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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

At Susan's, Lynn asks Kevin what they're going to do now. Kevin says he'll chuck in school and get a job - or maybe a couple of part-time jobs, as that's likely to pay more. He tells Lynn that things will work out.

At the Palmers', David says Kevin's a silly little idiot, and he'll wake up to himself in a few days. He bids farewell to Fiona, but before she leaves, she tells him not to dig his heels in. When David says everything will be alright, Beryl remarks that she wishes she could be that sure.

Lynn says she'll have to go and see her dad later. Kevin says it's good in a way, as at home, he and Lynn were kids, and it didn't feel as if they were really married. Now, they'll be together, and they'll be able to bring up their baby... Lynn tells Kevin that his HSC is important, but Kevin says he can study at nightschool.

Beryl tells Fiona that she's dreading facing Vic Hardy. Fiona points out that Beryl probably has a worse problem: John and Angela. She tells Beryl that she's burying her head in the sand if she's expecting them never to find out. Beryl says that, if she can stop Kevin ringing them, things will probably have blown over by the time Angela gets back. Fiona asks Beryl if she thinks she will be able to stop Kevin talking, and Beryl says she hopes so, because, if he tells John and Angela, they'll also think David used John just to keep the affair going. She adds that John has only just got closer to David, and Angela is just sorting things out with Patricia, and it's not worth the risk of telling them the truth. Fiona suggests that it could be a bigger problem if they find out from someone else. She asks if Angela has set a date for coming back. Beryl says she hasn't, so Fiona asks Beryl if she'd like her to talk to Angela to get her to stay in Sydney for longer. Beryl says she'll call after she's spoken to Kevin, so there'll probably be no need.

Lynn and Kevin are looking through the job pages in the newspaper. Lynn points out that most require experience, but Kevin says he'll bluff it. There's a knock at the door - it's Beryl. She says she's there for two reasons: firstly to find out how they'll manage, and secondly, about John and Angela. Beryl tells Kevin that she doesn't want him telling them, and says it's between her, David and Patricia. She points out that David did do the right thing eventually, and she adds that if Kevin and David can't sort their problems out, then it's probably better that Kevin and Lynn stay away. She adds that who else knows is up to her and David. Kevin says Susan has to be told, but Beryl tells him that she already knows, and she understands. She adds that Susan won't want to hear Kevin badmouthing David, and she wants him to promise not to say anything to Angela and John. Kevin says he won't call them, but if they come back and David starts acting as if nothing's happened... Beryl asks Kevin to prove to her how grown-up he really is.

Charlie comments that Prue sounds just like what Patricia needs - apart from another man. Patricia says Charlie may need another man, but she doesn't. John comes in and says he has to buy a suit for Prue's uncle's funeral. He adds that Prue is going with him to choose his outfit. When John goes out again, Patricia remarks to Charlie that it's amazing what a few crocodile tears can do. She says Prue's a spoilt brat who used sympathy to bring John round. She adds that John will twig eventually, but she hopes that by that time, Prue's purpose will be served. Charlie asks Patricia if she thinks Prue will talk John into coming back from Woombai, and Patricia says she doesn't think Prue will be very impressed when Wayne starts laying down the law. Charlie says, "There are no guarantees he'll do that." Patricia replies, "There will be by the time I've finished..."

Rosie is playing with Plan C, but quickly goes back to doing some cleaning when Wayne and Jill come in. Rosie tells Jill to keep a closer eye on the kitten. Jill signals to Wayne to say something, but Rosie leaves the room without Wayne speaking. Jill asks Wayne if he's worried about asking, and Wayne says it's like asking your mum if your girlfriend can stay the night. He tells Jill that Rosie was like his mum when he was little. Jill says she'll ask, but Wayne warns her that if she says the wrong thing, she'll be Patricia Hamilton Mark II!

Angela is sitting in the lounge when John comes in. She remarks that she's heard about the suit, and John asks her if that's a dig. Angela quickly says, "I'm sorry." She comments to John that things between him and Prue are getting serious. She adds that she doesn't like Prue, but she doesn't know if it's a real dislike or just jealousy. She tells John about the promise she made to Beryl to leave him to it if the old problem came up. She says she just sits around the house thinking of John and Prue, so she's going to spend a few days with Gordon, and then go back to Melbourne.

