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    Written by: Melvyn Morrow    Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Graeme Hodgson

Patricia says to Gordon that she supposes he must have a lot of last-minute arrangements to make before Woombai opens. Gordon says that he has. He gives Patricia a brown envelope containing John's wages for the previous week. He tells Patricia that, if Wayne changes his mind, John is more than welcome to come back. They part on cordial terms, leaving Patricia looking thoughtful.

At the stud, John tells Angela about the interview he's just had for a sales rep to sell machinery and travel all over the world. He adds that he laid it on thick about working at Woombai, and he says the interviewer seemed to think that, with training, John could handle the job. He jokes that he'll be combine harvester salesman of the year! Angela asks John if he's talked to Gordon yet, but John says there's nothing to talk about, and it's better if they both let it ride. He says he doesn't want Gordon to get the wrong idea that he's trying to smooth things over to get his job back - he wants to do things by himself.

At the Armstrong property, Barbara asks Gordon why he looks so glum. Gordon says, "Patricia." He adds that things went well, and there could be some hope, particularly as she seems to have got David out of her system. Barbara says, "First step." Gordon says he'll just have to see what happens next.

At Dural, John tells Patricia and Prue that he thinks the machinery company want him. Patricia says, though, that noone's rung her for a reference. Prue tells John that she's heard about a vacancy as an executive in PR, doing non-technical work, and she suggests to John that he ring them for an interview. John asks Prue how she knows so much about the job, and Prue quickly says she had lunch with some people who told her about it. Patricia supports Prue in her enthusiasm, and she also tells John about his wages from Gordon being by the 'phone. She adds that Gordon agrees that John would be better off by staying at Dural, as there's no chance Wayne will change his mind. John says he'll give the company a ring about the PR job. Patricia and Prue smile at each other.

David tells Beryl that he can't work out what John sees in Prue. Beryl, though, reckons John won't stand for any nonsense. David says he doesn't think it'll last, and adds that Fiona felt the same. He tells Beryl that the two of them have tomorrow free, and Beryl says she's got the taste for bowling, and would like to go again. David agrees.

Wayne enters the main room at Woombai to find Jill polishing the silver. He asks if Gordon is back yet, but Jill says he's probably busy. Wayne also wants to know if the 'happy couple' will be returning, but Jill says she doubts John will come back. Wayne snaps at Jill, asking if she's on John's side. Jill says she's sitting on the fence, and Wayne immediately snaps that she should be on his side. Jill starts to flare up, but is interrupted by a car horn, which prompts Jill to tell Wayne that he'll soon have his answer. She adds that Gordon will be pleased to know Wayne can now do without his wheelchair. Wayne goes outside, and Barbara comments that she's pleased to see him up and about. She goes off to find Jill, leaving a steaming Wayne to ask his father about news on John. Gordon says John is staying in Sydney. Wayne says that's the best news he's heard all week. He reveals that there's an almighty mess at Woombai, and says he's glad Gordon's back. Inside, Barbara tells Jill that it's good to be back in the country. Jill offers Barbara some tea, but Barbara tells Jill not to fuss around, as she'll pull her weight while she's there. Wayne and Gordon come in, but they pass on the tea, preferring something stronger instead. Wayne says there's a problem with the airstrip - the council will only let it go where it crosses into Fiona's property. Gordon suggests Wayne contact Fiona, then, but Wayne says they've been trying, and she's uncontactable. Gordon tells Wayne to keep trying. Wayne says Jill doesn't know where Fiona could have gone. Gordon says they must hope she's just away for the day.

Angela gets home from work late, and Patricia tells her that John went out early, with Prue. Angela remarks that that will give her and Patricia a chance to be alone. She asks how things went with Gordon, and Patricia says he wants the two of them to spend a little more time together. She adds that, in recent weeks, the effort she's put into getting them together again seems to be looking up - John has career prospects, and she and Angela are getting on better.

