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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Peter Sharp

Beryl is busy tenderising a piece of meat when Rob comes in. He immediately tells her to stop what she's doing, as he's going to take her bowling; Beryl is more concerned about making a stew, though! She tells Rob that she hasn't been bowling for years, but Rob grabs the mallet and runs around the kitchen with it, forcing Beryl to accept the invitation, but not without telling her brother that he's impossible! She also takes the opportunity to thank Rob for talking Kevin into returning to school. Rob says, "I'm a little wonder, aren't I?!"

At the stud, Angela is on the 'phone to John, who says he's OK. Gordon comes in, and Angela tells him that David was looking for him, but Gordon says he was out on a paddock, and must have missed him. Angela says John has told her about the problems with Wayne, and she tells her father that she's worried about the way he treated John, but Gordon just says John and Wayne didn't see eye-to-eye. He adds that he wants to talk to John, but Angela says she thinks this will probably make things worse. Gordon says he'll see how the time goes before deciding what to do. He asks Angela how she's going, and she says she couldn't be happier - and things with Patricia are better as well. She tells Gordon that Patricia is thinking more about others, now. Gordon explains that he's seeing Patricia about the settlement later. Angela says she'd like her mother to be at the Woombai opening, and Gordon agrees that, after the hard work Patricia put in, she should be invited.

At Dural, John is on the 'phone to Fiona, who tells him that David is staying with her, and she invites John over for dinner. John says he and Prue would love to come. At the mention of Prue, Fiona's face drops! David comes in and has a word with John. He says he'll be in the meal, and John says it'll give his father a chance to meet Prue. David asks what went wrong at Woombai, but John says he'll explain later. Patricia enters the room at Dural, and John asks David if he wants to speak to her. David agrees, but the conversation he has with Patricia is very false. In front of Fiona, he tells Patricia over the 'phone that it's a pity they couldn't have had a meal together. Patricia says, "Oh, I don't know." She adds that she's been glad to get back into her old social circles anyway. John leaves the room, and Patricia tells David that there's no need for the false conversation to go on any longer. She prompty hangs up. Later, John is coming downstairs when Angela gets in. She tells John that Gordon's not going to force the issue, and John says he's a bit disappointed in Gordon - that's all. He adds that he can find another job. He's on his way to pick Prue up to go to Fiona's, and Angela takes the opportunity to say she'll be fine about 'the other thing'. With John gone, Angela goes into the lounge, where she finds Patricia sitting by the bar. Angela asks what's wrong, and Patricia says she's seeing Gordon tomorrow about the settlement. Angela says she thinks Gordon's changing his mind, and he might want to talk to Patricia about the two of them. Patricia says she's missed him, and she adds that she knows she always pushed him, but she didn't realise what she had until it was gone. She says that, if there was a chance, she wouldn't make the same mistakes.

David tells Fiona that he was trying to do the right thing by talking to Gordon, but Fiona is more surprised that Patricia actually told Gordon about the affair. David thinks Patricia must have thought about trying to patch things up, but Fiona bets it wasn't Patricia who told Gordon the truth. She adds that she doesn't know what Patricia has been feeding Angela, but if she's been saying anything about getting back with Gordon, then that's a very large pill for Fiona to swallow. David looks bemused.

Barbara tells Gordon that David must have been sincere about giving it a go. Gordon says he promised not to say anything to Angela and John, and that's as far as he goes when it comes to forgiving and forgetting. Barbara says she's glad Gordon could talk to her about it, and she thanks him for letting her be a friend.

John and Prue arrive at the boarding house, and John introduces Prue to his father. She's very polite to David, and to Fiona as well! Fiona asks John to give her a hand in the kitchen, leaving David to feel awkward in the room with Prue. Prue eventually says John's told her a lot about David, and she adds that she couldn't be a long-distance lorry driver. David excuses himself, saying he has to call Beryl. John emerges from the kitchen with drinks, as David says he can't get any answer from home. John humourously suggests that Beryl must be out on the town with another bloke, but David reckons she could be out with Rob. John says he must take Prue to Melbourne sometime, to meet Rob.

