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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Greg Shears

Patricia arrives at the boarding house, and Fiona tells her to come in. Patricia says she tried to talk Angela into staying before she went to Woombai, but got nowhere. Fiona remarks that Patricia doesn't sound very worried, but Patricia says she is, but just can't do any more personally. She suggests that the solution is very simple: get Beryl or David to call Angela and say it's not convenient for her to return. Fiona points out that any excuse they give would either be lame, which would make Angela feel unwanted, or it would be worrying, in which case Angela would probably rush back. Fiona suggests that Patricia swallow her pride and call Gordon, as he still has a lot of influence over his daughter. Patricia says Gordon's not in the mood to do anything for her or David, and explains to Fiona that he found out about the affair. She then says there's no reason why Fiona can't ask. Fiona says it's not her place to ask. She asks Patricia if she really wants Angela to find out, and quickly answers her own question, saying, "No, I didn't think so." Fiona reiterates that Patricia's best chance is to call Gordon, and Patricia says, "Alright." She asks Fiona how Kevin found out, and Fiona says it was an accident. Patricia says, "And he's turned against David?" Fiona tells her, "Yes," to which Patricia replies, "Good." She goes, leaving Fiona looking puzzled.

David has got home from work to find Vic Hardy in the house. Vic immediately yells that he let the kids get married on condition that David made sure they got their HSCs. David reckons Vic probably didn't even listen to what Lynn had to say, and just shouted her down. Vic says that if Kevin doesn't do the right thing, he'll throttle him. When Vic's gone, Beryl takes her neighbour's side, telling David that Lynn had to give her father some half-baked excuse to save David's face. David says that if Kevin lets Vic into what he knows, "...he won't want to show his face round here in a hurry."

Patricia gets back to Dural and shouts for John, but there's no answer. She decides to make the call to Gordon, and, after they've exchanged initial hostilities, she explains about Angela's plan to return to Melbourne, where she could find out about the affair. She asks Gordon to talk Angela into not going back - for John and Angela's sake, not for Patricia's. Gordon asks if David has been in touch, but Patricia says it was Fiona who was sticking her nose in. Gordon says he'll see what he can do. When Angela arrives, Gordon tells her that she looks wonderful. He hugs her and says he's missed her. Gordon explains that Wayne is reading, and Jill has been coerced into attending a CWA meeting with Rosie. Wayne comes in and says the image Rosie has of Jill is all in her head. Angela laughs, and says she's glad she came.

Prue and John are kissing on the sofa at Dural, and Prue says it's nice spending some time together. She asks if Angela will be at Woombai when they get there, and John says she will, but only for a day or two. The 'phone rings. Prue answers it, and the caller turns out to be Barbara, who wants to see her niece. Prue says she's spending the evening with John. When the call is finished, Prue tells John that Barbara is coming over to see the two of them.

Gordon asks Angela how long she's staying, and she says it'll only be a day or two, as she's looking forward to going back to Melbourne. Gordon suggests to her that she stay until John and Prue arrive, but Angela says she wants to go back and get a job - something more challenging than babysitting! She adds that she needs the money. Wayne comments on Angela going back to Melbourne and becoming a career girl. Gordon tells his daughter to think about staying on in Sydney, but Angela says there are other reasons to go - "Just reasons..."

There's a knock on the front door at Dural, but before John has had a chance to answer it, there's a second knock. John eventually lets Barbara in, and she immediately says, "I hope she's still here." She goes into the living room and says she's just spoken to Prue's Uncle Terrence, and has heard that Prue's taking someone to the funeral. Prue says she's taking John. Barbara apologises to John, but tells Prue that she made it clear that she wanted the funeral kept private. Prue says she didn't want to bother Barbara. John tells Barbara that Prue was pretty upset. With a look on her face, Barbara asks to speak to Prue alone, in the study. When they're away from John's ears, Barbara snaps, "What's all this nonsense about you being so upset?" Prue says she was upset, but Barbara asks that her French be excused, and snaps, "Bull!" Barbara says Prue's been flouncing around the house as if nothing's happened. Prue says she thinks John got the wrong idea. Barbara says she knows what Prue's up to, and she's disgusted. She adds that, "There's a difference between being spoiled and being callous." Prue says she didn't think. Barbara says Prue used the death of Roland to get an advantage over the only boy who put her in her place, and she adds that, if she hadn't promised Prue's parents that Prue could stay, she'd send her packing tomorrow. Barbara says that as far as she's concerned, the less she sees of Prue from now on, the happier she'll be. She leaves the study and goes to tell John that she hopes he understands about the funeral. She then goes. John goes to the study, where Prue is sitting with tears in her eyes. He asks her if she's OK, and Prue says she didn't mean anything - she just didn't think. John asks what it's all about, as it's got to be more than the funeral. Prue just gets up and leaves. John goes after her, but she tells him to leave her alone.

