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    Written by: Peter Pinne   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David is yelling at Beryl, asking how the hell Kevin found out. Beryl explains that he overheard her and Fiona talking. Kevin is in the living room, and listens to David yelling to Beryl about blabbing, and Beryl yelling back, "You're the one who caused it." Kevin goes into his room, and tells Lynn about the flowers. Lynn says it's probably better that it's come out now. Beryl comes in, and says David has something he wants to say. Kevin and Lynn go back into the living room, and David hesitatingly tells them that what Kevin heard was right - when he was up in Sydney... he knows it was wrong... he couldn't help himself... David says that when Beryl found out, she decided to keep it to herself to stop anyone else from being upset. Since he's been back, they've been trying to sort things out - it won't happen straight away, but so far, so good. David says he's lucky Beryl took him back. Kevin tells his father that he has one rule for himself, and another for everyone else, and he points out the way David reacted over finding the kids at Susan's, and how he was friendly to John just so that he could stay in Sydney. David says, "Nobody's perfect." Kevin brings up the subject of how David gave Beryl a hard time before he went, and how he assured her everything would be fine, and he wonders how David can expect his son to trust him. Beryl says it is partly her fault, but Kevin tells her not to stick up for David. A while later, Fiona comes in with presents for everyone, having been on a shopping spree. She soon realises something's wrong, and Beryl tells her about Kevin knowing. Fiona just says she'd better go and get changed before dinner. Lynn and Kevin have gone for a walk in the park, and Lynn tells Kevin to talk to David again. She also points out that Kevin's making things hard for Beryl, but Kevin says David has made it hard for her as well. He tells Lynn that he hates his father. Lynn says she's not looking forward to going back, but Kevin tells her, "Don't worry - we're getting out anyway." Fiona tells Beryl that she's decided to go home. Beryl apologises that Fiona ended up as the cheerer-up, rather than being cheered up herself. Fiona says she wishes she could help, but Beryl says it's between David and Kevin, and adds that it'll just take time. Fiona tells Beryl that she's always got an open invitation to visit. She adds that she can't wait to run into Patricia when she gets back - "Oo, have I got things to say to her!"

Having got back from her own shopping spree, Patricia is busy putting clothes back into bags when John comes in and asks if Prue has called. Patricia says she hasn't, and John tells his mother that Prue's been hanging round him too much.

Barbara tells Gordon that she'll be sorry to leave Woombai, as it's got just the sort of atmosphere she needs. Gordon tells her that she's always welcome. He says he'd like to go to the funeral, but Barbara says it's family only. Gordon points out that Prue will be able to give Barbara some support, but Barbara says Prue hardly knew Roland, and she's definitely not the sentimental sort.

Prue bangs on the front door at Dural, and, when John answers, she bursts in and says she's had to tell Barbara that Roland died, and she needs some company to help her get over it. Prue tells John that Barbara and Roland had been married for 25 years, and she says she and Roland spent so much time together - he was her favourite relative!

Patricia rings Gordon, saying she's just heard about Roland Armstrong's death, and she wants to pass on her condolences. She tells Gordon that Prue's getting sympathy from John, but Gordon tells Patricia about how Barbara said Prue and Roland weren't very close. Gordon then asks his wife if she's determined to stay on in the house, and Patricia retorts, "Try and get me out." Gordon says he'll tell Barbara that Patricia called. Prue suggests to John that she go to Woombai with him. Patricia listens in as Prue says she wants to see more of John.

Gordon asks Barbara about the service, and she tells him that it'll be something simple, with music that Roland composed himself - not a hymn, but something of which he would have approved. Barbara says she can't help thinking about if she'd have stayed with him... She says she's going to miss him, as they did so much together, they knew each other so well, and nothing ever changed in all those years. Gordon says it was like that with his first wife - not that they had that long. He tells Barbara that if things get too much, she can always come back to Woombai. Barbara tenderly says, "Thankyou, Gordon. Thankyou very much."

Over dinner at the Palmer house, Beryl wonders where Kevin and Lynn are, but David just says they're old enough to look after themselves. Beryl says they should tell Susan tomorrow morning, but David says he has to work. Beryl points out that it would be better if they both told her. Kevin and Lynn come in, but Beryl sees them go straight to their room with some cartons of takeaway. She scrapes their plates into the rubbish. In their room, Lynn asks Kevin where they'll live, as they have no money. Kevin says he'll leave school and get a job. Lynn tells Kevin he's being stupid, but Kevin says he's not staying where he is, living off David.

At breakfast the next morning, John tells Patricia that Prue is spending the day with him. Patricia remarks that it sounds like they're getting serious, and John says it is - sort of! Prue pulls up outside, and when she comes in, John goes to get his things, leaving Prue alone with Patricia. Patricia asks Prue if she's OK, and Prue replies that it'll help spending the day with John. Patricia comments on Prue going to Woombai with John, and says that if she had her way, John would be staying on at Dural, but he's stubborn. Prue says Woombai sounds like a good job, and Patricia quietly says they can discuss it privately later - but in a nutshell, she thinks John has enormous potential, but at Woombai, it would be wasted. Prue asks if she should talk to John, but Patricia says John would bite her head off. She quickly adds, though, that if Prue gets a chance, it might be an idea to have a quiet word. Outside, Prue tells John that she likes Patricia. Her car won't start, so John opens the bonnet and gets out to look at the engine. When Prue remarks on his mechanical skills, John tells her about David being a truckie, and how he picked these things up. Prue asks if John's family is poor, and John tells her that they certainly don't have money to throw around. Prue looks at Dural, and remarks that John won't have to worry. John makes it clear that he makes his own money.

Susan tells David and Beryl that the main thing is that they're still together. She says it's a shock, but if Beryl's fine about it, she should be as well. While David and Beryl are sitting on the sofa, Kevin 'phones Susan, saying he wants to apologise for how he acted at dinner the other day, but also to ask if Susan would like a couple of boarders, as he's had a blow-up with David. Susan asks what sort of blow-up, but Kevin says he'll explain later. When the call's over, David asks Susan what Kevin wanted, and she tells him that he and Lynn want to move in. Susan suggests David and Beryl don't tell Kevin they were at her place when he 'phoned.

Lynn is packing. Fiona asks why they have to leave, telling Kevin that he's throwing everything away, and adding that David was right - Kevin's just a big kid. She says nobody's perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. She tells Kevin that what David did wasn't right, but it's strengthened his and Beryl's marriage. She says she knows David disappointed Kevin, but that's no reason to cut him off. Kevin bluntly says they want to get on with packing. As David and Beryl get home, Kevin and Lynn are just heading towards the front door with their suitcases. David asks where they're going - he tells the kids to put their bags away and stop being stupid. He then tells his son that if he goes now, he's not coming back. Kevin and Lynn walk out the front door, and Beryl bursts into tears.


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