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    Written by: Bevan Lee   Produced by: Don Battye   Directed by: Denny Lawrence

Fiona tells Beryl that she couldn't have calmly sat there, knowing her husband was having an affair. Beryl offers Fiona some coffee, and Kevin hurriedly goes back outside. He uses the back entrance into his bedroom, where he sits down and looks thoughtful. In the kitchen, Fiona says she hopes she won't cause any problems by being around, adding that she doesn't want to be a walking reminder. Beryl tells Fiona that it's lovely to have her there. She mentions about Fiona's property being next to Woombai, and asks if Fiona saw much of Patricia between the time she ran off with Angela and the time John came back into her life - she wants to know if Patricia had any other affairs. Fiona explains about the water deal she made with Gordon, and how the only contact between them was by cheque. She adds that she knew where Patricia was, but she was never tempted to contact her. Beryl says it would have helped knowing David wasn't the only one, as she can trust him, but not Patricia. Fiona says she does know of one other affair Patricia had, and that means there could be a dozen others. She adds that she doesn't owe Patricia anything, and, unless it starts hurting others, it's none of her business. Lynn comes in and Beryl and Fiona promptly change the subject. She heads off to her room and finds Kevin sitting there. Having heard that he was up on the roof, Lynn tells Kevin he's a slacker, and asks if he's OK. She then tries to make him smile, but he snaps, "Give it a rest, will you?"

Angela and John realise they've been talking for a very long time. The doorbell rings, and John answers it to find Prue standing there - she says she got sick of the engaged signal. She tells John that she had the most boring afternoon, and adds that she's there to bust up John and Angela's party. She invites John for dinner, but he declines, saying he's full. She manages to make him change his mind, though, and he goes to get changed. When Angela and Prue are alone, Prue snidely says she'll have John home nice and early. Angela gives her a nasty look, which Prue subsequently tells John about outside. She tells him she'll have him all to herself at Woombai - when he's not working. As John and Prue drive off in Prue's sports car, Angela watches through a window.

Beryl tells Lynn to cheer up. Lynn can't figure out what's wrong with Kevin, so she decides to go and ask him. When Lynn's left the room, Fiona remarks to Beryl that it's good to know that even young love has its problems! In their bedroom, Lynn asks Kevin what's wrong. Kevin tells Lynn that it's nothing she did. He then tells her that he heard his mother and Fiona talking, and saying his father had an affair with John's mother. David gets home, and welcomes Fiona. They hug, and Fiona says she's there to have some fun, and doesn't want to talk about 'it'. David agrees. Beryl tells David not to disturb the kids, as they have a few problems. Lynn asks Kevin if he might have misunderstood, and points out that Beryl doesn't seem to mind. Kevin says David should have buzzed-off, but Lynn says Beryl loves him. Kevin says he reckons his father only got friendly with John so that he had an excuse to stay up in Sydney. Lynn points out that that was Beryl's idea, but Kevin thinks David must have put the idea in his wife's head. He says he can't stand the way David's been acting since he came back, especially after the way he reacted when he found Kevin and Lynn together at Susan's. Lynn asks Kevin if he's going to say anything, but he says he won't unless David starts his bull again.

Charlie and Patricia return to Dural after a social lunch, and Charlie asks Angela to cheer Patricia up. Patricia says Charlie wants to borrow a book, and Angela goes to look for it. Patricia tells Charlie that Angela has relaxed a little, but things are still very difficult. Charlie asks Patricia if she really wants to keep John and Angela in Sydney, and Patricia replies that they're her children, and they should be with their mother. Charlie points out that Angela is only on holiday, and John will have to go back to Woombai, so Patricia doesn't have much chance, but Patricia says she doesn't want Angela living down in Melbourne, and she thinks John could do better if he stayed in Sydney. Charlie asks what's happened to the woman who only wanted her kids to love her. Patricia says John does love her, and she just needs some time with Angela. Angela comes back in with the book, and Charlie goes.

Beryl is preparing dinner, for which Susan has joined the family. Beryl asks David to get the kids to wash up, and she gives him a piece of paper which she retrieved from the bin - it's the bank application form that Vic Hardy brought round for Kevin. David goes into the kids' room and tells them that tea will be ready in five minutes. He thanks Kevin for cleaning the gutter and then asks his son why he chucked out the bank application form. Lynn tells David that Kevin wants to do journalism, and adds that they'll be out in a minute. When David's gone, Kevin tears up the form and throws it in the bin. In the kitchen, Fiona tells the Palmers about Prue, and David comments that his son's taking after his old man! Kevin gives his father a look. Beryl asks her son if he's OK, and Kevin sullenly says, "Yeah." Fiona talks about John and his work at Woombai, and Susan says her father will probably get an invitation to the opening. She asks if he'll go, but Fiona hurriedly says David will probably be too busy with work. Sensing that Kevin's about to say something, Lynn announces that she feels sick, and she asks her husband to come with her and eat in their room. When the kids have left the kitchen, Beryl comments that she wishes she knew what was going on, but she's going to let them sort it out.

Angela is preparing tea for herself, and she moans about Prue to Patricia. Patricia suggests to Angela that she tell John how she feels, but Angela just says Prue's trying to outdo the lunch she made for John. Patricia says it's a shame Angela has to hurry back, and she asks her daughter if she'll stay longer. Angela says she probably can - she'll see Gordon at Woombai first, and then see how she feels. Patricia says she hopes Angela can stay. Angela then asks her mother whose fault the divorce was, adding that she'd assumed it was Patricia's. Patricia says it was both her and Gordon's fault, but it had been coming on for years. Angela asks Patricia how she feels, and Patricia replies, "How do you think I feel?" She says it'll be lonely with everyone gone, and Angela remarks, "Oh well, you never know..." Patricia smiles. Later, Patricia is sitting in the lounge when John comes in. She has been drinking, and, slurring her words, she asks John if she can talk to him. She asks him if Prue upstaged Angela, but John just says they ate something French. Patricia says she's glad John went out, as Angela has softened towards her, and they were able to talk really frankly. She says Angela might be staying on, but she hasn't made up her mind. She asks John to help Angela make her decision, as Angela only started talking to her mother after John persuaded her to. John says it's not good if Angela only does things because he asks her to. Patricia says there is another way: if John stayed on and got a job, Angela would reconsider. She tells John that there's no future at Woombai, and he'd end up as a messenger boy. John says Gordon's expecting him to help Wayne, and he adds that he doesn't mind, but Patricia tells John that he could make something of himself if he stayed. She says she wants to do what's right for her children, and tells John that she, Angela and him are a family, and should be together. She says David can't offer Angela a good future, and Wayne and Gordon can't offer John what he needs. She tells John that she's just stating facts, but John says both he and Angela need to lead their own lives. He tells Patricia that they got on well at Woombai because they had to help each other. If he stayed, Patricia would be doing things for him, and she'd interfere. Patricia says she wouldn't. She asks about Angela, and John says it's up to her. He tells Patricia that she's trying to make him and Angela do what she wants, but Patricia says she's just doing what's best for them. John says he doesn't want to argue. He goes to bed, leaving a drunk Patricia looking depressed.


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