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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Rob tells John that he's crazy. He asks if John thinks he's a no-hoper, and adds that he's not thinking of marrying Angela - he just wants some company. He says that if he didn't like John so much, he'd flatten him! John points out the surroundings, and tells Rob that he's just interested in Angela because of what comes with it, and this causes Rob to offer John his $50 back. He tells John that he's the one who's changed, what with his rich friends, posh suits and drinking beer from glasses, and he adds that John was a nice bloke last time he saw him. John says there's nothing wrong with living with your family, and he adds that he was glad Rob turned up - it's just his behaviour over the last couple of days that has gotten to him. Rob says all he wants is to hang around a bit and see what happens. John says he doesn't want Rob there. Rob replies, "Stiff!"

The next morning, Angela is eating when Rob comes in after a swim. He asks how Charlie took the news about Gordon and Patricia, and Angela says her neighbour pretended it was great, although she knows Charlie didn't really mean it. She tells Rob that Charlie just believes in having a good time, but she believes it's undignified. She says that, when she went round last night, there was a young blonde 18-year-old man there - and he was still there this morning. She says that, if he was just after a sugar mummy, what sort of respect can he have for himself? Rob slightly guiltily looks down at the table.

At Woombai, Jill remarks to Wayne that it's funny how Barbara suddenly left. Wayne isn't really interested, though, and just snaps that he wonders when Fiona's getting back. Jill says it's no use getting angry, but Wayne sarcastically replies, "Thanks for the advice." Jill tells Wayne that he's been cranky for days, and Wayne says he's sorry, but if Jill hadn't mucked up... Jill yells that if Wayne mentions the 'phone call once more, she'll pack her bags and leave. She storms off and past Patricia, who is sitting on the verandah. She immediately goes indoors, and comments to Wayne on the fact that Jill's being very aggressive. Wayne says Gordon and Jill are both being weak at the moment, and he adds that he doesn't want Patricia siding with them. He asks Patricia to talk to Gordon, but she is reluctant after having only just got things sorted out between them. Wayne says he supposes there was a lot to patch up, as Patricia and David must have been a kick in the guts for Gordon. Looking surprised, Patricia asks Wayne if Gordon told him, but Wayne says he thought so - he put two and two together weeks ago. Realising she's been tricked, Patricia says it's a subject that's not discussed, and only Gordon, Fiona and Rosie know - but certainly not John and Angela. Wayne points out that the twins would freak, and Patricia agrees. Realising that she's being blackmailed, she says she'll talk to Gordon, but she adds that she can only do her best.

Fiona's 'phone rings, and she answers it just as Wayne puts his receiver down, saying "I give up." Gordon points out that Bunty or Thelma will give Fiona a message. Wayne gets up and, as he walks out of the room, he looks at Patricia. Alone with Gordon, Patricia says that it is Wayne's project, so maybe Gordon should let him get on with it, but Gordon says he's got to let Fiona have a chance of getting out, or she could sue. He says he's up to his neck in debt, and he needs Fiona's property as accommodation - he doesn't want to he lumbered with a white elephant if she opts out. Patricia says Fiona has a stake in the place, and it's in her interests for it to be completed, but Gordon says he's aware of that - he wants to do what's legal under the contract, though. Patricia asks what if they had a number Fiona could be contacted on? but Gordon says they don't. Patricia quietly repeats, "No, we don't..."

Fiona's doorbell rings - it's David. She hugs him tightly, and asks him if he's staying, but he says he's only in town for a few hours. David notices that Fiona's room has been repainted, and she tells him that she had it done while she was in America - she then adds that it's a long story. She asks if David's going to see John and Angela while he's in Sydney, but David says not this time. Fiona asks how the family is, and David says fine - apart from the odd unexpected guest visitor...

Kevin is looking through his scrapbook of articles he's written, but he tells Lynn that the only decent story is the one he wrote on John. He starts tickling his wife, and Lynn is laughing when she suddenly notices Noel watching. Noel says he didn't mean to interrupt. He explains that he's just been to see Bill - who said to say hello - but Bill still won't see Susan. He adds that he almost had his head bitten off for mentioning it. Noel goes to the 'fridge and notices there's no beer there, so he says he'll go out and get some. When they are alone again, Kevin asks Lynn if she's still nervous, and she admits that she doesn't feel comfortable. She says they don't even know him, or if he's who he says he is. Kevin says Noel's a nice bloke, and he tells his wife to give him a go. Kevin leaves the room, and Lynn spots Noel's jacket on the table, with the wallet sticking out. She walks over, picks up the wallet and finds a photo. The front door suddenly slams, and Noel walks back in, to see Lynn guiltily holding the wallet in her hand.

