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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Seeing Beryl with a big pile of washing, Rob suggests she should take it to the launderette, and he even offers to pay, but Beryl says she'd prefer to do it herself. Kevin comes in, and tells his mother that he'd like Lynn to have a sewing machine. Rob remarks that Kevin is such a Casanova! but Kevin explains that his wife wants to make baby clothes. He says he's decided to sell his drumkit to get some money, and Beryl tells him to make sure he gets a good price. She adds that she'll help Kevin choose a decent sewing machine. Rob then says he'll buy the drumkit, and he gets out his wallet stuffed with cash. He gives Kevin some notes, and when Kevin says it's too much, Rob takes $20 back. Later, at Susan's, Kevin asks Rob if he's sure about the money. Rob says he is, and he gives Kevin a tip on the horses for a race on Thursday night, adding that it's a sure thing. Kevin asks Rob not to say anything to Lynn about the sewing machine, as it's going to be a surprise. Lynn comes in and asks Kevin if he's really sure about selling his drums, but Kevin says there are things they badly need. Rob teases Lynn about the maternity dress patterns that are lying around, and Lynn bemoans the fact that she has to keep using Beryl's sewing machine. Rob says he's noticed, as the clack-clacking stops him having a good day's sleep. He adds that he'll have to go to Sydney if the noise keeps up!

Prue tells Patricia that she thought John would knock the Ramberg job back. Patricia asks Prue if she's sure John doesn't know she's behind it, and Prue says she's sure. John comes in and announces that he starts at Ramberg at 9am tomorrow. Prue tells him that he'll need a new suit. John says he's made his choice about the job, and he'll have to make it work. Angela comes in, and John tells her his news. He adds that Wayne will be smiling on the other side of his face before long! When she's alone with Patricia, Angela remarks that it's such a pity, as John probably only took the Ramberg job because Prue pushed him into it. She asks her mother if she likes Prue, and Patricia says she's not the girl she'd choose, but she's not interfering these days. She says she'll leave it up to John to make up his mind, but adds that John will be meeting lots of girls in his PR job...

Kevin and Lynn arrive at the Palmers', and Kevin is in his school uniform, which Rob promptly teases him about. Beryl suggests to her brother that he give Kevin a lift. She then tells Lynn that the sewing machine is all set up. Rob takes Kevin to one side to remind him about the horserace. Kevin then says goodbye to Lynn, who wishes him luck. She starts sewing. Later, she asks Beryl how the maternity dress she's making, looks. Beryl tells Lynn that it's going well, and she offers to do the handsewing. Lynn says she never thought she'd have so many aches and pains, but Beryl tells her that, once she's holding the baby, it'll be worth it. She adds that she and Lynn get on so well, and it's a shame that Kevin and David are no longer close. Lynn says Kevin seems to 'know' when David will be away, so that he can visit Beryl. Beryl says, "So I noticed." Lynn says she keeps having a go at Kevin, and she suggests that Beryl and David should come round for dinner. Beryl thinks this could be a good idea.

Patricia has just been outside to look at John's company car, and as the two of them return inside, John says he has a lot of reading to do at home. Patricia says she'll leave him in peace, as she has a fashion parade to attend with Charlie. She remarks to John that she's never seen him happier, and John says everyone seems so friendly - unlike at Woombai. John heads off to go and see Angela at the stud.

At Woombai, Gordon says staff recruitment must start soon. He then says he's got to go into town and get the new runway plans. He adds that he hopes Fiona will ring soon. Jill's sure she will. Barbara suggests that they should welcome the riding school guests with gifts in their rooms, such as champagne, fresh fruit or a handwritten note. Jill chips in that it's a riding school, not a hotel, but Gordon and Wayne both think it's an excellent idea. Jill huffily leaves the room.

Prue sees Angela at the stud, and she tells her that there's no need to be rude. Angela admits that she doesn't like Prue, and Prue says she doesn't care, but she does intend to be around for a long time. Angela says six months isn't a long time - and that's how long it'll take John to find out what Prue's really like - that she doesn't care about him. Prue tells Angela that Woombai brought her and John closer, and if Angela is thinking of breaking them up, then she can forget it. John pulls up in his new yellow car and Prue goes over and hugs him, as Angela watches.

