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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Angela tells Gordon that she's had a wonderful day, and Gordon tells her that he expects her back in about a month for the opening. He then suggests that she might as well stay in Sydney until then, but Angela reiterates that she wants to find a job. Rosie comes in and Angela tells her that Jill had a great time at the CWA meeting. Rosie says she told a few of her friends there about Wayne and Jill's unofficial engagement. Angela goes out to the verandah for tea, and Gordon says he has a call to make - which is to Patricia. He tells her that he's tried, but Angela won't change her mind. Patricia says she'll take the call in the study, leaving John and Prue at the table at Dural. Prue is getting ready to move out of Barbara's, and she tells John that she can't understand people who won't accept it if you say sorry.

After 'phoning Vic to apologise, David wanders round the living room looking lost. He sits down, picks up a magazine, puts it down again - and then hears the front door opening and closing. Beryl walks in and looks at her husband. David stands up and laughs, saying he was too scared to turn the TV on! He says he's called Vic and they're going to meet tomorrow morning. Beryl stands there, and then says, "Oh, love." They hug, and David says, "I'm sorry." He asks Beryl if she'd really leave him, and Beryl replies, "I meant what I said." David says he'll try harder, and Beryl says, "I hope so, love."

Patricia is sitting in a darkened study when John comes in to say that Prue is just going. Patricia explains that she had some thinking to do, but she goes out and tells Prue to have a good time at Woombai. She then asks John if he's going to see Angela when he gets out there, but John reckons she'll be making an early start to head back to Dural, so it's unlikely.

Patricia goes to see Fiona, to tell her that Gordon tried every approach he could, but Angela was insistent that she wants to find a job. Fiona asks what time Angela is due home, and she says she'll pop over - she adds that she thinks she knows something about Angela that Patricia and Gordon don't. Patricia says she fails to see how Fiona could get something out of Angela that she and Gordon couldn't, but Fiona says Angela trusts her, and always has. Patricia remarks that John could have talked to his sister, but now there's no time. She gets up to go, and snidely apologises for not staying to socialise. Fiona says, "Silly of me to think you might have been changing." Patricia replies, "Yes, it was."

The next morning, Vic tells David that he's glad they've been able to have a chat, and he now understands that David will try and talk to Kevin once Kevin has calmed down. Looking at the window, Beryl suddenly shrieks as she notices a hideous face looking in. She and David go outside and find a man wearing a monster mask and gloves standing there. He takes off his disguise, and Beryl instantly recognises him as her little brother, Rob! They go inside, and Rob is introduced to Vic. He then explains that he's going to stay with Bob and Aileen. Beryl comments to Rob that he's lost weight, and the two of them remember practical jokes Rob has played in the past, such as putting a fake spider into the loo! David asks about Rob's car parked outside, and Rob says he's still driving Gertie! He then gives David $50 as repayment for money David loaned him before he went up north two years ago! Rob asks David to take a look at Gertie, and when Beryl asks how long he'll be staying, he says he'll be around until he gets bored. David goes out and gets under the car, before pronouncing the machine a rust bucket - but one which he'll fix! Rob suggests he and David go for a drink, but, after only a moment's hesitation, David says it's his one day off in a couple of weeks, and he's going to take Beryl to town to buy a new dress. Beryl smiles, and says, "You don't have to, really."

Jill ties a bow round Plan C's neck, but Wayne grumpily says it looks stupid. Jill comments that she thought Wayne would be happy with the help that's coming. She tells him to sit down and give his crutches a rest, but Wayne snaps that if he wants advice, he'll ask. He goes inside, and Jill says to noone in particular, "If you don't watch it, I'll tie a bow round your neck - and tighten it!" Wayne hobbles into where Gordon is doing some paperwork. Gordon says they've had some bookings already, and he's looking forward to John being there to help. Wayne says he's getting better, and John will be wasting his time, but Gordon tells his son that John will be able to take care of things that he can't. A car horn sounds, and Gordon goes outside to welcome the newcomers. Later, Prue is telling everyone about their trip up there, but interrupts herself to inform Rosie that her drink is weak, and she wants more gin. John says he's looking forward to getting to work, and Gordon says he can't wait for John to start, as it means he can get on with the paperwork. Rosie says she'll unpack everyone's bags, but Prue says she'll do her own. She and John go for a walk, leaving Jill inside to comment that she can't see Rosie taking Prue to a CWA meeting! Outside, Prue remarks that the place is beautiful, but John tells her not to be rude to Rosie, as she's been there for thirty years. Prue says, "Alright, if it makes you happy." John says, "Your problem is you're not switched onto other people," to which Prue replies, "That's the pot calling the kettle black - keep your eyes open, you'll see what I mean..."

