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    Written by: John Alsop   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Angela is getting ready for her second day at the stud. Patricia tells her daughter that she had trouble getting used to organising things at Woombai, and she was glad to have John behind her. Angela says she'll give the job a few weeks, but if she just ends up running messages, she might think again. She leaves. The 'phone rings, and Patricia answers. The caller is Fiona, who asks to talk to Angela, but Patricia says she's not there. Fiona says she wanted to find out how the job's going, and Patricia tells her that Angela's doing very well, and, as there's no risk of her returning to Melbourne, there's no need for Fiona to keep in touch...

Rob gets back to the Palmers' after setting off early from his parents'. He has some wedding presents for Kevin and Lynn, but Beryl has a go at him for splashing his money around - she urges him to put some away. Rob asks if the kids are in their room, but Beryl explains that they've moved out to Susan's. Without listening to the reasons why, Rob dashes out of the house. When he gets to Susan's, he gives Kevin and Lynn a portable TV and a computer games machine - and he also gives Kevin full marks on his choice of wife! The two men get out the computer game, and Lynn plays Rob at on-screen tennis. She wins, but says Rob let her. She then has to go to work, telling Rob that it's her first day. Rob queries the fact that she's not at school, and Lynn says Kevin will explain. When Lynn's gone, Kevin says he thought Beryl would have filled Rob in, but all he tells Rob is that he had a run-in with his old man, which was pretty serious, and, in the end, he decided to move out. Rob asks what the row was about, but Kevin reckons his parents should tell him. Rob says it won't do Kevin and Lynn any harm to be on their own for a while. He asks how they're off for money, and Kevin says he was supposed to get a job, but Lynn's beaten him to it with a part-time job in a cake shop - but he reckons he'll get something sooner or later. He tells Rob that he's had some interviews, but Rob tells him that he needs to toughen up his attitude - go in and con them into thinking they need you!

When Rob returns to the Palmer house, he has flowers for Beryl. She tells her brother that Lynn rang to say thanks for the presents. Rob comments that Kevin and Lynn's situation came as a shock, and he asks what the row was about. Beryl says it's private, but she reveals that Kevin told Lynn that they were moving out and David told them never to set foot in the house again if they went. She adds that Susan's put off selling her house until the problems are sorted. She asks Rob to talk to Kevin, but Rob says he'll need an excuse to go back. Beryl suggests Rob take Kevin's drums over - and adds that they're the last of her son's things to go. She says she's starting to think that she can't be much of a mother, as none of her kids want to live there any more. Rob says, "I'll fix it."

Jill arrives at the boarding house and she and Fiona hug. Jill asks about Fiona's trip to Melbourne, and Fiona explains that she didn't stay long as some business came up. Jill thinks Fiona's being very secretive.

Alan Pascoe calls at Dural on Patricia's invite. She gives him Angela's lunch, which she'd forgotten, but takes the opportunity to tell him that she knows Angela's only an office clerk, but she'd like her daughter to have more training and responsibility. She adds that Angela's perfectly willing to learn, and she'd like him to give her a chance. Pascoe says Angela won't get special treatment, so Patricia asks him to do it as a personal favour. He says he'll see what he can do. Patricia says she'd hate to see Angela become disillusioned and rush off. Alan Pascoe says he'll drop in with occasional progress reports. Patricia tells him that, if Angela asks why he was at Dural, he's to say Patricia wants to organise some riding for friends.

When he gets back to the stud, Pascoe gives Angela her lunch and adds the story about Patricia wanting to see him about some riding. He remarks that Patricia must be lonely, but Angela says she isn't really, and she's getting over it - adding that Patricia has a friend who makes sure she goes out.

Jill tells Fiona that she still hasn't revealed why she came back from Melbourne so soon. Fiona says she'll tell Jill over dinner, but Jill doesn't think she'll be able to stay long, as she has to return to Woombai. She asks how come Fiona hasn't yet let her room out, and Fiona says she was hanging on... Jill tells her that she and Wayne are for keeps, and Fiona realises that Jill's trips to the city will probably be few and far between. Jill says it's stupid to keep her room on - but hopefully there'll be lots of problems at Woombai, so she can wangle trips down. Fiona looks upset.