Wayne is reading 'Farm' magazine, and tells Jill about an article that says cats are prey for some large predators. Realising that Wayne's just joking, she jumps on his lap and tries to wrestle the magazine away to have a look. Rosie comes in as they are kissing, and she gives them a disapproving look. Jill tells Wayne to go outside, and when Rosie comes back with the vacuum, Jill says she wants to have a chat. She tells Rosie that she's incredibly important to Wayne, and adds that she was scared of meeting her. Jill says she knows Wayne's more like a son to Rosie, and Rosie must wonder whether Jill's good enough for him. She explains that she was tempted to chuck Wayne in a few times, but they got through it. After all that, she realised she was in love. She tells Rosie that she wants to share a room with Wayne, but she doesn't want to cause any upset. Rosie says, "Can't stop you using it... Door's not locked." She picks up Plan C and strokes her, saying, "She's nice really, isn't she?" Jill goes outside and tells Wayne that Rosie's fixing their room up. Wayne is amazed, but pleased.

When Patricia tells Charlie about Angela's plans to return to Melbourne, Charlie remarks, "The best laid plans of mice and men..." Patricia complains about Charlie's continual crowing, but Charlie asks Patricia why it's her she always calls when she needs to talk. She says that if Patricia wants to talk, she has to listen as well. She adds that she's beginning to disagree with some of the things Patricia's doing, and doesn't know if Patricia really wants Angela and John around, or if she's doing it just to spite David. Patricia supposes it's a bit of both. Charlie points out that begging isn't very dignified. Angela comes in to say goodbye before heading off to Woombai. Patricia asks her daughter if she can change her mind, but Angela says she can't. Patricia starts to say something else, but just ends up telling her daughter to drive carefully. When Angela's gone, Charlie says, "That's it, then," to which Patricia replies, "Looks like it."

As Fiona gets back into her room at the boarding house, the 'phone is ringing - it's Beryl. Fiona explains that she missed her flight, and had a really slow cab driver. Beryl tells her that Kevin has promised not to call, but what will happen when he sees John and Angela is a different matter. Fiona says she'll call Angela as soon as she's unpacked, and will keep her in Sydney - she'll tie her down if she has to! Beryl also tells Fiona that Kevin and Lynn are both leaving school, which is all the more reason to sort it out quickly. Fiona tells Beryl to keep smiling. Later, Beryl is preparing dinner when the doorbell rings. It's Lynn, who says Kevin's gone to see about a job. She explains that she's popped in before she goes next door to see her parents. Beryl asks what reason Lynn's going to give her parents for having moved out, and Lynn says she'll just explain that Kevin and David have had an argument about Kevin leaving school. Beryl says she's worried about both of them, particularly the fact that they're both leaving school. Lynn says she would have left anyway, before she started to show, but Beryl says Kevin is throwing things away. She thinks there's got to be more to it, as Kevin's acting as if David hurt him personally. Lynn says she's got to do what Kevin wants, but she adds that she's grateful for all that Beryl's done. She starts crying, and Beryl comforts her. Lynn sobs that she's so scared - they're just kids, and what if Kevin can't get a job? Lynn tells Beryl that Kevin hates his father, but Beryl replies that everyone says things they don't mean because they're hurt and angry.

Patricia says she refuses to get depressed - if she can come up with the right approach, she still has a chance when Angela gets back from Woombai. Charlie thinks Patricia's becoming obsessed, and tells her to give up. She gets up to leave, saying she's not into Patricia's possessiveness. The 'phone rings - it's Fiona, who asks to speak to Angela. Patricia explains that she's gone to Woombai, so Fiona asks Patricia to get Angela to call her when she returns. Patricia says Angela will only be staying one night at Dural before she returns to Melbourne. Fiona says she wants to talk to Patricia as well, and asks her to come to the boarding house. She tells Patricia about Kevin knowing about the affair, and says she doesn't give a damn about Patricia, but she does care about David. She adds that neither Patricia nor David will come out on top if John and Angela are told. Patricia says she'll be at the boarding house as soon as she can. When Patricia's hung up, Charlie asks what it is. Patricia explains that David's son has found out, and it's causing family problems. Charlie says, "That's dangerous, isn't it - if it gets back to John and Angela?" Patricia smiles a devious smile and says, "That's the wonderful thing - they're all so terrified in Melbourne that that's what'll happen, that they're going to help me get exactly what I want..."


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