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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Mark Piper

The next morning, Beryl says to David that she wishes she knew where Rob is, as his car isn't outside, and his bed hasn't been slept in. David points out that Rob is probably with Pauline, but Beryl wishes she hadn't gone off at her brother like she did. David offers to go to the doctor's with his wife, but Beryl says she's fine, pointing out that she's had pregnancy tests before, although not for a long time. She says she's still not feeling her best, though. The 'phone rings, and Beryl answers it. The caller is Rob, who says he's in Aubrey, and adds that it's a long story! Beryl wants to hear it, though, so Rob explains that he figured now is as good a time as any to make the trip to Sydney to see John and meet Angela. Beryl thinks Rob's joking, and she tells him that she didn't mean what she said last night, but Rob says he's been thinking of making the trip for a couple of days. Beryl asks how long he'll be away, but Rob says he'll play it by ear. He asks Beryl to tell Kevin that he's sorry about the money, and he says Kevin can keep the sewing machine, and adds that his nephew can give the drums a workout as well. He tells Beryl that he'll call again in a couple of days, and he then hangs up, just as Beryl starts to say, "Ah, Rob..." She tells David that she forgot to tell Rob her good news, and then she adds that she hopes it's not a false alarm. David says he agrees.

At Dural, John enters the main room in a blue suit, and Angela gives a wolf whistle. John challenges his sister to a race - him in his new company car, and her in the car she uses at the stud. When Angela's out of the room, John tells Patricia that he's going to a party tonight with Prue, and he'll be staying over. Patricia asks John to invite Angela, who she says is planning to go and see Fiona - she tells John that he won't have to worry about his sister once they get there. John goes out into the hall and notices Angela with a briefcase. She tells him that she got it because she liked his. She asks her brother if he's really happy with his new job, and John says he is sure about it, although he still thinks it's a shame he missed out on the machinery-selling vacancy. He says that, if he doesn't like the job at Ramberg, he'll chuck it in. He then invites Angela to the party with him and Prue, but Angela says she's going to Fiona's, so she declines the offer. Later, Patricia is in her tennis gear when Charlie arrives, saying she's booked the two of them into a new health place. Patricia doesn't want to go, but Charlie tells her that she wants to go, so Patricia's going with her! She adds that it'll put Patricia in the right frame of mind for seeing Gordon later. Patricia goes off to change. Outside, shortly afterwards, Patricia hears the 'phone ringing, but decides to ignore it, saying whoever it is will ring back.

The caller was Beryl, who is just putting the 'phone down when Susan comes in. She tells her daughter that she was just 'phoning the Hamiltons to warn them about Rob's imminent arrival - she adds that she can't see Patricia hitting it off with Rob! Susan tells her mother that she's called round before her next shift to see how Beryl's feeling now. Beryl says her tummy is still upset, but Susan suspects she's not being told the whole truth, and so Beryl reveals that she thinks she may be pregnant. She says she's been to the doctor's, but Susan is concerned that it's late in life for her mother to have a baby, particularly as she had a hard time with Kevin, seventeen years ago. Beryl tells Susan that she's an old worry-wart, but Susan says she's very happy - surprised, but happy. She adds that it'll be a shock to everyone, but they should all be happy.

As Charlie approaches the end of the Dural drive, to turn onto the main road, there's an old bomb of a car blocking the way. The car moves out of the way, but when Charlie and Patricia have gone, it turns up and heads towards the house. Rob gets out, and rings the front doorbell, but there's no answer. He goes round the back, and sees the pool. He quickly strips off, and dives in.

Beryl is knitting when David comes in. He asks his wife if she's knitting for their baby, but Beryl says it's for Lynn's - but she then reveals that she is pregnant. David says, "You beauty!" Beryl tells him that both the doctor and Susan warned her about potential difficulties, but David tells his wife that it'll be OK. He tells Beryl to tell him what to do, and he'll look after everything. Beryl asks David not to tell anyone the news until they're sure, but David says everything's going to be fine. Beryl replies, "Sure it is."