Kevin gets home early, telling Lynn that he's missing sport in order to catch up. He tells Lynn that everything went OK, but he adds that everyone at school seems so young now. There's a knock at the door - it's Rob. Lynn invites him for lunch. Rob quietly tells Kevin that he's had a think about the sewing machine, and Kevin says he has the money, but he's put it all on the horse Rob tipped. Rob is immediately concerned at Kevin's hasty decision.

Prue tells John that Ramberg will be nice people to work for, and she adds that he could do with a briefcase. John heads off to do his reading as Prue and Angela watch. Prue says to Angela, "See? I'll be around for a long, long time."

Beryl sits down, looking tired, but the front door then bangs, heralding the arrival of David, and Beryl hurriedly stands up again. David hears the drums banging, and Beryl explains that it's Rob. David says he thought Kevin would never part with them. Rob comes out and Beryl explains to David about the sewing machine. Rob says he has it, and he takes David to see it. Beryl looks faint again.

The 'phone rings at Woombai, and Jill answers it. The caller is Fiona, and Jill asks her what she's doing in Palm Springs. Fiona explains that she got a call from an old friend who wanted to see her. Jill says she really needs to speak to Fiona, and Gordon wants to tell her about the landing strip, but Fiona says she's sure it can wait, and she has to go. Wayne overhears the end of the conversation, and Jill has to tell him that Fiona hung up before she could get her number. Wayne yells, "Oh, what?" He tells Jill that she's basically stupid - she wants to help, but when something really important comes up, she blows it. For good measure, he adds, "You are plain useless." Later, Jill tells Gordon that she did her best, and Gordon says he understands, but Wayne still isn't impressed. Barbara tells Jill not to worry. Wayne says he's going outside for some peace. Barbara comments to Gordon that Jill is a worry, as she's very touchy at the moment. Gordon says she's not used to running such a big place, plus Wayne isn't being Prince Charming, as he's insecure. Barbara hopes Wayne doesn't lose the human side he regained while he was sick. She then suggests to Gordon that he should take Patricia out to dinner while he's in town on Friday. Gordon says he doesn't want to move too fast. Barbara tells him that it will take time, but one stubborn coot is enough in any family. She points to the 'phone.

At Dural, Patricia is sitting on the couch when Angela comes in with a briefcase for John. The 'phone rings and Angela answers it. When she hears it's Gordon, she tells him about John's new job, and Gordon comments that things turned out better that way. He asks if Patricia's there, and when she comes on, he tells her that he's going to be in town, and he invites her for dinner. Patricia says it will be lovely, and she says she'll book something. She then has a better idea - they should eat at Dural, so they can relax. Gordon agrees. After the call is over, Patricia tells Angela about the dinner talking place on Friday night, and she adds that it's a good sign. She then tells her daughter that John is out by the pool. Angela takes a tray of afternoon tea out to him, and she tells him about Gordon coming to dinner. She adds that she thinks Patricia's excited, and she tells John that the two of them will have to go out - she suggests Fiona's, but John tells Angela to go alone, as he'll be out with Prue. Angela tells John that she has something for him, but John says he'll look later. Later, inside, Prue arrives with a much bigger briefcase than Angela's. Angela tells Prue that she's bought him a briefcase, and Prue says John can decide which one he wants - but Angela might as well change hers. Angela asks why her? Prue says hers is of much better quality, and John shouldn't be carrying anything cheap around. Angela immediately retorts, "Well, he's not doing a bad job with you!" Prue tells Angela that that's not a clever remark, but Angela says she wanted Prue to understand it. Prue says she's going to have John, and she adds that Angela seems more posessive than normal sisters. Angela yells that she and John are twins, and they know each other better than Prue ever could. Prue accuses Angela of being jealous, and Angela yells that she's sick of Prue draping herself all over John. She says Prue's never going to have John as long as she's around - "...and I'll be around for a damn sight longer than you will be."


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