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    Written by: Don Battye   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

John tells Prue that she's a stirrer, and says Gordon must have had his reasons for siding with Wayne. Prue asks John if he still thinks he's right, and she adds that Wayne knows John's right and hates him for showing him up. She tells John that he'll never get anywhere, but John says he's not worried, as Mr. Hamilton will look after him as long as he does his job. Prue tells John that he's Patricia's son, and, after the divorce, Gordon's going to be trying to keep things within his side of the family. She adds that, with Wayne in charge, John's not going to get much of a go.

Outside, on the verandah, Wayne tells Jill that they don't need John - he says he has nothing against him personally, but what with Wayne and Gordon there, John is one boss too many. Jill points out that John made one suggestion, but Wayne says it was a stupid one, and John wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. Jill tells Wayne that he's funny when he gets a bee in his bonnet. Wayne snaps that he hasn't got a bee in his bonnet.

Angela tells Patricia that she has decided to work at the stud - she's rung Gordon and he's fine about it, so she's starting tomorrow. She then tells her mother that it's great to see her and Fiona getting on so well, particularly after Fiona forced Patricia into revealing the truth about John and Angela. Patricia says, "Why hold a grudge?" She adds that she has a lot to be grateful to Fiona for. Angela thinks Fiona might be lonely now that Jill's gone, but Patricia says Fiona has lots of friends, and Angela should try to keep in touch more with her own friends. Angela suggests they invite Fiona over for dinner. Patricia's expression suggests this doesn't exactly please her!

John joins Gordon in the main room at Woombai. Gordon says he hopes John understands his decision, and adds that he had to put himself in the place of the clients. John points out that the accommodation is OK, and it's just the indoor arena that's not quite ready, but Gordon says first impressions count. John accepts this, and Gordon's glad he understands. He says, though, that Wayne could have handled it better. He then tells John about Angela working at the stud. Prue comes in and overhears this last bit of news, and when Gordon leaves the room, she tells John that that leaves him out in the cold, as Wayne is Gordon's favourite and Angela is set up at the stud, whereas John's just a glorified labourer. She tells John that the Hamiltons are taking him for a ride. John looks thoughtful.

The next morning, Wayne snaps at John for talking to Prue when he should be working. He gives John some orders, but John is concerned that Wayne might need him. Wayne says he can look after himself. Jill comes out, and Wayne tells her that she won't have a job for a while with the delays, but Jill says she'll help Rosie. Wayne says Jill didn't come up to be a servant, but Jill says one snob is enough, and any more of that talk, and Wayne can take a running jump. She adds that there's nothing wrong with housework. Wayne tells her that there is some work she can do - she can drive a couple of blokes back to the stud. Jill accepts the job, and says it'll give her a chance to pop in and see Fiona. Indoors, Jill rings Fiona, and agrees to see her tomorrow at noon. Watching Rosie clean the silver, Jill says she'd be keen to learn how to do it as well. Rosie is pleased, saying that, as Wayne's fiancée, Jill should learn how to do such things. Jill flatters Rosie about what a good job she does, and Rosie says Patricia never had a clue about the house - or about marriage. She adds that it's a miracle that Wayne turned out so well, and she thinks Gordon will be well rid of his wife. She tells Jill that she's polished the silver every second Monday morning for 25 years.

In Melbourne, Beryl wipes up her own knives and forks, and chucks them in the drawer! She remarks to David about how Angela's going to be away for a while, and the two of them agree that it's for the best. Beryl asks David if Rob can stay with them because, although he's deluged his parents with gifts, his money's going to run out eventually, and then he'll start bludging off them. She adds that she and David can deal with Rob better if that happens. David agrees Rob can stay, and says he can use the kids' room. Beryl says, "I thought Susan's." A look comes over David's face. Beryl tells him that she's going to see the kids, and David gives her $20 to give to Lynn. Beryl thinks it would be better if she bought some food with it, though.