In the office at the stud, Alan Pascoe asks Angela if she took delivery of some bales of hay earlier. Angela says she did, and Pascoe tells her that there weren't the right number there - but he doesn't have a leg to stand on, as Angela's authorised the receipt. Patricia comes in and Alan asks Angela to run to the post office for him. Patricia asks Alan if she can speak to him. Outside, Angela runs into Barbara, who is there with stabling fees from Prue. Barbara explains that she thought she'd bring them personally, as she needed to get away from home. As Barbara heads into the office, Patricia is coming out, and she tells Barbara that she's sorry to hear about Roland. Barbara snaps that she's heard enough platitudes over the last few days. Inside, she admits to Angela that she owes Patricia an apology. She asks about the divorce, and Angela says Patricia's coping - after all, it's Gordon who's pushing it. Barbara says her intuition tells her that Gordon isn't really over Patricia, and Angela says she's been having the same feelings about Patricia. She thinks she should say something, as it would be awful if neither of them really wanted to go through with it, but just couldn't bring themselves to say so.

Kevin announces to Susan, Lynn and Rob that he's got a job, earning $4 an hour at a carwash. Susan immediately remarks that he could do a lot better, but Rob says it's better than the dole. Lynn's really pleased. Rob points out Kevin's drums, and Kevin is happy that he's got them back. He and Lynn go to their room. Susan tells Rob that she wishes Kevin had got something better, as he's bright, and could go on to university. Rob points out that Kevin stood in a queue with twenty others, and he's the one who made it. Susan tells Rob about Kevin throwing out all his school papers, but says Lynn retrieved them. Rob says he's going to try to get Kevin to talk to David, and, once that's sorted out, hopefully other things will be as well.

Angela gets home and tells her mother that she had a good day. Patricia's getting ready to go out. Angela passes on the fact that Barbara wishes to apologise, but Patricia says it was water off a duck's back. Angela says she was hoping she and Patricia would be able to have an evening to themselves, and Patricia replies that she expected Angela to be poring over files - but she would rather spend the evening with her daughter than go out. Angela goes off to change, and when she returns, Patricia remarks that she doesn't know what they're going to do about dinner, as Mrs. Burrows has gone home. Angela says, "We won't starve!" Patricia asks Angela what it is she wants to talk about, and Angela brings up the subject of Gordon, and the divorce. Patricia says she doubts that Gordon is still interested, and points out that he's consistent, and would never go back on a major decision. Angela says she and John can both be pig-headed, but they've both made up with Patricia, and she adds that she just wants to be a family again - "Still, it's up to you and daddy." She decides to get fish and chips, and Patricia agrees to join her. She asks her daughter why being a family is so important, and Angela says, "The house doesn't seem right somehow - it's like I'm not comfortable here anymore."

Susan and Lynn go into the kitchen, leaving Rob and Kevin alone. Rob asks Kevin about his buck's night, and reminisces about one he went to that involved Kevin's Uncle Terry and David. As soon as David is mentioned, Kevin says he'd rather watch TV, and he switches it on. Rob tells Kevin that he can't pretend David doesn't exist, and he tells his nephew to turn the tele off. Kevin says he doesn't want to talk about it. Rob tells Kevin that Beryl says the row was over nothing very much. Kevin asks Rob what Beryl said, and Rob says, "She told me the lot." Kevin asks Rob if what David did was right, and Rob replies, "I can see both sides." Kevin asks how Rob would feel if his old man ran off and had an affair, and Rob raises his eyebrows, causing Kevin to realise that Rob was just bluffing him. Rob says he didn't think David was the sort, but he points out that Kevin can't stay mad, particularly as Beryl has forgiven her husband. Kevin says he's heard the arguments, and he can't agree with them - he hates his father. Rob says one mistake and suddenly everything that went before doesn't count. He tells Kevin that Beryl is upset over the fighting between her husband and son, and he asks Kevin to at least talk it through with his father. He adds that he was right about the job. Kevin says this is more important than the job, and Rob replies that that's why Kevin owes David a hearing - because it is more important than the job. He tells Kevin to do it for Beryl, and Kevin eventually says, "OK - tell them to come over... it's between him and me."


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