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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

John comes in, saying he's finished his reading. He suddenly notices Prue, and remarks that he wasn't expecting her. Angela shows John the briefcase Prue got him, and Prue says she's glad John likes it. Angela says she can't believe John's the same scruffy guy that she first met. John humourously says he should have left Angela lying on the ground, but then adds that he'd have got her to the hospital whatever. Prue looks slightly jealous. John leaves the room and Prue immediately snatches the briefcase from Angela's hands. Angela tells Prue that she's trying to turn John into something that he's not, but Prue in turn threatens to tell John that Angela's jealous. Angela says that would make Prue sound sick. Prue slams the briefcase down on the bar and walks out.

Lynn is busy sewing by hand, and she comments to Kevin that she hopes the baby appreciates it! She then asks her husband to invite David and Beryl over for dinner, but Kevin doesn't think it's a good idea. He says he and David will argue, but Lynn says it's a chance to show them that she and Kevin are doing OK. Kevin realises that this is true, as David is waiting for him to fall on his face. Lynn says she hopes Kevin isn't thinking of spending too much on food. Kevin says, "No - something else..."

As John says goodbye to Prue, he tells her that he feels like an early night. Prue says she wanted them to be together tonight. John tells her about Gordon and Patricia having dinner, and about how it was Angela's idea. He adds that he'd like Angela and Prue to be friends, but Prue says she wants John to herself. Angela is watching John and Prue from indoors, and then turns away and picks up the 'phone. She calls Beryl and asks if she has time for a chat. Beryl says she has - she adds that she's just cooking a pot roast and veggies, which makes Angela say she wishes she was in Melbourne as she misses everyone a lot. She explains that she's just had a big blow-up with Prue which has been building for a while and came to a head after Prue said Angela's jealous. Angela says she thinks she bluffed Prue out of it, though. Beryl says David didn't think much of Prue when he met her, and Angela's glad, saying that Prue's good looking, but that's it. She asks what she should do, and Beryl advises her to stay up in Sydney as long as she's not causing trouble for John. She asks Angela if she's getting out and about, and Angela says all her old boyfriends have been on the 'phone. She sends her love to everyone and Beryl tells her to take care of herself. The call ends, leaving Beryl looking thoughtful. She turns round and finds Rob standing behind her. Beryl tells him that Angela sounded miserable, and Rob says she needs someone like him! Beryl agrees, but Rob supposes his sister wouldn't let him within ten miles of Angela!

In Sydney, John tells Prue that he'll see her tomorrow, as Angela again watches from inside. She eventually moves away from the window and goes over to the bar, which she starts tidying. She notices the briefcase Prue bought. John comes in and says Prue doesn't know how to take no for an answer! He adds that she expects him all to herself, but he assures Angela that he knows what he's doing. John says he's staying in tonight, and he asks Angela what she's doing. She replies that she's going out for dinner with an old boyfriend, Toby Masters. John goes to get changed. Angela makes a 'phone call - to Toby Masters - and she asks him what he's doing...

Lynn tells Susan that her parents are pleased that David and Beryl are coming over for dinner. Susan says it's a start, but Lynn says that's all it is. She says Kevin's out to prove something to David, but she doesn't know what. Kevin comes in, and tells Lynn to close her eyes. Rob quickly follows and puts the sewing machine on the table. When Lynn opens her eyes again and notices her surprise, she says it's wonderful, and Kevin tells her that there's plenty more money where that came from. Lynn hugs Rob and thanks him. Rob asks Kevin to walk him to his car. Susan says to Lynn that she reckons Kevin wants to show David that he's not stinting. Rob tells Kevin not to say anything about the bet. Kevin asks why not, and Rob says that horses can lose. Kevin says Rob made it sound like it was a sure thing, and Rob says he reckons it will win, but you never know. Kevin says that that's why David is coming - he reckons he'll still make a packet, and says he has a feeling the horse will win.

Beryl tells David that Rob is having Pauline, a barmaid he met, over for the night, and she makes it clear she's not impressed. David reminds her that Rob's 24 years old, but when Rob comes in, David says he should have warned them. He tells Rob that Beryl's been a bit off-colour recently, probably due to nerves. Rob wonders how Beryl will go at the dinner tonight, and David says, "How are any of us going to go?"

There's very little talk round the dinner table at Susan's. David pipes up that it isn't a bad drop of wine, to which Kevin replies that there are better drinks in the world than beer. Beryl declines the offer of wine, saying she's had an upset tummy today. David asks Kevin what it's like being back at school, and Kevin says, "OK." David remarks that the bank job doesn't sound so bad now, but Kevin says the carwash is OK. Lynn chips in that Kevin has made enquiries about journalism, and Kevin says he's going to apply as a cadet as soon as there are vacancies. Beryl tells her son that he'll be up against some stiff competition for the big papers, and David adds that there are always the locals. Kevin says that if he misses out on the big papers, he'll go to university and apply again next year. He suggests to Lynn that she make the coffee. He then announces that he wants to listen to the race, as he has a bet on, and David tells him to go ahead. Kevin puts his personal stereo on.

Rob and Pauline are kissing on the settee, and when they break off, Pauline asks Rob if he's sure he's not married! Rob asks if he looks married, and Pauline replies, "None of them do." Rob suddenly realises it's time for the race, and he gets up, leaving Pauline looking bemused.

Kevin is listening to the race, saying, "Come on, come on." Beryl declines coffee, saying she's still off-colour. Susan remarks to David about Kevin's gambling, but David doesn't think a few dollars will do any harm. Kevin's horse loses. When he returns to the table, David asks his son if he lost much. Kevin yells, "None of your business." He adds that it was a stupid idea to invite David over in the first place. Lynn looks lost. Beryl asks her to say goodbye to Kevin for her, and she thanks Lynn for trying. When her parents have gone, Susan says she could kill Kevin, but she tells Lynn that Beryl was right - at least she tried.

Rob is banging on the drums with Pauline next to him, when Beryl and David get home. Beryl goes to talk to him, and yells that she has a bone to pick with him. She tells him that she wants to see him in the lounge, about the bet.

Lynn and Susan are moving the table, and Kevin comes out to help. Lynn says a few dollars won't break them, but Kevin says he lost all the money from the drums - he just wanted David to think he didn't need him or his money. He tells Lynn that she can't keep her sewing machine now. He then asks her why she's not more upset, and Lynn says Kevin is miserable enough without her making it worse. They hug, and Kevin says, "I love you."

Rob says he didn't know Kevin had put the bet on, but Beryl doesn't believe him, and she asks her brother if Kevin borrowed the money from him. Rob explains that Kevin used the sewing machine money, and says it's not his fault. Beryl snaps that she wishes Rob had never turned up, to which Rob replies that it's no good talking to Beryl while she's in a tizz. He says he'll take Pauline home. David comes in and tells Beryl that she was very tough on Rob - he adds that his wife shouldn't get upset, and points out that Kevin learnt a good lesson. Beryl asks for a hanky, and David suggests she should go to bed. Beryl says she's alright, but David tells her that she's sick and upset, and he offers her a cup of tea. Beryl says a cuppa won't solve things - she's still not absolutely sure, but she thinks she may be pregnant. A big smile comes over David's face, and he and Beryl hug.


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