Patricia puts the 'phone down after speaking to Alan Pascoe. There's a knock at the door, and Angela answers it. The visitor is Fiona, and the two of them hug. Fiona then stiffly tells Patricia it's nice to see her. Patricia says she'll have to leave them, as there's a problem at the stud. Fiona tells Angela that she's heard she's going back to Melbourne to be a career girl. She asks what sort of job Angela wants.

Prue asks Jill what she does at Woombai, and Jill says she's hoping for a job when the place opens. Prue doesn't look impressed. She asks why Wayne doesn't like John, but Jill says she doesn't know. Prue asks if the two men are friends, and Jill says they are now, after a shaky start. She adds that Wayne has changed his ideas on a lot of things since the accident. Prue goes, and Rosie comes in and comments that Prue is trouble. Jill can't see what John sees in her.

Gordon and Wayne pull up in the jeep, and John tells Gordon that there's been a materials holdup, but he'll sort it out. Wayne immediately snaps that he'll do it. John gets in the jeep with Wayne and Gordon tells John to stay with Wayne. John drives off.

Fiona tells Angela that work's not all beer and skittles - and she then says she wants to know the real reason, and asks if it's anything to with Prue. Angela admits that she's still jealous - John has it sorted, but she hasn't, and she promised to return to Melbourne if the problem reappeared. She says she'd like to stay, but she does want a job, so she has to go back. Fiona says Angela's suffering from Prue being a pain in the proverbial!, and tells her that she's not jealous, but she's just joined the club to which Fiona and Jill already belong. She adds that John will wake up to himself sooner or later. Fiona says it's too important a problem to ignore. Angela says it's the job, too, but Fiona points out that some people do work in Sydney! Angela says she thought it would be easier down there, to which Fiona says, "Uh-huh - the easy way out." She tells Angela to sort it out for her own peace of mind. Later, Patricia is pleased that Angela will stay - Angela says she thought she'd make her mother stew for a while! Patricia remarks that Alan Pascoe needs some help, but Angela says she can find her own job. She adds that she'll think about it, though. She goes out to the hallway to ring Melbourne, leaving Patricia to say, "Thankyou," to Fiona. She asks Fiona how she did it, and Fiona reveals, "I talked to her."

The Palmer 'phone rings, but David and Beryl are still out shopping. Rob, who has been asleep, gets up, dressed only in boxer shorts, and answers the call. Angela immediately apologises for what she thinks is a wrong number, but Rob asks who she wants to speak to, and Angela just says to leave a message that she rang. Rob is standing with his rear pointing towards the door to the lounge, when David and Beryl come in, and Beryl comments about being greeted by such a lovely sight! Rob tells his sister that Angela just 'phoned, and he adds that she sounded spunky! Beryl leaves David to tell Rob about Angela.

John and Wayne argue over whether or not to cancel courses because Woombai won't be fully finished in time. Wayne yells that he and Gordon run the place, and not John. Gordon comes in and asks what all the shouting's about. John and Wayne begin fighting again, until eventually Gordon says he takes Wayne's side. He thanks John for his concern, though. Prue says she agrees with John. Gordon says there's no need to be unpleasant.

Angela offers to drive Fiona home, and she goes to bring her car round. Patricia tells Fiona that she hopes it's the last time the two of them have to see each other. Fiona says, "I couldn't agree more." She says she wouldn't have helped Patricia if it hadn't been for David, and she adds that she learnt her lesson with James. Patricia says she's been waiting for that to come up, to which Fiona says it never seemed appropriate before. She asks Patricia if James and David are the only two, or if she has a habit of breaking up relationships. Patricia stares, and says, "None of your damn business. James loved me - it's more than he ever did for you." Fiona says she gathers Patricia has never told Gordon about him either, to which Patricia asks, "Are you threatening me?" Fiona says she isn't, unless Patricia does anything to hurt the Palmers - and she wouldn't put it past her. Patricia says, "I couldn't care less about David any more." Fiona replies, "Good - then I'll never have to tell anyone about how you got Gordon his start in business. Will I?"


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