Fiona remarks that she went away, and look what she missed out on! Noticing how tired she looks, David tells Fiona to get to bed. Fiona says she's going to lock the door, take the 'phone off the hook and act as if she's not there. David suddenly realises Fiona hasn't told him why she went to the States, and so Fiona explains that she went because a sick friend asked for her company. David comments that it was an expensive way to cheer up a friend, but Fiona says he paid, and he's dying. David remarks that Fiona must have been sad to leave her friend, but Fiona says she didn't - he came back with her to die near to his loved ones. She tells David that her friend was the one who bought her the boarding house. She knew him when he was just starting out, and she watched as he built his company up from the ground. David asks if it was a big romance, and Fiona says she's only had one big romance - James loved her very, very much. David hints that he'd like to hear more, but Fiona declines to say anything else.

Noel asks Lynn what the hell she's doing, and Lynn says she's sorry. Noel says that if that had happened in jail, he'd have flattened the guy first and asked questions later. He says he's not a nutter, just an ordinary bloke who's made a few mistakes. He tells Lynn that he's not going to murder the Palmers in their beds - he then asks her what she was expecting to find. Lynn says she doesn't know who Noel is, or even if he's who he says he is. Noel asks Lynn what she found, and Lynn says just the name 'Noel Devlin'. Noel tells Lynn that now she knows, and he smiles at her. He leaves the house again, as an unhappy Lynn stands in the lounge.

Rob is out walking in the grounds at Dural when Angela catches up with him. She remarks that it's cold, and Rob agrees. She asks Rob if she's upset him, and Rob says he's thinking of moving on, as he's not much better than Charlie - he's like the boyfriend trying to sponge off Angela. He adds that he thinks he'll go back to Melbourne, but Angela asks him not to, saying she was really lonely until he arrived. Rob says Angela must have lots of friends, but Angela says she only stayed in Sydney because of her job and her parents, but she misses Melbourne. She says that, for the last few days, Rob has brought a bit of Melbourne to her. She suggests to him that he get a job, and adds, "Please stay - I want you to." Rob puts his arm round her.

Inside, Prue tells John that he's ignoring her, and John says he's sorry. Prue asks what's up, and John says it's Angela. Looking annoyed, Prue tells John that he spends too much time worrying about Angela, as she's only his sister, and she asks what gives with them. John doesn't say anything other than admitting that Prue may be right. Angela and Rob come in and Angela says Rob's staying for a while. Rob asks, "Any objection, John?" and John sullenly replies, "No." Rob says he wants to be mates, but it's up to John. Prue chips in that you can't get much fairer than that.

Gordon is tinkering with the engine of his car when Jill comes out. He explains that he's going to an auction, and doesn't want the vehicle conking out. Jill says she's going for a walk, and Gordon remarks that she's been going for a lot of walks lately. Jill explains that she's keeping out of Wayne's way until Fiona rings, as it saves a lot of arguing. She walks to the little graveyard on Fiona's property, and looks at the headstones. When she walks away again, she stumbles slightly. She picks up some sort of marker device and throws it away.

At Woombai, Wayne remarks that neither Gordon or Jill are around, and Patricia points out that they're probably both keeping out of his way. Wayne tells Patricia that she should have done her job properly, and when Patricia says she tried, Wayne says that maybe she should have tried harder. Patricia tells Wayne that she gave into his hints yesterday, but not today. She says that if he thinks going ahead is the right thing, then he should do it and stop wasting his breath complaining. Wayne picks up the 'phone.

Out on her walk, Jill notices a bulldozer approaching. She starts running towards it.

Fiona gets up, opens her front door and, wedged between two cartons of milk, finds a note from Bunty telling her to call the Hamiltons at Woombai. Bleary-eyed, she scrunches up the note and says, "Coffee first."

Jill runs towards the bulldozer and yells at the driver to stop, but he says he's clearing the area. Jill says he doesn't have permission, but the driver says his boss gave him his orders and he's following them. He drives forward and Jill watches as he approaches, and then crushes, the gravestones. She puts her hand to her head in horror.


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