The next morning, Patricia asks John why he's not getting ready for the funeral, and John explains that he's not going, as Barbara turned up and really went off at Prue. He adds that there was something else, judging by the look Barbara gave him when he said Prue was upset. Patricia says Barbara is a believer in the stiff upper lip, and basically, she's a very selfish woman. John says it's funny how you can be wrong about people, as Barbara seemed so nice.

Angela asks to spend the day with Gordon, but he says it'll be very boring, as he's got jobs to do such as checking the new runway. Angela asks about this, and Gordon explains that they're building it so that people can get to the riding school more easily. Angela remarks that she could hire a 'plane and fly up at weekends. Gordon says he was thinking about what Angela said last night about wanting a good job, and he tells her that there are positions at Woombai. Angela declines the offer, though, but adds that David would probably tell her to have her head read, as he had a good time at Woombai. Gordon gives her a look.

Beryl tells Victor Hardy that she doesn't agree with David, but she points out to Vic that he was hot-headed too. She asks him if he's called Muriel, but he says he hasn't. He tells Beryl that he loves Lynn, and doesn't want to see her unhappy. Beryl says she's sure Kevin will calm down, and she promises that she and Susan will keep an eye on Lynn. She suggests to Vic that he come back after 3pm, when David should be home.

Susan asks Kevin how he's off for money, and he says there's still some left over from the wedding presents. He tells his sister that he's looking for work today, but first, he and Lynn are seeing their headmaster to say they're leaving school. Kevin adds that he'll have to see the football coach as well, as he'll have to quit the team if he leaves school. He says David will want him to fall flat on his face, but he has news for his father. Susan tells Kevin not to worry about rent until he has a job.

On the 'phone, Patricia tells Fiona that she's done all she can, so Fiona will have to speak to Gordon if she wants anything else. There's a knock on the door - it's Prue. Patricia asks how the funeral was, and Prue says it was the first - and hopefully last - one she ever has to go to. She asks if John's there, and Patricia says he's at the stud, so Prue says she might go over there. Patricia says John told her about last night, and tells Prue about how John was puzzled that Barbara seemed to think Prue didn't care for her uncle. Patricia snidely says, "I put him straight." She adds that she explained that Barbara is a hard woman, and tells Prue that John is a bit of a prude when it comes to honesty. She says that, after their chat the other day, she's glad Prue's going down to Woombai, as if anyone can make John face up to himself, Prue can. Prue says she doesn't want to see John being pushed around, and she thanks Patricia for standing up for her. Later, the 'phone rings at Dural - it's Wayne, who says he had a message from Rosie to ring. Patricia says she just wondered how things were. Wayne says they're fine. Patricia asks how Gordon and Angela are getting on, and Wayne reiterates, "Fine." Patricia then remarks about John and Prue's imminent arrival, and she tells Wayne that if there's anything he can't manage, don't hesitate to ask John, as she's found him invaluable. Wayne says Gordon seems pretty pleased with how he's coping, but Patricia tells him that his father was worried about whether he'd be able to cope. Patricia tells a visibly angry Wayne that Gordon hired John to help him, and points out that he's very efficient. When Wayne puts the 'phone down, he has a furious look on his face.

David gets home, having been to the pub. Beryl tells him that Vic Hardy is coming in later, and adds that she felt sorry for him, as he does love Lynn. She tells David to look as if he's making an effort. Later, David is sitting watching TV, with a can of beer in his hand, when the doorbell rings. He answers it, and finds Vic standing there. David says he's not in the mood for a chat - he just wants to sit down, have dinner, watch TV and go to bed. Hardy snaps that he hopes they can make it tomorrow. David says he'll see how he goes. As Vic leaves, Beryl doesn't look impressed, and she turns the television off. She tells David that Vic is sick with worry, and David's too damn selfish to listen. David says it's not his problem. Beryl yells, "It is the problem you caused when you slept with Patricia Hamilton. It's the problem that made our son move out of home. Now you just want to switch off and watch TV." She yells that David wanted to make a go of their marriage when he came home, but now he's just being childish and irresponsible again, doing anything to stop him thinking about the problem. Beryl snaps, "We have a problem David: our son is going the best way to ruin his future, and you've got to do something about it, because, if you don't, I'm telling you now, you may just as well have stayed with Patricia Hamilton." She storms out of the house and slams the front door.


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