At Susan's, Beryl gives a grateful Lynn a large package of meat. Lynn tells Beryl that she went shopping yesterday and she realised that everything is so expensive. Beryl gives Lynn the leftover change and tells her to buy herself something. Lynn says she wishes she could pull her weight, and adds that she thinks it'll take a long time for Kevin to change his mind. She asks about Rob, and says he sounds really wild. Beryl explains that he's going to be staying, and Lynn asks if he'll be having her and Kevin's room, but Beryl says he'll be having Susan's.

Alan Pascoe tells Angela that he's sorry to hear about the divorce. He says Gordon has asked him to do a stocktake at the stud so that the settlement can be worked out. He has to go out, but asks Angela to take messages in his absence. Angela asks if she can't do something else as well, but Pascoe says he needs to go through everything with her first.

Wayne orders John to clean himself up and then ring the garage to get them to come and pick his car up. John offers to look at the car, but Wayne says he doesn't want an amateur fiddling with it. However, John persuades him, adding, "Some of these garages can see a mug coming a mile off." He smiles an innocent smile! While he's under the bonnet, Rosie comes out and says Angela's on the 'phone for him, and it's urgent. He goes in, and tells Angela that he's glad she's changed her mind about going back to Melbourne, as he thought she might be heading back for the wrong reasons. Angela says she's in trouble and can't get hold of Alan Pascoe. She says an angry client, Mr. Bradley, is coming in with a query about a vet's bill, and she doesn't know what to do. John tells her to look for some files behind her. Angela finds them, and thanks John, saying she didn't want Alan Pascoe thinking she's an idiot. She asks John not to tell Wayne about her call, as he'd have a field day. John goes back outside, where Wayne is looking at his car engine. He snaps that he thought it would be done by now, and so John explains about speaking to Angela, but Wayne makes a sarcastic comment about John having a nice chat to his sister. He tells John that he's about as reliable as half the other idiots there. Prue, who has overheard this, puts up her hands in mock surrender, and says she didn't say a word. John says Wayne can get the damn garage to do it.

Mr. Bradley is at the stud with Angela when Alan Pascoe and Patricia come in. He says the problem has been sorted out, and Pascoe comments to Patricia that Angela's doing surprisingly well. Patricia tells Pascoe that he'll be seeing quite a bit more of her, as she's going to be doing a lot more riding. When Pascoe has left the office, Angela asks her mother why it's such a surprise that she did so well. Patricia points out that her daughter is almost totally inexperienced, and she asks if she really sorted it out on her own. Angela admits that she rang Woombai, but Patricia doesn't think it's necessary to tell Alan Pascoe this.

Lynn gets home to find Kevin busy vacuuming, which he says he's doing because he wasn't getting anywhere looking for a job. Lynn has a cake from the cake shop where she used to have a Saturday job. She tells Kevin that she got talking while she was there, and she's been asked to work some lunchtimes - and she's accepted. Kevin tells his wife that it'll mean her being on her feet all day long, so it's not on, but Lynn explains that she thought that, if both of them could get part-time jobs, Kevin might go back to school. She tells Kevin that he's always wanted to be a journalist, but Kevin says he doesn't any more - he just wants to look after Lynn and the baby. Lynn says, "You're starting to sound like your dad..."

David gets home from work, and Beryl tells him that she's had an idea about Kevin - she thinks they should ask Rob to speak to him. David says that would mean Rob having to find out about his and Patricia's affair, but Beryl says she'll just tell Rob that David and Kevin had a row - she won't reveal what it was about. David says Kevin's bound to spill the beans, but Beryl says Rob's not the type to get upset. David supposes it's worth a try.

Lynn suggests to Kevin that they sort out the rest of their stuff. Kevin says it's all packed away in boxes, but Lynn persuades him. Kevin digs out his schoolnotes and says he won't need them, so he throws them away. He also comes across a scrapbook containing school newspaper articles that he's written, including one on John when he was accused of murder. Kevin says fancy thinking it would help him become a journalist one day. Lynn tells Kevin that he will do it one day - which is why she should get a job to help them through this bad patch. Kevin tells Lynn to take the lousy job if she wants to. He looks again at his article about John, and then throws the scrapbook in with the rubbish.


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