Bill when he gets out. He says it's no use making things tougher for Bill. Beryl remarks that it's a pity he can't find any work, and David says there may be a chance at the depot, but he'll have to talk to Bates. Beryl points out that having a job will mean Noel can find his own place. David realises that Beryl means Lynn will feel happier without Noel around, and he tells his wife that their daugther-in-law should be their first concern.

Lynn is sewing when Noel comes in and sits down. He tells her that she's lucky she's got four months until the baby is born, and a nervous Lynn immediately asks how he knows that. Noel says Bill told him - and he adds that he probably knows more about the Palmer family than they do themselves... Lynn looks perturbed.

Barbara notices Jill asleep on the couch, and wakes her. A startled Jill explains that, now Rosie's back, she doesn't have enough to do. Barbara says Jill should have joined her for the long walk she's just taken over to the Reid property. She tells Jill that she found a small graveyard near the boundary of the Reid place, including one headstone for a boy who died when he was just three days old. She says it made her think. Wayne comes in and sarcastically tells Barbara and Jill not to work too hard. He adds that he wishes Gordon would make a decision about the airstrip.

Gordon offers Rosie a hand, but Rosie tells Gordon that he's in her bad books over Patricia - she wonders how he can take her back after her affair with David. She adds that she thinks Barbara would be a much better choice, but Gordon snaps that he wants Rosie to treat Patricia with respect. Inside, Wayne brings up the subject of the airstrip again, and Barbara tells him that he's like a broken record. Wayne asks Patricia to talk to Gordon, but Gordon comes in and says there's a contract. Wayne reminds everyone that there's no way of contacting Fiona, thanks to (with a glance at Jill) a certain party. Jill explains to Patricia that Fiona is in Palm Springs, and it immediately makes Patricia look thoughtful. She asks what Fiona is doing there, but all Jill can say is that Fiona is visiting a friend. Patricia says, "Shame we can't contact her..." Later, when Patricia's alone, the 'phone rings, and the operator tells her that her American call is ready. A man with an American accent announces that the Sheppard residence is on the line, and Patricia asks to speak to James, but she's told that he can't currently come to the 'phone. Patricia then asks if a Fiona Thompson is staying there, and she's told there is. Patricia says there's no message, and she thanks the gentlemen. She puts the 'phone down and looks thoughtful. The next morning, she suggests to Wayne that he should take some steps with the airstrip, as the land in question is only a very small area, and the place is idle. She suggests that Wayne could organise some preliminary clearing, but Gordon puts his foot down, saying they can't continue until Fiona agrees. He adds that he's made his reasons clear, and he's not going to repeat them again. Wayne says he'll go and count the petty cash dockets, as that's probably something he can be trusted with! When they're alone, Patricia tells Gordon that she wants to discuss something with him before Barbara joins them. She asks Gordon to tell Barbara to return to Sydney. Gordon says he can't see why he should do this, and so Patricia tells him that Barbara's presence is the subject of gossip. Gordon says he isn't concerned, but Patricia says she can't help what people say. Gordon tells Patricia that Barbara is very useful, and she's a friend. He adds that he'd like the two women to get along. He also says that Barbara is a vast improvement on Patricia's friends!

The doorbell rings at Dural, and Rob answers it. When he sees who it is, he says, "Hi, Mrs. Bartlett," and is immediately told to call the visitor Charlie. Rob suddenly realises Angela has been teasing him! Charlie says she's having some friends over later, and she'd like Rob to drop in. Angela says she'll come too, and the enthusiasm in Charlie's voice temporarily diminishes, as she says, "Wonderful..." She tells Rob to bring his togs. When Charlie has gone, Rob says to Angela, "Just you wait!" and he chases her round the table. She tells him that it was revenge for the trick he played on her at the stud. She also tells him that Charlie fancies him. Rob says, "Get out!"

Barbara joins Patricia at the breakfast table. Patricia comments that Barbara must be looking forward to getting back to her own bed, but Barbara says she likes it at Woombai. Rosie comes in and tells Barbara that she can stay as long as she likes. Patricia orders Rosie to get out, and when she's gone, Barbara apologises for the housekeeper's behaviour. However, Patricia explains that Rosie's probably heard some gossip, and it might be an idea if Barbara left. She reveals that there's a lot of talk about Barbara and Gordon - it's the affair of the month. She also adds that, with Barbara around, it's hard for her to talk to Gordon. Barbara says Gordon asked her to stay, so she's staying. Patricia says the gossips must be right - Barbara's husband has not even been dead for a month and she's already after another woman's man. She tells Barbara that all she can do at Woombai is get in the way - "Hope that's clear enough for you..."


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