It's breakfast time at Woombai, but when Jill comes in to clear the dishes away, Barbara says she'll do it, and Jill huffily says, "OK." Wayne remarks that he hopes Fiona rings soon, and he curses Jill again for not getting a contact number. Gordon tells his son that Jill made a mistake for which she has apologised, and it won't happen again. Wayne says, "It'd better not." Gordon leaves the room, and Wayne hobbles after him. Jill walks by the door with Plan C, and goes and sits on the verandah. Barbara sees her, and goes out to talk to her. She tells Jill that stocks are getting low in the pantry, but Jill isn't particularly interested. Barbara then suggests Jill use castor oil on Plan C, which causes Jill to snap that Barbara may think she can take over everything else, but Plan C is her cat, and she'll look after her. She goes inside, and Barbara follows. Indoors, Jill tells Barbara that she feels as if nothing she does is good enough. Barbara says she thinks Jill is doing a very good job in difficult circumstances, and Jill is happier that at least somebody has confidence in her. She says Wayne made her feel like such an idiot, and Barbara tells her that Wayne is intolerant. Jill says she thought she could make a go of being a housekeeper, but Barbara made her feel useless. Barbara asks Jill what went wrong between her and Wayne, and Jill explains that she thinks it's because she sided with John. She adds that she'll have to put up with Wayne's treatment for now, and she tells Barbara about how everyone thought she was crazy to get involved with Wayne, but she says there was something there - it was important to him that she loved him. Barbara asks if this was before or after the accident, and Jill has to admit that it was after. Jill says she knows Barbara thinks Wayne only wanted her around after the accident, but she adds that she thinks she can trust him. She says, though, that there's only so much she'll put up with. Barbara says, "Then?" Jill replies, "I don't want to think about that."

Charlie and Patricia get back to Dural and spot the old bomb of a car parked outside the front door, with Rob asleep inside it. Patricia says she's going to call the police, but Charlie tickles Rob's bare foot, and wakes him. Upon seeing Charlie, Rob asks her if she's Mrs. Hamilton, but Patricia quickly says, "I'm Mrs. Hamilton." Rob introduces himself as Beryl's brother, and John's uncle, and he tells Patricia that Dural is a nice place, before adding that he took a dip earlier. Patricia tells him that John and Angela are both out, so there's no point in him hanging around, so Rob asks for directions to the stud, saying he's dying to meet Angela, as he's only spoken to her once. He dashes off, and Charlie smiles. Patricia says, "Dear God!"

Rob arrives at the stud and enters the office where Angela is working. He asks for Angela, and, when Angela says that's her, Rob tells her that he's come down from the Kimberlys as he's looking for new stock - particularly thoroughbreds! Angela explains that she's pretty new, and asks Rob to remind her who told him about the stud. Rob says he can't remember, and he then asks Angela if she doesn't recognise his voice. Angela suddenly realises it's Rob, and he immediately asks her what she's doing tonight, as he needs someone to show him the sights. Angela tells Rob that John would love to see him, but Rob reckons John can do without them for one night!

Wayne tells Gordon that he's been thinking about going ahead with the airstrip without asking Fiona, but Gordon puts his foot down, and adds that he's going into town to see Patricia, and Wayne's not to do anything while he's away. Jill comes in, and suddenly realises she's forgotten the parcel she had for Angela. She goes to retrieve it, leaving Wayne to comment that Jill has trouble remembering anything these days. Barbara snaps that Wayne should realise what Jill has got going for her, and Gordon says he couldn't agree more.

Angela gets home with Rob. She says she's off for a shower, and she then tells Rob where his room is, before telling Patricia that she was sure her mother wouldn't mind a houseguest. When they are alone, Patricia tells Charlie that she doesn't like the look of Rob, saying he's a complete stranger who they know nothing about. Charlie asks if it's because Rob is Beryl's brother. When Rob comes back in, Patricia tells him that there's a problem, as Angela didn't check to see if it was convenient for him to stay. Rob quietly says, "No worries - if you're frightened I'll say something about you and Dave, you needn't be - I promise I won't breathe a word." Patricia says, "Oh." Rob heads off to his room, leaving Patricia looking flabbergasted!


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