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    Written by: Maureen Ann Moran   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

David's getting ready for work, and Beryl tells him that Kevin and Lynn are still arguing, as they went out without saying goodbye. David thinks he and Beryl should find out what the problem is, and he says he'll speak to Kevin. Beryl says she'll speak to Lynn, and she warns David to be careful. David says he'll just let Kevin know they can talk to each other.

On the way to school, Kevin tells Lynn he has footy practice this afternoon. He asks Lynn if she'll stay, but she says she's going to go straight home. Kevin says he thought Lynn wouldn't want to be at home alone with the current 'situation', but Lynn says things are only like that when Kevin's around. She tells Kevin that he should say something. Kevin says he can't help the way he feels, but Lynn just wishes Kevin would stop taking it out on her. The school bell goes, but Lynn says she'll stay outside for a while, adding that she doesn't care about being late.

At Woombai, Rosie thinks Jill and Wayne should be there by now, but Gordon tells her they're just taking their time. When Rosie is out of the room, Gordon comments to Barbara that Wayne's going to need all his charm to get round Rosie, as she's determined that proprieties will be observed! He tells Barbara that it is possible to get round Rosie, but it requires tact. Barbara laughs, "Wayne? Tactful?!" Wayne and Jill are just pulling up outside. Gordon goes out and tells his son that he thought the car must have broken down. Jill explains that Wayne had trouble getting her away from the hotel, and adds that their room was on the 21st floor. Rosie doesn't look impressed. Gordon, Jill and Barbara all take bags inside, and Jill gives Wayne Plan C to carry! Indoors, Gordon has stashed the cases away, and Rosie asks him if he remembered to put Jill's bags in the far room! When Rosie has gone, Wayne tells his father that he and Jill are not sleeping in separate rooms. Gordon tells Wayne to speak to Rosie, but Barbara chips in that there's nothing wrong with old-fashioned morality. The 'phone rings - it's Prue, for Barbara. While she's taking the call, Barbara begins to look shocked, and then appears upset. When she puts the 'phone down, Gordon asks if everything's OK. Barbara says, "It's Roland - my husband. He's dead."

Charlie suggests to Patricia that they go on a shopping binge, but Patricia says she has too much on, and can't be bothered. Charlie tells Patricia that all kids grow up and leave you, but Patricia says she doesn't want any more of Charlie's advice. Angela comes in, and Charlie asks her to speak to her mother. Angela tells Patricia that shopping would do her good, and Charlie says she'll be back at 1pm to pick Patricia up. Patricia just says, "If you want to waste your time."

Barbara tells Gordon, Wayne and Jill that her husband had a heart attack in the early hours of the morning in the US, and was dead by the time the ambulance arrived. Gordon and Wayne both pass on their sympathies, and Gordon says if there's anything he can do... Barbara says she must make a list of everything that needs to be done. She leaves the room, and Wayne comments that it's rotten luck. He adds that they should hold off speaking to Rosie until Barbara goes. Gordon says he wants to hang around the property to make sure Barbara's OK, and he suggests Wayne and Jill take a look around. Jill asks Wayne if Barbara and Roland were very close, and Wayne nods. Jill says she wondered, as Barbara didn't cry. Wayne says, "It's called breeding - there's not a lot of it around nowadays." Later, having driven round the riding school, Jill comments to Wayne that Patricia did a good job. Wayne says it's a pity Gordon isn't giving her any credit, and adds that there's no way his father can excuse what he did. Indoors, Gordon tells Wayne that he had a good reason for his actions, and reveals that Patricia wanted his share of Woombai. Wayne says it figures. Gordon admits that he overreacted, but he asks Wayne to understand how he feels. He adds that they've worked out an alternative settlement. Wayne points out that Gordon forgave him after the business with the minerals, and that was much worse than what Patricia did - he adds that all Patricia wanted was a future. Gordon says there was more to it, but he tells Wayne to ask Patricia about it.

Angela is on the 'phone to Beryl, and says she's having a good time in Sydney, but she's missing the Palmers. She says she and Patricia are sorting out their problems. Patricia comes down the stairs, and listens as Angela tells Beryl that Patricia has changed a lot, and is upset about the divorce. She adds that she thought Gordon would be the one to get upset. Beryl says she has to go, and as soon as Angela has hung up, Patricia storms downstairs and asks Angela if she's quite finished discussing her. She tells her daughter never to bandy her affairs around again, and orders Angela never to say one word about her to Beryl - not one word.

Jill is sitting on the verandah with Plan C when Rosie comes out to water the plants. They discuss where the kitten is going to sleep, and then Wayne comes out and joins in, saying he'd like Plan C to sleep in, "...our room." Rosie snaps that while she's around, the sleeping arrangements won't change. She goes inside and Wayne tells Jill that he's found out something interesting: there's more to the battle of Woombai than he thought...

Charlie arrives to collect Patricia, but she's not ready. She tells Charlie about how Angela spoke to Beryl, and about how Beryl must now think she's moping over David. She says she blew up at Angela, and now she's blown things totally. She rhetorically asks what she's going to do, and Charlie advises that she get out and kick up her heels a bit. Angela comes in, and Patricia apologises. They hug. Angela says Patricia probably just needed to let off some steam, and Patricia tells Angela that she no longer has to tell people that her mother's feeling sorry for herself.

Barbara asks Rosie if she's seen Gordon, and Rosie says he's at the stables. Rosie says she'll go and do Barbara's room. She adds that she's sorry about Roland, and Barbara tells Rosie that she's very kind. Gordon comes in and remarks that it's hot out. Barbara tells him that arrangements are being made for the body to be flown home straight away. She says their children are all over the world, and she's contacted them and told them it's not worth them all coming back. She asks if she can stay on for another day, and then tells Gordon that she and Roland had plans for a holiday, but adds that Roland would never slow down. She says she's glad he didn't die in a hospital. Her composure begins to crack, and Gordon gets her a drink. She bursts into tears, and Gordon takes her hand. Barbara sobs, "Patricia needs her head read."

David arrives to watch Kevin at football practice, and sees his son get into a ruck on the pitch. The coach tells Kevin that he wants no more rough stuff, or Kevin's out. He tells Kevin not to take his problems out on the other players. Kevin walks over to the changing room, and David offers him a lift home, but Kevin says he'd rather walk.

Beryl gets home, and calls Lynn's name, but there's no answer. She goes into Kevin and Lynn's room, and is surprised to see Lynn lying on the bed. Beryl says she'll leave Lynn to her homework, and then asks Lynn if she wants to talk. Lynn says, "No." Beryl tells her that David's picking Kevin up, and Lynn bursts into tears. She says, "He knows - about Mr. Palmer and John's mum." Beryl looks taken aback.

At the football ground, David is waiting in his ute. Kevin goes to walk past him, but David tells him to get in the car, and adds that he should be careful of the flowers on the front seat, which are for Beryl. Kevin asks his father if the flowers will make up for the way he's been treating Beryl. He asks David what made him think he could treat Beryl like that and get away with it. He tells David to, "Buzz off, or I'll flatten you," before storming off and throwing the flowers down.


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