The next morning, Beryl tells David that she's been feeling queasy for the last couple of days, and attributes it to a virus. David tells Beryl that she's as bad as Lynn, looking green around the gills at breakfast. Beryl says Rob keeps her young! David says he's thankful Rob talked Kevin into going back to school, and Beryl takes the opportunity to ask her husband to talk to Kevin again, but David thinks Kevin is avoiding him, and says their little talk did nothing. He reckons Kevin was going up north to keep out of his father's way. David says Kevin hates him, but Beryl thinks Kevin is calming down. David says things with Kevin are as bad as they ever were.

John is dressed up in his suit again, but he tells Patricia that he would have felt better if the machinery company had called for a reference. Patricia tells John to convince Ramberg that the PR job is the one he's always wanted. John says he'd prefer the machinery job, though. Prue arrives to drive John to his interview, and she tells him that he can do better than selling bulldozers. John says that, if he's asked, he'll say he's waiting to hear about the other job. Patricia tells him that he's too honest.

Jill is talking to Plan C when Barbara approaches, and offers to help with the housework. Wayne comes out and asks Jill if she's 'phoned Fiona, but Jill says there's still no answer. She suggests she should try Bunty and Thelma, and Wayne snappily asks why she didn't do it earlier. He orders Jill to get onto them at once. When Jill has gone inside, Barbara remarks to Wayne, "Quite the little charmer, aren't we?" She tells him not to take things out on Jill, and Wayne admits he may have been a little stroppy, but he says the airstrip is on his nerves, and it needs to be sorted, otherwise things are up the spout. Inside, Jill is on the 'phone to Bunty. When the call is over, she announces to everyone that Fiona is in America! Wayne says, "What do you mean, America?" Jill says that Bunty told her Fiona just got up and left. Barbara asks if Fiona ever mentioned the US, but Jill says she didn't - plus she was up to her ears in debt. Jill says Bunty told her Fiona said she'd ring when she got settled. Wayne asks what they're going to do. Gordon says they can't do anything without Fiona's written permission, and adds that they should hope she rings soon.

After winning at bowling, Beryl tells David that they should get out more often, and they reminisce about old days when they went bowling more frequently. Beryl tell David that he'll soon be a grandad on a pension! She adds that it's good to be having a few laughs for a change. David looks thoughtful. Beryl goes into Kevin and Lynn's room, and starts making the bed. David follows her, and Beryl explains that Rob moved from Susan's room because he wanted a double bed. David says he has to tell Beryl something about Sydney. He reveals about seeing Angela and Gordon at the stud, and adds that seeing the latter wasn't pleasant. He also admits that he spoke to Patricia at John's insistence, and it shook him up. He says Patricia sounded bad, and Gordon still wants the divorce. David says he thinks Patricia needs Gordon, but he still worries about her. Beryl says she's glad he told her. She stands up and suddenly comes over faint, but blames the bowling.

Angela is at the stud when Prue comes into the office, having just returned from John's interview. She tells Angela that it was a breeze, and adds that the head office was very plush. Angela says she thought John preferred the machinery job. John comes in and says he went pretty well. Angela tells him that he should find a job that makes him happy. John says Ramberg made it sound like he only had to say yes. He says he's going home, to find out whether Patricia's heard from the machinery company yet.

At Dural, Patricia is on the 'phone. She tells the caller that John is a hard worker, but he has a temper, which can be unreliable. She adds that he resigned from his last job after a heated argument, and without giving notice, and tells the person that John expects things to go his way. "Quite frankly, I think you'd be hiring trouble." She says she hopes her comments will be confidential, and then, hearing a key turning in the lock, quickly ends the call. She goes out and greets John and Prue, and tells John that noone called. John says it seemed so hopeful. Patricia suggests John should ring the machinery company and find out what's happening. Prue says Ramberg were keen, and Patricia says, "Really?" and she acts as if she's really surprised and happy for her son. John says the first job isn't looking too good, but he told Ramberg that that's the one he really wants. He goes to the study to call the machinery company, leaving Prue to ask Patricia what will happen if the machinery company say yes. Patricia says, "Oh, I don't think they'll say yes..."


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