Beryl and Rob get home late, having had a good time. Beryl says her arm's hurting, but Rob just suggests that she should get David to take her bowling next time! Beryl replies, "That'll be the day!" She thanks Rob for the meal they ate while they were out, and they reminisce about old times. Rob tells Beryl to relax, while he goes out on the town. He asks Beryl if she's worried about David being in Sydney, and Beryl says she's not, but she still looks at the 'phone.

At Dural the next morning, John wants to get a move on, otherwise he'll be late for the first of the three interviews he has lined up, all of which sound good. Patricia tells him he looks very smart in his suit, and John says Prue picked it. He accuses Patricia and Angela of being two clucky hens! Angela tells John that the companies will be mad if they don't want him. Patricia tells her son to use her as a reference if he needs to. When he's gone, Patricia tells Angela that she wishes she could do more for John. Angela just wishes her mother luck with Gordon.

Barbara tells Gordon that she'll be packed by the time he gets back from Dural. She adds that she did a lot of thinking last night, and has to say it: she knows Gordon has been hurt, but she also knows that he's not entirely convinced about the divorce, and that Patricia still means something. Gordon says that, for the past twelve months, Patricia has done some of the most soul-destroying things that a woman can do to a man, and he put up with it - not put up with it, but accepted it. He says Patricia drove him so far that he no longer had any respect for her, and the affair was the icing on the cake. Gordon says he'll rule out a reconciliation if Patricia still has any feelings for David. Barbara tells Gordon to sound Patricia out - " least try."

Patricia is on the 'phone, saying, "Thankyou, Mr. Mason, that's all I could possibly ask. If you could just check with James..." Suddenly the doorbell rings, and Patricia quickly ends the call. The visitor is Prue, who immediately starts talking again about John needing a good future. Patricia tells Prue that that's why she's there - she wants Prue's help again. She tells Prue that John can sometimes be stupidly independent, and reveals that she has a contact who could have a job for John, but she can't raise it with him herself. She says there is a vacancy for a PR person for Ramberg Industries, with tremendous scope for advancement, and adds that Prue has greater influence over John than she does. Prue says she really likes John, and wants to see him do well, particularly as he's her longest-lasting boyfriend. She says it's good that Patricia understands what John really wants. She adds that she met David last night, and he's not on the same wavelength. Patricia invites Prue for drinks later, and says it's important that John does the right thing. Prue goes, and Patricia stands with her back to the front door, smiling deviously. The smile is gradually replaced by what could almost be mistaken for guilt, but then the doorbell rings, and Patricia turns to answer it. The new caller is Gordon, and Patricia invites him in, adding that it seems so silly asking him into his own house. Patricia says she's made coffee. Gordon says the garden looks good.

David gets back to Melbourne, to find Beryl and Rob still in their nightclothes. David says he tried to ring last night, and Beryl explains that she and Rob were out. Beryl adds, "Bowling, would you believe?!" David says that, in his rush to get home, he got booked for speeding, and copped a ticket. After Rob has headed off for a shower, David apologises to Beryl, sayng he knows they can't really afford it. Beryl's just glad David's home. He asks Beryl if she was worried, and he adds that she doesn't have to be - not now.

Gordon says he supposes they'd better get down to business. He says he's been wondering about splitting the house, now that Angela's back. Patricia says she still loves the place, and has lots of memories, but it would be selfish of her to keep it, so she tells Gordon to go ahead. Gordon tells Patricia that Angela talked to him about her, and he can see the difference. Patricia says that, since the split, she's found herself looking at lots of things differently, and the way she behaved made her realise that things will be very different if she has a second chance. Gordon asks Patricia if she knows that David is in Sydney. Patricia says yes - but she has no desire to see him ever again - ever.


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